IS-3 in Ukraine Forces’ Hands

Hello everyone,

thanks to roughly a dozen people who sent me various news on the involvement of the IS-3 tank (the same one, taken down from the pedestal near Lugansk) in fighting near the city of Doneck. The vehicle was allegedly used in some sort of fighting (with its machinegun) near Doneck, where, on 9.8.2014, it was captured by the government forces. Let’s hope that’s really the end of the IS-3′s military career, once and for all.

Currently, Ukraine forces are encircling the city of Donetsk, last major stronghold of the separatists.



117 thoughts on “IS-3 in Ukraine Forces’ Hands

  1. Сепаратисты?Что,блять?
    Вы там ёбнулись?”government forces”-это ФАШИСТЫ,а так называемые сепаратисты-это обычные люди,которые не хотят преклоняться перед фашизмом.
    Ясно всё,вам ваши СМИ мозги промыли,вы не знаете что там происходит.
    Что ж,вам остаётся только сочувствовать.
    P.s Do not be lazy and translate it

        • Thk you Silentstalker.
          I realy like you blog, but know i like it much more !..

          Ukraine has not yet died, nor her glory, nor her freedom,
          Upon us, fellow Ukrainians, fate shall smile once more.
          Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun,
          And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own.

          Souls and bodies we’ll lay down, all for our freedom,
          And we’ll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation!
          We’ll stand, brothers, in bloody battle, from the Syan to the Don,
          We will not allow others to rule in our motherland.
          The Black Sea will smile and grandfather Dnipro will rejoice,
          For in our own Ukraine fortune shall shine again.

          Our persistence and our sincere toils will be rewarded,
          And freedom’s song will throughout all of Ukraine resound.
          Echoing off the Carpathians, and across the steppes rumbling,
          Ukraine’s fame and glory will be known among all nations.

      • Double that fat.
        Сало Уронили! Хероям Саван!

        Srsly, SS, you should just close comments section on stuff like this.
        There will be no /pol/-style discussions and everyone will live in their own lil’ worlds, uharmed by the truth: You, me, that guy, who can’t be arsed to translate his mindflow. Everybody wins!

      • Silentstalker, this sentence ”Слава украине! Героям слава!” is comparable to the ”H**l Hit**r” used by the nazis in WW2.
        This Greeting was used as well during WW2 in Ukraine by ukrainian fascists.
        It would be nice if you delete your comment, otherwise some people could think that you support nazis.

      • SS, not so long ago you’ve deleted my sarcastic “Слива Украине, Героям Сала!” post.

        Now you are using the motto yourself. Well, I whould warn you (because you might not know) that the motto was used as official motto of Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and is widely used by neo-nazi and other ultra-right wing political forces, such as Praviy Sector (Rigth Sector).

        I’ve seen you mentioned, that you are not nazi/ultra-rigth in you politcal views. So be careful with what mottos you use.

        • Hey dude, what is the source of your knowledge about Right Sector? Russian TV?

          And do you know that swastika is ancient religious symbol? But no one cares about that now, because its sense was fully substituted by Hitler’s ideology. Same thing has happened with Glory-motto. Nowadays it has no relations with any meaning from the past days (no matter what it was), at least for most of people whom I know in person.

          • Well, you swastika-argument is great, but it doesn’t support your point. Saying “Слава Украине! Героям Слава” and claiming not supporting neo-nazi/ultra-right forces is same as going with swastika T-Shirt and telling everyone you are actually Hinduist and not nazi.
            Do you see people with swastika on the streets of civilized countries? No. Do you hear “Слава Украине” here and there? Yes, because ultra-rigth politcal forces are at the moment prevailing in Ukraine. And it’s either you say the motto AND support ultra-right forces or you do neither. Otherwise it is pure hypocracy.

      • Big up, SS!
        And, as others mentioned here, it is really good idea to lock comments in topics like this one, otherwise tons of ugly trolls will come.

      • Big up, SS!
        And, as others mentioned here, it is really good idea to lock comments in topics like this one, otherwise tons of ugly trolls will come.

    • government forces”-это ФАШИСТЫ -> WHY? do you even know what that mean? Nowday’s only one country is close to фашизмом. And it is russia… so for what are they fighting?

        • Я троллю?Нет,я не тролю,я ЖИВУ В УКРАИНЕ.
          И я вам говорю правду,которую скртывают от вас ваши СМИ

        • Why politics?Why don’t u simple run the blog on WOT topics? On one hand u feed the blog on which u make money, with translating info from russians on other hand u post this ukranian nazi stuff shit….If ur man enoough go to Ukraine there are shitload of battalions u can join and ease your butthurt on russains, otherwise stick to the WOT stuff….after all u have minors reading no need to teach them ur butthurt.

      • Ты дурак?В украине власть захвачена силой.Они борются за свободу!
        А,если ты считаешь,что в России фашизм,то ты просто слеп,опять же пропаганда.
        Если бы в России был фашизм,то либо вас уже не было,либо существовало только одно государство Россия.

        • Фаши́зм (итал. fascismo от fascio «союз, пучок, связка, объединение») — обобщённое название крайне правых политических движений, идеологий и соответствующая им форма правления диктаторского типа, характерными признаками которых являются милитаристский национализм (в широком понимании), ксенофобия и шовинизм, мистический вождизм, презрение к выборной демократии и либерализму, вера в господство элит и естественную социальную иерархию, этатизм и в ряде случаев геноцид

      • oh and what Ukranian ,,forces,, ?? Its nothing but a bunch of equipment gattered from all over the world pretending to be an army.

        PS i am curious how much Silentstalker will donate to the Ukraine gov via Patreon when the bills come this winter….

        Glory to Ukraine !!!!!

        Crimea Ukraine….not!

    • Тебе, хуйло, которое не может перевести свой текст, выкладывая его на ресурс с в основном англоговорящей аудиторией, я хотел бы передать привет от СанСан СанСаныча Хуенко, Бенедиктова, Ганапольского-пидараса и лично радиослушателя ИДИ НАХУЙ БЛЯТЬ!

      You, huylo that can not translate your text, laying it on the resource with mostly English-speaking audience, I would like to convey greetings from Sansan SanSanycha Huenko, Benediktova, Ganapolskogo-motherfuckers and personally listener Fuck BLYAT!

      And no, it wasn’t supposed to make much sense, but he’ll get the feeling :)

    • “”government forces”-это ФАШИСТЫ”

      Real fascists are sitting on Kremlin. Wake up man!

      • They won’t wake up to it. The similarities between Hitler and Putin are astounding, scary.

  2. well at least it’s not destroyed. It would be sad to see such a beautiful machine destroyed because some idiot’s think they can use a 65 year old museum piece to fight against modern tanks

    • While it is quite puny against modern tanks (well, there are no very modern tanks in Ukraine, I dont count T72, however improved, as modern tank), it is still very useful against any kind of machine guns, also quite usable as a battering ram or crushing machine (eg. for MG nests) and still provides protection against shell fragments. I think its very useful, but not against tanks. Ukraine civil war is not WoT, not only tanks fight there.

  3. Glad the IS3 is in good hands know. Hope they take good care of it and put it back were it belongs. In a museum, not on the battleground

    • In good hands? Put in a museum? Best that awaits him-melting.
      Ukraine does not appreciate the feat of heroes of WWII.

      • The expression “heroes of WWII” has completely different meaning for some pobaltic states and noone can blame them after what SU did to them without any reason except violent expansion and imperialism. I didnt educate myself on the scale of atrocities done by SU on the people of Ukraine but somehow I get the impression it wasnt better than anywhere else.

      • It is Russia who is BIGGEST country in world, and STILL, instead of improving living conditions of OWN people in country, is looking for fight with neighbors.
        Time for regions to STOP FEED MOSCOW [you know that ~65% of regional taxes are going to Moscow?] and start care about own people.

        • Ага,ага.Ты поучи ещё нас жить в России.У нас условия жизни хорошие.Борьба с соседями?Неее,мы наоборот пытаемся поддерживать дружеские отношения с ними.
          Россия пытается остановить войну,только другие государства этого не хотят.
          Если бы Россия боролась с украиной,то Украина перестала существовать менее,чем через день,после начала войны.

          • Your Russia is now Nazi country. Wake up man and stop supporting your fuhrer from Kremlin.

            • Dont bring nonsense! This is not a Russian fascist country. This is total information war! I, as a citizen of this great and mighty power, can say with confidence that it is not about what fascism is not out of the question. Sorry for my bad enslish

              • Murmekius, your explanation is worhless, I know more about Russia and Russians then you think. I understand Russian, I know what your media writes and says. For me you were fascist country already a few years ago. Totally crazy nationalistic country with insane propaganda. Last months just showed that I was right. But I never thought that so many Russians will be supporting this crazy Nazi from Kremlin. You are more brainwashed then anyone expected.

      • Meaby it has something to do with genocides against Ukrainians?
        You know, if you force ppl to join nazies to fight against you, then you probably did something very, very wrong.

  4. There was T54 (or something) removed from Donetsk museum by separatists on truck… Will it go back to rest place?

    • Say “thank you” to those who in April started all this hell.
      If not for separatists (Girkin/Strelok and company) then over 1500 people would BE STILL ALIVE! (including lots of Russians – Girkin is responsible for deaths of them).

      • >started
        Oh, man.
        Anyway, any post that can provoke all of you, political bigots, to post shite – should have closed comments right from the start.

      • I will not say “thank you”
        Events in Ukraine do not concern me.
        I feel sorry for the people, and the rotten state.
        Sooner or later, the State Ukraine will cease to exist.

        • You say you’re Ukrainian.Then you say the events in Ukraine don’t concern you.Fucking dirty liar.Also,about the video.It’s just two people laying down on the ground.They could be alive.We only have to go off the narrator’s words.So please,fuck off with your video.It doesn’t do anything.And your heroic freedom fighters killed 8 people just to take their cars.Also don’t forget that in the terrorist controlled cities and towns,everyone who openly expresses pro-ukrainian ideas gets a bullet shot in their head.Sounds like fascism no?Oh yeah.It is.

  5. Only able to use the machine gun with rubbish traverse in the turret.

    Clearly someone saw the funny side and didn’t bother using heavy weapons to neutralise it.

      • >Tank with non-functional cannon stolen and used as a really bad machine gun carrier.

        >Gets recovered without being trashed.

        >Reasonable assumption that it was so bad in that role that it wasn’t necessary to use a lot of force to capture it back.

          • Some mentally deficient memeboard lurkers cant see anything but memeboard memes.

            Making 3 points, using arrow symbol to bullet point them now reminds them of all the time they spend browsing that junk.

  6. Frank, since it is mainly English-language blog, i strongly encourage to delete all non-English comments on principle, with ultimate penalty being ban. Maybe you can even get this automated?
    If they don’t bother translating it here, neither do i, this time. If someone wants to spread BS (any kind of BS), at they should at least put some effort into that.

    • Problem number one is that these russian trolls are everywhere,spreading their anti-Ukrainian propaganda.They’re appear every time some story about Ukraine pops up.

      • At least they will troll in English and that will discourage first wave. SS may they add more achievements for banning ;) – oh he may not do so. My proposition was about technical rule, not topic rule.

  7. There was a photo of that IS-3 in the biggest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat with the (translated) caption “Ukrainian soldier sitting on the barrel of an SPG. When they’d actually get it right calling it a tank…

  8. SS, lock the comments, please. This article’s becoming a political shitfest.

  9. I’m just glad the government forces didn’t empty an ATGM into the thing. Let’s also hope the salvaged T-34/85 and T-54/55 also get captured intact.

  10. Interesting.

    America has backed terrorist groups multiple times – including really nasty ones like the islamists in Syria, and engineered governmental coups multiple times – including the one in Ukraine, and just plain wrecked multiple countries with military force for no reason.

    That doesn’t make them fascist, though – but the support of the freedom fighters in Donbass makes *us* fascist? How about fuck you.

      • I suppose that it’s a great comfort for the people of Iraq that they weren’t incorporated anywhere. What with their country about to be destroyed… again… with the power possibly going to a bunch of islamist radicals.

        And I doubt that the current government of, say, Serbia is anything more than a puppet. It might as well be a province.

    • This “freedom fighters” only want to join Russia and I simply cant support this
      It reminds me too much that Third Reich fairytail about how we, the evil Czechs, supresed those poor sudetenland germans. Until the day when heroic führer step in, rightfully add sudetenland to his glorious empire and save those poor people.

    • The US hasn’t attempted to annex anybody since the Spanish-American War over 120 years ago, last I checked. Compared to the Russians in Afghanistan back in the 80s, Georgia a couple of years ago, and now Ukraine.

      • It would be hard for the USA to annex anyone, considering they only have land borders with Canada and Mexico.

      • Well, of course, to blame for everything Russian. Of course, fucking. As they say, people are willing to believe any lie, but would not believe in the truth.

        * You would have said that the slaughter in Yugoslavia also started a Russian

    • This brigade should be disband as soon as possible. No doubt that they are good support to Ukrainian army, but this is like cooperate with devil himself.

  11. While I can’t blame ss for the off topic crap others post I can find fault with the lack of moderating now that this has gone completely off topic. Had a great deal of respect for the site. Now I have less.

    • Aha! would be here moderators would not have this foolishness about fascist Russia and “separatists”

  12. time to delete FTR from bookmarks, SS (of course it is mean SilenStalker) again needs to post kind a political subtext shit. Whats next? something about nice guys from RS?

  13. And here I am, an American, who is unsure of who is right and who is wrong in Ukraine and is unsure which side to believe more.

  14. How sad the neo nazis beat the seperatists who are not Russian lovers but would rather be with them then put down by the US and EU backed puppet nazi regime in the new Ukraine coalition I love the US but it and the EU are picking fights with Russia to stir up cold war esque public approval ratings.

  15. I have promised I would not start discussing politics anymore, so I won’t. The only thing I want to say is: Guys and girls, open your eyes, do not EVER take your news from just one news agency. Expand your horizons. Do not only watch Russia Today and the same goes for CNN/FOX news. read them all, and think critically for yourselves what you read, don’t take stuff for granted. JUST BECAUSE A FACE ON TV SAYS SOMETHING, DOESN’T MEAN ITS TRUE.

    Peace to all, and let us hope this useless war ends quickly.

  16. Когда это война закончится, то ничего не измениться глобально. Когда закончится третья мировая война то останутся в Европе только русские немцы и британцы. Других наций не будет физически в пустотах раскатаных танками, химическим и бактериологическим оружием. И русским и немцам и британцам и пиндосам будет насыпать на чехов, венгров, поляков, хорватов, сербов. Не будет ничего, но уже поздно. И как-то похер что думают о России, те кто ничего не может сделать ни русским ни России. Заранее прощаюсь