Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-85M

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Hello everyone,

tired of T-54 clones? Okay, here’s a T-34 clone instead *trollface*

An upcoming tier 6 Soviet premium medium tank. The description reads:

Modification of the T-34-85 tank, created by the Factory No.183. It differed from the original tank by its improved frontal armor (at the expense of reducing the armor of the rear part) and fuel tanks, moved from the combat compartment to the rear. Only one prototype was created, as the suspension proved to be unreliable.

As the description suggests, it’s basically a T-34/85 with more armor. It is equipped with 85mm S-53 gun and has following (preliminary!) characteristics.

Penetration: 126/167/43
Damage: 160/160/280
DPM: 2002,2
Reload time: 4,795
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,5
Depression: -5

Hitpoints: 740
Engine: 500hp
Weight: 32,23 tons
Hp/t: 15,51
Hull turnrate: 40
Viewrange: 350

I did some very preliminary comparison and it seems to be simply a stock T-34/85 (with second gun, stock engine, stock turret) with thick frontal armor. Oddly enough it is actually lighter than the original T-34/85 of the same ingame configuration, but has a bit worse terrain passability. The S-53 gun is buffed compared to stock T-34/85 (better aimtime) and has better DPM. But that’s all just preliminary.

Please note that it is unknown whether this will be a regular premium or some sort of mission/CW reward.








23 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-85M

  1. A perfect brawler considering the americans have that same 128mm penetration (this seems a little jumbo, maybe a russian T14?)

  2. Looks a bit like the chinese T-34/85 clone…

    The guns are very similar, the armor ist better at the russian one…

    • It really does would do decent enough to train my Russian medium crews depends on price though maybe 3500-4000 gold its a buy anything more nope.

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    • Experimental, in different iterations, mounted experimentally on T-34-85, SU-85, SU-100, KV-85 and IS.

  4. Reward tank for september mission actually sounds like a really good idea. Either way, I’m quite interested in getting this tank. Matilda doesn’t cut it really as a crew trainer for me, and would of course prefer to get one without investing extra RL money :P

  5. Been wanting a T-34 premium for ages;, looks good so I hope it isn’t just for the few who play CW.

  6. this tank will win ”most useless premium tank” award
    Cant grind to T-34-85? You can buy premium version of it!!!!!11 which is 99% identical

  7. “the suspension proved to be unreliable”

    Ooh dem paper-wonder-tonks get so many free passes on shit like this that made them unusable yet get to keep their dreamstats that would obviously have to be “nerfed” to uncompetitive levels IRL to make the tank reliable meanwhile the combat-proven ones have to be mostly like they were and face uberstuff that would probably break itself during rollout or even countdown.

    • >meanwhile the combat-proven ones

      The Tiger and Panther would like a word with you.

    • Nope, it’s a nerfed stock Type 58. Identical gun, same accuracy, worse aim time, same engine, slightly heavier, worse view range compared to the Type. I would like to see terrain resistance stats as well, to compare with the Type, because so far, the only thing that’s better with the T-34-85M is the armor.