World of Tanks RU 4 Year Anniversary


Hello everyone,

yesterday, WG RU server celebrated 4th anniversary of its existence (WoT RU was – as the first server – started on 12.8.2010). In order to celebrate it, WG released some interesting info about WoT – mostly statistics. It says:

- RU cluster online record took place on 19.1.2014, 20:03 (Moscow time): 1.114.222 players on all RU servers online at the same time
- between 2011 and 2014, the amount of maps increased from 21 to 44
- the total area of all maps in game is 40 km2
- current number of vehicles in the game is 350 (compared to 136 in 2011)
- there are more than 110 million tanks in player garages
- most played classes on RU server: HT 31 percent, MT 22 percent, TD 20 percent, LT 16 percent, Arty 11 percent
- most played nations are Germany and Russia, least played is Japan by far
- on RU server the most popular tanks are KV-1, KV-1S, T-34/85
- the rarest medals on RU server (in order of rarity?) are: Raisenai medal, Tarczay medal, Burda medal, Nicols medal, Tamada Yoshio medal
- since the beginning, 34 billion tanks were destroyed in battles and 400 billion shells were fired
- since the beginning, 33 trillion points of damage were caused
- players spent 400 thousand years of time in battles in total, 1,6 billion battles were played

Warning, big picture under the line…


37 thoughts on “World of Tanks RU 4 Year Anniversary

  1. Most popular tanks Kv1, Kv1s, T34-85, what a supprise……. im totally shocked :O


        • Even in 9.3 kv1s will still be powerful, there is not that many 100mm guns at teir 6. It will be less powerfull than it is now, but still a good/very good tank.

            • Well it wont be Bad. It will sertanly be better than tanks like the vk36.01H, and it will still have a biger gun than most others, and still have good mobility, with amour that will still be capable of bouncing shots with angeling e.c.t. so, no it will still be a good tank, just not OP anymore.
              And historicaly the kv1s had a 76mm zis 5 gun, so……. realism improvements!?

              • But it will have VERY bad gun depression… just -3 degrees, that is a big game changer…

              • The 19 seconds reload time, the mobility nerf and accuracy nerf and the -3┬░ gun depression, all that leads me to believe it will lose it’s META status very quickly. And the VK36, even after it’s own nerf, is still a good tank.

  2. - there are more than 110 million tanks in player garages

    Most of them are tier 1 tanks on inactive zero battle accounts

    • Well, considering there are how many, 8 million registered players, it makes it for about almost 14 tanks in garage on average. So I think even most of the inactive accounts make a tank or two somewhere, because otherwise they would bring the average too low.

    • no shit sherlock, every game eventually dies out. If it lasts another couple years Id consider that a success. But probably in that time they will come with something like WoT 2.0 which will keep the game alive, just in another shape (like CS:GO)

  3. Japan least favourite? Considering the lower tiers have crap armour and the XP needed to advance is high it is no wonder. Drop the XP needed to move between tiers and maybe more people would play. 110k from Chi-Ri to STA? That’s a bit steep.

    • 110k to go from one big turd, to a smaller, yet equally pointless (and less unique) turd is what’s keeping people from playing…

      For the moment, Japanese tanks just don’t have anything worth playing, save for the kickass tier3-4 lights.

    • Actually, it’s not about Japanese tanks being least favorite. Obviously USSR is number one, and the other nations have less battles based on the order they were added to the game.
      What is interesting though, Germany and USA have about the same amount of battles (that’s what I see from the picture, this shit shouldn’t be allowed, numbers please), but Germany was there from the beginning while USA was added much later. That kinda makes me think that USA is actually #2, Germany is #3 and the rest is just the same as it is here.

      Also, Chi-Ri is a fun tank if you manage to hide it from arty. You have pretty much damage of a 122mm gun without having the same horrible accuracy.

    • No wonder that the Jap tree is the least favourite…
      You like playing with HTs? meh nope we don’t have one
      You like TDs? meh go find them somewhere else
      You like (i fear even writing this down) Arty? “goan f yourself” //hatred,rage//
      Or you just simply hate meds? sorry bro
      You like LTs? well, we have 1-2 candidates….buuuut at lvl3 and lvl4 (sorryyyy)

      To be honest, i would be sofakin surprised if Jap would’nt be the least popular nation, with a small amount of vehicles, and lines to choose from
      with quite boring tanks in the line. (nuff said)

      About the xp requirements, i would indeed decrease them a bit, as long as no other lines will be introduced

    • Screw the XP. Those tanks just need buffs all around. Those are “mediums” that move like faster heavies, have absolutely no armor and their guns are just a bunch of made up bullshit. When there’s “1.7 s” aiming time written in the stats, you can count it as “3 s” as the accuracy while doing anything in those tanks is absolutely awful. Then when you are even able to stand still, aim fully, not get killed in the meantime and shoot something usually you will miss anyway, because the accuracy on those tanks is worse than that of a KV-2 (again, 0.37 my ass, it’s just shot spread, it doesn’t matter when 70% of the shells don’t go anywhere near the center of the reticle).
      Who would play a line that is just painful all the way to the tier 10? STB-1 is not worth it.

      • actually, STB-1 is quite a good tank, so with prem acc, and constant discounts it worth the grind :D :D

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  5. “- the total area of all maps in game is 40 km2″

    This is so irrelevant. They can change the ingame characteristic from meter to terameter and then they can say “- the total area of all maps in game is 40 gojillionm2″

    • Wow, thanks for pointing that one out, I totally noticed that as well.

      Seriously, who cares, everybody knows what SS meant ;)

  6. I have Tarczay and Nicols, Tamada will be my next one… yay <3

    But I think recently Burda is harder than Rasieniai, 5 arty is once per 1000 games. The data includes medals obtained pre 8.8 where 5 arty was every second game.

  7. So the USSR and OP-1S are the most popular on RU server? What a surprise. I guess Germany is the most popular nation on EU though I’m not sure about the tanks, I think some USSR tanks might be more popular here than German tanks

    • (Un)fortunately, here in Europe, nations are more divided…in France i guess french vehicles are the more popular ones, while in the UK guess what…same applies to Germany.
      Post-commie countries that had WW2 german influence before, are even more divided. In Ro,Hu,Cz, both german and ussr vehicles are popular either because of
      a, some modified versions of the german tanks existed in these countries or
      b, we received much t54 from soviet friendly russia…with vodka
      This thesis can be applied to casuals.

      Now let’s take into consideration skill, and non-casual players (e.g who care about their stats)
      U.S vehicles in general require more skill, but they’re rewarding as well.. (hi pershing-t32-t69), thus playing with them increases your ratings (with a huge chance)
      same goes for U.S.S.R vehicles and nowadays for the Waffentumour branches…
      Aaand don’t forget about the reversed effects. Casuals hate the U.K and Jap lines because they require even moar skill then the U.S or U.S.S.R plus they’re not that rewarding at all.
      Of course the assumption of how strong U.S vehicles are, is subjective. I personally find it more comfortable if i have gun elevation and depression over let’s say armor and such things… (maybe this is the reason why i prefer U.S and U.K vehicles despite coming from a post-commie country)

      • True I guess, casual players would prefer USSR because they require less skill, Germany and UK are harder to play but can be rewarding. For example when I saw tanks like BP or Comet I said they are total shit, but when I played them I had great results.