19 thoughts on “9.3 T-34-85M Pics (Official)

  1. Screenshots are a bit low quality but otherwise the models look nice, I guess.
    Only play higher tiers so T-34-85s are kind of cannon fodder, anyway.

  2. Its me or maybe this tank needs be tier 7 like M10 panther??? it could be an interesting farming tank and crew trainer because is tier 6 even when have the old 5 crew configuration… not a great problem after you train first crew.

    • Why would you want it to be tier 7 when it will be slower than T-34-85 and have a weaker gun?

  3. Saw the first screenshot and immediately thought: “That looks like it’s out of War Thunder”

    WG’s getting good at showcasing their new models

  4. Looks good and I’ll be buying one if it gets a limited MM (unlike the PIV S which is put in with 8s all the time).

  5. Improved T-34, as seen in White Tiger? Does the commander also takes the driver’s seat?