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apparently, the supertest of 9.3 patch was delayed by a week, which means the test was delayed as well and the previously estimated date (next Thursday or so) is no longer valid.

- Q: “Compared to other German tanks, the armor of track module on Maus is weak. Is it a balance parameter?” A (SerB): “To write bullshit is bad for your brain. Maus has the highest track armor of all the tanks.”
- it’s possible that some cases of the Sixth Sense lightbulb not lighting up properly are caused by mods – if you experience this more often (that it doesnt light up when it should), remove mods and try again
- apparently, 9.3 news will be published soon
- currently, it is planned to give players who own FV4202, when it gets changed to tier 8 premium, that tank for free
- Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”

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      • as a Maus user… well I could barely say its a yes that the Maus track armor is weak. but I think its because the Maus tracks are the widest in the game. and its often being targeted by Light tanks and many others. well you know. a colossal OP tank like the Maus is weak against mobs.

        and ow. that 6th sense.I feel that problem too, Im not using MODS.

  1. > Maus has the highest track armor of all the tanks
    25mm armor. For example, E 100 has 40mm and Foch 155mm has 30mm. :)
    Way to go, SerB!


    Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”

    Fucking WG finally admitted their inner defeat! GJ!

    • Well, 3 people are working on game developement. No surprise they can’t figure some stuff out.

      • Which reflects how much important WoT is for WG.

        These guys are gonna make me finance corporate terrorism among WG’s ranks.

  3. “currently, it is planned to give players who own FV4202, when it gets changed to tier 8 premium, that tank for free”

    good to see they haven’t changed their tack

      • do you think that there is a chance to make this FV yet? I’ve got cromwell right now, half way to comet, unlocked all engines and guns to cent 7/1 (I had caern). I dont play with premium and I’ve got over 2000 WN8 overall. do you think is it possible ?

        • The British medium remake is at the very least coming as soon as winter this year or next patch after New Year. Firefly is coming 9.5 so I’m guessing either they bring the branch remake then or after.

        • I think there is time i was on Cromwell too when they announced it and now i’m 20k exp away from Centurion I and i’m grinding without prem account,if you like the cromwell you will like the Comet too both tanks are very fast to grind through but the Centurions grind is hell if you haven’t played the heavy line.
          Good luck!

          • I did, I unlocked all until caern :) all guns and engines, so I can save up to about 80k exp fro grinding centurions. thanks guys for your opinions :)

  4. “- Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”” oh… i thought it will come in one of the previous patches… my bad…

    • I mean, are they serious or just trolling us? “-Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches” … which patch more exactly? 0.9.4? 0.9.5? 1.0.9 is also an upcoming patch…
      Even if we kind of know already, well, not exactly but : New Tank Motion Physics are expected in 9.3 , Stalingrad is planned with Havok destruction in 9.4.

      • Yeah, but that’s the problem. Something appears, it gets broken in test, whatever, and gets postponed – and then they’ll be caught lying. So IMO it’s better to say “It’s coming” when you are not 100% sure when it’s actually coming.

        • You act as if they care if they’re caught lying.

          Like it doesn’t happen all the time.

        • Yeah but atleast give us an interval like – between 9.3 and 9.6 or whatever…Most of us will stop asking. And if they just scrwe it up, we will forgive them as we did before.

          • Havok was meant to be implemented in 9.0 big patch and not “this year and in 9.xx patches” Yet WG proved how it matters more to them to “fix” something that doesn’t need to be fixed and implement useless shit like historical battles and fix 100 times some minor model detail of a fucking Pz38 nA than focusing their resources to the good things like Havok and new motion physics.

    • They said FV replacement is scheduled for the end of 2014.. so my guess is sometime around february or later

    • I would guess it will come with 9.5, which will bring other changes to the British Tech tree (a new med/TD line). But I haven’t heard anything definite.

      I’m currently at the comet, it’s been a fun line to grind so far.

      • Yeah, I have just finished the Comet and apparently (mostly suprisingly) it is quite the fun to play them. They are kind of mediocre in every aspect, but still. Strange.

  5. when is the FV4202 getting premium? i need 160k xp for the FV4202 but do i have enough time?

  6. When will we get XP for damage tanked/soaked up? According to Storm, it was supposed to come in 9.0 or 9.1. Is it still planned at all or did they discard it?

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  8. - Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”
    did he say that in 2015 or 2016? or 3017?

  9. - Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”

    Well this sucks, this is what I was really excited for even more than the HD models. I still remember that ASAP video from the beginning of this year. The whole time I’m thinking WG really has its shit together with all these features incoming… and here we are 8 months later.

  10. - currently, it is planned to give players who own FV4202, when it gets changed to tier 8 premium, that tank for free

    “We won’t give away another tank as premium for free… it happened once with the T34 and we will never do the same.”
    “See? We took out the T-50-2 and gave you the MT-25! Not the T34 method! We told you we will never do it again.”
    “FV4202? Hmmm… How about we turn it to premium, give it to you for free and make another Tier 10 to replace it? Say what? This isn’t the ‘T34 method’!!!”

    • It isn’t very bad for war gaming to ‘give’ out a free premium tank.
      The problem with the T34 was that too many people had the tank.
      Currently, almost nobody has the Fv4202, so making a premium tank of the tier 10 tank will almost force some players to spend money on free xp and premium to get that tier 10 and get their ‘free’ premium.
      Like me: I will probably spend 10 euros on a premium account to get that tier 10. I spend 10 euros on a tank that I would never buy if it wasn’t ‘free’. And at the end of the day, some players will buy it anyway.

      • Because everybody had the T-50-2 back then…
        Because 50+% of players had T34…
        And no… it’s still a bad decision. Take the FV out and replace it. End of story.

        • Are you on WG board of directors? Why would any player give a shit about free premiums?

          It remains to be seen what stats it will have when it is nerfed, it could be a complete dog. How will they make it weaker than Centurion Mk I when it has the same 20-pdr and a much smaller size? Reduced RoF and accuracy (compared to Cent I) would make it pretty impotent.