WG Stronghold and CW Stream Q&A

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Hello everyone,

there was yet another WG stream about Strongholds and some answers were provided (not sure who is the guy, probably Inaki). As always, thanks to Maiorboltach for summing it up.


- in the next version of Strongholds, you will be able to attack enemy strongholds and defend your own and to level up the stronghold to tier 10
- in the next stronghold version, a new feature of “legionnaires” (mercenaries) will be introduced – the possibility to use up to 5 players without a clan in skirmishes. They will not get the resources, but they will get credits and XP.
- there will also be some fixed in the stronghold mode, one of them will be increased XP and credit gain in skirmishes so that the players can earn a bit more. Currently, this is being tested.
- in the next SH version, there will also be a new building: “The Office”, this building will give the clan certain missions, that can be fulfilled by individual players of the clan. As an example, one mission was mentioned – “go to random battle and deal X damage”. The higher the building tier, the better the rewards for the missions.

Mechanism of how attacking other clans’ strongholds will work explained:

A clan will designate a time (one hour exactly) when it wants its stronghold to be available for attacking. The amount of attacks possible against your stronghold depends on how many “directions” (areas?) you have “unlocked”, if it’s 4 for example, then it’s possible you will have to play up to 4 defensive battles. There are also some variants of the event being tested:

1) with one direction unlocked, you will not be attackable more than once, but you yourself cannot attack more than once either
2) there will be an option for the clan leader to pick a number of directions for attack himself. For example, if he picks three out of four, your clan will be able to attack three times, but it will also be attackable only three times.

The amount of battles you manage to make in that one hour – up to you.

- the amount of resources you will get by attacking enemy stronghold depends on the tierof his buildings, the number of bonuses (reserves) influencing the resource gain. When the feature gets released, there will also be a table posted, showing how much will you gain by attacking and lose by losing a defensive battle.
- in the next stronghold version, the number of players that can be attached to a certain building will be increased
- the ability of clan leaders to reattach players from one building to another will not intentionally be implemented
- there will be no large difference between Skirmishes and attacking enemy strongholds: tier 10 tanks, 15vs15, no fog of war or freezing of vehicles
- there will be new medals for strongholds
- for now, no events (SS: “campaigns”) in stronghold mode are planned
- currently, there are no plans to unite WoT, WoWp and WoWs in stronghold mode. It’s too early for that, but there were some conversations in WG on that topic
- there will not be an option to trade the resources with other clans
- in the future, it will be possible to guard all four “directions” by one company
- currently, developers are considering removing some maps from the middle tier of Skirmishes, as they are too large for such an amount of players
- new version of strongholds will bring new “development branch” of buildings posted on portal (now it’s too early, the values might still change)
- there will not be an option to capture enemy strongholds, only to loot them
- new version will also (along with the curren Clan rating) bring clan Elo rating, the battles will however NOT be balanced based on clan rating
- there will be separate statistics for Skirmishes and for attacking enemy strongholds
- when attacking enemy clan, the map will be picked at random, but the clan will know it in advance (each clan will get assigned a map randomly for two weeks, your clan will also know what map will you have for the next two weeks). The enemy clan will not know what map your clan has assigned when it attacks you for the first time (but of course after that he will know). Attacking clan will, before the battle, have 15 minutes to create the setup.
- there will be no SH alliances at this stage
- the option to enable several reserves at the same time is considered, but not for immediate implementation, for now, WG is analysing, how will it influence the financial part of the game
- historical battles will not be combined with stronghold mode
- junior company will not appear in SH either
- it’s possible that SH update will not come in 9.3, as the features are not polished yet
- no reward tier 10 tanks will be awarded for Top 100 in the SH mode
- there will be no equipment-making buildings
- if the hitpoints of a building reach 0, it will not be completely destroyed, but reduced to “foundations”
- when attacking enemy SH, you will be able to see, what buildings they have and how many resources are in them
- if you attack a clan that has no resources at all, you will not get anything, only building hp will be reduced


- the “Twilight of Gods” CW event is loosely based on Ragnarok, many of its elements will appear
- the event will (SS: on RU server) take place from 3rd to 12th of September on a special additional map, it will be enabled in test mode on 22.8. (absolute format, 15vs15)
- new region “Asgard” will appear during this event on the special map, players will get to it from the main map
- the rules of the event will be published today in the evening
- clans will fight for special provinces, called “Valhallas”
- during the event finals, the clans that can reach those special provinces will compete with a special clan of “Dark Gods” (new clan with very skilled players), noone knows yet who will play those accounts
- during the event, tank freezing will be disabled
- there will be a LOT more CW events than there are now
- the fate of the map “Port” will be “entertaining”, it will return “in a special way” in 9.3 (SS: that Chaffee race…)

24 thoughts on “WG Stronghold and CW Stream Q&A

    • Release date for test 1 has been postponed to the first week of September.
      We will get it probably around the 4th (Thursday). Unless it is postponed again which would not be surprising considering the amount of new stuff planned for introduction in 9.3.

      Edit: SS, too fast, too OP. Need nerf.

  1. Any word on implementing an option to change the detachement level on the go (as you can do in company battles)? Now, unless I’m missing something, when you have more players ready to fight in skirmishes you have to disband (for example) tier 8 detachement and create new one for tier 10 as there’s no option to chage the tier / level in the detachement window itself.

  2. Is it certain that the assault battles / defences are exclusively tier 10 & 15v15? I thought stronkholds were supposed to be a nice alternative for clans who don’t have tier 10′s? So the smaller clans will constantly be wiped out by the bigger clans that can field 15 tier 10 tanks? Seems incredibly unfair to me.

    • /agree

      More was the development of AI turrets. My guess was that KV2 turret will be used in T6 mode, T30 turret in T8 & E100 turret in T10.

      • I think KV-2 turret would be OP at tier VI, we could end up with the KV-2 turrets doing all the work and the actual clan staying at base in case the enemy actually break through the turrets. Maybe another heavy tank?

    • Yea, it’s complicated, either way. I thought it would be connected to SH level – but seems not so, especially with ten levels announced.
      No way to balance it other way, because good clan can troll the system with 6tier battles only.

  3. This mercenary thing seems like a good way to test players that want to join the clan.

  4. >> Dark Gods” (new clan with very skilled players), noone knows yet who will play those accounts

    And full-perk crews on every tank…

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  6. Does a building never get reduced by a level once this has been researched though? Still, I think that many competent clans are simply going to pick a weak one and farm them like battery hens.

  7. Strongholds are probably the best thing to happen in WoT for a long time. It’s the only thing that made me interested into looking into clans and joining one, with the bonuses being the underlying motivation.

  8. TL;DR – casual clans can forget about upgrading above T4 stronghold. They would be mercilessly wiped out to naked ground.

    Professional clans have Clan Wars, campaigns, all levels of stronghold.

    Treats for few, scraps to others.

      • “We should try, may be they will hit another clan, and won’t notice our stronghold. Cover it with leaves and nets!”.

        No, risk is too big.

        If scenario above won’t be changed, eventually all defenseless (unable to get 15 tens ready) clans will be wiped and scared off, back below T5, or even out of Stronghold mode entirely.

        It would be like Viking raids :-P After one or two, many coastal settlements were abandoned.

  9. The thing I think they need to adjust is the bonus duration. 2 hours? That’s just silly when you have people in your clan stretched across a lot of timezones. Enable them for a full day and increase the cooldown or something, so you can still play on a reasonable schedule and not have to try and jam your gaming into a set period just to get the bonuses you worked for. That said, I do love the mode. It’s like company battles with a purpose.