Meanwhile in Kiev

Thanks to Edrard for this one.

This is actually funny :) You probably know about the story how the separatists stole the IS-3 from a monument in Lugansk and pained “Onwards to Kiev” on it.


Well, the tank got to Kiev indeed… just not the way the terrorists and their Russian patrons expected. It was captured by Ukraine forces and brought to Kiev to resume the role it was meant to fulfill: a piece of history on a monument.

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  1. “just not the way the terrorists and their Russian patrons expected.”
    I don’t like this sentence. You don’t know shit wheter the russian government is or is not aiding the separatists. In fact, no one really knows shit except the people who are really there. I would like to ask you to stick to WoT, okay?

    • well we dont care ‘comrad Russki’, its quite clear Russia has to do with those terrorists
      (you forgot about MH-17? it was Russian material and you have to study in order to use it)

        • well if you call the government terrorists, there is no suitable description for the ones i ment with terrorists.

          • just cos they did pretty much the same back in january only janukovits didnt labbeled them as terorists and didnt sent the army on them.

            • people of Maydan didnt do anything “terroristic”. They only made a revolution :D

              • A: noone in donyeck did anything teroristic. they just started to call them that (and it was way before the plane shot-down)
                B: they didnt doesnt mean they wouldnt. They didnt cos they werent attacked by their own militia. (also shooting their very own protesters is kinda teroristic)

                • Dude only russian nazis call them “освободители” . All civilized world call them simple Terrorists . And that’s a fact .

    • They shoot down civilian plane -.- with advanced AA system.
      You dont find this things in garage , and can’t learn to use it from google -.-

      • You don’t need advanced AA to shoot down civilian airliners.

        An old Igla could have done it.

          • No you don’t.

            Igla has a higher flight ceiling.

            If it was 10km then it would have taken a better AA system.

            • It was 10km, general miswrote it as feet. It was 33k ft, or 10km, up in the air. So yes it would take more than an Igla to take out the plane.

              • Then I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

                The airliner clearly didn’t have an IFF so it was probably identified as hostile and fired upon. I don’t think it matters who fired the missile in this case since it’s retarded Malaysia Airline we are talking about here. People should not be sitting on it since the first accident. lol

                • ComradeHX: airliners have two transponders on board, sending out a signal that tells radar systems that they are civilian airliners, not military aircraft. Some triggerhappy separatist numbnut must have turned on the radar and fired a missile at the first blip he saw, not understanding that there are differences between the blips on the radar.

                • Been an anon FTR reader for quite some time now and this time I signed up just because you need to fuck off. Seriously, we’re mourning here. And it matters who fired the missile since any other planes would use the same route.

      • That plane was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets… or how do you explain autocannon holes in fuselage of that 777????
        Burgereaters are watching that land with their satelites…have you ever seen a missile launch?? it makes clouds of smoke … if those in donets would fire a missile…burgereaters woul have a proof of it … and yes they will enjoy to show it to you all….. to strenghten your hate … So why they didnt do it??? Cus they havent any proof of BUK missile..cus MH17 was shot down by Ukainian Su-27…. plenty people about of aviation believes this…….

        • You are a special kind of idiot .. Those are not Autocannon holes but shrapnel holes from a missile warhead ..

          • I know some people about to aviation which were very close to fighter jets… After seeing some pictures of fallen 777, they are sure that that plane was shot down by another plane…. BUK Missiles have fragments in shape of rhombus … not cylnder…. you can read some topics about german experts found a holes by cylinder shaped fragments…. those were probably made by autocannon or air-to-air missile….. But that is all bullshit..that plane was shot down by V Putin personally….he is incarnation of satan in this world cus he established his country too close to american military bases….

            • You are absolutely and positively full of shit. The people you know are also completely full of shit. That is the utmost stupidest thing i have read in the entire week now.

              • …… your mom is full of shit. Brainwashed propagandawhore…. no arguments just verbal farts. There arent any evidences about western theory of BUK missile….all objective clues lead to fighter jets…
                But i understand, is hard to you to accept fact that your country is supporting murderers of innocent civilians just to support their economical effort in Ukraine…. full of shit..full of shit…. what kind of idiotic mind created that phrase?

                And little advice: If you dont have any objective arguments, just shut up…..
                So go! Learn something about SAMs and Air-to-Air missiles and then come to talk…. or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

              • Turn your small shit-brain on and think, idiot! ZRK BUK is quite complicated system to work with and id needs much training to master it. Somebody able to shoot aircraft with it must be able to find out what is his target…. probability of mistake is too low. So two possibilities:
                1. They have skilled BUK crew able to shoot an airplane..So WHY THE HELL would they shoot civilian airplane??? No one in russia and no one in eastern ukraine will have benefit of it.. Its just another argument in hands of Ukraine pseudogovernment why are separatists baddest people on earth…
                2. They have just band of ordinary guys and ZRK BUK. I tell you, NO ONE IS ABLE TO MAKE IT WORK WITHOUT TRAINING… systems like BUK are very complex devices is not smartphone…it isnot a car….. its mobile sam system…… you need surveillance radar, TELAR, command vehicle…… it is not a Stinger …. Guys unable to find out that it is just an airliner will not be able to hit one….never….

                But from the other hand….we have ukrainian government killing people of their own country just to stop insrugency…some people (more intelgent like you) in europe are asking WTF??? They needed something to make separatists bad in eyes of everyone….they needed to make true terrorist of them….. So what?? They just send a jet with an money powered guy in the cockpit to do it……. they sent him to shoot down civilian airplane…. just for their propaganda purposes…. (bad bad putin did it!!! help us bananaeater please) …. Can you realize how disgusting it is??????

                But yes… it must be putin…he gave them BUK (no one have seen it) and he told them to kill innocent civilians in airliner because …. because what???? Tell me, what putin achieved by killing hundreds of civilians whose doesnt even know what it is Donbass…Think man….use your brain…….

                • And another one…. Working – emiting radar is traceable by hunter killer aircraft (burgereaters once called them Wild Weasel, post soviet countries use Phantasmagoria tracking device or land based Kolchuga pasive sensor)… So if they were using BUK on regular basis, it would be destroyed now….and Ukraine would surely show of that achievement to world…

    • You do not like the truth? Your life must be very awkward indeed.

      Glad to see this piece of history did not get destroyed in combat.

    • Everyone knows Russia is supplying the separatists. That region has alot of shale gas. Just as everyone knows that USA is funding al-qaeda terrorists in Syria. Good to see ISIS is fucking those mercenary scums real good.

      • What just like how “everyone ” knows that the West engineered a coup in Ukraine, forcing a democratically elected head of state out or power by force of arms. Even if he was a corrupt piece of shit.

        Just because “everyone ” knows something to be true doesn’t make it true. We haven’t seen it done we don’t know the details on what is going on behind the scenes . People can claim whatever they want that doesn’t make it true.

    • And I on the other hand APPLAUD those sentences. Seem pretty correct and honest to me.

      If the guy can’t call things as he sees them, then what can he do?

      Good thing he isn’t russian or his blog would be censored by putler’s retarded law.

    • You do know that just today the current leader of the seperatists openly admitted they recieved military support from Russia?

    • Everybody who has a little bit brain knows, that the Putin asshole is behind all of this.
      Plus separatist already admitted they are getting support.

    • the proof is overwhelming. And it’s well within their rights to do so, given the west is backing fascists in Kiev.

      • Fuck off with the fascism accusations already.Tired of reading this shit.
        “Ukraine is a democratic country.We don’t care if people express pro-Russian ideas.What we do care about is the storming of government buildings,burning of Ukrainian flags, taking up arms against the military,and attacks on people who speak Ukrainian”-Oleg Lyashko,leader of the radical party.aka the party which is labeled “fascist” by russian media

        • I think the Russian media is overplaying the nazi component, the pro western forces are simply in Coalition with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi groups that doesnt make them all nazis not by a long shot. Its just that the neo Nazis are actually in power if just by sharing it as a result. In all likelihood they used the Neo-Nazi enforcers during the coup and had to pay for it by sharing power with them as a result

          You can find the information about the Ukrainian neo nazi groups on the internet if you are in doubt who they are. Ukrainian government is not nazi just allied to them being effectively a nationalist government.

          TLDR Yes there are real nazis in power in Ukraine but they are more of a minority. So russian Press is overreacting there. If i had to compare its like Pro Western are like Conservatives in the UK and the Fascists the Lib Dems :p

          Kiev regime is “a loose Centre-Right coalition” integrated by two Neo-Nazi parties (Svoboda and Right Sector) “but it is not a Neo-Nazi government”. Both Svoboda and Right Sector display Nazi emblems.

    • Listen here pal, it is so obvious to everyone with half a brain that the separatists are being supplied by the Russian government. If you can’t handle hearing the truth about your Glorious S̶o̶v̶i̶e̶t̶ Russian Government then maybe you should go elsewhere.

    • It’s a blog, he can stick with whatever he likes OKAY?

      P.s terrorists them selves say that they are supported by russia, stop this naive shit like you don’t know what is going on.

    • wowan’russak: so you claim that Russia is actively DEFENDING OWN border and military equipment, armed people DO NOT cross border?
      We see many evidences [videos] about tanks, tracks driving FROM border and that means they crossed Russia-Ukraine border. And that means: a) Russia is NOT in control of OWN BORDER or b) Russia ALLOWS , i.e. supports free crossing.

      • I have seen many evidences of Burgereaters tank rolling trough Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, …. Thousands miles away from the fuckin border

    • There is no truth. They all lie, and have their own agendas. Separatists, NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Europe – all lies and propaganda. Don’t believe any of the shit they spoon-feed you in the media.

    • The Russian Government itself admitted to aiding the Separatists. Your comment is both invalid and just flat-out wrong.

    • It’s not about Russians, it’s about Russian state/government and its aggressive policy. I have nothing against Russians as well but I do hate Russian government and its elites who support Russian imperialism

      • Oh, but it *is* about Russians. According to all recent polls, Russians fully support the deeds of their government in relation to Ukraine.

        Recent headlines:
        - 82% Of Russians Blame Ukraine For Malaysia Airlines Tragedy.
        - Putin’s Popularity Soars to 87%.
        (And in other news: 85% of Russians Oppose Same-Sex Marriage.)

        The unpleasant fact is that Russians are a rotten nation, blinded by conspiracy theories running large on their state TV channels (there are no other nation-wide channels in Russia). They have already eliminated local opposition, destroyed freedom of speech and consolidated around their Supreme Leader. Now comes the expansion stage. They have captured two former provinces of Goergia and taken Crimea from Ukraine. This is how they punish their rebelling vassals. They will do everything to disintegrate Ukraine, so that nobody else dares question their authority.

        Next on the list: iron curtain, concentration camps and a world war.

        • The inside of your head must be truly a magical place :p Dam those evil Russians while we at it why don’t we hand out some torches and pitchforks ,right? Should go well with your motiVational speech.
          Seriously What are you smoking?

          • Everything he wrote except for the last sentence is correct. Majority of Russians are aggressive, dumb animals, hence the extremely high crime rates and AIDS rates in that pathetic country – they’re intellectually on the level of negroes.

      • Problem is not Russians as nation, problem is their leaders who started and let to continue of building NovoRosia (aka “4th Reich”/New Soviet Union) and they are building it on BONES OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

        • It looks like the leaders are not interested in the Donbass war any more. In other words, Putin wanted to bail without losing face up until a month ago. As soon as the new Ukrainian government was elected, he retracted the Russian troops from the Ukrainian borders, and the Russian parliament (which is for all intents and purposes Putin’s puppet) revoked the resolution that authorized military involvement in Ukraine. But the Russian nation itself raised against this decision. They *want* the war. They are thirsty for Ukrainian blood and won’t take a defeat. Ending or losing the war is for Putin equivalent to political suicide. He doesn’t have that option anymore.

      • yeah? what would it do? The gun has been out of service for decades now, so even if the gun was still functional (Doubtful), they would have no ammo for it.

        it’s just a giant waste of fuel and would easily get knocked out by a modern anti tank weapon.

      • 122mm used as infantry gun alone (not for fighing other tanks) is indeed more effective that a damned rifle.

        Also I think that the IS-3 has some potential to fight modern tanks, but I’m not really sure about that.

        • Nooope, IS-3 was actually pretty crap at real battlefield perfomance, which had something to do with crappy crews, craptastic welding, craptacularily cramped turret withy crappy recoil dampening.. pretty standart soviet production. The best use Israelis found for them was to bury them as stationary defenses and continue using Pattons because overall sophisticated tank is better than big gun and armor at the cost of everything else. Modern APCs let alone tanks would kill it from range without the IS-3 crew ever having chance to find out whats happening. Good thing its back where it belongs :)

          • They used it as a machine gun carrier because they had no ammo for the main gun.

            Sure it was pretty much worthless against a modern tank but against BMDs it worked well enough – the 12.7mm machine gun in the turret could punch open BMDs just fine but he BMD’s 30mm cannon was worthless against the IS-3′s armor.

              • I like how you got butthurt by all these people in the above posts and now concentrate your anger on all EU citizens.
                It’s a very immature behavior especially when trying to prove your facts in a discussion and now we have to doubt if any of your arguments have any form of credibility.
                Really sad to see that there is still people that have this “pigeonholing”…

                • I am EU citizen too…I just told that most of young EU guys like SS & Co. cant realize that its still better sitting in sixty or more years old IS-3 facing BMP than facing BMP on your foot… thats all. I would like to see them in situation of those in Ukraine… IS-3 > nothing

                • Yes, ju cant use main gun… Thats right… But you can still use it as mobile machine gun nest, barricade ram, etc… it will still protect you from MG fire and hand grenades… It will could still tow something heavy….. Most of EU people can never understand this..cus they cant imageine how it is to stand against regular army …. they will NEVER HAVE BALLS TO FIGHT FOR THEIR OPINION/FAITH/ANYTHING..that is it…. They just believe in medial garbage about bad Russia and Saint “modern western culture”………… no way to imagine that its all just stupid duel of two oligarchies….

                  Yanukovich was an idiot..he should KILL those oposition leaders before all this happened…. I would much more like to see some dead politician=assholes than thousands of dead civilians, insurgents, soldiers….. People of Ukraine are stupid too… how they could think that anything will change??? They just switched from one oligarchy to another for price of thousands innocent lives…. and for higher prices of everything….

                • And about Russian effort in Ukraine…. How can you be surprised??? I would like to see how will USA react for Pro-Russian revoluton in Mexico and its consequences….

                • The US has a little thing called the Monroe Doctrine, which basically allows us to do as we please in the Western Hemisphere (more specifically, it states that the US is free to oppose any incursions supported by a nation from the Eastern Hemisphere).

                  However, generally speaking the US probably won’t do much of anything as long as it doesn’t cause any problems for us…which is nigh impossible due to sharing a border and the fact that such an incursion would cause a flood of refugees that would make the current immigration problem look trivial by comparison.

                  Eventually the US would be forced to act, but not necessarily via military means unless the new regime commits an act of war. The most likely thing to happen would be revoking the free trade agreement that the US currently has with Mexico (the deal also includes Canada but they would be unaffected most likely) and closing the border, but that’s about it. Unlike Russia, the US doesn’t typically invade another country unless either itself or its allies are attacked, or if it’s carrying out its role as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to defend the sovereignty of other UN member states, should the UN Security Council agree on intervention (which usually doesn’t happen because all it takes is one permanent member of the Security Council voting “no” to veto it completely, as is what happened repeatedly regarding the ongoing Civil War in Syria).

                • You are so mad its funny. Next time before you start slinging shit, read. Where did I say BMP. Purely in theory we were talking about MODERN vehicles, not another russian museum piece still in service. Bradley with depleted uranium ammo and TOWs. But its not even about that, the main thing is comms, vision, coordination and other systems that puts it light years ahead as I imagine that IS-3 would be driven by a bunch of drunk chechnya mercs with walkie-talkies.

      • Yeah but one RPG-7 is all it would take to launch that thing’s turret into low orbit.

    • It was used as a mobile machine gun pillbox. The main gun is useless. That is why it still is in one piece.

      • Which kind of defeats the purpose of using it at all. They’d be better off using a BMP or BTR APC for that purpose.

    • Srsly… I would be afraid to fire from 122mm gun after 40 years of being exposed to elements.

      The rifling would be completely messed up and would cause dud shells for sure. That is IF there were any shells left to to fire.

      • Bad rifling would only cause inaccuracies not dud rounds.

        If they could find the ammo a dud HE round becomes AP (solid shot) when it slams into the side of an APC. 122mm > APC armour. The fact that old ammo would have difficulties with the propellant being aged means that, coupled with the bad rifling, the shot would probably hit friendlies rather than who you were aiming at.

        The DShK is quite common so it would be effective.

  2. What i still find incredible is that this thing had a working engine and that after all these years it was still able to drive. How is it even possible? O_O

    • Well, my grandfather used to own a tractor from like 1920 or something and it started in 60′s after it was last time used before the war. Sometimes, tech surprised you.

          • “The history of the automobile begins as early as 1769″

            The idea behind the car is a bit old. If you want to discount steam powered cars, the first electric car was 1888, built in Germany. First production car with an internal combustion engine was a tad earlier, 1885.

            And a prototype auto with a very early internal combustion engine was 1804.

            So not exactly 300 years, but a tad older than you think.

      • My grandmother has a ~120 year old Singer sewing machine which still works perfectly :) Moreover, in dealing with rough materials (leather for example) it outperforms many modern electric machines.

    • Pretty much is the same case as the AK-47 which if it has its barrel bent you can just straighten the thing with a hammer and be able to start shooting again. KALASH BROKE. NPZ. I HEMMER ITZ.

    • You can start up pretty much any old engine which sat for a long time if its seals held up and no water infiltrated it. Of course before starting it you might have to change filters, spark plugs, change the oil and check and clean fuel lines if needed . The same goes for the rest of the mechanics.

      Here’s a clip of a bunch of Russians starting up and ISU-152 after at least 20 years of sitting out in the open. It’s pretty amazing.

      As a side note, I doubt more modern engines with a lot of electronics can be started as easily after decades of sitting.

  3. “just not the way the terrorists and their Russian patrons expected.”
    Why don’t you stay out of something you don’t understand ss and stick to WOT ok?
    Your somewhat poopy player based on what we seen in your stream but your an excellent blogger so let’s not ruin this by dipping into political bullshit so we get that you are biased and all but is it so hard to try stay out of this shit ?

    • Seems like you dont know shit about this stuf eighter SS only said things that are based on facts

      SO FUCK OFF!!

      • Not at all we just have a nice thing going here with the FTR blog and I don’t want it ruined with politics. And SS bias is hurting his usual objectivity. As far as I’m concerned both parties are at fault in Ukraine . The west engineered regime change via what was essentially an armed coup in a country in Russia’s sphere of influence and Russia used mercenary troops to create unrest and fighting as a means of striking back . And using the fact that the pro western forces are aligned with new nazi groups which is true as an excuse .Violence however is never the answer .

        • And Crimea annexation was Western Countries fault as well. Or “Maidan Terrorist”?
          Russia sighed treaty in 90′ in which they guarantee Ukraine borders for their nukes, and now somehow Crimea is Russian republic somehow. That’s all I have to say about Putin’s good intentions.

          • There is no good intentions in politics only “enlightened” self-interest. No matter how countries involved might dress it up which is true for both east and West. And yes Russia shouldnt have annexed Crimea even if Crimean people wanted it. As like it or not it was Part of Ukraine , they were protecting their strategic interests but like i said there is never an excuse for violence there should always be a diplomatic solution. I guess they felt like they were provoked with the coup West forcing their hand when the “maidan terrorists” or whatever you wanna call those Western backed forces seizing power by force of arms. And Crimea being home to Russian fleet and with nationalists seizing power they felt it was no longer safe.

            I UNDERSTAND why they done it but it doesnt mean i AGREE with HOW they done it.

    • - scary, scary Kane avatar
      - big mouth full of bs
      I’d say 6/10 troll; but who knows – alcohol fetal syndrome took its toll in Russia.

        • Russia always looked for enemies around – All nations around were invaded (Finland winter war, Baltic states occupation, Poland at 1920s,1940s. Now time for Ukraine. By the way, Russia is biggest country rich in resources – but instead of living like in Arab Emirates, they have corruption and poverty. Regions should STOP FEEDING MOSCOW, because Moscow does not care about well being of regions.

  4. “Well, the tank got to Kiev indeed… just not the way the terrorists and their Russian patrons expected”

    If the Russians are really helping them, why they even stole that IS3?
    They should have something better to fight with?

    • “If the Russians are really helping them, why they even stole that IS3?
      They should have something better to fight with?”

      Supplying the separatists with armoured vehicles would be as good as a declaration of war. While Russia is perfectly capable of quickly capturing the eastern part of Ukraine, Russian economy would collapse as a result.

      • Thx, now I understand.
        So, we have one side with armored vehicles and other with is3 and the side without weapons is the evil one.

        • You see,the terrorists actually have russian volunteers,trucks,a few artillery,a few T-64s that were laying around,at least one BUK anti air system,grenades,AKs,and machine guns.Also note how every terrorist has a bulletproof vest and camo.
          They have weapons,don’t pretend that they don’t.Also,soon the russian “humanitarian aid” convoy will bring aircraft into the mix.Or they make a story about how big bad Ukrainian army attacked the convoy.

  5. “Well, the tank got to Kiev indeed… just not the way the terrorists and their Russian patrons expected”
    Switched on addblocker :D

    • So instead of just leaving the site not supporting it anymore you switched on your AdBlocker to have the good feeling you can harm SS with this?
      Looks like someone can’t control his thirst for revenge over here.

      • Enabling ads you show some support to siteowners…. I was willing to show some support for interesting factual info and news dedicated to WOT…. not for strongly biased political shit

  6. It was just some separatist idiots who came across that tank and decided to see if it was working it’s not like it was a planned action to recover all working military hardware . Like just a stunt something you can put on YouTube etc.

    And p.s Ss if you want to write about politics you need to be able to be neutral and objective and someone so clearly as biased as you shouldn’t touch the topic with a 10 foot pole .

    • As they say in the classics Petr, STFU.
      If you dont like SS blog, there is a door just over there, don’t let it hit you on the arse on the way out

    • This is SS’s blog so he can write what he likes about anything he pleases. If you don’t like it don’t read it anymore. Blogs tend to be biased as they are one person’s view and this isn’t an official news outlet so it doesn’t have to be impartial. Why not start your own blog with special Russian news? Every article could begin with ‘No no no, it wasn’t us, you are crazy’.

      • You idiots clearly missed the point I’m not saying that Russia didn’t do anything wrong I’m saying that SS should stay out of commenting on politics as his comments are always pretty 1 sided. And that just alienates readers as it shows his close minded ness on the subject while his writing on tanks and game related things are usually spot on. He shouldn’t comment because he doesn’t have all the facts and isn’t being objective . Both Russia and The Western countries have their hands dirty in this conflict. And it’s pretty common practice for politics and religion to be taboo subjects on most boards and blogs as people will never agree.SS clearly hasn’t learned from the mistakes of others related to the subject.

        • You idiot clearly missed point … why can’t SS express his opinions on his own blog? This isn’t news site, if someone makes conclusions about politics based on gaming blog, there is something wrong with him, not the blog…

            • I enjoy the FTR a lot and i read the blog every day religiously and im confident a lot of others read it and enjoy it as much as i do because of SS ability to show us content and comment on WoT in professional and objective way that you cant get get anywhere else on the internet on the subject certainly not WoT forums and when he loses this integrity and objectivity by starting commenting on the subject in HIS blog , i cant in good conscience not comment against it.

              TLDR Yes i realise its his right to post whatever he wants and im usually 100% behind him but i dont think he should get FTR tied up in this garbage, at the very least because he cant maintain his objectivity on the subject and its our duty as his readers to call him on it.

            • Yes Yes he should’t do so . And if we was in 1939 he should’t talk about that nazi invasion and occupation either . Great logic …..

              • There is enough coverage on the news as is. Your comment is pointless. It’s not that it shouldn’t be discussed but here is not a place for this discussion. Plenty dedicated places. And here it’s troll bait that just attracts racist scum bags from ex soviet block.

                • I repeat, there is the door, don’t let it hit your stupid arse on the way out

  7. A shame that purpose was once again stolen from this tank. If tanks could cry I’m sure its lamentations would be louder than the firing of its gun.

  8. Heh, this was funny, but really SS, you should remain politically neutral. Calling them terrorists is ok (anybody who kills innocent civilians to send a political message is a terrorist), but don’t bring up “Russian patrons.” For one thing, nobody knows if they directly supported the stealing of an IS-3 to be used in combat (and I mean SPECIFICALLY this theft, not the whole series of conflicts as we are well aware that the Russians did support it).

    I understand it is your blog, but likewise as a reader I can react to your opinion, so don’t take this the wrong way. This is a video game blog, not a political entry. Sure, the internet is the internet, and no matter how neutral you are there will be bigot idiots roaming in the comments, but at least then you are not the fool. Here, you are.

    And really, this entire situation in Ukraine is stupid, and how people are reacting to it. Order comes before freedom, because you need a calm environment to get something done peacefully. I can’t believe foreigners are even siding with anyone, foreigners should just demand peace and tranquility within the region. Political matters like these should not be fought over physically, because it asks for attention from the Russians and us (the US).

    • -Intelligent American
      The word goes, it’s an oxymoron.

      But whom am I fooling: go to bed and cry yourslef to sleep, malchik.

      • And you are a moron. Insulting the entire American people. Very stronk argument.
        He posted an intelligent mature opinion while you are a sad little troll who can do nothing but insult people.
        Grow up.

    • But Russia is indeed a patron of Ukrainian terrorists, so why not mention it? Whether they were involved in the theft of this IS-3 is not relevant.

      In my opinion SS has all the right to express his personal opinion, as it is his personal blog after all.

  9. If the choice of having a superpower manage the world being between Russia and the United States.

    I am sure majority of the world would go with USA.

    The fact is nobody outside of Russia trusts Russia.

    • you can see how good usa manages the world. just look around in north africa or middle east. Their success is clearly unquestionable. the iraqi ppl must be so proud of them now that their country is in pieces just cos the usa couldnt handle saddam dropping the dollar as the only payment for their oil…

      Now russia is also thinking about dropping dollar and using rubel, im so supprised about the immediet butthurt in the west.

      • Russian economy is shit compared to USA or EU, so them dropping the dollar won’t matter much. It will be another failure, just like BRICS. Stay poor, mongols.

        • lol man, your logic is strong there. So if it wouldnt matter much, why the bloody butthurt in the usa? Also, if you start comparing economics, why on earth was usa so butthurt over iraq dropping the dollar so they had to invade them? according to your logic, iraqi economics must have been better than the us since it in fact did matter much…

  10. This makes me happy. Give the thing a bit of TLC and put it back on a plinth.

    Giving an old vehicle a new cause is one thing, but giving it a hopeless cause is a good way to turn it into a burning coffin.

  11. Who is a terrorist?
    Anyone who kills civilians, destroying the city?
    Or the one who defends his land?

    • One man’s terrorist is another mans freedom fighter . Its a pointless argument. They are both culpable. The separatists for causing unrest and fighting and government for shelling civilians and not willing to meet them for dialogue etc. Both pro government and separatist forces have blood on their hands.

      • Edit timed out:

        The fighting needs to stop full stop. The West must Exert its influence on Ukrainian Government to stop shelling and attacking the separatist controlled towns and Russia needs to stop flexing its muscle at the border and withdraw back to their bases and make Separatist meet the Ukrainian government at the negotiating table with an uncoditional ceasefire. Im sure the Americans can make Ukraine make assurances that Ethnic Russians Language and Rights will be protected in the regions if full autonomy is out of the question as everyone signed up to protect Ukraines territorial integrity.

    • Anybody who deliberately targets civilians or innocent is a terrorist, by definition.

      Freedom fighters are supposed to fight the government and the armed forces, killing as few innocent civilians as they possibly can. They fight FOR the civilians, not against them.

      They are terrorists until they prove that their system has done more good than harm.

  12. Kristina, a young mother, and her daughter who were killed by a shell fired by the Ukrainian army today in Gorlovka (Horlivka) in Donetsk region.

    it’s work ukraine army
    white phosphorus bombs on Donetsk

    • Hey Asian Its a baby you god damn ass*ole. You need no brainwashing to understand something so simple. As for the owner, one would understand the butthurt of you former soviet influenced totally unimportant countries, but the way it is now, Russians can do it, so bitch please (where would if not on the internetz…)

      Crimea is Ukraine!!!…..not

      PS. Silentstalker (Or is it SS??) cut the crap and stick to the WOT. As for ur butthurt u can join those nazi battalions in Ukraine and try your luck with the ,,terrorists,, and THEN come back here and explain it (proabaly you will end up on video crying that you were forced to do it….). Until then stfu and stick to WOT.

      PS on the otherhand hey these kind of topics brings clicks to the site…..and after all u dont acutally believe in the ,,charity,, that this site depends on :D

        • Edit time over so yeah…

          Both sides did wrong things and i’m truly aware of that. But bashing one side without showing the wrongdoing of the other side is brainwashing (to some extent or not)

  13. “the terrorists and their Russian patrons”
    kek, butthurt from a post-Soviet shithole ;)

    • You do realize Finland after the war did not become a Soviet satellite just because the Soviets allowed it, as it was not important for them enough?

      • Well technically Finland became a Soviet satellite state. At least in the politics. In UN Finland always had to make the same decisions as Soviets or Finland would have been occupied by them.

      • I can smell your pain for hundreads kilometers far away …:Yes yes bro… You must live with this FACT. Learn to be proud of who you are…. dont put your head in western ass…

  14. well if theres a Tank like that in our country ill put “onwards to Beijing!” paint to it =)

  15. Do you know what can finish this insurgency?

    Tactical ballistic missiles.


  16. its good to see this machine wasnt destroyed in the conflict. it would have been a real shame of it had been destroyed because to my knowledge there werent many of these things built. (although i may be thinking of the is-4)

  17. How dare u call em terrorists???!!!
    U eveven dont know how people suffer there! Kiev are real rerrorists

  18. Outside the window the rain and hail. Putin is to blame! Cat threw kittens is Putin’s fault, Bunny threw the hostess – Who is to blame, guessing! Here ends the plaque At the unfortunate bull, Our Tanya crying loudly Near Putin, not otherwise! The light went out, fell down the fence, The car stalled motor, healthy Tooth removed Ile climbed into the apartment, the thief did Not like the movie, you came to shit… any cataclysm Explanation one Knows… every Democrat is Putin is to blame! Who yesterday in my driveway Elevator pissed himself up to the ceiling? To me, comrades, believe me, it’s Putin as always!
    That would not have been bad in the world, certainly the fault of Russia, Russians and Putin, and if good, it made US Americans and Obama! – you believe that too? “well, then, you moron!

        • >China

          I ror’d. Chinks are subhuman autistic robots with no personalities, living in cancer villages or working for a slave wage in a factory. Also, EU creates more new patents than chinks, because chinks can’t into creativity. Only Asians that are worthy human beings are Japanese and South Koreans (yes, South Korea creates more technological and scientific innovations that pathetic China, chinks truly are vermin).

  19. Now, let’s just get one thing straight – the Euromaidan is NOT a “Western coup” or anything like that.

    No, for someone who actually watched those events closely (mainly because Ukraine is just one border away) the Euromaidan had many similarities to the Romanian 89 Revolution – people have been truly fed up with their leader.
    Most of you keep claiming “but Yanukovich was democratically elected!” – Top Kek. Guess what, so was Ceausescu.

    The Euromaidan movement was completely justified also because Yanukovich was elected AFTER he promised that he will turn his country more towards the EU, with the economical agreements and such.
    Well, what did you think was going to happen when eventually he refused to sign those agreements and instead started to turn towards Russia again.
    Can you really blame the Ukrainians for not liking Russian influence, at all?!

    Moreover, the first ones who started the violences during the Euromaidan WERE the Berkut, which were Yanukovich’s private thugs. Up until that moment all the protests from the Euromaidan WERE PEACEFUL.
    And we’re talking here about tens or hundreds of thousands of protesters! If anyone in their sane mind can actually claim that the “West” managed to mobilize so many people against Yanukovich…. that’s like claiming that the 89 Romanian Revolution was also a fake, like the actual people DIDN’T want a change to happen.

    Now, as for Russia’s involvement with the “separatists”, I for one accused Russia of “foul play” ever since that stunt in Crimeea which involved entire army units, WITH NO INSIGNIA WHATSOEVER.
    Not to mention that complete BS of a “referendum”, that 1) didn’t even imply the option of a Status Quo (only either “Crimeea will belong to Russia” or “Crimeea will become independent”) and 2) is not recognized by almost anyone except Russia. Yeah, I wonder why…

    P.S.: Also, I cannot fathom how can someone side with some “separatists” – they are basically attacking the territorial integrity of a state, tearing chunks out of it just because “I want my home to be in Russia” – well fucking get your ass to Russia!
    It’s like the Hungarian minority here in Romania start declaring independence and “People’s Republic” in the Harghita & Covasna regions – such an act is considered on attack on the territorial integrity of a state, stipulated in the Constitution of said state. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE here in their right minds, even the most pacifists, would jump at the separatists throats, if such a scenario would ever occur.

    • Last time I checked the Berkut special forces were shot at by thugs in the crowd and while the majority of protesters were unarmed it’s pretty easy to guess who created this.provocation : I.e paramilitary enforcers of right sector or svoboda who got to share power for carrying the coup with their enforcers.
      It’s very easy to judge people when you weren’t there .Its a nightmare when you aren’t allowed to shoot back while they are supposed to contain the situation while they are getting shot at. The Berkut should have never been sent in the first place as it was kinda obvious when the violence has started that they werE just waiting to provoke them .
      And the government that has to resort to shooting it s own people has no legitimacy. First yanukovitch then euro maidan government when they started shelling civilian areas.

  20. Just to put it out there, the majority of FTR readers here are incredibly backwards, haughty, bigoted, and racist. I would ask that you would show some self restraint in posting politically hot topics, but they appear in regular WoT posts just as much, so that wouldn’t do a whole lot. But at least you’re better than the flock in that regard.

    Love your more relevant posts BTW.

  21. One would think that somebody that writes for a living would know the difference between a separatist and a terrorist

    • Depends on what you mean by “terrorist”.

      Let me quote an absolutely not trustworthy website: “Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutral military personnel or civilians).”

      Now make up your definition.

  22. Yuri Pashalok was right about rusophobia and cold war in his answer to FTR couple months ago…And it is not just rusophobia my SS czech friend, all eastern and slav europe is klingon zone by reading everyday wot battle chat. So sad to read blog articles like that from somebody who only translating and make money on russian original sources. Stick to Game, political opinions are like asshole, everyone has it. Unbookmarked !

  23. Печалька, попробовал новости почитать а тут опять такое, лучше бы бронежелетов подарил украинской армии а то до Донецка они только под новый год доберутся, гоминесай за мой русский пост. Ну и по теме: вопрос в том сколько АТО танков потеряло, что бы захватить иса третьего захватить?

  24. So much rage and butthurt above, like everybody knows the truth..from TV. You can only guess the truth, but in fact only the world leaders know what is actually happening in Ukraine, Middle East, or with crashed/missing planes.
    We are just told what they want you to believe.

    • Как у нас говорят: правда у каждого своя. Так что соглашусь, спорить бесполезно. Радует, что когда начнется фулаут все эти споры сойдут в ноль.

    • The details sure, but the broad strokes picture is pretty clear here. Russia is backing their favored group both militarily and politically, everyone else is trying to prevent the separatists from winning because they either a) dont like What Putin is doing, or b) have some other interest in keeping Ukraine unified.

      And then theres the small detail where many are calling the separatists “terrorists” after they shot down an aircraft full of civilians.

  25. I’m not pro-western or pro-eastern (tho I hate USA), but sirsly dude keep your political bullshit for you. Last time I checked this was WoT-related blog not “UKRAINA STRONK, SMERT PUTIN” and other bullshit.

  26. All of this Putinbot butthurt, my god.
    You people seriously believe what the state owned media agencies are feeding you?
    In fucking Russia?

    Go read some objective news sources.

  27. ‘terrorists and their Russian patrons expected’,
    Like wowanrussak said you know jack shit. Silentstalker you should be careful what you post on your forum. You can upset a lot of people.

  28. I come here often and I appreciate the WOT info as well as most of the historic background on WW2 put together you and some co-writers.

    There is no way to be 100% neutral or unbiased or fair or balanced, especially if it’s about war but one can try. I suggest you try a little harder, especialy with topics and issues that are far from being well researched.
    In each war the first victim is the truth. You should know that full well.

    The background on the current conflict in Ukraine is far more comblex than what most people here put out as simple opinion outburst. It is sad that that media in Russia as well as the “western” world are currently fueling rage and hate rather than doing research and verification work.

    It is also a sad that you decided to jump on that wagon as well. Left a sour taste with me.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    • Are you stupid? This woman just was at the wrong place on the wrong time. Civilians die in wars. And when someone fires artillery they can’t tell if any civilians will not get hurt. So STFU.

      • no YOU are stupid.
        when you fire arty you have objectives and they must be legit ones.
        but they don’t mind where they fire, so who cares if civilians die?? they’re on the wrong side of the barrel so they’re terrorists.
        killed by their government that, BTW, is full of nazi retards, supported by another mass murderer, mr. obama….
        but again, who cares, they’re terrorists…..

        • “killed by their government that, BTW, is full of nazi retards, supported by another mass murderer, mr. obama….”
          After reading this I decided to stop arguing with a retard. Swiss have more nationalists (~27%) in their government than Ukraine (~8%). So make some research before calling someone a nazi.

          And one more thing – go spread your stupid propaganda somewhere else. This is not the place for that. Ukrainians are just defending their state’s entity against the separatists who are now openly (REMEMBER THIS WORD!!!) claiming that Russia is funding them.

          • “Swiss have more nationalists (~27%) in their government than Ukraine (~8%).”

            Nazist do NOT mean nationalist, it’s a small but consistent difference, my dear kid.
            Swiss nationalists are far from being Nazi, if you don’t understand, just study history or make a fast research on wikipedia.
            you will learn something about nazism in ukraine and it’s leaders actually inside its govt.

            as for propaganda, I just answered to another propaganda sentence, that I cited in my first post.
            anyway don’t worry, my kid, you can always keep dreaming about our beloved democracy……

            • I perfectly now what a nazi is. By your moronic logic if 10 people out of 100 are nazis then that makes all 100 of them nazis. Good luck thinking that way.

              And you, my dear kid, should go learn some history yourself, because I can clearly see you don’t know yourself what a nazi is.

              Now go and lick Putler’s ass as I think you haven’t done that today?

              • as you’re doing a wonderful job with obama’s ass, can you explain how should I lick one??
                and, btw, you are a lot confused about nazis.
                but don’t worry, you’ll see very soon what a nazi is…..

                • I don’t support USA politics. I also don’t support Russia. The only thing I support is my country.

                  Oh yeah… And there already is a nazi – Putin.

                • sure, whatever.

                  have a nice day my dear.
                  hope reality won’t be so rude with you ;)

  29. Silentstalker is continuing building his political carrier… becoming more and more moronic