43 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Stalingrad

  1. More maps that make scouts and arty almost irrelevant. How about a map for Operation Goodwood, the bocage, better desert maps, the Ardenne. Just what we need more peek a fucking boo city maps.

    • Players wanted city maps. So WG made few city maps -.-
      If you think all scout do is scouting and dieing in first 2 min , you are probably red army noob -.-
      Such towns are perfect for little light tanks.
      You can flank , not sit in 1 bush looking at 400 of empty space -.- hoping for some tanks to pop out…
      Well spg , there are only few % of players playing them , so don’t worry for them too much.

      • That’s an illusion. Yes, there are oportunities to flank, but they usually only develop if the enemy team completely screws up or late in the game, when the deal is already almost sealed and this map in particular, looks like there are lots of dead ends and sealed areas, meaning it’s a labyrinth that looks like it has many ways, but really has not. It’s HImmelsdorf minus the hill plus perma-blocked roadways.

      • If i wanted to flank, i would bring a medium… not a light!
        And i don’t want to fight batchats head-on while flanking in my AMX 13 75 -_-

        Light’s have a gun, right. But their primary functions are spotting and harassing, NOT FLANKING!

      • PolakWrocek – Pretty much every player in Wot has played/plays artillery. But don’t worry about them too much….
        I can see how much you hate SPGs.

        There is no such thing as SPG players, as far as I know there is always a balance in the classes approached in the game. There is an interesting post o this topic on the forum which shows (based on actual calculations from players during SPG specials) that even then the number of SPGs is not that high and the players that join a battle in them have a low percentage of battles in SPGs so they are not dedicated to 1 class.

        But haters gonna hate anyway…

          • There is no balance in T-18, AT 2, Chaffee, Matilda, Hellcat, KV-1S, FV 304, SU-122-44, Rhm Borsig, ISU-152, WT auf E-100,FV 215b (183) and perhaps others as well.

            Now go join the arty haters fan club and share your frustration while blaming SPGs cause you can’t adapt your play style according to enemy’s tank lineup….

  2. this looks like a map that will favor all types of tanks in different ways like lights have multiple routes to escape once they do their scouting runs and mediums have tons of areas to flank. i like the look of this map.

  3. i like the look of this map there are plenty of routes for fast tanks to flank strong locations for heavies many routes of escape for lights to avoid taking fire after doing a scouting run looks like it should be fun to play for most tanks.
    although this makes me question whether or not wargaming was talking shit when they said additional roads cant be added to himmelsdorf because it would lower fps on that map further. (this is something i remember reading i could be wrong though)

  4. another retarded map. What the fuck happend to maps like sand river, live oaks, cliff.. why cannot they make something like that again? It takes less time and effort than maps like kharkov or stalingrad and its way more fun.. This is just another bullshit maps that favors only heavies and TD with alpha. Meds and scouts can suck dick there. Fucking hell :(

      • well i get that, but why dont make the map mixed? Except Himmelsdorf every map with city outcrop has open spaces too and it usually works just fine – Ensk, Ruinberg, Live Oaks, Lakeville etc..

      • True city maps: Himmelsdorf, Widepark
        Primarely city maps: Kharkov, Ensk, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line, South Coast, Severogorsk (sorta)
        Mostly city maps: Lakeville, Windstorm, Fishing bay, Hidden Valley (sorta)
        Half city maps: Live Oaks, Highway, Dragon Ridge, Westfield, Erlenberg, Komarin, Fjords, Mines, Abbey, Pearl River and El Halluf (in the same way Severogorsk is)

        Not really city maps: Prokhorovka, Cliff, Malinovka, Murovanka, Swamp, Airfield, Redshire, Tundra
        Not city maps: Steppes, Karelia, Mountain Pass, Arctic Region

        Yeah, only two 100% city maps (you could argue Widepark has large park on the north though and Himmelsdorf is the one true leader). But if you count all the maps where fighting takes place near buildings (or building-like objects) that list goes up all the way to 23 out of 35.

        Not enough? (I know I fell in for a troll)

        • You screwed that up badly. Pearl River is not at all half city map, its same as Airfield. Severogorsk is not a “Primarely city map” at all, its like Erlenberg.

          • I am not looking at it from visual point of view but stategical and gameplay wise. On Severogorsk and Pearl river you have a lot of features of city maps – tight corners, tall cover, short range engagements, little room to manouver.
            For all purposes these maps play similarly to Lakeville or Ruinberg. The only difference is that there’s more areas not fully safe from arty.

        • well you didnt fall for a troll since im not a one, but I didnt really ask you to list all the map and put them into brackets :D and if you do so, at least do it right, there are plenty of mistakes in your list. But my point is standing. Basically all of the old maps have some spots and ways to play them for every class of tanks (not so much SPGs, but still). Himmelsdorf, eventhough being all urban, doesnt penalize meds and lights because there is the hill they can fight for, where speed is crucial. If the map is flat without at least partial open spaces, you basically kill all the fast meds/lights. Thats what bothers me. If there were a hill or some ridge lines to fight for at least, but like this.. big flat square where only thing you can do is peak-a-boo or try to go into someones back. No viewrange game, no use of camo, just “press W and click”. Me no like.

          Reworked severogorsk and sacred valley are the same – they are flattened (maybe thats not even a word but you know what i mean) and made to brawling heavens for heavies and big alpha TDs. (sacred valley not so much)

  5. I can’t remember when did they made good map last time. Or reworked old map to better for that matter. Only shit.

  6. If Havoc will allow to destroy just a couple of thes buildings I am happy as a happy bunny :)
    otherwise the map looks really good!

  7. I’m liking the looks of this…sort of feels like a mix of Himmelsdorf & Kharkov. I already spotted some areas for fast flankers and scouts to play (riverbank and a few other edge lines), there looks to be some great brawling areas, and there’s the mid park for the TDs and arty to dominate. Should work out pretty well, I think.

  8. Kharkov clone with a touch of Ensk.

    Good for the brawlers and derpers, bloody boring in terms of maneuverability.
    A big meh.

  9. Looks excellent initially; itll help put a well long overdue crimper into OP TDs, arty and scouts with BS camo and spotting range. Cant wait to try this one out. Heavy tanks will actually be relevant and effectual again!

    • Trolling much? Right now heavies have a bigger influence on the game than ANY class, especially in city maps, but also in some others with similar features though without urban architecture. BS camo and spotting range? It’s a feature of the game, if you don’t like it, i suggest Warthunder.