The “Insider” Talks

Hello everyone,

it’s time for another batch of insider information from Wargaming.

- as mentioned previously, the “super secret” reward tanks is indeed a “Fury” Sherman

Regarding the “8000 bots banned” – the actual number is more like 7900 and the detection was apparently based on procedures, not on WG pressuring the bot maker to release data (“not worth the trouble”). The detection is actually really simple, they took the players with highest amount of daily games and compared them with an amount of ingame bot reports (complaints) against each account. People above certain threshold were banned.

Players with high amount of reports but low battlecount were instead put on a “waiting list” and they get checked manually somehow, but there is no info on the exact procedures at this point. Winrate is not considered in the bot detecting procedures however. WG discovered that statistically, every botter has 2-4 accounts, there are plans to ban ALL of them (even the “main” accounts on which the bot program was not used).

- on RU server, an entire clan supporting the Ukraine separatists was permabanned for political propaganda
- the “developer trip” is indeed covered by “developers” (mostly community people), who get their tasks covered by other people, so WG will not be short of manpower. The WG convoy will have t-shirts and stuff, no Type 59 tho
- developers started to look into the Maus line. There is a vague idea of upgrading the Maus, possibly with another turret (SS: “Maus II” turret is historical) with deadlier weaponry. The problem with this approach is that Maus would become a “grind” tank, which is not exactly good. Shifting Maus to tier 9 or splitting it into Maus and Maus II are not an option. There is no ETA on this, nor is it sure that it will move past concept work.

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    • Sounds like a great idea. Would love to see all multi-gun tanks have their guns unlocked :)

    • The Maus was actually intended to have the longer 128mm gun currently found in the game as the Jagdtiger’s top gun. It didn’t fit the Maus I turret but I think it fits the Maus II turret, which has better armor too.

      I don’t mind grinding for that gun and turret, the Maus isn’t too horrible to play as it is.

  1. - on RU server, an entire clan supporting the Ukraine separatists was permabanned for political propaganda

    nice to see.

  2. No way for maus to be tier 9 tank, just no imagine tier 7 tanks trying to scratch it

      • Yes and current vk is impenetrable from front even on my 50m with 270 pen they over buffed it in my opinion

      • VK is penable in side and rear fairly easily. That is a chance for tier 7 tanks. Maus.. wont be :(

        WG are morons at times. Should have just buffed side armor and only a little the front… jeez… so much incompetence.
        Like they never made games before.

        • I like the buffed vk4502b, it hadn’t aged well with the power creep (especially with almost every new tier 10 having ~270 pen or higher), it’s competetive again.

          I’m glad they buffed the front armour (mainly removing the hole at the MG), but they overdid the buff of lower glacis. Before the buff you pretty much could just autoaim them to death if you had a decent gun, like most newer tier 9-10 vehicles.

          The way to deal with VK4502Bs if you can’t pen the front armour is to flank, the VK turns very slowly, side armour is also poorer than on the E-75, the E-75 side can bounce a lot since it’s 120mm and slightly angled, the VK can be penned by most tier 7s in the side.

          According to tank inspector the driver scope is a weakspot, and there’s a small strip of armour on the front, just under the mudflaps that is 50mm thick (effectively around 70-90mm), but that’s very hard to hit. The cone scope on top of the turret and cupola are also still pretty weak.

      • But at least the 45.02B has bad side and rear armour, and its front is just overkill vs lower tiers. The Maus would be more or less omnidirectionally impenetrable against many tier VIIs unless they spammed gold.

    • “No way for maus to be tier 9 tank, just no imagine tier 7 tanks trying to scratch it”

      T95 says hi.

          • 128mm gun on the VK says hi.
            Gun depression like a russian/chinese tank says hi as well. (5 degrees)

            The T95 guns are better than the 128mm, same accuracy and the 120mm has comparable penetration but is far superior when it comes to reload (almost 2 shots for every shot the VK fires) and aim time, the 155mm gun has a slightly worse reload time (~2.5 seconds) but better aimtime, oh and the almost 50% extra damage per shot.

            • The guns are not quite as important here…
              Tier 7 tanks are equally fucked.
              But tier 7 tank CAN AND WILL damage a T95 from side and rear and close to the front. Its a TD, so if they flank it, its over.

              The Maus on tier 9 ? OP as fuck. Maybe not so much for other upgraded tier 9 tanks… but for all tier 7 tanks it is rediculous.
              Currently the game is fairly well balanced. A tier 8 upgraded heavy tank will lose to a tier 10 heavy. But if they play well, they can and WILL bloody the nose of tier 10 heavy before going down.
              It should be so.

              • Gold ammo for credits its problem. Most ppl now are just like: Oh look, bounce from front, lets give him some gold…. T-54 says hi.(well not the best example coz so many T-54s are full gold) Now like nobody play Mediums like Mediums.. See some T-54 who will try to get around someone and kill it like medum is impossible. You will just see, mostly hear that HEAT. Vk has huge frontal armor. But sides and rear are not great. So flank him. With tier 9 Maus. Even if you would be able to flank him, it will bounce. So, stop crying about like everything is OP and try to learn how you can play around his main advantage. So many ppl now thinks everything is OP… WG should just throw old MM for a some time. Tier 6 says hi to maus.

              • if they moved the Maus down to tier 9 WG could give it a different spread so tier 7s wouldn’t ever see it, like restrict the Maus to battletier 10-12 or 11-12 even.

    • This…
      I will have to spam gold on the Maus in my Comet to possibly penetrate it and do any damage.

  3. Well currently Maus is a big slow xp pinata, just covered with some armor (but because most people have gold fever at last tiers he dont even have that protection). On top of thar his gun is crap, despite turret bigger than some ranks.

    • at the current metagame, maus and e-100 have no place… maybe 1 or 2 to block part of a map but that’s it…

      maus needs something with his gun, maybe give more “module damage” so they can kill crew and ammo/engine/etc easy, and more rof; but i dont know how to fix e-100.

      • Maus needs either the 150mm gun or the long 128mm gun…that would be fine.

        And for E-100, I can’t see anything wrong with it apart from the unreliable AP ammo which makes the HEAT ammo somewhat mandatory if you want to do something in a battle.
        +10-20 mm of penetration to the AP ammo and it’ll be alright.

        • make it 250 like in is7 will be ok, but still guns with 276 pen and more, easy penetrete front turets maus and e100.

  4. Here to you a replay with Ru of the server where at the end of fight two bots, one афк and an art met!
    I directed this fight to developers, but the silly answer and any of players came didn’t incur punishment – I checked every day, they and play! One has good statistics, but on that bot bad, another simply bad statistics – do conclusions – VG not favourably to punish players worlds rule money! (it is written through Google the translator)

  5. When you’re close enough you can hit the 170mm “weakspot” driver’s vision ports or the 200 unangled mg port front. But it’s tiny.

  6. Like E-100 isn’t grind tank, and M48 isn’t. They aren’t a problem, but Maus would be?
    And unless gold paid, crew starts on 90%, so quite probably player has to play the tank anyway.

    Seems like bullshit to keep Maus underperforming.

  7. “- on RU server, an entire clan supporting the Ukraine separatists was permabanned for political propaganda”

    Let me fix it for you
    - on RU server, an entire clan supporting the Russian aggressors in Ukraine was permabanned for political propaganda

    • Tier 10 tank that won’t come elite right away and still needs modules to be unlocked, like E100 or M48.

    • A tank that you have to grind the living crap on for example after you unlock the M48 tier 10 medium you still have to unlock top gun. So you would have to grind the Maus for top turret and gun. Tier 10s typically don’t have any grind their are a few exceptions E100, M48 Batchat etc.

  8. i think that a maus prototype (by this i mean possibly a front mounted turret maus) could be beneficial for the line and could benefit the tier 10 maus a lot or it could experience what im gonna say itself.
    what i think could possibly happen if the 4502b was removed and a maus prototype was added in its place i think that one or the other of those tanks would have the experience of its armour being actually worth a damn. what i mean by this is that on of these tanks will become the tank the “must have gold spammed at it” where as the other will be considered weaker and will therefore receive less gold towards it. this could result in the tier 9 maus becoming the end line tank for people if they find its armour is worth a damn or they could find that the tier 9 maus has enough gold spammed at it in a match to buy a T34. it could also be the same for the tier 10 maus but i reckon one or the other will receive the gold preferably not both.
    right now the 4502b is a little over powered because of the maus frontal armour. its op to the extent that i developed a new technique for playing it when i owned it because the side armour was unreliable to put it nicely. oh and they technique developed involved poking just the front of the tank around a corner without exposing the side armor. then see if any thing hits it if nothing shoots you ere basically guaranteed to be able to roll that flank if something shoots it means either theyve never dealt with that tan or they have a seriously big cannon and you should be cautious.
    in my opinion wargaming were stupidly stubborn about the 4502b and instead of buffing its side armour which as far as im aware was the part everyone wanted buffed they decided to be awkward and buff the frontal armour which hasnt worked out well i was able to trade shots with a t110e4 and a jpz e-100 for the first 5mins of a game on himmelsdorf. both of us were firing at each other continuously. he was firing at my mg port which is the weakest point of the frontal armour and once i saw it was going to be a loss i let him try it. he tried 3 shots at it which all bounced and he was gonna try another but then a jpz e-100 came forward and fired HEAT at my front because i was becoming annoying after i bounced about 6 155mm ap shells and 3 170mm ap shells i would have done the same in that situation because i would have gotten bored of bouncing.
    when it comes to the issue of what to do with the 4502b for the time being i would say nerf the frontal upper and lower glacais to a reasonable amount maybe 180mm for both the upper and lower glacais but buff the side armour by 10-20mms to make up for the frontal armour nerf.

  9. It’s good they are buffing Maus cause seeing one is as probable as winning on a lottery nowadays.
    But what about another biggest loser in the battle against premium ammo – T95 ? Now I can only force myself to play it when there’s x5 daily bonus. And seeing another T95 in game is as rare as seeing Maus.

  10. “Maus would become a “grind” tank”

    Grind tank? What is that suppose to mean?

    [edit] I should read the comments before replying.

  11. I feel like the best route to go if they were to consider an upgrade for the Maus would be to allow the vehicle to obtain the flamethrowers that were on the full-scale model presented to Hitler (but Hitler turned down, and thus are not on the prototype yet the welds covering up the would-be flamethrower turret attachment points are), if flamethrower tanks and multi-turret support ever get into the game. It could even come with a drawback if needed: the flamethrowers would require the massive fuel drum to be installed on the back, which could be a more thinly-armored fire hazard for the vehicle itself! The advantage, obviously, would be that the Maus can take care of side-huggers for good.

  12. Why giving Maus same gun as E100 and lose the uniqueness. Instead of buff Maus’ RoF and it can be quite nice tank. Like this it has gun with badish penetration for a t10 tank and RoF is horrible. It needs more firepower to actually defend itself against gold spammers.

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