EU Top of the Tree for September

Hello everyone,

the Top of the Tree for September on EU server (tier 10 discounts and such) will be as such:

30 percent discount, 15 percent income

1.9.-15.9. – Chinese “121″ medium tank, via the line WZ-132, WZ-120, 121
15.9.-1.10. – British “Conqueror Gun Carrier”

36 thoughts on “EU Top of the Tree for September

  1. Are you sure it will come from the lights line? It would me more logical to come from meds line.

    • We want more arty on Top of the Tree, one every month is not enough. Why would you play a normal tank when you can make more credits with arty.

    • It is logicall since WZ-131 and WZ-132 are based on medium tanks, they’re just like T-54 light and T-54, same shit bro, same shit.

  2. 15.9.-1.10. – British “Conqueror Gun Carrier”

    Prepare your popcorn for the incoming shitstorm on WoT forums :D

  3. Damn WG, I have WZ132, I need discount on tier 8 Medium.
    Oh, well, at least +15% income on WZ132 is handy – working to unlock tier9.

    • Then prepare your anus for a very long grind, WZ-120 has one of the most costly upgrades both in EXP and Credits but it’s well worth it. In fact it’s so good, you can keep it just like people do with E75 despite having E100

  4. Works for me. I have been waiting for the GC to get discounted and I am grinding the WZ-120. So I now need to grind another couple of million credits. Sweet!

    • I just had to give that up, but bought it when it was WG anniversary, 15 % helps on 6 mill.

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  6. Of course they had to wait with the 121 until I go on vacation. Had the WZ-120 unlocked for ages and was waiting for this to pull through it within 2 weeks. With the vacation in between I can’t do that. Oh well, still going to buy WZ-120 and also grinding light line, maybe I can get that WZ-132 at a discount as well, but it’ll be very close

  7. I’m at 168K at my WZ-120 so I expect to unlock the 121 tonight or tomorrow. I will gladly wait a week ti save 1.9 mil credits to get this puppy. It’s the 2nd tier X tank that I’m getting on 30% discount if memory serves me correctly.

  8. Oh great, another arty special, thanks for another month of beeing hit by laser guided skysattelites w/o any risk whatsoever compared to the rewards. Just the third now in a very short time. Just wtf are WG thinking? Do they honestly want more fucking artys in the game? The artys in WoT can be compared to spawnkilling or invisible airstrikes in an fps game.

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  10. well im avoiding world of tanks during the OP GC event not just because of it but because more people are going to be playing that arty line because if people can get an op arty theyll try. plus ive dealt with enough arty lately with 3 arty games constantly for the last few months im just avoiding the game during the most op arty branches event because i can see that shit getting ridiculous. also i hate fv304s enough as it is so i dont want to deal with any more of them being spammed.