51 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Malinovka Changes

  1. Hmmm we need to improve light tanks. Lets fuck up one of the very few remaining maps

    • These small slopes help light tanks more than bushes did. Also mid hill hasnt changed and niether has lower river area….Really they only added ripple hills so lights can retreat.

      • I’d rather have just 1 bush to sit behind and spot the enemy so they get shot before they come even close enough to me to proxy-spot me…

        A hill without a bush on top..
        Peeking… spotted 1.. shot by 9… dead.. -.- or
        Hide behind that small hill.. suddenly a wild heavy appears on the other side.. I’m proxy-spotted..
        cant run cuz then I’m one shot killed by his team behind him.. wait for death from above.. dead.. -.-

    • Nah camping base now is death. yeah your safe from other base but raised slope makes you that much more vulnerable from hill…Mid hill now wins the match

  2. stupid stubborn wg, they reworked this pos map so many times to no avail. this map just needs to be removed

  3. Why the fuck wouldn’t they change K3? Even unica for the most part agree that the spot is broken. Besides that, prior to any brawling-oriented changes, the map was just fine!

    Why does WG have to try to fix what isn’t broken?

    • cause they are retards, thats why. The “new” map department sucks ass so much. Apart from reworked komarin (which was removed from high tiers anyway :D) they didnt do single thing right, regarding maps. And some of the changes are so fucking obvious..

      • Have to disagree, I love the new el halluf, no more heavies looking at eachother at the corner of a hill, much better.

        Also the new sacred valley is pretty awesome.

        It’s just a matter of opinion.

        • looking at the maps individually, i agree. But they are all getting the freaking same. If all the reworks will go the same way, in couple of pathces its gonna be 40 brawling corridors only in different terrains and seasons..

  4. they underestimate the power of people who can bypass every ‘weak spot’ the map has (not only this one!!!) this map should if remained how it was because a little bit of blitzkrieg from time to time does’t hurt , especially with so little people willing to play light tanks right. you already know all the other maps simply make you want to camp camp camp and camp some more so why make boring maps were people simply take the best camping/brawling spots on and on and on?!? at least make ONE map available were there is total blitzkrieg, you will gain more players because even though it’s a tank game you should be having fun.

    TL;DR version : Camping maps bring campers. does this game really need more campers?

  5. As long as that huge open field exist in Malinovka, this map will be always a campfest in every tier :/

    • That’s the players fault, not the maps… dumb tomatoes just look across the field and dont realise there are a whole bunch of other better options

  6. what a horseshit…WG truly gives another meaning to the word retarded…..they are ruining their game more than anything else does…..another utterly useless and retarded map “rebalance”
    1) Remove lots of bushes(soft cover)
    2) make more hills
    3) make unrealistic retarded huge solid covers
    4) remove anything that was good about the map and ad shit instead

    What a fucking joke. Well,sooner they fuck up their game completely, sooner we can all quit and find something else to play. And at this rate the game will ran out of good maps pretty soon which will leave only with retarded choke points maps such as Severogorsk and FINALLLY we will have World of Heavy Tanks and finally majority of their player base(pubbies) will be happy. Short bus passenger’s playground soon to become.

    • I like it, because it makes mid hill much more important now that the bases are covered better from eachother.

      It does punish guys who got early DMG spotting other team, but then since low road came in most guys derp that and are safe.

    • agreed, lights are becoming more and more useless… in steppes i could run around at least, but e.g on Northwest? pff id rather sit in a bush, because every corner is certain death

  7. Wow looks great…..Im seriously iompressed for once.

    Still open and vulnerable yet you can rush up hulldown spots now.

    This looks very balanced and makes mid hill even more important as it should be. Middle should always be the most rewarding part of map but also the most dangerous.

    • Are you joking? Please tell me you are joking, theese changes make the map even more camper friendly

  8. I’m a little confused why people seem to think that adding bumpy terrain and small hills is somehow bad news for light tanks…

    • Many of those small hills and bumpy terrain 1st will slow us down making us easier to hit and 2nd blow our tracks if we hit any of these terrain changes wrong.

      • The bumpy terrain also makes you harder to hit though, and for really squat LT’s [like the Chinese models] they can be used as cover.

  9. OMG, the map with more camp value for base camper noobs??? nice, now the 3-4 that move to elevated terrain are going to stay in base… no matter how many times people play here they allways camp in base unable to understand that defend lower terrain with elevated terrain the in the flank AND NO COVER to hide at same time from sniper base enemy and flank enemy in elevated terrain.

    Maybe the only way on this map is add in the field a minefield system where you only can cross by 3 areas (near water, swamp and a middle pass) maybe with this people dont stay all in base waiting a never incoming enemy rush.

    I dont like the changes because increase the problem with the map … campers.

    • I totally agree with you
      2 ways of dealling with the camper noobs on this map:
      1 – grow a hill right on the hill and split is so players can go through if they want
      2- remove the map from the game
      I really hate this map becasue from tier 1 to 10 95% of hte players camp in base, ok maybe at tier 1 is acceptable but at higher tiers it is unacceptable

  10. Yay, no more getting ganked 20s into the match on north side, because a scout got halfway across the field & lit up the deployment zone before anyone could move! The north base badly needed this change….I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been taking fire in slow moving tanks like my KV-4 before I could even turn my tank to head towards the hill, all because a scout was able to zoom up and light the entire deployment area for the TDs that don’t even have to move from their deployment zone, combined with the fact that north had NO cover whatsoever from an early game scouting run.

  11. I think WG mapmaking division should employ a geologist of some sort to tell them that huge-ass rocks they put on every map don’t come from space and there is simply no way such landscape as Malinovka would work IRL…

      • Yeah, they were grown by the stronk Sovyiet farmers for the glory of the communism.

    • wow, so you care about realism in such an arcady game like WoT? That should be the last thing that bothers you..

  12. oh joy south had bushes removed and rocks added and north got the lube great idea lets give south side even more stuff to hide behind how about for a change of pace we add buildings to the north side that cant be destroyed like south side gets but no North gets the buildings that can be destroyed WGs idea of balance is like a set of scales only weighted to one side or the other.

  13. I love how many people here are whining that ‘they are removing soft cover! i cant scout no mores! I iz failtard!!”. SHeesh. the entire point of WG cleaning up this map is to eliminate the amount of camping that goes on; specifically due to scouts hiding in bushes to allow TDs with BS guns to snipe from across the map. Now tanks actually have to MOVE to GET into battle.

  14. Wow great changes, make it even more base camp friendly that is now. I hate this map soo much. It should be removed from the game, from tier 1 to tier 10 there are idiots that camp in base and this causes shit matches becasye if one base is spotted hte campers are anihiladed. 95% of the time all playes camp in base and and the other 5% they camp on at the base of the hill