WoT RU 4th Anniversary Video

Hello everyone,

as I mentioned in the previous post, WoT is celebrating 4th anniversary. WG RU produced a video about the event, unfortunately only in Russian. There are some interesting tidbits of info however.



Inside the video:

- players of more than 120 countries in the world play WoT
- currently, developers are reworking the display (render) of terrain and vegetation
- at cca 1:14, Havok is demonstrated
- tanks turning over on roof will be implemented
- more maps based on historical places (like Kharkov) will be added

After that it’s bragging about prizes recieved, mention of cybersports (Warsaw finals) and the “Pomnim vsyo” project, where WG RU supports (Russian) history initiatives, (Russian) veterans, museums. And then there’s SerB saying “thank you to players”. Overall, a nice video.

7 thoughts on “WoT RU 4th Anniversary Video

  1. - tanks turning over on roof will be implemented

    I still don’t know how I feel about this. Cant decide will it be a good thing or bad on the one hand it would be funny for seeing noobs flip their tanks on the other hand it could become really annoying depends on how its implemented I guess.

      • I think it could be good if its not too easy to flip your tank I don’t want to flip my Chaffee by driving over a tiny bump.

        • I’m pretty sure it won’t be that easy to flip over your tanks. Only like when you fell of the Mountain pass bridge or something like that.

  2. I look forward to the rare day when I will support the millions of Whiners online to support the removal of flipping-over tanks. But I will look forward more to the day WoT changes engine from BigWorld to CRYENGINE.

    In fact, can some russian/east europe forumer ask this to the devs? you have to admit, the BigWorld engine looks really tired and worn out compared to other games. I mean, Dynasty Wwarrior 8 in PS4 has better graphics and shaders than WoT. and THAT’s one of the most hottest whinespots of DW games nowadays.