27 thoughts on “Gamescom WoT Trailer

  1. Very meh trailer. I liked WT trailer better, since at least they used the in-game engine to make it.

  2. No they were not used only by the british, but they were not used by the americans, US army had TDs for that!

  3. I don’t understand what does this trailer present… Is it different game? Because for sure it’s not WoT in any kind. I’m irritated about trailers showing not real product. Especially nowadays when Sega has to pay out $1.25M as they falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines by using faked demos of the game at E3 and other trade shows.

  4. WHy am i not suprised that frenchies are not in the fight ? :D
    I mean , seriously , they should’ve painted their tanks in white colour :D

  5. I think WG needs do like in TV films and put in the begin of their videos

    “Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence”

    See one of this videos made me think WTF i was playing in the last 4 years and where is the game that video shows… well both have tanks hehehehe.

    PD: i search more for a true game with good game modes, skilled MM, historical battles (not WG fail) and well you know, be able to select WHAT MAP PLAY, bored of the shit MM that made me play in 10 battles 5 times the same fucking map or that put me in a scout in urban map VS tier 10 tanks.

  6. Should we consider that WG is ashamed about product they made? Because they have to present something different than real gameplay. And I’m surprised there is missing “no real gameplay” text at the bottom. Even in US McDonald’s put “not real size” on billboards presenting their hamburgers. :D

    • No I’ll grant Gaijin that. But then again, most of their trailers have been CGI to.

  7. This is a trailer for all the game platforms. Not just PC. And yes… The firefly has been in the 360 version since Alpha. Was in the closed beta. But not seen it since. There are a ton of topics about that tank on the 360 forum. And tons of rumors of when it will be released there. Tho most say it will be a UK tank. There those that claim it was a US tank to. It was on US on closed Beta. Tho that said, UK was on added when the beta was.

  8. The Firely was already in the “endless war” trailer ages ago, I wouldn’t place too much significance on its appearance.