Straight Outta Supertest – Reworked M5 Stuart

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

in 0.9.3, M5 Stuart will be reworked to HD. It will also be changed – it will lose the 75mm howitzer and the open top turret (unhistorical combo), instead, it will have a 37mm autoloaded gun, called T16.

Characteristics on supertest (with the 37mm autoloaded gun, elite configuration):

37mm T16
Penetration: 56/78/19 (same as the 37mm M6)
Damage: 40/40/50
DPM: 1190
Shells in clip: 5
Reload time between shells in clip: 0,674s
Reload time of magazine: 7,384s
Accuracy: 0,42
Aimtime: 1,7s
Depression: -10

Power-to-weight: 22,96
Engine power: 350hp
Hull traverse: 42
Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,822
Hitpoints: 340
Viewrange: 360
Weight: 15,246 tons

Summary: these data are preliminary, but it looks like quite a maneuverability nerf (vehicle got heavier, traverse reduced, worse passability), the top gun is practically equal to the pre-top, just with an autoloader and cca 10 percent more DPM.







75 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest – Reworked M5 Stuart

  1. still horible to grinding chaffee

    at least 75mm howitzer have higher gold pen and better alpha damg

    • I did it and on paper it seems it is going to be worse now. But after patch 9.3 people will not have to make 53k xp to get the new Chaffee. I like the current M5, I had a lot of fun with it and it is not good they are nerfing the mobility of this tank.

      • Current M5 is pretty much the best T4 LT in the game. One of the best T4 tanks in the game. Using a mix of HE, HEAT and AP, you can 1v1 almost all T4 tanks (only ever beat a Matilda once, and I had to really abuse terrain to do so). I finished the Elite to Chaffee grind in 2 days.

          • for me too. best lowtier chinese beside chiha. the pen+rof is a beast. i find the current M5 howitzer more of a troll gun. aim tracks and see them hevs rekt you.

  2. 56mm pen isn’t a bit too low for tier 4?
    The Chineese is much better with the chi-ha’s 47mm gun so far.

  3. Darn. I liked the gameplay how it is currently, it was a fun little beast to play. But now I fear that it won’t be the same and I’ll have to sell it. At least I have a crew for my Bulldog, I guess…

  4. Why will they even nerf T4 scouts? Not one of them are half decent, Chinese’s Stuart is probably the best, but still painful to play in T6 or even T7 matches.

    • They only way I could get the M5A1 to work and be a useful part of a Tier 5+ game was shoot nothing but premium ammo. Not very cost effective but it made the tank useful at least.

      • While on the subject can we please remove the fucking Pz38na from scout matchmaking?

        • No, the Pz38nA is really bad at fighting but it’s a great scout. If there is one t4 light that should keep it’s scout MM it’s the Pz38nA… and the Luchs

          • “A great scout.”

            Only as a passive. And the poor traverse + slow accel makes it a pain to relocate.

            • have you ever tried it with 100% crew, camo and the 4.7 cm gun? it’s really fast actually and the camo is great.

              Don’t kid yourself, active scouting is dead with the exception of doing a turn just on the edge of the view range

                • The 50cm gun is really quite a bit worse than the 47mm. You get a marginal increase in alpha strike and pen, in exchange for a lower RoF, worse accuracy and much worse aim time.

                  The 50mm gun is also 7 times heavier.

      • Never really struggled with the pen in all honesty. Played it like a scout and didn’t engage anything I couldn’t pen. I do recall loading prem, but that was for butt raping an AFK Tiger II XD

        • i never gold. so far that worked out perfectly for my high level of skill. wrecked a tiger once on a 1v1 duel with my bp. shot his gun to Oblivion.

          BP and ARL44 is so underrated =D

  5. Looks nice. Let’s hope by 2020 WG will manage to HD complete a single nation.

  6. IMO, scouts do well when mounting a derp gun, like the M5 and VK28. When playing +3 MM matches is the way to go. Removing the derp gun in the M5 is bad news. And the derp gun in the M4 Sherman Jumbo is a great option.

    • The only viable gun for M5 Stuart is its derp gun, because it is the only gun with the possibility of doing some damages in tier 5 or higher battles. Other guns on M5 Stuart are jokes.

      • And the Pz.IC has 43mm penetration with gold at tier 3 against tier 5s. Light tanks need to be opportunistic and flank when they get the chance, and an autoloading 37mm gun with 56 standard penetration can still give a hurting to any tier 6 heavy tank (or at least, more than any tier 8 tank it currently can run into).

        • well the chums are thinner in t3. i mean, SMG vs a kv’s 75mm armor?

          goldshells are for the unskilled. i would aim for something i can pen.

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  8. Make it a tier 4-6 tank, and it will be fine.
    But if you take the howitzer AND nerf its mobility, it will go from “tough, but acceptable” in tier 7 to “just awful” .
    As it was, I used lots of HEAT and oil to make the tank enjoyable.

    At least it doesn’t face 8s anymore. That was rough to get used to.

  9. For ppl who own the Chaffee now, do we get an exp compensation for the new US light branch?

      • Compensation for using 55k exp to unlock the Chaffee pre patch 9.3. I’m guessing in 9.3 it will require much less exp to unlock the Chaffee

        • I’m pretty sure you get the Chaffee’s replacement, the T37 at tier 6 for free, and get to keep the Chaffee as well. The current Chaffee is basicly a tier 6 tank. Similar things have been done before, last one was the VK 30.01 H and VK 30.02 M case.

        • true but you get the award of NOT having to do a worse grind than what you did right now =)

          i mean, you wont get anywhere near 20k if you dont gold =|

  10. Thank god i finished the grind and got the Chaffee the howitzer with prem was bad but this is worse! i wont be re buying the M5.

    M5 was already one of the worst T4 lights, along with the AMX 40. it just got worse

    The KE-HO is indeed wonderfull!!

    • M5A1 is better. AMX40 isnt THAT bad. i find m5+howitzer least amx40 can still bounce shit. and it can still haul ass downhill

  11. So, a mobility nerf and a gun that is very similar to semi-automatic cannons of Cruiser III and IV (terrible pen, but excellently fast burst damage). If Stuart will keep his scout MM (WHY), then we will see another terrible T4 scout that isn’t played at all, except when grinding towards higher tiers (simply too slow and powerless, just like Pz 38 n.a. ;_;). However, if it would get normal T4 MM (like A-20 recently), then it could be quite decent flanking tank, nothing super amazing though.

    Also, really glad that I’m finishing grind on Stuart now, on some occasions howitzer performs wonderfully.

    • I agree. I think it would be underpowered with typical scout matchmaking (tier 4-7 battles) but actually balanced if given standard tier 4 matchmaking (tier 4-6 battles).

  12. Honestly, I think it could benefit from a turning speed buff. Doesn’t really work well as a scout with this slow turn speed and non-neutral steering.

    The autoloader doesn’t seem like a bad idea, as you can play it somewhat like a slower T71 now: Get behind a low-hp enemy while they’re distracted and unload a clip into them. (If you can’t pen them, try APCR, and if that doesn’t work then don’t try circling them)

  13. i still think this tank is bad, I believe the Chinese M5 is better and obviously, there’s the always amazing M8A1

  14. They should give it a 20 round clip with 0.2 sec between each shot and then 20 sec reload. the pen might suck but if it gets somewhere it can pen… it’s going down.

    20×40 dmg in 4 sec, arty be afraid.

  15. I won’t mind this as long as the research cost to the Chaffee has been reduced to that of the rest of tier 5 tanks, so any info on that being a possibility would be nice.,,

  16. I have to call BS on WG’s using the “Historical” excuse.

    I can understand if they are trying to bring their “un-historical” tanks back in sync with what they were, but then how do you explain what they are doing to the Hellcat?

    One of the most GLARING UN-historical changes that they have planned for the Hellcat is a reverse speed of 12kph (down from 20kph).

    If there was only ONE thing that the Hellcat was known for, it was it’s superb speed and acceleration and cutting it in half is just ridiculous. While there is not a lot of information out there on the Hellcat’s reverse speed, in less than an hour I was able to track down ACTUAL Hellcat data plate. Not only is the 12kph COMPLETELY unjustified, the 20kph is also too slow.

    According to the data plate the normal (not max) reverse speed of the Hellcat was 20mph. That is 32kph. So basically WG wants to make the Hellcat’s MAX reverse speed only one third of is ACTUAL normal (not MAX) reverse speed.


      • If they put it at tier 7 then it needs pref MM.

        There is no way it’s survivable at Tier9 with no armor or penetration.

        Besides, it’s the same gun as the Tier6 Jackson and I don’t see people saying that it should be Tier7. Trading armor for speed should not make it a tier higher.

        • I present you the T25/2, the tier 7 TD with little armor and penetration. Also it’s much slower than the Hellcat, while having almost the same gun with only 10 mm more pen. I’m 100% sure a properly made 90 mm Hellcat with 80ish top speed, slightly improved agility, +250 hit points and the very same gun could be an excellent tier 7 tank. But no, WG is desperately trying to make it a balanced tier 6, while having tanks like Jagdpanzer IV, ARL V39 or Churchill Gun Carrier competing against it.

          • I would have to agree with this, the Hellcat should be buffed to t7, not nerfed into something horrible at t6

          • The T25/2 has a crappy gun that needs the side of a Tier9 heavy & premium to have a chance to pen. The Hellcat has 10 less regular pen and 15 less gold pen. At least the T25/2 has a some armor to help which the Hellcat does not have.

            Being slightly worse than the worst Tier7 gun but gaining speed does NOT make you an appropriate Tier7 TD.

  17. Am going through this now to get the Chaffee for the new US light line its pretty painful in high tier battles but fun as hell in low tiers.

  18. m5 was one of the funniest tanks, and an easy grind for me… but seeing this just break my heart
    and chaffee is getting killed too, fv, hellcat pff
    wg is probably planning to kill all my tanks that i have in the hangar

  19. So they took a tank that already has a high skill floor and struggles to be effective and made it harder to play successfully. Makes sense…

  20. The gun (37mm T16) was already in the game at 8.8 live. However, under vehicles carrying it it had no names
    Posted in on forum back in 2013, Chieftain said he pointed it out the lads in Minsk
    (also back then its name was 37mm Gun T19″

    • well if you wanna play the GMC we already have that. it’s the M8A1. they’re just removing duplicates cuz of dem whiners.

      Blame it on the whiners.

  21. They need to really increase some of the 37mm pen guns. Or at least they need to simulate these later 37mm`s having much better ammo. The later 37mm`s had similiar pen as the 75mm.

    Also the M5 wasnt a scout as much as a true light tank meant to be infantry support.

  22. ugh gotta speedgrind this before 9.3 so i can get dat upcoming light with 152mm (forgot name)


  23. I don’t recall M5 being very nimble even back when i had to endure 55K grind for Chaffee. If it really is going to have mobility reduced even further it’ll just become a brick.

  24. Im happy the M5 is going to become more historically accurate but, I am hoping the newer turret shown in the first picture will be added to the M3 stuart as well, since it was that tanks turret on the M3A1 and the current turret belongs to the M3A3 which would make the top configured M3 the M3 Hybrid.

    • looked it over, I was wrong, the M3 hybrid used the M3A1 turret on the M3 hull. The M3A3 turret on the M3A1 or M3 hull never existed nor was attempted. The top configured M3 stuart in the game with M3A3 turret is imaginary.