66 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: D-Day Map

    • (WIP) Balance will be the challenge, with multiple choke points, whose to say the landing force will have any advantage than that of the defender, with arty having a clear tactical edge – spam the ramps. Kill enough tanks in these choke points, game over.

      I don’t think this map will make it past balancing.

      Unless the beach head has the tactical ability to employ its own artillery (static from a ship), this might work. You’d have to create shallows for artillery to move ashore, which would be actually pretty cool, having the tanks start from the ships, roll off, wade through shallows to the beach…

      I could see that. More options to the landing forces.

      The other consideration, for me at least, is why create a landing map at all? Is this the first map entry that would be required for ‘Landings’ in Clan Wars???


      • I saw a map posted on twitter by Wargaming. The base points seem north south, not landing vs defending.

        • The assumption here, for me, is the beach is ‘landing’ forces. The other assumption, for me, is inland forces are defenders. The choke points will be the main battlements, the ramps between the ramparts, pillboxes if you would. Regardless orientation to North, the map is indicative of the allied forces landing and axis forces defending. The implied use of this map could be easily used in Clan Wars where the winner of the ladder would ‘land’ and attempt to route the ‘defenders’. Of course, this is strictly conjecture on my part.

          • No it’s not. Both sides spawn on the green and there are even the spawn posts there. Did you even watch the fuckign video?

            • Yea, I watched the ‘fucking’ video. Did you even read my entire comments, or the fact that the map is in early development, or are you incapable of having an intelligent conversation?

              Also, I suppose you also missed that there are four (4) cap zones. What do you suppose that is all about?

              And before you get testy, and toss another obscenity out, maybe your assumptions are also not correct.

  1. Most of the D-Day photos you see illustrate a pretty overcast day… wai so sunneh?

      • well the actual gameplay layout probably is finished. I meant something like a hill on mines to put in the north side of the map. And that would be pretty huge difference to what it looks now, so if they would want to do that in the first place, we would see that in this video.

  2. It looks pretty damn nice, but this would be paradise for arty unfortunately.

    BTW, what is the background music of the video? It sounds strangely familiar for me…

  3. For some reason this doesn’t look to me like a map created by wg O.o

    Some previous leaks of maps looked kinda different.. even for a early stage of modelling

    Edit: Maybe only if its 30 vs 30 experiment.. that would explain the amount of base circles or maybe this the “PvE” thing?

  4. Well.. map isn’t finished but..
    I think trey won’t change the sense of the map..
    I mean: attackers on the beach and defenders on the cliffs.. Would be more realistic..
    “But it wouldn’t be balanced!”
    I dunno.. Reduce the number of defenders. Or put more TD on def and more heavies in attack, with a bit more hills on the cliff.. (TD will stop laughing after 5 min)

  5. It looks exactly like I imagined they would do it. I would have liked to have seen the top edge of the map a little more. Nice subtle, rolling hills to duck in and out of. I’m so glad they have some ships at the beach. All it needs is a downed glider with invasion striping.

  6. Not really feeling it, looks way too arty friendly. And once “those spots” are found for TDs where they can shoot across half the map without lighting it’s gonna be hell cause it’s just all extremely flat in most parts.

    If it was a map for heavy/medium/lights only it might be kind of fun but fuck

  7. Looks like a nice map :D

    Can somebody please help me with the bonus code problem…
    I have recesed the 3 days bonus code (razer comms thing) and i did not use it at the time (wasnt on my PC)
    Now it says all of the codes have been taken (or something)… so how the hell can i see/ get beck to my codes ?
    Any idea ?… should i contact the razer support or wot s…ort.
    Thanks for your help and time

  8. It looks so bright and happy. Compared to the overcast/storm ridden day that DID actually happen on June 6th 1944. Looks fun, but once again it looks way to cheerful.

  9. I’m sure it will have to go through several revisions before anyone is satisfied, but can you really put arty-blocking mountains on a D-Day map? Maybe some hedge rows that are tall. We’ll just have to use the houses, I guess.

  10. If they don’t make this map with Assault Mode, a lot of people will be mighty pissed, xD

  11. All I can think after seeing the spawn points being north/south is lemming rushes up the beach as TDs with good gun depression make them evaporate.

  12. What’s up with the 2 flags on each side? Are they for the different types of games or something?

  13. So we can call for the USS Texas for arty support??

    This map is a fail. So we the players are going to attack parallel to the beach instead of into the beach? Sorta loses what D-Day is about? Put down the crack pipe WG map makers.The real map you should be making on D-Day is the bocage country with the Cullens for the Sherman M4s.