Missing Q&A (9.8. – 13.8.)

A summary of everything I missed in last few days. Apparently, one of the WoWp developers left the Persha studio in Kiev. I asked around and from what I could gather, Wargaming (despite constant claims of the opposite) pretty much stopped considering WoWp as a successful/perspective project (to put it mildly).

Also, if you are wondering where are not exactly tons of QA – Storm is on vacation. Enjoy!

- new visibility (viewrange) system is being worked on
- Stalingrad map will be “really nice”, won’t come in 9.3
- Stalingrad will come earlier than within half a year
- WG thinks that the most active Stronghold mode will be the tier 6 battles
- air raid will come in WoT (SS: Stronghold consumable)
- apparently, thinking of having a PvE mode with a “boss” in Maus for example that would require some player skill would be “serious AI overestimation”
- according to player feedback, Kharkov is the most popular map in World of Tanks

(skipped the idiotic “25 percent RNG will not be reduced” etc. stuff)

29 thoughts on “Missing Q&A (9.8. – 13.8.)

  1. “Wargaming (despite constant claims of the opposite) pretty much stopped considering WoWp as a successful/perspective project (to put it mildly).”

    No. Shit. Now all the fanboys who’ve stopped playing it but continue to defend it can go STFU.

      • I hate it too, and don’t drive SPG’s (except for the FV304 which is a special case). I dislike all city maps, mainly because zooming out to get an overview of the surroundings makes the camera jump around like a zebra on crack.

        • That too. My biggest gripe with city maps that in theory they could be bearable in LTs if you could zip through the streets and deceive the enemy by changing directions when you get out of sight, but there isnt such a thing as getting out of “sight” in city maps. Some tunnelvisioned 300m viewrange TD thats looking opposite direction will spot 2 inches of your speeding tank’s ass through some window with his ass and then for next few hours the enemy team will telepathicly know which street are you driving down, no matter how much you change streets. Not to mention that on most city maps there’s so few options that you’ll most probably run into some loloneshot HT/TD in every street unless you wait for the end of the match.

          • Yes. City maps are good only for heavy tanks and TD’s with good frontal armor. All others are in disadvantage there. Speed is almost useless, camo is useless totally, good spotting gives almost no advantage so if you do not have great armor and high alpha, you are in much worse situation in most cases.

            I hate city maps a lot and I do not have even one SPG in my garage. These maps are just poor from tactical point of view and offer only boring peek a boo all the time, where high alpha and good armor wins.

            If there was ability to choose some maps that I do not want to play then for me Kharkov and Himmelsdorf would be first ones with Ensk and Ruinberg just after them.

    • I also hate Kharkov and I drive everything (including SPG). What’s your point?

      City maps are ok, but Kharkov sucks balls. Ruinberg on fire is also dumb because of the lightning… my eyes hurt on that map.

  2. -” according to player feedback, Kharkov is the most popular map in World of Tanks”

    What fucking players are they asking? O.o

    • actually, i think Kharkov is a really nice, and enjoyable map…you have so many options to choose from, where to go, how to set up ambushes, how to rush etc etc…
      all in all, they could’ve asked me :P

      • There is much less options then on most maps. In many types of vehicles you are much less useful in Kharkov then on other, more open, maps.

        • you are wrong on so many levels, on the contrary i would say that you are more useful with LTs in Kharkov than in Himmelsdorf for instance.
          As for the options on Kharkov, plz mention me an example where you can take more routes with any kinda tanks…(i dare you mentioning on Prokhorovka the routes from A-K3 to A-K5, because they’re basically the same)
          your biggest problem is the lack of skill i presume, otherwise you wouldn’t have an opinion like that

          • Wow what an epic fail post…

            I wrote about more open maps, you compare Kharkov with Himmelsdorf…

            If many routes is for you the same as many options for different vehiclesthen I have no more questions… Many routes that offer exactly the same environment is not many options

            And last argument, just facepalm… Check my stats

            • my only fail was that, i boldly assumed that you don’t want to compare Kharkov, which resembles to maps like Ruinberg with open maps, though it seems you are so dumb, you are willing NOT to compare Kharkov with Ruinberg or Himmelsdorf….
              still facepalm
              secondly, please take a look at Kharkov….it is such a zigzag map and you dare to say it has the same boring routes? am i rite????
              moreover, if we want to apply your “many routes that offer exactly the same environ…” sentence, then we can hardly say that there exists a map that has MANY options, because you play ON a MAP within the same ENVIRONMENT….this implies that your argument is not just valid but straightforward SILLY…

              I don’t check stats, because statpadding and sealclubbing can make wonders, so does gold ammo consumption….
              by skill i mean, you are not aware of certain conditions of a map that you get into….
              i can still declare that your post was an epic fail not mine :)

              • Hahahahaha

                You fail so much. Thank you for showing me so many proofs that there is no point to care about your opinion cause it is opinion of someone who has no idea about different tactics and strategies in different vehicles and terrains. Bye

                • nah, denial is the last behavior when the client knows he has no valid points remaining…thus he tries to make the situation look ridiculous…well now the situation is indeed ridiculous because you make yourself look like a total idiot, but hey, don’t give up ;))
                  don’t tell me really that you came to the conclusion i have no idea how to play tanks FROM a writings where THERE WERE NO VEHICLES MENTIONED,
                  i didn’t mention terrains neither… you man…you don’t have proofs and pros or cons to defend…you are pathetic :)

                  oh and BTW, thank you for showing me that how stubborn and ignorant people are nowadays :)

    • I like it aswell, it fits to the theme of the war better than the other city maps.

      But of course, you can always go back playing Himmelsdorf or Ruinberg again.
      Or Windstorm.

    • Yeah… I was wondering the same. It’s by far not a bad map, its really nicely done, but nowhere near that great.
      As Hakzi said, you got a lot of options on that map and can do a whole lot of crap there BUT most players do not yet know that map really well and thus some random flank/line will be left open and suddenly you are flanked by a lot of shit because noone was there and you get fucked over. Well planed ambush for nothing.

      Stupid teams in this game and the general newness of this map and thus ppl doing dumb shit on it make it a nightmare to play sometimes…

      • Yes, great point. Map is very chaotic, which additionally lowers influence of one player.

        And on that map it will be always like that. Newness has nothing to do. People still can’t play maps like Himmelsdorf, Malinovka, Cliff or Ruinberg which are more then 3 years in the game and it is much easier on them to protect all routes.

        On Kharkov I just feel like playing roulette and not game in which I can influence anything. On other maps there is bigger chance to influence outcome if you use brain.

  3. - according to player feedback, Kharkov is the most popular map in World of Tanks

    my ass, hate that map, no matter what i drive

  4. Me: I can run metro LL at stable +60 FPS maxed out (without advanced physx) but I get about 35 FPS average in WoT…
    WG: Here, have some fucking air raids.

  5. So I guess I won’t play WoWP for much longer if it’ll lose support. I didn’t hate it as much as WoT though and I have to say, the missions are much better(not like those insane Gamescom missions).

  6. Welcome back!
    When did the WoWp developer leave? Is this like 3 months ago or like within the last week?
    Was the developer ejected or did they give up?
    Patch 1.5 is test is already live- so I think they are still doing something

  7. - according to player feedback, Kharkov is the most popular map in World of Tanks

    This map is the worst city map in the game. I prefer maps where you can play more than two-three ways but this is one big fail with thousands of streets. Especially when its usually on three or four players to carry the battle. Hard to cover all the possible routes.