Soccer Mode in Numbers


Hello everyone,

Wargaming released an interesting overview of the Soccer fun mode on EU server, along with an interview with a developer Vladislav “_p0zzy_” Markov and with Dmitryi “MINSK_RED_DEVIL” Fedoruk (where are those guys getting these nicknames…) First, the numbers:

- the mode was played by 4.492.280 people (total servers combined)
- 58.963.245 battles were played in this mode (which is 71906 times more than the amount of matches in the World Cup, including the qualifiers)
- average duration of one battle was 6 minutes
- players recieved 39.805.641.000 XP from this mode (enough to unlock IS-7 37919 times over)
- on average, one player played 13 soccer matches
- the size of the soccer field was 300×200 meters
- the size of the goal was 40 meters
- the weight of the soccer “ball” was 500kg

(warning, big picture under the line)


From the interview

- developers got the idea of the football match at the WGL Finals in Warsaw
- the mode was done really quickly
- Himmelsdorf was picked because they wanted a city setting and there was no time for another map
- the ball was indeed based on the ripped off turret mechanics
- first version was 5v5 and the players had ELC’s
- the size of the ball was decided based on the ELC size (ELC height * 1,25)
- ELC idea was scrapped because ELC was too small and the ball went “over it” easily, plus the devs wanted a turret
- it took quite a while before the ball physics were properly balanced
- at first the devs actually didn’t want players to use tanks with rotating turrets and shoot the ball, but then they decided it’s cooler this way
- the mode was a success: in first 4 days, 40 percent of all battles on all servers were football battles
- if this mode ever returns, it will get new features and better gameplay, if it returns, it will be in appropriate time, like the Spring Champions League finals

39 thoughts on “Soccer Mode in Numbers

        • Quite a few other countries call it soccer or similar too. Arrogant Europeans :P

            • More than enough proof available to make you cringe. On the side of football many games like Rugby League, Australian Rules and American NFL are also called football.

              The football you refer to is called soccer to differentiate if from the real football games which are the main game in the country. In the case of Australia, Soccer is the fourth ranked thalidomide albino cousin of Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Rugby (Union). It ranks just above Basket Ball. Hockey (field) and Netball rate higher though they aren’t football games.

      • We call it soccer first, because we already have a major sport called football and second, because it was originally referred to by the English as soccer and that carried over to the US.

        • The brits call it soccer and you don’t find this reason enough to not use that name?

      • Playing football with hands. Silly muricans. Yep, it’s football, shove the soccer where the sun doesn’t shine.

  1. Only 500kg? Its way too low IMHO based on the characteristics and movement of the ball.

  2. Did 3 games…

    in all three games had been 1-2 afks.

    well.. say not to bot /afk free xp mode..

  3. Was quite fun for me except with the majority of your teammates actively playing for the enemy team. Repair skill+toolbox+reserve shots for the ball+learn how to shoot ball to make it go where you want+ignore trackshooting and trackshooting failtards = steamroll your way to free GLD. Also farmed ton of free xp and plopped the commander into KV-13. WG did good with this.

  4. > – average duration of one battle was 6 minutes

    Wait, wut? Wasn’t the match time limited to five minutes or something like that?

  5. fastest round: Once there was 3 enemies from the same clan, all of them were afk’s.
    slowest round: I scored a goal 20 seconds after the start, then I guarded the ball at the edge of tme map over the rest of the time. ALmost everyone quit :)
    The best match: When I was alone, 1 player was afk, the other was a bot, staring at the wall, and I’ve won against 3 human players.
    The best match that Isaw on video: when somehow 1 tank was pushed over the wall and he went to roam on the streets of Himmelsdorf.

      • Yeah, that kind of game-play killed the mode for me. Happened way to often.

        Otherwise it was awesome.

  6. Nothong to see with football mode, but..
    SS, do you know what are the changes on Karelia map? Don’t remember we spoke about it.. :/

  7. And I hope they fix the “feature” of ball being blocked between the tank and wall(which made the game so damn boring).

  8. Same success as HB mode … I think it worked because it was a leveled mode, same tank and more or less the same skill set. At above all, it was fun.

  9. I loved the mode. The ball physics was fine and enabled billiard-type shots (i mean that it depended on where you hit the ball). Shooting the lower part produced nice lobs (i even hit the upper bar of the goal) while shooting sides could change the ball trajectory significantly. Also mid-air volleys were spectacular especially when hit in considerable height and aiming for the goal. The only thing I would change was the position of the ball after scoring which enabled fast counter-goals especially after well-coordinated goals when the team made use of passes so all the team was in the offensive half of the pitch. I would say that T-62A was perfect for the task.

    The downside was that sometimes what I went to normal battles after several football matches I did not realize that normally the tank is not impenetrable… :)

    • The biggest problem with this mode was that when a team scored, the ball “restarted” in the middle again.
      Usually this meant that the team that just went under one goal, got a “free” equalizer.
      Really really unfair, you could dominate a match, working your way forward, pushing the other team and finally getting that hard-worked goal… and then the ball is dropped in the middle, the other team gets in two shots and the ball rolls into your goal… so frustrating.
      Of course you could have one man back trying to be a sweeper of sorts, but it was usually imperative to attack with all 3, not just 2.

      And the ball…really unpredictable, I swear it was not round :P
      Behaved like a beachball, sometimes it bounced really high into the air, totally bingo were it ended up. One time it landed in the oppositions goal :P

      All in all, a mode which left much to be desired, but judging from “the mode was done really quickly”, that makes sense.
      Still, I got my gun laying drive…

  10. i would’ve liked the WZ-132 for this, but who can complain about the T-62A?

  11. Average number of matches per person was 13? Then why make it again, obviously people played 13 then got board. Also thanks for telling us the free XP would be redeemable right near the end. I know at least 15 people who stopped playing because it was thought the XP had to be converted right away. How about Hockey? Then something else, put them in rotation.

  12. Soccer Mode was just waste of money! they spent some time making this crap for a few days or how ever long it was and than removed it. WG really knows how to waste your money

    i never played it to be honest, i thought it was a fucking pathetic joke