- Havok will come in 9.4 or 9.5
- new tank motion physics might come in 9.3
- tank balancing is made by 10 people (plus helpers), graphics are worked on by 3 people, model making is outsourced, moderators and support staff – 3000 people
- map Stalingrad is already created with Havok in mind (will not come in 9.3)
- Stalingrad is made by the same people as Havok
- El Halluf 9.2 changes might be cancelled? “We will keep an eye on statistics” (including heat analysis)
- in Havok, spotting after the new wall destruction will work the same way as it did until now
- in Havok the mosque in El Halluf will remain indestructible

95 thoughts on “8.8.2014

  1. First!

    Seriously though, will Havok generally increase, decrease, or not affect game performance?

    • Increase? Definitely not. Most of the extra performance demand will bother WG servers, not your computer, but I have a bad feeling about this “most”.

    • Supposedly, if you have 4 cores or more, it will not affect performance. Definitive drop on single core, and possible drop on dual core. (Since Havok will use a different core)

    • it will probably have a negative effect, especially if many dynamic elements are displayed. For instance, in the demo videos they shot a house, all this bricks can be very expensive to render, if done wrong :)

  2. so… tank modeling is not done by WG, 30 people (or so) actually work on the game, the rest are just guardians holding the game in one place? WTF?!?!?!?

    • Do you know what is a ” bricklayer triplet” ?

      Three men, one is laying the bricks and the other two are cheering him up.

      Anyone from post-commie country should know this logic of the past :)

      • In Poland, its usually used in physical jobs, like digging holes for pipes. 1 guy digs the hole, whilst the rest (usually 4-5 guys) sit in the hole drinking beer.

        • Actually, this is because of safety reasons. They are supposed to change every now and then, but there must be 2 people above the ground for every 1 working in a ditch IIRC.
          I finished health & safety course this year, and I also am polish.

      • Every country has jokes about public infrastructure workers.

        I saw one guy dig with 5 people around him once.
        Or 4 people in a single van to put cones on a road. One driving, one dropping cones, the last two probably telling sweet goodbyes to the cones.

        • Ofc you cant guess that later, there can be need for 4 workers?
          And they are all picked from one place ?
          So while they are driving To the workplace , they have to mark some part of road first.
          Going 2 ways is stupid , 4 workers are not needed to put cones , but if you leave them at workplace they can’t do proper job too. (they need 4)
          So in this tiny fucking moment you can see 4 people in car putting cones.
          use fucking logic -.-
          And about this 4 dudes and a hole…
          Sometimes digging is fucking hard , so you cant do it 1h strait.
          guess what ? turns… and pretty often you dont need 4 man sized hole , but 1 1m*1m big…
          God you all are dense…

          • Yeah, because obviously if every single country has their own jokes about infrastructure workers, and work is notoriously slow, everything MUST be fine…right?

            I’m sure people dropping cones every morning, doing nothing, and picking them back up every night is a perfectly efficient way of working!

            You condescending dick.

        • In Chicago, the union actually requires 1 guy to be a driver, that is it. He drives the crew to the work site, sits in the truck all day and then drives them home. That is all he is allowed to do. That is what gives unions a bad name.

  3. no destroying of the mosque? 5$ the churches in-game are destructible though. fucking pansie-asses

    • You can’t destroy the Lakeville, Malinovka, or Serene Coast churches, and why does it matter one way or another? Iz just gaem, y u heff 2 b mad?

      • right now you can’t. once havok gets introduced they most likely will. hence the dissatisfaction. it’s pandering to one group over another if true

        • You forgot a point here . the transaltions are pracically awnsers of asked questions by russians . Seeing the awsner . we can conclude that the churches wont be distructible aswell . Like in pracically every other video game .

          Not like 99% of the so called christians actually care …..

        • Kinderschlager inventing buthurt out of nowhere.
          Churches not destructible now > pretends that they are.
          Churches not mentioned at all > pretends that they were mentioned in any way
          Good job.

          • your reading comprehension level is rather poor. i never said anything about any of them being destructible NOW. just that they specifically point out a mosque as going to remain impervious to damage. but nothing about all the churches on other maps also being made indestructible. comes off as them pandering to one group of people

      • I dont know why, but one of 2D tank skins pack added “Ammorack” patern over all mosques in game. Supsicious…

      • Their existence in the game from the first place is not needed , lets say , some dude comes and shoots a church and keeps doing it , a=a religious guy gets mad and TKs him . even though it might seem rare . its the WoT community afterall .

        • As a religious guy, I think religious buildings should be in game. All cultures have religions, and all have had them throughout history, and so those buildings have a place in our world, and so they also have it in our fights.
          I personally don’t care if religious buildings are destroyed. I see religion from a perspective of respect and understanding, and I don’t mind that someone doesn’t like my religion if he has a reason to dislike it. I respect everybody’s right to hate anything and anyone if they have a reason for it.

    • I agree that mosques, churches, temples and other religious buildings should not be completely destructible. It avoids controversy both from religious perspective (because people of faith might get offended) as well as ethical reasons (deliberate destruction of places of worship is generally against the rules of war). WG would not want to be depicted as a company who permits destruction of places of worship for fun regardless of what particular faith it may be.

      Also, some non-religious buildings are indestructible for balance. Religious buildings are like that as well.

      That being said, I wouldn’t mind a brick or two coming loose, some plaster chipping off, or some windows shattering. Religious buildings should be indestructible, but they shouldn’t be impervious to wear and tear. I would also like to see some indestructible religious buildings serve as hospitals/shelters that fly white flags/red crosses in recognition of the brave men and women who worked and died saving and protecting others rather than trying to kill them.

    • 1. Leave pointless, religion-based comment with a dash of conspiracy to taste
      2. Wait for the objections of the rational and enjoy them, as trolls are prone to doing
      3. ???
      4. PROFIT!

    • This piece of info comes from someone calling themselves a developer with no real proof, and so do both statements above it. But that doesn’t sound too far from reality, as “areas” in WG are a bunch of people sitting in the same room. Support, moderators and other people who are active on the forums or elsewhere most probably work from their homes and only recieve their instructions online.

      • well I have never worked in IT or anything similar but just three people for graphics in such a big company? thats kinda hard to believe for me.

        • Thing is, only a small part of the company deals with WoT development, AND they lack people (it was stated several times). There are almost no new people too, as applicants either lack required skills, or simply don’t want to work in the company. It probably boils down to the few people who were at the very beginning, when the Minsk part of the company was called Game Stream.

        • Big? The dev team that deals with the game itself is tiny. Everything else is just to deal with the server, population, paychecks, and historians.

  4. Atleast WG thought of the last point , but who the fuck would ask such a question ?

    In CoD 4 when driving the AC-130 the mission would restart if you fire at the church . so even the church should be understrucible .

    P.S : what about the mosque in airfield ? arent they the same ?

  5. graphics are worked on by 3 people > moderators and support staff – 3000 people

    No wonder graphics are not optimized. It is a wonder that it works as well as it does.

  6. Churches, monasteries, cathedrals, mosques, cemeteries, schools, many were destroyed in WW2. It is interesting to note that cemeteries have not been included in the game….hmmm.

    • There is a cemetary on Abbey map. If you go to the hill side there is a cemetary, but you need someones help to push you up to actually see it because you can’t climb there alone.

      • There is a cemetery in Karelia (3 graves), Cliff (2-3 graves), Serene Coast (3 graves), Lakeville (6 graves) & Westfield (10 graves).
        At least what i saw…

  7. “in Havok, spotting after the new wall destruction will work the same way as it did until now”

    What was this person even asking about? He wants to know if the Havok destructible pieces will effect spotting?

  8. Yes! Go back to the old El Halluf! It was fine after the first revamp. This revamp completely made all those old changes obsolete because now everyone just clusters up to die in the north, even more so than before!

    • Are you on crack?! The original El Halluf (and hte first edit) was just about the worst map in the entire game. The only people who could ever like it are CAMPING SCUM.

      • As camping scum and generally someone prone to playing vehicles which work best at a decent range (Panther says hello), I found the old revision quite enjoyable. Anyone who would ever disagree with me is RUSHING SCUM.*

        *Other brands of scum are available

    • What madness has befallen you?
      An entire corner has changed from “herp derp 10 minute heavy staredown” into more fluid action.

      Much better than 5 people hugging a cliff for 10 minutes while the rest of the team stays in base sniping at the first thing that moves down in the valley.

  9. “tank balancing is made by 10 people (plus helpers)”

    only 10…. it seems to be not enough!

  10. hope they keep the current Halluf. the changes on the north hill really makes it more mobile and less Campfesty there. I like it. it’s also more heavy-friendly =)

  11. Please do NOT change El Halluf back to the shit hole it was. Rushing to A3 and camping the rest of the map. FUN.

    • they are keeping some things they are making other things normal. so dont get your hopes up.

  12. “tank balancing is made by 10 people (plus helpers)”

    Wow, really? What are these people doing all day?

    • Inventing new ways to extort money from us via OP vehciles in the next patch.

  13. Stalingrad is lagging for me all the time. What the fuck is this? I thought they fixed the fucking freeze when shooting? Fucking gay WG never makes something useful.

  14. If people will like AW Havok stuff then WG will initiate panic mode and we could have it by 9.4.

    I think AW closed/open beta starts with Gamescom

    • Um, no, it really isn’t. The changes around the North-Western area were good, imo, but the changes around the “camping positions” and the approach to them from the enemy’s side, effectively made the entire valley there a no-go-killzone. You simply don’t have any cover anymore from the defenders and get blown to smithereens. So the only way to win this map went to the Northwest, which is bad map design.

  15. I dont understand the church/mosque problem… they are cover for enemy, they are HE primary target, in WWII and other wars religious buildings were as others, even more, sometimes were primary targets to destroy spot positions in towers or command/hospital posts because usually were stronger.

    Apart this i am a little confused with Havok… is going to made appear again problems with low level PCs??? i dont think is moment to again do a step forward that leave players out when are new games incoming… whats the point in work hard to optimize engine to change it for a new one with the same problems solved in last months??? confusing.

    • Because those mentioned are used as a military structure, which makes them a legitimate target (Bcs they know destruction of religious buildings or hospital or schools are forbidden in war, the enemy will use it to make the allies think thrice). The same with Mosque in Palestine which have ammo cache beneath and thus got airstruck by IAF.

      In-game those are idle structures so there is no reason to fire upon it. And also to avoid controversy

  16. - El Halluf 9.2 changes might be cancelled? “We will keep an eye on statistics” (including heat analysis)

    Good because honestly the absolutely ruined this map, before this map required skill to do well at A2 and yes the A2 area decided who won the match majority of time but it came down to who knew what they were doing there and teamwork but it could be won from EITHER side equal amount of time if you had players with a higher I.Q. than 12 points, but now the whole northwest corner is just a tomato fest no skill needed just too many corridors you can’t defend so it’s a Lemming Rush Wet Dream.

  17. The micro lag during explosions (etc) is back again, hence the lag. This is a server side game and it has to “wait” for the server info – the lag. Unless you have s super fast computer AND a fast connection, it seems it’s always going to be there. Thisis why server side games are “bad”.

    “- in Havok the mosque in El Halluf will remain indestructible” – oh, we don’t want to offend any Muslims with mosque destruction, oh no !

    • yeeesh, server side games are “bad” because they stop (err minimise) cheating – fixed that for you.

      seems to be a lot of people new to FTR commenting in here, it has been previously said that havok is purely client side, i.e. building destruction looks pretty, but will look diferent for someone else, so that pile of bricks wont stop you from being shot or detected, because to the server it isn’t there! Also the building that are indestructable now will stay indestructable – they are there for balance reasons.

  18. “- El Halluf 9.2 changes might be cancelled? “We will keep an eye on statistics” (including heat analysis)”
    completely killed the light tank role on this map! the north is good for my KV-1S and KV-2.
    i like the 9.1 much better, even if its campy :(

  19. I for one hope the boycotting stops befor I lose my tank collection. Not wanting to start any discussions here, but does anyone know how WoT is stored? In other words, if Wargaming was summoned by the proxy government of Belorussia to boycot European customers, do I lose my tanks?

  20. - in Havok the mosque in El Halluf will remain indestructible

    wut? that’s just religious bullshit. I wanna plow that screamy turret down in my tank!