26 thoughts on “RU251 Video

  1. I sure hope the current tier 7 and 8 LT’s are gonna be rebalanced. The 13 75 has been useless for two years, and I fear the WZ will suffer the same fate. Even the 13 90 might not recover from this power creep.

    • The 13 90 still has its autoloader, and the WZ will theoretically be comparable to the light T-54.

      • not rly, WZ-132 will be worst tier VIII scout, there will be nothing special about him… 13 90 has autoloader, T49 has derp, LT-54 has armor, RU251 has top speed, and that leaves WZ with…. well, nothing :-/

  2. Looks like Pz 1C at tier VIII. Its damn fast in straight line. The russian player took some turns and the tank behaved quite well.
    I also find it interesting how it is possible to make a training room alone.

  3. Sweet, I can’t wait!
    107k exp on my Aufklarungspanzer panther is just waiting.

    • odds are it’s because supertest, low player populations. odds are they don’t even do much. if they do, they are probably better than TL

  4. Looks like it’s going to be a fun tank!
    Is there any info about the LTTB? (Research cost, etc…)

  5. Not much of a light tank driver, but just wanted to say hello to the whole FTR community, as this is my first post here. So HI all!!!! \o/

  6. Seems nice! like the fact its only has 1 gun! so no grind there.. only problem is the grind from the Aufklarungspanzer panther! kinda hope that if you have the T7 elited you will get this tank unlocked! but i am pretty sure that wont happen! Never mind its a Project for November. September is Medium tanks for me to try and get the type 62

    • Yup, you won’t get the new tank unlocked, but your Auf.Panther will keep its elite status.

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