Gamescom Stream Schedule

Hello everyone,

so, what do you do when you are Wargaming and you ran an event stream last year and it worked well?

That’s right, you fuck it up! We can’t have players have too much fun watching the Wargaming show on stream the whole day, can we? Nah, that would be bad. No fun for you, evil capitalists!

Anyway, here’s the stream schedule apparently – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 5 PM CEST to 8 PM CEST.


Confirmed by WG:



4 thoughts on “Gamescom Stream Schedule

  1. Finally, another person found it too… It has been published a while.

    What i can’t understand: why WG is not 100% transparent with this and why they are not “advertising” it on the site…

  2. Maybe I could sit and watch whatever this is and try to get prizes, but I have to complete those insane Gamescom missions (I need that premium).