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Hello everyone,

missing the Karl and the Soccer mode? Well, you’re in luck. According to the “Insider” at WG EU, in September, we will have a new fun mode – apparently, it’s going to be a race this time, in Chaffees (a special Chaffee “Sport”). No other details are known at this time.

38 thoughts on “New Fun Mode

    • Regardless of the tank I think it’ll be fun. Who really cares about which tank as long as it’s fun? Also, remember that it’s a SPORT version so it’ll be souped up a lot.

    • I organised a race with my former clan some time ago! We took desert map, 3 laps and we were allowed to shoot HE-shell to track other tenks. If one destroyed another, he was disqualified!

      We used T-50, T-50-2, VK28.01, Leopard, T2 Light, AMX12t, Locust and so on.

      It was damn fun and I gave 350 gold to the winner! :D

  1. Good, I am good at virtual races! But I drive like a grandmother in real life :). They should make it with RU251 as well as this thing is faster than chaffee

  2. Good! I would like to train a US light commander… T1 Cunningham if the tank is a premium.

  3. Instead of creating stupids MODs they should do something with MM and anoying RNG. This game becames more and more piece of s…t

  4. I wonder if we’ll get lightning bolts and blue shells to use against one another (if you know what I mean….)

  5. It’s pointless to say T-50-2 or whatever would be better… If the mode is really going to exist, they will buff, and nerf the living hell of selected tank!

  6. Something about racing around a track/racecourse while shooting out the tracks of other tanks sounds strangely appealing.

  7. i hope they lower the Gravity so we can do some awesome drifts and jumps before they troll/feed-the-whiners with roof-flipping

  8. Woot, with my Razer Nostromo controller and trackball mouse, this could be fun..

  9. A quick race showcase with the new light tanks would be fun.

    Also it would help teach our noobs how to scout like the good old days.
    Passive scouting?
    Nigger, our TDs these days are so passive they can’t even breathe.
    Go, rush arty for great justice.

  10. Well,

    there is Basketball World Cup in Spain in November, so maybe we’ll have event covering that?

    Shoot T-50-2 turret in basket this time :P

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