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  1. Then only good thing im impressed is the dynamic skybox. Something which should be implemented in WoT imo.

    • There are no equivalent. Warships do not compare to tanks. A Warship can do the roles of multiple tank classes combined.

    • Destroyer Class : Good Speed , Lots of Torpedoes , Smoke shell.
      Cruiser : Average Armor, Medium Speed , Average Gun, Can use scout plane.
      Battleship : Big Gun , Thick Armored, Slow as slug, Good AA coverage area , Can use scout plane.
      Aircraft Carrier : Fighter ,Attacker,Dive-Bomber,Scout plane to use, those weapon loaded on the plane can sink even a largest ship in the game.

  2. At 2:24 into the clip you will see the Douglas XSB2D-1 which only existed an experimental aircraft. With tricycle landing, a remote turret just before the clipped part of the vertical tail and another below and a whole shopping list of extras, including an internal bomb bay, it was far too complex for the time. Even the designer, the brilliant Ed Heinemann, thought it was a turkey.

      • I just read that the Germans DID produce 70 Messerschmitt Bf 109Ts, which were in fact intended for the “Graf Zeppelin” aircraft carrier :-P
        So those actually excisted, with one (at least) being shot down over the North Sea in 1943 (I wish I had internet sources, only printed I’m afraid) while operating from base in Norway.

        But yeah, more to the point, I’m looking forward to how the solve/interpret the German carrier line :)


        T version was a modified E version.

      • 109s and JU87s hardly cut the mustard and the Graf Zeppelin did not have a big enough air wing or support and protection of the right sort to be effective.* Cpt Nemo I don’t have a problem with the XSB2D-1 –it is a hoot and it is so WG to dig up something like that. Look at some of the aircraft in WoWP — what were they smoking.

        *I wonder how much the designers of the Graf Zeppelin picked up from Japanese carrier design who at least operated small carriers together. The Japanese learned a lot from the British about carrier aircraft design and operation through espionage.

        • Elgbert

          There were four carriers planned but the toxic internal politics of the leadership bled the project of resources and the 109E/T joke is just part of the mess.

          • Yes, I understand that it was sort of a stop-gap measure (E/T), and as always…internal nazi mess of egos clashing killed the carrier project. Also probably another case of too little too late.

  3. I like the UI interface but the please use Horizontal tech tree instead of vertical. I like that you can preview the game before buying a ship but still can’t try, and I like how you can look closer at every type of aircraft on aircraft carrier and modules on battleships, heavy cruiser. and destroyers. I like the ships are HD not like in most tanks in World of tanks.

    WAIT! Is that QuickyBaby?

    I notice only Battleships, Aircraft Carrier (US only) and Destroyers only, no heavy cruiser. I hope WG add the Heavy Cruiser like Furutaka class, Aoba class, Myoukou class, Takao class, Mogami class, Tone class, Ibuki class (converted to aircraft carrier). And also the light cruiser. There are a lot of ship from Japan starting from 1900-1945. There suppose to be 5 Battleships (according to Wikipedia; Yamato, Musashi, Shinano, Yokomokyoto, Asahi. Only 2 was build and 1 converted to aircraft carrier), well, those are reserve for future updates.

    Is Battlecruisers and Battleships different? How they differ? Because I read that the Kongou class battlecruiser become battleship. And is Light Cruiser and Destroyers different? Those are my questions.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_the_Imperial_Japanese_Navy

  4. Well, BB were slower, better armed and armored, BC were lighter… less armor, usually less firepower (but not allways, were BCs with bigger guns than BBs BUT no more turrets or total main gun numbers) and faster.

    Here BCs have more diferences than BBs… in WWI for example UK use paper BCs with big guns but germans use much better armored BCs with less powerfull guns (they even use 280mm guns).

    In WWII BCs practically disapear not a lot nations use BCs and usually they appear as an emergency solution to certain problem… i think in the countermesures against the german pocket battleships, Deuchtland class, faster than BBs and better armored and armed than CAs they made enter in panic UK and France and force them create faster ships that can engage them.

    Ships classes are less standar.