Photos from Bastogne Tank Hall and La Gleize

Hello everyone,

ComradeYouri recently visited two Belgian sites – December 44 museum in La Gleizer (that’s where the Tiger II is) and Bastogne Barracks Museum and he was kind enough to share the pictures with us. Enjoy!

40mm Bofors AA gun

Bofors 40L60 AA gun (Barracks)


Comet (Barracks) 1

Comet (Barracks) 2

Bren Carrier, Dingo Mk.Ib armored car

Dingo Mk.Ib armoured car, Bren Carrier (Barracks)

Jagdpanzer 38t

Hetzer (Barracks)


IS-3 (Barracks) 1

IS-3 (Barracks) 2

IS-3 (Barracks) 3

M5 Stuart, M22 Locust, 75mm Howitzer

M5 Stuart, M22 Locust, 75mm Howitzer (Barracks)


M7 Priest (Barracks) 1

M7 Priest (Barracks) 2

M10 Achilles TD (M10 with 17pdr)

M10 Achilles (Barracks outside) 1

M10 Achilles (Barracks outside) 2

M10 Achilles (Barracks)

M22 Locust

M22 Locust (Barracks)

M24 Chaffee

M24 Chaffee (Barracks) 1

M24 Chaffee (Barracks) 2

M47 Patton

M47 Patton (Barracks) 1

M47 Patton (Barracks) 2

Matilda Mk.II

Matilda Mk. II (Barracks) 1

Matilda Mk. II (Barracks) 2

Panzer IV (some sort of hybrid)

PzIV (Barracks) 1

PzIV (Barracks) 2

Renault UE, used by German forces

Renault UE (f) German use (Barracks) 1

Renault UE (f) German use (Barracks) 2

Sherman Firefly

Sherman Firefly (Barracks outside)

Sherman Firefly (Barracks) 1

Sherman Firefly (Barracks) 2

M4A1 Sherman with 76mm gun

Sherman M4A1 (76) (Barracks) 1

Sherman M4A1 (76) (Barracks) 2

M4A1 76W HVSS Sherman

Sherman M4A1(76)W HVSS (Barracks) 1

Sherman M4A1(76)W HVSS (Barracks) 2

T17E1 Staghound

T17E1 Staghound (Barracks) 1

T17E1 Staghound (Barracks) 2

Tiger II

Tiger II (La Gleize) 1

Tiger II (La Gleize) 2

Tiger II (La Gleize) 3

Tiger II (La Gleize) 4

Tiger II (La Gleize) 5

Tiger II (La Gleize) 6

Tiger II (La Gleize) 7

Tiger II (La Gleize) 8

Tiger II (La Gleize) 9

Valentine Mk.IX with 75mm QF gun (muzzle brake missing)

Valentine (Barracks)

33 thoughts on “Photos from Bastogne Tank Hall and La Gleize

  1. Nice pics!
    A little correction: the SPG on the 10 and 11th pic is a Sexton not a M7 Priest.

  2. Amazing. I always find it funny how puny he 8.8cm looks installed in the giant Tiger II, especially compared to the monster 122mm in the IS-3, which is smaller than M47. I guess germans didn’t really know how to cramp big guns into smaller turrets.

  3. first I though you went full comunist with the Comrade, but then I noticed its part of his nick lol :D

  4. Neat-o. Did the Tiger II actually see combat? Or are those just armor penetration tests? I’m assuming actual combat scars because it’s so much cooler that way.

  5. My pal sent me a bunch of pictures earlier this year, where he was doing some non-destructive testing on the welds of the Tiger II in La Gleize. I think they recently restored it, as it has a new paint job compared to what’s visible on Google Streetview. No idea why they would have welds checked, considering the thing never comes off it’s place. The welds themselves were not good, btw. :}

    • Considering the issues with construction the Germans were having by the time Tiger II came into production, its not surprising there were bad welds. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Jewish laborers who were being forced to build weapons doing stuff like botching the welds, misaligning parts, etc to sabotage vehicles and guns in the factory. Add in the Allied bombing offensives on anything that LOOKED like a factory, and poor construction makes more sense.

  6. The bastogne museum also has a some really nice privat collections of ww2 era stuff, best part about that museum its costs as much as you want it to (donations)

    If you are close to there i recommend it.

  7. I’ve been in Bastogne last december and in La Gleize a few weeks back. This year is the 70th anniversary of the battle of the bulge and they are trying to get a tiger 1 to Bastogne for the NUTS weekend.
    I’m going there again this year.

  8. The Tiger II looks like it’s sitting really low. I guess the springs have collapsed?