Of Political Sensitiveness

Hello everyone,

some (not many, but some) people blame me that I include posts related to Ukraine on FTR. Well, the truth is, I try not to at all costs, unless they are related to tanks, but on the other hand, when we are already talking about it, I will not hide my opinion. But of course I am a private person, just one guy.

Wargaming on the other hand is a company. A large company. And it has business analysts. Lots of them. SerB himself for example wrote that he (and Wargaming) is aware of the specific requirements of Russian market for example (this includes Russian patriotism – and why not, it’s their market, their rules). On the other hand, Russian market is not European market. Three largest communities on EU server are German, Polish and Czech, two of which with… let’s say problematic attitude towards Russians and the history related to them.

So who the fuck did have the brilliant idea of naming a set of premium shop offers “From Russia with Love“? Especially with the recent events in Ukraine (that, however you look at it and no matter what side you are on, are tragic and involve Russia)? And to name the “main feature” offer “Hammer and Sickle?”

I can’t decide whether that’s just a gross incompetence and deliberate trolling.

As you can imagine, the Polish and Czechoslovak communities did not appreciate this very much, but neither did anyone else, considering it (ironically enough given its name) a ripoff. Some of the reactions seriously made me laugh though. Here are the best of them:

- “I see that the Buk and Grad launchers are missing. Weak offer.”
- “Good that there are no apples in the offer, although they would be pretty cheap :D”
- a certain picture
- (reacting at “get the 50 percent skill crew for free”) – “green men with 100 percent skill will go after you”
- “the offer is missing white trucks with volunteers straight from Specnaz”
- “one of the offers should be called ‘humanitarian aid’ and the other ‘white convoy’”

Etc. Perhaps next time, instead of “realizing the special conditions of RU markets”, conditions on EU server should be considered as well.

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  1. ”But of course I am a private person, just one guy.”
    As a private person, I activated addblocker.
    Of course, you are free to post whatever you want, but the readers of this blog are as well free to ”punish” this, stop Patreon support, activate add-block etc.

    • If you don’t fucking like it,don’t fucking read it.It’s that simple.Then you went through all that time and effort to post your reply.

        • The direction is the same for a very long time. A few controversial posts, roughly the same amount of historical posts and WoT content. It’s just that last year, there was no Ukraine crisis, there was other stuff (Syria, Israel etc.)

          • Oh nooo! Lets cry about WG Europe making an event that has an IS-6(Soviet) tank deal with a reference to a 007 James Bond movie.

            Slow day in WOT news world? So private of a person that you just gotta spread more of your personal russophobia even more? Make sense.

            Maybe next EU event they can call it “EU stronk! sanctions edition” and provide everyone with reduced cost German/British tanks with special edition consumables of Polish apples? And the following month a special on USA theme: “Gifts from wealthy Uncle Sam as long as you do what we tell you” Comes with a special edition gift of 5 wiretaps against a German tank of your choosing in battle (reveals its position and chat messages for the battle duration).
            More down your alley?

    • That’s your perfect right, though, and I doubt SS denies it to you.

      Btw, Ad-block is off for almost a year now, the code just hasn’t been removed (blame Edrard www)

        • Why a Troll? Because he has his own oppinion which is different from yours?

          I dont see the problem with Russia and Ukraine either…

          • Very few other types of people would bother posting something this ‘against the flow’ unprovoked. Especially, since it’s common knowledge that eastern-europeans frequent this place, and it’s a particularly hot topic for them.

            • I really can understand that people from Poland, Czech, Ukraine and other countries from eastern europe are not happy about the current situation.

              But if you look at the situation in a neutral way (if you can ever have a neutral view on the things), you must admit that there is nearly no difference between those guys who call themselves “government” and those Pro-Russian guys in the eastern Ukraine.

              The government got their power first without any elections, but most of the citizen stood behind them, because the didn’t like the old government (aka Janukowitsch).

              The Pro-Russian “terrorists” got their power without any elections, too (no separatists get elected), because many of the citizens in the east of the Ukraine are Pro-Russian and because they dont like the government either.

              So why call one “government” and the other one “terrorist”, if it’s basically the same thing they did and what they want?

              One wants a Ukraine which is Pro-EU and the other one wants a Ukraine which is Pro-Russian.
              I dont see anything wrong in the point when someone says he wants rather belong to Russia than in a “NATO-Ukraine”

              If the majority of the citizens in eastern Ukraine want to belong to Russia or whatever they should go. You can see it in Chechnya what happens if people are forced to belong to a country that they dont want to belong to…

              • IMO they want bto be Russian so bad and Russia is such a understanding country of love and welfare, why not move to Russia? Let the people there in 80% of the country remain at peace.

                But5 lets be honest Russia doesnt want these 20% of people they want the country, lock stock and barrel.

                • You mean like USA wanted the Oil in Kuwait/Iraq?
                  Or no, they went there to bring Freedom…best joke I’ve ever heard! :P

                • First of all, how is this political rant in any way relevant to what I just wrote? Secondly, did you just use the modern equivalent of the ‘But they beat n***rs in the States’ excuse the 1970′s were so fond of?

                  That’s directed at the CN guy, since we just hit the reply level limit here and cant go any deeper.

              • The problem is when a few guys take 2 provinces, and name themselves, governors where only like 10% of the locals supports them. Thats not normal.

              • “The government got their power first without any elections, but most of the citizen stood behind them, because the didn’t like the old government (aka Janukowitsch).”

                1. Current president is democratically elected and he is the one pushing very hardly to get rid of pro-russian forces from Ukraine and he is the one supporting current parliament – FYI: even when Yatsenyuk tried to dismantle the government few weeks ago – it was rejected by the democratically elected president and he asked them to stay for the stability of a country.
                2. Yes, current parliament doesn’t have a full democratic mandate, never the less: majority of the parliament members were elected in general elections.

                So: the government in Kiev is NOTHING like pro-russian forces in the eastern Ukraine.

                You ask people to look objectively at the situation – yet you don’t do it yourself.

    • “As a private person, I activated addblocker.”

      Good for you mate, I don’t see any ads here even with it turned off though. On the other hand, the day I will start letting the need for site support dictate the contents of my posts will be the day I quit writing FTR.

      • This.
        Honestly stop trying to degrade somebody because their opinion does not fit your “holy and godlike” opinion.
        Although I disagree with SS’s political ideas at times I don’t let that bother me and ruin the experience I have here. I’m not that pathetic and oversensitive.

        • “Honestly stop trying to degrade somebody because their opinion does not fit your “holy and godlike” opinion.”
          Does it count if I yell and curse and insult people who drive arty?

    • A clone of me apperead!
      Seriously though, thats not same 113. I AM THE ORIGINAL ONE
      you can burn in hell!!!!11

            • Im serious. Guy who intented me intented Lorraine aswell. Im actually not joking, im really the guy who intented it. I intented Lorraine to stop donkey, then lorraine was everywhere, then intented 113 to stop Lorraine. Then i gave up.

    • Well done lisovp, you’ve been a good boy, you can proceed with sucking silentstalker cock.

    • Why a company that caters to a broad audience would put themselves in a controversial position is beyond me. Isn’t WG in the business of selling its products, not its political views?

      I think this is a gross blunder on their part. If their goal is to disenfranchise its players, this is one way to do it.

      In the wake of this, WG will need to refine its policy in regard to marketing, and public affairs; and, in hindsight, find a fall guy for this blunder. Someone is going to lose their job–or jobs.

    • @113: A true democrat: Feel free to say you opinion, but If I don’t like it, I will punish you.

    • We really dont need to know that you activated your adblock, and probably no one cares.

  2. SS if you don’t like then don’t play it, but stop whining because it is pathetic.

    (and for me this is one of the rare games that is not glorifying USA (either history or past))

  3. One of these days, the Internet is going to crash because of the overwhelming population of idiots, I just feel it.

  4. Ahhh, Minsk office…

    As subtle as a firework in the middle of a prison

    anyways, i think they used that name in reference to the James Bond Movie, i dont think theres a deeper meaning like that, i can tell firsthand

    oh and for the smarthats posting hate towards SS, you should be happy in your own happy box-world, this is a blog, not a professional news feed, you can think you can “harm” someone by doing that stupid little things you do, thats fine, your personal hate war is just a dead end you dont even know the person in real life and already post BS

  5. Sorry SS, but it is your ignorance and over sensitivity that is failing on this one, “From Russia with love” is the title of a James Bond film that sees a Russian spy fall in love with Sean Connery. The titles is a message of peace not war.

    So in this case, you are the agent provocateur, not WG, you are showing cultural ignorance and insensitivity, not WG.

    But then what can we expect from the internet? Irony and intellect are lost here..

    • Do you HONESTLY think I don’t know about that James Bond movie? :) Or rather, do you honestly think that whoever named this special was not aware of the reactions it will get? :)

    • That does not change the fact that lots of ppl. will also misunderstand it in this exact same way and that it should not have been put out as “wording” in this political context…

      • quite, subtlety is lost on the internet. But then SS, maybe at least worth pointing this out in your post, just in case others have missed the reference. I am sure many players have not actually seen a film released in 1963!!

        Guessing you are 40+?

    • Isn’t that exactly what SS meant though?
      I read that part of his post as: “The title is a message of peace, meanwhile in the Ukraine…”

      Edit: Ninja’d

    • It goes both ways, really.
      With what’s going on currently, maybe dialing it down just a little bit, even if the title has a lot of meanings.

      Much the same that if a Western game studio had a considerable market share in Russia, having the title of an offer be in relation to Red Dawn, a movie about Russian VDV paratroopers invading the US and getting beaten back, all while a tense political situation that could go up in flame rather fast, the Russians would be less than amused.

      Jokes are all about where, when and to who you tell them.
      Any joke can be made, as long as it’s in the right place, at the right time, with the right audience.

      WG dropped the ball with the timing and audience, and it’s understandable that nations that have quarrels with Russia, and are neighboring a country under quasi-invasion that too has a past of quarrels with Russia, be unhappy.

    • exactly this: “So in this case, you are the agent provocateur, not WG, you are showing cultural ignorance and insensitivity, not WG.”
      SS is using every opportunity to present his political orientation…

  6. Here is the thing. People from Eastern Europe (like me and SS) know full well what Russia is capable of. I will not elaborate, because people who know, know and people in the western world do not understand. You can not make deals with Russia because Russia only respects strength. Unless you punch them in the face, you will be trampled on.
    Now, all these pro russian “ukranian fashist pigs” commenters are either brainwashed by Russian stronk propaganda or they are paid shills. No need to give them attention.
    SS can pretty much say what he wants. Dont like it- dont read it.
    As for WG – they would bend over backwards for their RU community and they do. Because they know what we do – most russians are easily manipulated and unless you give them their fake patriotism to hold on to, they have nothing. Hence the offers for example. Western world doesnt need that so WG doesnt cater to them. Do you really think WG gives a fuck that communism killed more people than fucking nazis?

  7. For those who understands that such the Russian sarcasm!
    Ukrainians-calm down! :)

    Russians already “understood everything” and were tired опровершать your ridiculous slogans!
    1 . Putin robbed all Russians.
    2 . Putin selected the Crimea at Ukraine.
    3 . Putin thinks himself Napoleon.
    4 . Yanukovych agent of Putin.
    5 . Klitschko agent of Putin.
    6 . Tymoshenko agent of Putin.
    7 . Paroshenko-agent Putin.
    8 . Barack Obama agent of Putin.
    9 . The Maidan was organized by Putin.
    10 . The Maidan was dispersed by Putin.
    11 . Odessa arson Putin.
    12 . In Russia all alcoholics.
    13 . In Russia an economy collapse, people starve and on it they go to Ukraine to earn.
    14 . All people live in Ukraine well and richly and where on earnings don’t go.
    15 . The Russian gas isn’t necessary to Ukraine, the in bulk.
    16 . Ukraine is Europe, the truth Europe about it yet doesn’t know.
    17 . Bander hero of Ukraine.
    18 . Adam was the first Ukrainian.
    19 . Ukrainian the most ancient and mighty, on it it is a shame to Ukrainians to speak Russian.
    20 . It isn’t a shame to Ukrainians to use, as well as to the whole world in the Arab figures as they were invented not by Russians.
    21 . Russians зомбированы, and that that they see own eyes, it is a mirage and an optical illusion.
    22 . Ukro-SMI always speak, only the truth, unlike Russians.
    23 . Who doesn’t skip, that Klitschko… you feel sorry for us, Slava to Ukraine and so on… Yes, yes, yes, бла, бла, бла…

    But I will tell so: To fascists and Banderovites ALL THE SAME GRAVE!

    * the translation is made by means of an online translator (excuse if it not so translates something from Russian into English)

    • Дословный текст на Русском!
      Русские уже всё поняли и устали вас опровергать!
      1. Путин ограбил всех Россиян.
      2. Путин отобрал Крым у Украины.
      3. Путин мнит себя Наполеоном.
      4. Янукович-агент Путина.
      5. Кличко-агент Путина.
      6. Тимошенко-агент Путина.
      7. Парошенко-агент Путина.
      8. Барак Обама-агент Путина.
      9. Майдан организовал Путин.
      10. Майдан разогнал Путин.
      11. Одессу поджог Путин.
      12. В России все алкоголики.
      13. В России обвал экономики, люди голодают и по этому они едут на Украину заробатывать.
      14. В Украине все люди живут хорошо и богато, и ни куда на заработки не ездят.
      15. Российский газ Украине не нужен, своего навалом.
      16. Украина это Европа, правда Европа об этом еще не знает.
      17. Бандера герой Украины.
      18. Адам был первым Украинцем.
      19. Украинский язык самый древний и могучий, по этому на русском украинцам говорить стыдно.
      20. Украинцам не стыдно пользоваться, как и всему миру Арабскими цифрами,так как их изобрели не Русские.
      21. Россияне зомбированы, и то что они видят собственными глазами, это мираж и обман зрения.
      22. Укро-СМИ всегда говорят, только правду, в отличие от Русских.
      23. Кто не скачет, тот Кличко…, Вам нас жалко, Слава Украине и всё такое… Да, да, да, бла, бла, бла…

      Но скажу так: Фашистам и бандеровцам ВСЁ РАВНО ПИЗДЕЦ!

  8. Scared and unsafe with reality?
    This is all real stuff, not some invented bullshit. If you don’t like the man’s opinion, you’re free to scram. Just as one leaves, 10 other will come and so on. I personally find truth in these writings, and this is utmost best. Seems like some of you are butt-hurt, or would you rather like only: “straight to the subject, tank-related” stuff… Well, this is straight to the subject. Why the EU is lower than Russia, when Russia cannot pay as much as the EU pays WarGaming, cause it’s all about the money, or is it there a political hue in all this?… All servers should have equal treatment, not a region get’s countless bonuses, and another gets like the “leftovers” from a low-quality, uninterested treatment. Keep them coming, present reality the way it is and the cowards and gossip-gulpers will scram and the genuine, mature players will grown in numbers. I’m looking forward for a game made in the EU, for the EU… if all this Russian (tanks and offers)/American (offers) bias carries on… And yeah, about the crap names for premium offers… it’s equal to let’s say: “With Honor and Blood. The Way of the Reich” and “Hakenkreuz/Swastika”… it’s the exact translation of Communism-inspired themes into Nazism. Of course, these titles would be deviant, infringing for the human rights and totalitarian… but their version now is okay. Also… why doesn’t the EU get the „Iași-Chișinău Operation/Jassy-Kishinev Operation” discounts… or is that only for the CIS… to do justice to the „liberators of Eastern Europe”…

      • It’s like… you could go to jail if you come with something that is vaguely Nazi related. But nah, go outside with a red hammer and sickle or a CCCP shirt and you’ll be like a “fashionable/cool” person….

  9. Oh please people try and take things less seriously and pull out your sickles out of your butts. This is the blog of an individual with individual opinions. Opinions which are not that inflammatory to be honest, especially in light of the history between Russia and ‘Eastern’ Europe in particular. If you don’t know about that, then maybe, you shouldn’t show your ignorance in public.

    I didn’t even give a second thought to those offers, I just don’t really care that much what they name them. It’s all the same to me, but that doesn’t mean that Wargaming’s affinity with the Russian market can’t be annoying sometimes to non-Russians.

    I do understand that they need to adapt to certain market conditions and requirements in order for their business to work, what I don’t understand is why they don’t adapt to the EU market the same way they did for the Russian one. Their pro-russian attitude reflected in certain decisions concerning decals, tanks implemented in the game, special offers etc sometimes needlessly create friction between the player communities and alienate potential customers.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in less words is that WG is not very tactful, aware or does not care about the sensitivities of other nations, aside from the Russian ones of course.

  10. Dont know about you all, but I would have never noticed that WG EU did such. There is almost never any useful info on portal – besides contests, specials, missions and patch notes.

  11. “… are tragic and involve Russia”

    Involve Russia!? And in your opinion, does not involve the USA, Germany, Poland, …!? What problem do you have with your reasoning!? America can send military aid to Ukraine, Hungary can send tanks T-72 in Ukraine, Croatia can send helicopters Mi-8 in Ukraine, Poland can send howitzer “DANA” in Ukraine, but the Russians don’t have a right to help the Russians!?
    Unfortunately, I have to tell you that drinking a lot of Coke eroded brain!

    • No, whenever Russia helps Russian’s, war breaks out.

      Example? Take a look at Chechnya.

    • Selling weapons to recognized state is one thing and being state sponsor of terrorism is another.
      btw: those hungarian tanks seems like a good joke, who came up with it? RT.com? I laugh at the idea of Orban doing anything, that would even remotely upset Putin.

      • … and being state sponsor of terrorism is another.
        You must think of the USA, UK, France, …
        Remember Libya, Syria, Kosovo, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, …

    • 1. Viktor Yanukovych is still in Russia. The man that wasted so much money and made people rage is safe… (for the moment he has nothing to pay for)
      2. MH17…
      3. “Free Elections in Crimea” (a. join Russia, b. be more “autonomous”, c.[didn't exist: join Ukraine again])
      4. Rebels use Russian made equipment, get training, are bolstered and are every step under Russian control
      5. Why didn’t the Russians help Russians before the ousting of Yanukovych? Answer: They cannot do what they want with Ukraine any more… (for your own information, Russia is notorious of not giving a rat’s ass about its people… from crew protection in tanks to 2002 Nord-Ost Siege)
      … and we can go forever. Be reasonable and come with solid arguments. All that’s best, safety and peace!

      • 2. MH17…
        Yes, what you want to say. That Obama read on Twitter that Putin is broken down plane :-) :-) You are funny !
        3. “Free Elections in Crimea” (a. join Russia, b. be more “autonomous”, c.[didn't exist: join Ukraine again])
        You are all great anti-communist, But giving support to the communists Hruščov when annexed part of the Russiaн territory and give to the Ukraine (1954) !
        5. Why didn’t the Russians help Russians before the ousting of Yanukovych?
        Because it is not repealed, the right to use the Russian language, they Did’t shout the “Russians on knives”, …

      • 4: Bro, i dont want to hurt your fragle sould…but as you can clerarly see, Ukrainian army uses the same Russian made equipment as rebels does.

    • If they want to help the Russains so badly, bring them to RUssia…..Oh wait they dont give 2 shits about the RUssians, they just want to control the Ukraine.

  12. your hatred towards russia reveals how small is your nations compared with russian.
    we are europeans too and we feel russia is the actual defender in this conflict.
    My country suffered from communist ussr, but we have the intelligence to distinguish the communist ussr from orthodox russia.
    So SS stick to world of tanks and keep your feelings for yourself

    • It has nothing to do with being communist or orthodox. USSR had same foreign policy as Imperial Russia or the present day one. Also half of those simple morons among separatists are sunni chechens, so whats your point. It has nothing to do with noble ideas or faith, its geopolitics. And i never side with Russia in geopolitics.

      • I disagree with your opinion, Russia has treated some nations differently throught time.
        I’m greek btw so it’s a good example of my point.
        You are a USA puppet and you don’t realize it.
        I can’t help you with it

        • What nations and in which way differently?
          And you are Russian puppet and you dont realize it.
          Whats the fuckin point of this kind of conversation?

          Why are you Greeks still grateful for to Russians? For what? Independence?

          • currently greece is under USA influence.
            you should be better informed.
            study history and then we talk again

      • “Also half of those simple morons among separatists are sunni chechens, ” Evidence or STFU!

  13. “some (not many, but some) people blame me that I include posts related to Ukraine on FTR. Well, the truth is, I try not to at all costs, unless they are related to tanks, but on the other hand, when we are already talking about it, I will not hide my opinion. But of course I am a private person, just one guy.”

    It’s your blog. Post whatever the hell you want to and tell anyone who cries about it to go fuck themselves.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIau0kO8YbA

    Just watch this video and you will see how in this case American propaganda works. Nothing better than Russian propaganda. This AP reporter is just embarrasing US goverment. . The only difference is that many Westerners actually believe that whatever US\NATO\EU West does or says is in the name of “Freedom”, “Democracy”. Just look at Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, now Ukraine. Wherever US put its fingers makes bigger mess. Typical strategy, go in, screw up everything and leave.
    So, in my opinion FTR should stay away from any political issues. Otherwise FTR will be another place for extreme exchanges of views and I don’t think SS wants to be accused of being a Russia hater etc… Just stick to the game and leave “other” stuff for other people.

    • Ever heard about lesser evil ? :)
      Or to put is simple and blunt – who had done more wrong to you so far ?

      • Following this logic Americans are better because they have killed less people in Iraq than Russians in Afghanistan, I guess.

        • Less evil. Doesnt matter on the numbers though. The only thing that matters on subjective level is what you feel personally most. And Soviet occupation of states of eastern Europe was very real and felt by most (as opposed to things done by other “evlidoers”).

      • And you are exactly the reason why FTR should just stick to the game only. With all that political unrest all over the world there is too much anger, hate.

    • Abraxas1956
      To a certain degree I agree that every major power has fucked up a lot of the time. Putin has run rings around the West with Georgia, Syria and the Ukraine. Because the West has tried to deal with him as if he is the leader of a western democracy and not acting out his own delusional narrative of being the strong man hero that will restore the Russian empire in both pre and post revolutionary terms. The west has its own delusions of the totally free market and jerked the former Ussr into that economic template in the most brutal way. The free market experiment crashed burned for the people but was enormously successful in making very few people very rich in a way that the west is only just approaching now. Reboot Russia with a functionally fascist ultra nationalist strong man government playing from a dim sung menu of whatever hit the right buttons with who ever needed an little reassurance that everything is going to be fixed and Russia is going to be great again. As long as national and nationalist resources hold out. If this seems familiar from the late 1920s and early 1930s in Germany it is no coincidence.

      All we can do is encourage those very many people in Russia who are struggling against Putanism. who see through the myths and are fighting for a truly democratic Russia. There are good and brilliant people everywhere it mostly those in power that make the world the way it is.

    • Just look at Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, now Ukraine.

      You forgot to mention Yugoslavia, later Serbia ;-)

  15. At the risk of provoking, I have a suggestion for the name of their offer next week: better dead then red. Buy the superpershing and receive a free T1E6.

  16. I’d be really happy, if you’d explain this to me, SS:
    Why do you find so many tank-related news about Great Ukraine, and none (as in zero) about, for example, Iraq intervention by USA. And also tell me why alleged Russian intervention to Urkraine is not ok, while US intervention is.

    Thank you very much.

    • Copy&Paste reply for you too, sir!
      Get lost with your “And you are lynching Negroes!” fallacy, no one is talking about that.
      Also there was a topic about improvised tanks in Kurdistan, rpg shooting on a tank in Syria and so on.

      • >no one is talking about that
        As you say, sir. Good western people can talk (only) about what they want to talk about. And for some reason they don’t want to talk about very specific things. If I was stupid russian brain-washed redneck, I would think that it’s some sort of massive ideological propoganda, but of course I won’t – good western people can get me wrong.

        • Look. Whenever i want to hear, what the “other part of the world” wants to say, i just read the headlines on russia today, some discussions below articles, that are full of antisemitic, racist, conspiracy, alien shit and my hunger for this kind of information is usually quickly satisfied.

      • You are absolute incompetent and hopeless in argumentation.
        I am from former Czechoslovakia, same as you are. So dont play the 68 game. Or do.. tell those guys how many people died during Warsaw pact intervention in Czeshoslovakia? How many people were killed by Soviet soldiers??? And compare it to how many people died by hand of American soldiers in….you can choose your favourite.. Iraq, Afghnistan, Vietnam, Somalia..blah blah blah.
        No more than 200. Compare this, to all those dead civilians in Iraq….or whichever country invaded by USA. Your pojnt is silly…. You are so insecure of Russia that you dont see that you are eating same RT-level propaganda from the other side.

        And about western media… You should read “Listy Jiřího Wolfa” (he was disident so you cannot connect him to Russia) about massmedia in years of rule of prisoner Havel. No single bad word about him was alloved to see our TVs and newspaper. Open your eyes and face the truth… we are living in same consequences as those in Russia. There is no good and bad in this fight for rule the world…
        We in Czechoslovakia, we have seen how it goes when it is only one political camp in the country..So you should be able to imagine how will world look like if there was no Russia (as only oposition against USA) Nowdays America play powerplay..they have more supporting countries, military bases all around Russia (oh how peacefull to dispatch your army all around the world)…. .. So i just hope that Russian power will raise to maintain balance in this world. Withtout Russia, world will be ruled by USA… by country, where even health and human life is just a commodity to sell…. How disgusting it would be.

        • Soviets take away in 1968 our hope for freedom on another twenty years, and you justify it like it would be nothing? I feel ashamed for Czechs like you.

          • LOL :D Freedom.. You call THIS we have now FREEDOM? Oh man……………. You just cant be serious with this!
            ” None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” J.W.Goethe
            I feel so sorry for you.

    • Because reasons.

      Also , Id like to see an article about armored vehicles National Guard is using against protesters , but i guess that I wont see it here on pro-western , anti-russian blog.

      • Oh and this “everyone hates us” paranoia all over again. Please go back to your only source of verified, unbiased information – the great http://www.rt.com

        There you can find all the much needed information about ukrainian military wanting to shoot down Putins plane instead of the civilian one, crucifixion of russian infants by Right Sector and so on. And you fuckin dare to say, that we are brainwashed with all that silly, auto-contradictory bullshit on your side.

        • Sorry, I am not exactly sure where western bullshit is coming from, so I can’t really link you.

          Also, I am not well versed in western mass-media bullshit (and I don’t really get why are you reading RT), but there was the same contradictory bullshit about… hm.. weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Russian aggression in South Osetia? Bombing with civil casualties during Libya intervention which were claimed to never happen for a long time?

          Oh, sorry. I’ve totally forgotten, that we are not talking about you lynching nergoes. Disregard everything I say. Talk about what you want.

          • erhm, you forgot so called “Just Cause” “freedom and peacekeeping” action by US.

          • RT? I think you cant trust a news agency, thats is financed by Kremlin itself, dont you think? I wonder what else would you recommend? Dmitry Peskov himself?

            I laugh at your notion that media in the west – in some sort of epic, interconnected conspiracy – never criticize western governments, or the great satan himself (USA). Especially left-wing ones. I have read plenty of articles criticizing missing WMD in Iraq or NATO conduct in Lybia.

            Oh man, either argue with SS claims, or the “and you are lynching negroes” fallacy applies to you, its simple. Hint: start a blog.

        • Who has more money and best TV and newspaper network , decides what is “the truth”.

          I will stick to my own unbiased sources , which are neither Ukrainian , neith Russian.

          And YOU fuckin dare to say you are not brainwashed by your own western propaganda. Keep praising NATO and USA “Freedom” actions worldwide. Now , thats some real BS.

          BTW Im not from Russia , Silent can see my IP address.

          • Because i dont whitewash western actions. You are retarded brainwashed idiot if you say so without presenting any evidence and any discussion with you is therefore pointless. Enough? Now GTFO

            Btw it doesnt matter at all where are you from.

            • You can GTFO aswell , brainless monkey. If you dont like what i have to say , FUCK OFF. Noone is forcing you to read it.

              Want evidences? Half of the world has experienced “actions” of your own side , starting with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

              • As a matter of fact , i have smarter things to do , than to argue.

                Dinner time for my daughter and son.


              • Steiner: I feel duty to tell you, that former Czechoslovakia is not full of people like him. Nowdays, most people in Slovakia likes Russia much more than USA.
                So opinion of Silenstalker or this dude doesnt equal to opinion of majority of Czech republic or Slovaki.

                • Unfortunetly, the most (can’t find a non-obscene word) let’s say bad people or people with… strange worldview are the loudest, while the majority is usually quiet, while having a totally opposite worldview.
                  It’s all the same in many courntries.

                • daathcz, it’s not a statement, but a personal evaluation. And such thing as personal evaluation or personal opinion doesn’t need evidences. That’s Freedom of Speech 101 for you, mister liberal guy.

                • daath: Evidence? Should i record all my conversations with colegues, friends, etc? Not sure how it is in Czech republic..but in Slovakia people either sees Russia and USA as both bad big countries trying to enslave smaller countries…or considers Russia as better country to friendship. Yes, we have some USA-lovers too, but they are just very small minority concisting mostly of people once abused by ŠTB or very rich bussinesmen.

                  Ofc. there may be some exceptions

                • Here we go, now communicating based on rules of freedom of speech is not reasonable. Wow, seems like some ideological paradigm is cracking wide open right before our eyes.

              • By the way, SS should know where this statement is coming from. At that time it was Czechoslovakia and certain TV show.
                SS, do you know what I’m talking about?

  17. This topis remided me similar situation in Poland. In 2010 our president (Lech Kaczyński) died in Katyń. During several days Lech’s (beer) ads have gone. This was because ad said “Zimny Lech” (“Cold Lech).

  18. Вот вопросы для Украинцев, ну и для Европы, если они понимают о чем речь, то пусть ответят так же с Украинцами именно на эти вопросы, при этом честно, по мужски!
    Вопросы, которые ставят в тупик майдаунов (тех кто был на Майдане в Киеве)

    1. Почему у власти снова олигархи, ведь майдан боролся как раз против этого?
    2. Если Россия – это агрессор, то почему беженцы бегут в Россию?
    3. Какие реальные действия принимает нынешняя власть на Украине для улучшения уровня жизни населения, если все дорожает быстрее доходов?
    4. Почему российским журналистам запрещают въезд на Украину??
    5. В какую страну США принесли улучшения??
    6. Все укрСМИ, которые поддержали майдан, контролируются нынешними олигархами и США. Так может это было нужно им, а не вам?
    7. Почему украинские националисты работают на евреев?
    8. Янукович не был отстранен от власти конституционным способом. Вы в курсе?
    9. Читали ли вы соглашение о ассоциации с ЕС?
    10. Почему те, кто сейчас у власти не урезают себе зарплаты на нужды армии (ведь они же патриоты), а вместо этого снимают деньги с бюджетников?
    11. Почему сынки олигархов ещё не воюют на Донбассе?
    12. Американские компании Шелл и Шеврон уже выкупили себе часть украинской территории для добычи сланцевого газа. Как вам это нравится?
    13. Нацбанк Украины принадлежит США и вся страна обязана зависеть от доллара. Незалежність, говорите? Уточните, от кого именно?
    13. Кстати, доллар, а вместе с ним цены на бензин, лекарства, ком.услуги и прочее продолжают расти. Вы именно об этом и мечтали, да?
    14. Яценюк до сих пор не вернул золото скифов Украине. Ну и пусть забирает, вам жалко что ли?
    15. Почему Порошенко не продал свой бизнес, как и обещал, а вместо этого купил ещё один завод?
    16. Почему нет объективного расследования убийств на майдане, в Одессе, Мариуполе или кто сбил Боинг и почему и тд?
    17. Если Россия воюет с Украиной, то почему на Украине уже 3-я мобилизация, а в РФ – ни одной?
    18. Почему Россия лечит украинских военных и отправляет их домой, ведь они же для них враги?
    19. Почему у жителей Донбасса не может быть собственного мнения? Или демократия доступна только для избранных?
    20. Если они “ватники” и “колорады”, то почему им нельзя от вас отделиться и жить по своим правилам?
    21. Почему жители западной Украины, которых присоединили только в 1939 году (а до этого они не имели никакой государственности) считают себя титульной нацией?
    22. Почему те, кто ещё год назад были аполитичны и считали, что живут в отсталой стране вдруг стали патриотами?
    23. Почему большинство этих украинских патриотов плохо знает украинский язык, говорит и пишет с ошибками и часто говорит на Суржике (смесь Русского и Украинского)?
    24. Вы в курсе, что почти все, кто сейчас у власти в Украине имеют судимости или были в международном розыске?
    25. Зимой у вас не будет газа, отопления, горячей воды, электричества, продуктов и, вероятно, зарплат тоже. Кто в этом будет виноват?

    Эти же вопросы и Псаки задать можно!!!- но она не ответит, у нее нет мозга!

  19. I’ll stick this in my own bit cos it replies to too many people…

    I think they knew very well what they were doing with “From Russia With Love”…

    Both for the positive and negative connections it has…

    PR is PR is PR… Headlines make money.

    *edit* Even if it means the Bond lot sueing for plagiarism , copyright etc

  20. I see that many people say: If you dont like SS’s blog, just go away and dont read it. But, I think it would be better, if ss and some of his butthurt fellow czechs and poles just quit this horrible commie game. I can just see hammer and sickle butthurting hard ss’ ass, and i recomend him to quit. But he wont, because this games gives him profit (indirectly , through readers).

    I actually wondered long time ago why does he have name SS. i thought it was inspired by one of the most human and democratic german armies, but after i realized ss is czech, i threw away those thoughts, because cz republic is mostly atheist and demosocialist country. Now i realize that this name ss really fits him, shaping brilliantly his political views.

    And for all those who have hammers and sickles in asses, and wondering where is this guy from, I will say that I am from central Europe. Because ”there are no people in western countries that dont hate russians”.

    I wonder who is brainwashed here.

    • Central Europe… To be honest, you guys let Hitler rise to power, left Poland alone, left Czechoslovakia alone, then you guys let Stalin rape you.

    • Since i believe you are well educated, i also think you know that on this blog “SS” means SilentStalker and not Schutzstaffel. Sure, i may not have the same view on this matter that he has, but at the same time i don’t understand what your text about his acronym has to do with that whole story.

      But then again, you’r probably just too educated so that i just can’t understand it.

  21. It always seems to me that the people most butthurt about politics and international relations are those who do not contribute to it whatsoever, with some exceptions.

    Maybe people should spend less time scratching their balls and yelling in the air and spend more time either
    a) actually doing something about what they don’t like, or
    b) just deal with it.

    It’s unfortunate that “From Russia with Love” brings politics into mind first rather than James Bond. But what am I saying, I’m American. I am a multicultural spoiled brat.

    • If you are , sane , healthy, adult, man, you see James Bond in those words…BUT if you are poor human being strained in rusophobian insanity…… No James Bond..but. hate speech and racism ARMED

      • If you are sane, healthy, adult man who has been forced to adore said sickle an star (if you did not “celebrate” youd get in lot of troubles), keep your voice down (or else you get persecuted), forbidden to travel across western border and see national production crippled and drained away… for DECADES…

        … even you would grow some hate towards sickle and star.

  22. >hates Russian propaganda
    >responds with Western propaganda

    Yes yes, big scary Russia versus little Ukraine. America has nothing to do with this. East-Ukranians wouldn’t want to join Russia without Russia forcing them. And bullshit like that.

    Well it’s not my problem that the “uprising” in Kiev got planned. Ukraine wasn’t probably gonna be in the EU and now it definately will not.

    Although I would be mad if I would be from a shitty post-Soviet, not even really independent back then, country…

  23. I think, it all comes down to what we (Russia and the rest of the Europe) want to call one another.

    I think, it’s OK if USA/Britain calls Russia an enemy and vice versa. USSR was an opponent to the rest of the European civilization, as well as Hitler Germany. Although there is no doubt that Hitler Germany was much more metaphysically closer to liberal Europe, than to USSR (you should remember who fougth whom in alliance with whom).
    And although Russia/USSR is more or less defeated, it is still an enemy, and both sides should acknowledge it.

    As for Polacks, Chezs and other resentful countries – I don’t think they have the rigth to call USSR/Russia an enemy. They are just injured small countries. And they can call Russia abuser and cry quitly at nigths cause of the pain the old injuries bring.

    In Russia/USSR the word “resentfull” (обиженный) has very interesting connotation. “На обиженных воду возят”, аnd also “обиженный” is a passive partner in involuntery homosexual relations. I guess the word is pretty appropriate.

    • Indeed very interesting connotation. Did you just indicated, that Russia had notional forced homosexual intercourse, with Poland/Czechoslovakia being the passive partner? Burn at stake you dirty faggot!

      • Here we have certain cultural differences. The passive partner in forced homosexual intercourse is considered to be “обиженный”, faggot. The active is not. If a male is an active partner, he isn’t considered to be homosexual. So, you have no right to call me faggot, from my cultural perspective (which of course must be at the very least tolerated. We are communicating on a civilized european blog, aren’t we?). You can call me asshole, jerk, idiot, but not faggot.

      • :D Epic. If you can maintain a boner in a male butt, then you clearly are gay in the biological sense of the world, i dont care about some retarded cultural background (/dominance). :D

        Btw: reminds me what i read about viking view of homosexuality, i didnt know it applies to you as well

        • Masturbation is a natural physiological process, it is inherent by many species of animals, including primates, including humans. About 90% of male people admitted, that they’ve masturbated at least several times during their life. Do you know what masturbation is? The basic form, is when boner is maintained in male’s hand. So, according to your logic, 90% of male population are homosexual, because they got a handjob from a male.

          You are such a peculiar person, really. Do you think that homosexualism is some kind of physiological disease?

          • Only if they did get a handjob from some OTHER male. Are you having fun with those sick wordplays? :D

            Where do i claim it?

            • Creating some strange specific rules on the fly is not very consistent. Handjob from male is a handjob from male – why should it matter if it’s the same person or not?
              May be, you are PhD in Double Standarts?

              • I obviously didnt need to emphasize the word -other-, because you cant put your own penis into you own butt, unless either one is severed from your body. Therefore male penis inside male butt in my argument inevitably means gay sex.

        • Also, calling by cultural background retarded is racist and humiliates me and Russians as a cultural group. You should watch your language, if you don’t want to look like a barbarian.

    • “Hitler Germany was much more metaphysically closer to liberal Europ”
      My question is: HOW? how did you menage to make that implication, i would say nazi germany was much more closer to the USSR than anything else (their polityc was national socialism, while USSR it was just socialism or even more communism.) SO there was no place for liberalism in both systems.

      • It isn’t just the matter of totalitarism/liberalism. Let me put it this way:
        why did many European countries concede to Germany without fight and collaborated with the invaders so actively? And why now Germany is an integral part of European Alliance, while Russia is still an Archenemy for all the “civilized” society?
        If USSR and Germany were so close metaphyscially, as you think, why did they fight to death with one another so mercilessly, while most of the Europe was bascially in the state of peace? Occupied, but peace.

        • “It isn’t just the matter of totalitarism/liberalism. Let me put it this way:
          why did many European countries concede to Germany without fight and collaborated with the invaders so actively?”
          - I dont think you are right with this collaboration, it was simple, many countries, like fe. Czech, Austria, Belgium were to weak to defy germans at that time, first was poland and that started the war. Above that in every of this colaborating countries there was a resistance at the same time.

          “And why now Germany is an integral part of European Alliance, while Russia is still an Archenemy for all the “civilized” society?”
          - Well whole idea of UE and integration (ie. euro currency) was at the begining UK & France idea on “controlling” germany and their imperial rush that were knock down after the WW2, they didnt think it will help germans achive hegemony in europe like they are doing now (just by the economical reasons)
          Russia wasnt enemy in last dacades, wild country, but not enemy, (obama US-RUSSIA reset, pro russian policy of the majority EU countries (mostly against US actions in iraq etc.), but it has changed when Putin crossed red line with annection of crimea, supporting separatists ie. My personal opinion is that it is happening to close to EU borders so everyone is feeling threat. In any other case it would end with diploma notes and protests. In fact its very hard time for EU countries cause they are all against any “war” with russia (economical), its against their interests, it doesnt bring any profits. Situation changed with Malysia Airplane, now public opinion is pushing for “stoping putin”.

          “If USSR and Germany were so close metaphyscially, as you think, why did they fight to death with one another so mercilessly, while most of the Europe was bascially in the state of peace? Occupied, but peace.”
          - About hitler-stalin fight, wasnt it about world domination? and how can you dominate if you have a big strong neighbour? (cus its well known stalin was planing to attack germany too, he was just 1 month late)

  24. Hehe, somebody should remind them how a certain species of Cockroach are called in Czech…

    And all those hilarious advertisement offers that go along with it :D

  25. “As you can imagine, the Polish and Czechoslovak communities did not appreciate this very much,”
    Bullshit. I am member of Czechoslovak community and dont give a fuck about it.

    From the other hand. Did you play modern Medal of Honor??? It was about war in Afghanistan… it was out even before that war was ended..You dont have problem with this???? You dont care how people in Afghanistan may feel about it?? Hach..but you are crying about some slogans in e-shop like if they made a game in which you have to shoot brainless lunatics showing their naked chest in front of your tank…. So tell me why you did so? Are those guys in Afghanistan less valuable people like me or you?? What is this, if not racism???
    You dont like the game?? Dont play it! That is same for MoH, CoD:MW (full of killing Russians) and for WOT.
    So dont make “z komára velblouda” (Czechoslovak idiom, sorry).
    And finally STOP this rusophobian insanity….or go play SWOTR if you suffers so much by everything Russian.

    • “You dont care how people in Afghanistan may feel about it??”
      You think people in Afghanistan know what there’s some game called Medal of Honor? I doubt that.

      “So tell me why you did so? Are those guys in Afghanistan less valuable people like me or you?? What is this, if not racism???”
      Stop mixing racism with chauvinism…

  26. I lol’ed

    the post started like

    ,,Well, the truth is, I try not to at all costs,,

    then i go 2 articles down and:

    ,,The blog itself is the usual Russian crap about “junta”, “fascists” ,,and all that,

    So you use some other guy’s blog to promote yours and benefit from it, but the ,,butthurt,, you have with Russia prevented u from trying to post the article in a ,lets say, more normal way:

    ,,an interesting post appeared on one pro-Russian blog regarding Ukraine. The blog itself had a interesting part, where it claims that the Ukrainian armed forces started seizing and using tanks, meant, paid for and built for export to foreing customers,,

    which would leave the people here reading the interesting part and not your usual butthurt crap about Russia, since to be honest you don’t have the slightest clue on what’s going on there. Honestly i like the blog, i even sometimes like when you mock idiots or WG, but i don’t (as many others don’t) give a shit on your personal opinion about Russia, while on other hand i understand where does your butthurt come from.

    You see Russia IS a superpower, and superpowers tend to do what are doing at the moment and what they did to you. Deal with it. Same thing happened to my country which was perfectly fine untill your ,,EU/USA,, friends arrived.Now in my new country again some morons including your fucking country and your fucking president tells us how we should name our country, and i am treated like an animal by EU ,,officials,, but hey that’s what superpowers do (don’t get confused, Germany is a superpower the rest of EU including your country are just a pawns hell you cant be seen even as tier 1 countries).

    So cut the crap, focus on articles with tanks WOT, hell , history even, but spare us form Russia butthurt related content.

    PS here

    these are Ukranian soldiers (don’t mix them with those private battalion filth and right sector scum or rest of the Polish/Baltic/Georgia and the rest of Russia butthurt ill mercenaries ) soldiers that really fought as their duty obliges them. Now they just returned from the Novorussia battlefield and your Slava Ukraini, Herojem slava assholes try to answer some questions to them (the real heroes), question that are really hard to be answered unless you’ve been there. And the persons trying to answer them well weren’t. I will put you with the persons that weren’t. I will put myself to the same group.

    Glory to the heroes….my ass. The moron hunta nazis proclaimed them deserters. 90 survivors out of a full brigade.
    My 2 cents.

    • Putinbot detected.

      There are no Polish/Baltic/Georgian mercenaries fighting in any of the sides in Ukraine. Whereas separatists now OPENLY CLAIM that there are RUSSIAN mercenaries on their side.

        • But those are pro-Russian Chechens. Real Chechens who hate Chechen puppet government from Moscow are hiding in the mountains.

    • https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10624995_346233992198443_3693894395215463490_n.jpg?oh=4388b176c6a18438000d44251cd7506e&oe=54627E06&__gda__=1417349822_617c1dbe2f005f2a7c881855934de199

      what flag would that be? and yeah smartass of course there are Russian volunteers/mercenaries wtf did u expected?Where did i denied that there weren’t any?

      And again, cz boys, watch the clip. It’s a Ukranian unit trying to lynch their superiors. And the trick question. Why?

      • My dear potato.The first picture is of a Georgian who is of Ukrainian descent.He goes by the code name “Doberman”.They did an interview with him,and he clearly stated that he was a volunteer in the Donbass battalion.Not a mercenary.Secondly,you have no proof that the second picture is of a Ukrainian unit trying to lynch their superiors.For all we know it might be seperatists torturing a civilian.

        • Dear lisovp,

          before replying, read the comments to which you reply. Above there is a video (here’s the link again smartass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8iL27Eo-5M) now explain how they are not Ukranian soldiers (if u need help contact some of your media, they have probably an ,,explanation,,).

          As for the Doberman, volunteer you say? Well ain’t they all? Since he is of Ukranian descent, he might at least honored the country he fights for by wearing Ukranian flag. Moreover if he had just 0,5 IQ (or his superior officer at least) they would know what implications would wearing a georgian flag had, on the mass media. But as i said, volunteer/mercenary battalions are nothing more than a bunch of scumbags and retards who pose like this asshole, while the man like those shown on the video fight. The second picture is probably his counterpart on the other side, a volunteer as you say. And by the looks of it (and i do hope it is true) is a chechen. SInce this Doberman guy had history of making videos with captured rebels with his boot on their head, i can only imagine what waits him. That ducktape he’s tied with, is the least of his concerns.But hey carma is a bitch.

          Glory to Ukraine boys?

        • Fine, now unfuck yourself to the shithole you came from, and stop wasting time on a subject that your breathing only capable brain can not contemplate.

  27. SS I saw your forum post for that premium shop “Special” and you mentioned when you were on holiday in Russia about propaganda and stuff was it really that bad? A reply would be great thanks.

    • I am not SS, but I usually turn on some russian TV channels, while on the kitchen and listen to some news/idiotic pseudo-scientific programs just for the fun of it.
      I can tell you, that propoganda on Russian TV is fucking overwhelming. At least quarter of each News program is about Ukraine – crying babies, hysterical old women, handicapped yound guys telling about shelling in Lugansk/Donezk with tears on their eyes. Every day, on every channel several hours of Ukraine content. Although, I must admit, that the quality of the propoganda is much higher, then, for example, TNS (Ukraine TV) propoganda.
      I am not so sure about non-TV propoganda, because I don’t live in Russia, but as for TV, it’s fucking everywhere.

      • Jesus I thought we had left the cold war days I cant imagine having to see that bullshit everyday.

        • Oh, don’t start the crap. During War in Iraq wasn’t it shown on TV News as much? It’s ok. People, who rule countries are not complete idiots, they not what they do.

          • Am sorry I think you have misunderstood me or something I didnt mean any offence by anything there is also propaganda in my own country but not that severe as you described above.

    • crying babies are not propaganda!!!What is wrong with u morons?? They are babies ffs, if they cry they cry for a reason!! Or Russian babies are born actors?

      • Lol retard, its is one of real stfu fake babies killed in Ukrain, stfu again in Russia.
        There is more from Syria and so on. Im reading russians blogers, there is many russians who dont bilieve Kisiol TV and post fakes every day, like last one, when they sed that soldiers from poland got killed in Ukrain. YOu want more? there is n pages of fakes, sorry but all in russia. Even russian goverment now strikes at blogers, thanks to new law if you have 3k unique users you must register as information agency lol. Wanna proof? i can post all day arround thanks to some paople from russian who want to show that theyr media is laying about war in Ukrain. This fight to russians is not for Doneck or Luhans – for “novorasyjja” new russia, native slavic russians lands, if you want to know more, search for Dugin, you will see that they basicaly telling that russsians slavic tribes came from deep russia and lived even in now germany terotry, they calling that all this land is NATIV russians lands, and only later tribes came to germany, baltic and scandinavia, like Ukrains. Kievskaja rusia, KKiev rus is native russians lands, and Ukrains come later from WEST, and WEST is evel and so on, why do you think russians nazi fans fight for Novorasyja? Wanna pictures? There is no space for that here :D

  28. Just because of the crap in the comments I would suggest to keep articles as neutral as reasonably possible. There are so many people that jump at anything and start a flame war.

    That is what I meant with the hate badwagon. There is too much emotions in this conflict already. No need to fuel it even further.

  29. From me with love to Russia —FUCK RUSSIA AND ANYONE SUPPORTING IT–

    Putting is trying to establish a new Soviet union by sucking the land of all its neighbours.




    • There SS here is a guy who support you.Was this the targeted audience? How old is he by the way he writes? 11? 10 and a half? Wanna bet he doesn’t even have pubic hair grown?

    • Belarus and Russia are not the same. Lukashenko (president of Belarus) likes to play games – on the 1st day he is a friend of EU, on the 2nd day he is a friend of Russia and on the 3rd days he tells all of the world to fuck off.

      And this embargo from Russia is working great on my country. We get our stuff to Belarus and they restamp them as theirs and send it to Russia. Profit for my country and Belarus.

    • You should receive a Darwin Award for the totally waste of DNA. Your DNA could be used to create better creature like a goat, cow, pig.
      You just elevated stupidity to the new level! Congratulation!

  30. Guys please don’t make me laugh if you think propaganda is stronk in Russia you never seen the sheer idiocy and Brain Dead patriotism of Fox News. No news agency is unbiased you need to watch everything and make your own conclusions unless you have a direct source to situation on the ground.

  31. Putin is love.

    Putin is life.


    FTR, you live in the probably one of the shittiest countries in Europe, Russia saved your ass in WWII – and freed your country from Nazis.

    Quit bitching about everything, Murica has done around 100x more “bad” things than Russia :)

    Have a nice day.

  32. You know that “From Russian with Love” is the name of the second James Bond movie (The 5th book though), right?

    I think maybe your knee is jerking a little hard SS. It’s more likely someone is an Ian Fleming fan than anything else…

  33. I dunno why this posts exist, we know you have terrible political opinions SS, doesn’t mean your blog is horrible, i mostly just scroll right past any real news or opinions, because there are better websites for that, but the beta, leaks and whatnot are pretty good.

  34. I just read this whole comment section. I feel like death warmed up, abysmal. Every time I started to wonder if there is really this high a percentage of people willing to support Putin, I had to remember that this is no actual poll. It still makes me sick that the standard riposte against critic on the Russian government is: “Look what America has done”. Reveals a certain type of thinking. Also, those commentators imply, you had to choose one side, whereas you should simply stick to your own set of ideals.

    And it’s probably a mistake to give any attention to discussions like this, but it can’t be helped, too late for that. As I follow a dispute like this (comments and irl), I think there will be war sometime – even in Europe – , because conflict seems to be a part of human nature, in some it’s bigger (which I hope includes most of the commentators) in others there is still something of it but buried or controlled.

    But back to the track: If you accuse someone of being brainwashed, doesn’t this automatically imply that you are confident in YOUR sources of information, to begin with? I trust the printed SPIEGEL a whole lot, that’s for sure. But if you start to doubt the very base of the opposing disputants’ arguments, you should also take into consideration the invalidity of your own sources of information, which makes the whole possibility of brainwashing if not obsolete, then at least less likely. But whom am I kidding? This discussion clearly lacks those basic understanding of controversy.

    Furthermore, there is no simple truth in war. If you feel like you could clearly judge the whole situation relating Ukraine and Russia, you are either chief of some service of intelligence or overestimating yourself by far. This doesn’t mean however, that there aren’t some facts that no one can deny, e.g. the right a country has to defend its own territory with appropriate means. The counter argument you get to read is something along the lines “the population wants to have their territory to be independent/ annexed to Russia. Look, we even made a vote” and/or “They gave it, they take it. That’s fine, historical accuracy”.

    Apart from me making fun, here we are back again at the topic of trust. It could be “a part x of population y maybe wants to… but they pretended that their vote is legit, so let them have it”. Who would trust that vote? Who could support those invading, armed men? Only the one who has an interest in it. He who thinks, there is the need of a counterpart to the great Yankee, the Gringo. In short: The paranoid ones. Those with what the German call “Blockdenken”. Thinking in black and white when it comes to political conflicts West ./. East. Don’t have Blockdenken.

  35. “From russia with love” is a “double-oh-seven” Bond book/movie.
    “Hammer and Sickle” is a Silent Storm game.
    Just sayin’.

  36. “Perhaps next time, instead of “realizing the special conditions of RU markets”, conditions on EU server should be considered as well.”
    Something like this? “Sorry, but you can’t drive your tanks, because there’s no fuel to power them. Have a nice day”