50 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: M41 Walker Bulldog

        • exactly, on the screen is the top gun, the stock or pre-top gun will have an autoloader .. i hope so

          • I hope not. The game’s got enough autoloaders at the upper tiers as it is. Can’t even play anything tier 8+ without getting sucked into tier 10 games with 6 autoloaders per side..Especially with the 50B event.

              • As an individual tank, nothing. I have no problem with it.

                When there are 8 of them in a single game, then you start to have issues with stuff dying really, really fast.

                The burst damage that autoloaders are capable of is bad enough as it is (An AMX-50-100 can 1-clip tier 9 tanks…) but when you start seeing maps full of autoloaders with their massive burst damage, the fun goes away.

                So now at tier 10 we’ve got:

                AMX 50Bs
                Foch 155s
                AMX 50 120s
                AMX 50 100s

                All seeing endgame matches. So you end up with games that’re flooded with autoloaders, 1,000 damage TDs and 1-shot arty. It’s just not a fun environment. And that’s before you factor in the stupidity of tomatoes in big tanks..

                Honestly, its not even the T57/50 120/50B that I have an issue with. 1600 a clip is a lot but they don’t go around 1-clipping their tier mates. It’s the ones that can 1-clip their tier mates, like the Waffle and the AMX 50 100 that really, really need to change. Even high DPM tanks like the Centurion can get 2 shots into an AMX 50 100 before they’re toast… That’s stupid.

                • people crying because of autoloaders is just a meh~ actually. if you hate them, just keep distance with them. and kill them if you have a chance. impatient people had no place in a strategic game.

  1. Its me or is a little green??? i refer… test start next week and well looks very unfinished.

    Apart this looks like WG is going to milk free xp with new scouts top guns…. lets see radios and engines…

    • Reading is hard isn’t it?
      “Nevermind the retarded green color, that’s what the developers use now for “untextured” stuff.”

      Radio: 745m
      Engine: 550hp

      It’s all there…

  2. Looks… OP.

    That rate of fire combined with that maneuverability.. I don’t care about lack of precision, that thing is op

    It’s like damn E25 with that rate of fire

    • Well, to be fair ROF is not incredible at all… lower than shermans with 76mm (18.18) sure has more pen but this thing is going to meets tier 8-9 all the time (i think new scouts MM could be somethign like -1+2 very very very rare times as top tier and only when are a lot of other tier 7 tanks).

      Remember this is a scout, you cant be hide and shoting at same time except if you spot targets over 350m (with camo net, camo training and some camo extra like bush or camp paint) compared with E25 you are going to be a lot time in first line doing the dirty, unglamorous and usually wasted by your team scout job… and is not a specially small scout… maybe can do better his job thanks to gun depresion than LTTB, Aufpanther and T71 but one mistake and you are doomed.

      • M4A3E8 Sherman’s 76mm has 115 alpha (meaning, with 18.18 ROF it has 2090.7 DPM), while M41 has 150 alpha with 17.14 ROF (2571 DPM!). M41′s ROF alone isn’t incredible, but coupled with decent alpha (for a 76mm gun) it has godly DPM for its battle tiers. Speaking of which, it is going to have normal tier 7 scout MM = battle tiers 8-10.

      • But for a difference.. this little fella has 170 pen instead of Shermans gun who has like 120?

        And just remember, a scout doesn’t really need to be shooting from a distance. Just remember how many times did you end up fighting 1 on 1 with one tank and then scout rolls in and just… rapes your ass LOL

        This thing will with ease pass over usual epx scores that Chaffee sets.. it’s gonna be mad like VK45B atm

  3. Yep is hard understand that i see strange not see the tank with it skins when test is in a week??? if they use “random” texture is because is not finished the texture.

  4. That 400 m view range with a 100% crew seems a little low, my caernarvon has 465m of view range even though I have the first skils almost full.

    Also, I wonder when will the AMX 13-75 be adjusted to these new light tanks, cause the M41 here has 150 , the LTTB has 180 (o.O) the T49 152 ( with a derp gun (O.o) ) , even the tier 6 T37 has a 150 mm of penetration…

    I know this is just supertest data , but c’mon …. frenchies getting useless ? :D

  5. All scouts are going to be rebalanced… maybe lower under tier 5 suffer nerfs (see M5) and over tier 5 buffs… i doubt they touch a lot tier 5 scouts.

    WZs sure are going to receive more HP, increase some gun stats (aiming time??? ROF??? pen???) and same with french AMX13 serie… maybe more engine??? apart other buffs

  6. A prem version of the walker bulldog is the type 64!
    This tank is hardly mentioned, but to jog memory:
    The Type 64 Prototype or Type 64 Experimental was a locally upgraded version of the M41 Walker Bulldog with improved fire controls, 530 horsepower Napco 8V-71T diesel engine, … and applique turret armors and sideskirts made from traditional cast and high-hardness tungsten alloy steel.
    The type 64 was an improved M41…
    otoh: The Original Type 64 is essentially a M41 Light tank hull with an M18 Hellcat turret on top with a 76mm gun.
    Right now the type 64 has a an M41 hull with 50% of the M41 side and back armor, (and indeed a Hellcat-76-gun and hellcat-stock-turret), and largely the same specs.
    So how will the bulldog play? Like a type 64. With a slightly better gun. In a higher tier.
    Hands up who likes the type 64?

    • The Type 64 was an M42 Duster which was an AA tank.

      It’s a significant DOWNGRADE from an M41. The gun, the turret, the glacis are all substantially worse than an M41.

      • “M42 Duster was … the turret of the M19 was simply mounted to the M41 chassis with few changes except a partial redesign to accommodate the larger turret ring of the M41 and designated as the M42″

        Doesnt really matter, in WoT the type 64 has the same specs as a M41 W Bulldog, but with a hellcat stock turret and 76mm gun. So it’s still a prem version of M41 WB in my book. Prems of WoT tanks are usually a tier lower and a bit worse.

        We will see once we can test them…

        • A bit worse?

          128 pen vs 175
          177 gold pen vs 210
          115 damage vs 150

          The M41′s glacis is better. 25mm@65* compared to the Duster’s 33* glacis.

          Gun handling is beter on the Walker too, with -10* depression over the Type 64′s -7*.

          There are more differences than similarities, even if they’re based on the same tank. The Type 64′s not even close.

            • :-(

              okay..I guess I don’t want to know my type 64 is the worst tank I have..Useless, cuz everybody overmatches..if they dont simply pen with HE.
              It can run away like hell though..

  7. Ammo is left to right: APCR , HEAT , HE.

    Moar “omg gold noob” incoming statements.

    • Yesturday when I was playing my centurion 7/1 (with top gun) I was called gold noob by is7……but cent have heash. Yup many stupid people without knowledge

  8. is the turret on the T47 a M47 patton turret, looks very similar from the thumbnail, correct me if I’m wrong

    • T49′s turret was just an M41 turret with a modified roof to accommodate the rangefinders

      • And raised slightly to keep the gun depression with the larger breach of the 90mm gun.

        But yeah. M41′s turret and subsequently T49′s turret were based on the T42 turret, but weren’t exact replicas. M47, M41, T37, T42, T69 are all basically the evolution of one tank.