Wargaming Ice Bucket Challenge

Hello everyone,

unless you are completely blind, you have probably already heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where people pour ice water over themselves to “raise awareness” of the ALS issue, a relatively rare but very nasty disease, rendering its victims immobile and ultimately killing them. Well, Wargaming was “nominated” (or whatever it’s called) by one Russian portal and – well, as you can see, they accepted.



Personally, I’m… somewhat skeptical to this. I mean, I guess it’s a good thing that more people know about it (before this entire thing, I had no idea such a thing existed), but jumping every bandwagon there is on the internet… I don’t know. But if it really helps that a bunch of guys go out and pour water over themselves… yea, why not.

26 thoughts on “Wargaming Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Same for me , never knew anything such as ALS existed . But seeing as this generation is so dumb and as you said ‘jumps with the bandwagon” . it was a smart idea to raise the awarnesse by such an action .

    • Too bad the ASLA only donates like 6% to the actual research.
      Most of these “popular” donation services offer very little to their cause.

    • I think he has a “form” of ALS and not the deadliest one like the guy in the video that made this challange famous.

  2. It’s fun and raises awarness for a terrible disease. It’s fucking genius.. it’s a win win!

  3. It helps only if they make a donation, not by playing with water. That was the point of this challenge. By pouring ice cold water mixed with ice cubes you could´ve experiment the simptoms that the ALS sick ones feel. So donate 100$ or feel the way sick people do to know their suffering. But it turned out into a mass idiotic water play for 90% of the dumbfucks that don´t even know what ALS is in the first place! You should see Charlie Sheen ice bucket challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXCIFV3-j_k
    or Patrick Stewart´s one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkO4NIqAMss

    • Most people who do the challenge also donate. You’re encouraged to donate 100$, if you don’t accept the challenge and 20$, if you do. But many people donate hundreds or more and do the challenge anyways to support the matter further (and because it’s fun).

      What bothers me is, that many people forget to inform about ALS and what this whole challenge even is about in their videos. They just pour the water over themself and nominate three people.

      But you can say about the challenge whatever you want: It works. Millions of dollars were raised. So I think that proves the creators of the challenge right.

      • well good then, but in spain there have been NO diference at all between previous years donations and last months.

        Glad to see that at least at america it works.

        • Try to find out ho much Italy donated.

          Here people do that challenge without donating anything because here in Italy people wants only to be seen, they raised something like thousand of dollars (33000 or so) in the WHOLE COUNTRY while in other places there are donation of milions of dollars.

          Here that challenge is only a cheap advertising to vips and shit.

          Seriously, I hate this place.

          • U think it is different elsewhere? Iam getting sick of my facebook wall getting spammed by that shit already.

  4. And maybe to donate some money, because thats all point of this. Not only to be on internet and throw bucket ice water on you…

  5. |Personally, I’m… somewhat skeptical to this. I mean, I guess it’s a good thing that more people know about it (before this entire thing, I had no idea such a thing existed), but jumping every bandwagon there is on the internet…

    It’s not entirely a “like us on Facebook” sort of crap. Some celebs (Charlie Sheen and 50 Cent that I know of) have done it differently. Sheen had cash in his bucket, and he said he’s going to actually donate money, instead of dropping ice water on his head.

    50 Cent said that he’ll give 750.000 dollars to any charitable organisation choosen by Floyd Mayweather Jr., if the boxer manages to read a page from the Harry Potter book.

    • Well I knew about this disease bcoz of Stephen Hawking, but I had not idea what connection the ice bucket had with it untill I saw the original vid. Teared up abit I have to admit.

      The 50 Cent crap is bullshit if you ask me. Hes first of all making fun of something where its not appropiate and in a quite douchebag way. Charlie Sheen tho made it great.

  6. My Father died in 2009 of motor neurone disease, which ALS is. My mother and I nursed him until he could no longer breath and passed away. He lasted 3 years from the first symptoms appearing, he gradually lost the use of his arms, then his legs. MND takes many forms and effects different parts of the body in stages. Steven Hawkins is unique as the disease has not killed him. Most people only last 2-5 years. As to the ice bucket challenge? It is good that awareness is being raised. Awareness is no good without funds to research for a cure. If no donation is given then you are just a fucking moron, getting wet. In fact leave the bucket on your head so we can readily identify you as a fucking moron.

  7. Dude, pouring the water is just one part. Thing is about donating 10$ or something and that ice water shit…That money actually helps the people, not the nipple erection challenge