Russia Wins the Tank Biathlon

Thanks to Xerkics for this one.

Hello everyone,

unsurprisingly to many, Russia won the 2014 Tank Biathlon.



Yesterday, on 16.8.2014, Russia was declared the winner at the Alabino grounds near Moscow with the top 4 teams consisting of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and China. Other teams in the competition (that consisted of a course where the crews had to traverse the distance of cca 20km while shooting at targets in lowest time possible) consisted of Serbia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mongolia and Kuwait.

24 thoughts on “Russia Wins the Tank Biathlon

    • So let them invite Russians along with their techniques to themselves and examine how Russian tankmen good! :) never be afraid to play Russian tanks!

  1. I read some article saying that the Russian team was cheating as their T-72 apparently had a T-90 engine in it, don’t know if that is true…

    • It’s slightly retarded since if the countries don’t bring their own tanks, and some don’t, they are given T-72′s to work on… even if the crews haven’t trained on it.

    • They used the newest variant, that’s all (other countries had T-72B3 with 860hp engine).
      T-90′s engine has 1000hp, T-72B4 1130hp.
      What surprised me is that even the B3 had better mobility than the Chinese tank…
      Hopefully in the next Biathlon the western countries will not refuse the invitation.

      • Well Type-96A was designed to defend Southern China, where there are a lot of mountains and water. Therefore, mobility is not as important as firepower and protection.
        T-72B was designed to fight on the Eastern Europe plains, where mobility means more( when Russian army rushes all the way to the English Channel.)

    • The T-90 is an direct evolution of the T-72, and just like the T-72 there are quiet a few subvariants. Depending on the model, especially with non-russian T-72 beeing further updated without the namechange to T-90 that happend in russia, you can have superior peformance on a late, foreign T-72 chassis compared to an early russian T-90.

    • Since the Sino-Soviet split I gather that Chinese designs have been increasingly Western influenced. Of course, Russian designs are so stronk they never will be influenced.

      • No they still have a heavy Russian influence, though there’s definitely a Western influence as well. Pretty much all of their MBTs since the 1980s are based at least partly on a captured T-72 that was given to them by one of their allies (I forgot which one exactly)

  2. I was sure that comments will be against Russian. Well, they were better guys, don’t blame that for that.
    Anyway, it was somewhat… fun(?) watching the tank biathlon. It’d be good if others countries participate!

    • They had a newer variant of the T-72 than the other contestants that didn’t bring their own tanks, so it can’t really be a fair comparison in their case. Now compared to the Chinese on the other hand, as they brought their own indigenous tanks, there’s no doubt that the Russians came out ahead in spite of the Chinese tanks supposedly being more modern than the upgraded T-72.

      Also, Russian competition, hosted in Russian territory. Like the Olympics, there’s an unwritten rule that the host country cannot be embarrassed.

  3. Russia has really outdone themselves this time.

    Shame that the Western countries did not compete.

    • Russia actually made an offer to include the US in the biathlon, but we declined (I have a feeling it’s because of unfounded fears that the M1 Abrams’ suspension wouldn’t hold up, even though the Abrams has proven to be more than capable of performing as well if not better than a T-72 in the conditions of the biathlon – the only real shortcoming of the Abrams in the competition would be the high fuel consumption and the time required for the gas turbine to spool up before the tank can start moving). Not sure if that offer was also extended to the British, Germans or French, but if it was, the Germans would have definitely turned it down, as would the Brits, though the French might have accepted such an offer.

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