- Cannoneer explains the current situation with British and Japanese light tanks: “For the Japanese, there is nothing above the current Ke-Ho light tank. For the British, it’s better.”
- Cannoneer, regarding hightier British light tanks: “There is a general problem with data – for example there is very little data or no pictures whatsoever. There were ideas, but it’s not me deciding what gets implemented and when.”
- regarding Tetrarch CS with 3 inch howitzer: “It’s already in the game but it has one huge flaw – the muzzle velocity is 182 m/s, which means you can even dodge the shell. It would be much more playable on tier 3 than on tier 4, yes.”
- regarding the Contentious with 17pdr gun as a high tier British LT (as was presented on FTR): “Yes, that’s an option, but it has two problems: little data and frontal armor (upper frontal plate, there is a fuel tank behind it and then there is another internal plate of armor).” (both plates are 40mm thick)
- Q: “Storm, and wasn’t there an idea to implement bonus for light tanks for the total amount of targets scouted within the battle (not just for the first detection) and/or for the total amount of time the tank keeps scouting (even without damage done by allies)? ….. It could become a speciality of light tanks… ” A (Storm): “Interesting”

- “presets” (default setups) of equipment for each tank wont be implemented
- changing the size of ingame interface will not be implemented
- M8A1 US TD is not called Scott in the game because the name is not widely used and widely known
- the garage UI was changed in 9.3, because there was not enough space in the hangar
- there are no plans for Sturmtiger and Brummbar
- Storm: “Sturmtiger will be not in the game. At least not player-controlled one.”
- Storm will talk to developers about the future of maps
- Japanese heavy tanks: “When it’s done it’s done”
- if you have current KV-1S in the game, you will not have the tier 5 KV-1S unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it yourself
- it’s completely possible that there will be PvE cooperative mode in the game
- there is no nerf of E-25 planned – for now
- it’s possible T49 TD (renamed to T67 in 9.3) will be nerfed in the future
- the client will not be split into SD and HD
- no special work is being done on increasing the Kharkov map performance
- there will be no “league” system in random battles (SS: as in, skill MM)
- general accuracy nerf: “When it’s done it’s done”
- premium Panther will not get the gas turbine engine
- Storm confirms that in order to get additional XP for “tanking” (blocking damage with your tank), the shell trajectory has to intersect the main hull.
- Storm (with rather colourful language) states that in 9.3, Murovanka doesn’t become a corridor map – it became 1,5 times larger (its surface) and there will be many more places for MT’s and LT’s to go
- the old Murovanka will definitely be removed, the new one won’t just be added as extra
- Storm states that when it comes to game performance, it significantly improved since 9.0
- not only German tanks will benefit from the transmission split in 9.3
- Storm confirms that the only reward for “tanking” will be the XP, credit gains are not needed

105 thoughts on “28.8.2014

  1. - Storm confirms that the only reward for “tanking” will be the XP, credit gains are not needed

    Awwww … My KV220 is already capable of netting 120k credits and soaking up more than 10 times its hp of hits, with credit bonus it would be even more awesome :(

    • I guess that’s exactly WHY there will be no money : tanks like the KV-220 or the KV-4 would gain something like 300k each time you actually use your armor.

      • Who cares about money ? There’s no need to stand on much silver in this game when you’ve bought and equiped all you’ve unlocked. XP is what crews and grinds need ! Map changes have made the game often unfair to slow tanks lately. As a KV-4 and AT-2 driver, I’ll still appreciate that.
        Anyway, I’m happy to hear they finally implemented that idea, I recall reading about loooong ago, on the former FTR blog. :) Nice job keeping up all the translation work, SS.

    • I don’t think it’s as simple as just going out and getting shot, if that were the case the T95 would be an xp printing machine. I think it’s a case of your tank being in the trajectory of a shell aimed at a friendly tank. In other words if your tank wasn’t there the shell would have hit a friendly.

  2. - there is no nerf of E-25 planned – for now

    so i can ask support for compensation as long as “premium tanks cannot be nerfed” because once you bought something it cannot be changed?

    • No you can’t because you are not buying stuff, you are renting it. At least thats what support will say. Btw premium tanks can be modified, there is something about it in rules too.

        • God, shut up.
          Remember how the Type 59 had 120 mm of frontal armor?
          Go into Tank Inspector and look at the upper plate.

          I’m waiting.

          • Never has 120mm… WG nerf the bounce hability but main nerf was change MM to dont see tier 6 battles.

            • “bounce hability”
              No such thing exists.

              “change MM to dont see tier 6 battles”
              Type 59 could never see those, only tiers 8 and 9.

              • Yep in old times when was released you face a lot of tier 6 tanks… and yes, they touch the frontal armor and now is a lot less bouncier than old times (you now cant bounce D25T shots angle when pre nerf even with no angle you bounce them)… they give Type more pen and dont remember now if increase damage per shot or ROF…

                • 1. Meeting tier 6 tanks is not the same thing as getting into tier 6 battles. When Type 59 met tier 6 tanks it was a tier 8 battle.

                  2. If anything, Type 59′s armour is stronger than when it was introduced because shell normalization was reduced. If I remember correctly, premium ammo wasn’t available for credits when Type 59 was in shop. Now everyone just loads premium ammo against it.

                • Type 59 used to see battle tiers 8-11, same as any tier 8 medium. That meant you would see everything from a tier 5 medium to a tier 10 heavy.

                  It was changed after the nerfs and the general MM tier spread reduction.

    • “The E-25 will not be nerfed”

      “No fair! I want compensation!”

      Your reading comprehension needs work.

    • Well i dont mind if WG nerf my E25 as long as they give me refund in euro for tank, camo, emblems and vent/rammer/optics cuz i bought/rented E25 without nerfs.

      • What a double nerf? Wasn’t getting rid of battle tier 12, a bad enough nerf for premium tanks? Its bad enough that they cannot make good credits now, and you want to nerf tanks we paid $ cash for too?

        Gee, there might be a fine line here between purchase agreements, consumer usage laws of some sort? Especially since it was not made clear. Meaning everyone didn’t understand the terms of agreement.

        I would think people would be entitled too a % of their money back based upon the % of nerf made to the vehicle, and or the potential credit earning that would be compromised by the nerf?

        Eula, may not be the end all, like most believe in this case. There are other reaching consumer rules, in each area of the world they completed these transactions?

        Wargaming kinda opened the Pandora’s box when they started selling premium tanks based upon credit $ earning potential, and a nerf of many types can affect that.

  3. “hat in order to get additional XP for “tanking” (blocking damage with your tank), the shell trajectory has to intersect the main hull.”

    Does this include the turret my Centurions would like it to be so.

    • Did anyone seriously thought, that a tank with 380 mm rocket launcher would fit in WoT? 200+ mm artys and that 183 landarty are not enough?

      • MORE DAKKA
        EDIT : well, actually a bigger caliber would mean less shells but you get the idea.

      • I don’t think it will be too OP as a TD :
        it is actually a heavier tiger 1, so it should be slower (35 km/h average speed) with reduced maneuvrability. It will also be bigger and should have less camo. The armor won’t be good either, with a Tiger 1 transmission weakspot, just the upper casemate which is 150mm thick, but it is less sloped than the 152 mm front plate of the Caernavon. We can also add a “shoot through the gun” weakspot, that damages/destroys the gun, because most tanks are accurate enough to land a shell in it 100 m away in the 380mm large barrel.
        The gun is terribly powerful, but it fires with a flat trajectory. The accuracy should be awful (0.6m deviation at 100m ?) and aimtime terrible (8-10 s ?). The horizontal traverse is very poor. With the Tiger 1 unprotected tracks, the weak transmission and the gun weakspot plus the poor accuracy/aimtime, score a shot can be a nice challenge, even in city maps. The tank can’t fire at close targets without kill itself, isn’t accurate enough to shoot at long range. It also can’t fire if there is any ally without kill it. We can also expect a reload as long as a complete minute, where the tank is vulnerable.

        For me, it can be balanced. A wonderful gun alpha and splash range, with nothing else, that needs to stay 10-15 s under ennemy fire to be in fire position, aim, fire and retreat, because the mobility is poor and the gun is limited, everything without taking into account the destroyed tracks, transmission and gun, that can add time before the Sturmtiger fires.

          • But the St.Emil is a sniper that can fire ennemy at long range while beiing undetected (so it is untouchable there), while the sturmtiger needs to be close enough to shoot at an enemy, here at a distance where it is vulnerable.

  4. “- there will be no “league” system in random battles (SS: as in, skill MM)”

    There doesn’t need to be – reds are never going to improve if all they’re fighting is other reds. Purples and blues only being matched with purples and blues would be very frustrating.

    What does need to happen though is both teams being equal or close to equal skill-wise – if one team has 10 reds, 2 yellows and 3 purples, give the opposing team 10 reds, 2 yellows and 3 purples or similar. The carrying and counter-carrying would pull everyone closer to the 50% mark over time.

    • “Purples and blues only being matched with purples and blues would be very frustrating.”

      The only time the game comes alive is in CW/Team Battles/Skirmishes fighting a similarly-skilled opponent. Everything else is numbing grind.

      Frustration is carrying the 14 ton sack of tomatoes.

      • Funny how this crying happens when skill based MM is brought up. The blues, purples all start crying, whinning, about it could not work. However, we all really know it would cut their clubbing ability down on the lower skilled players.

        It means they are suddenly worried the will become green, or ekkk. even yellowish. They maybe bumped down to close to the tomatoes they derided, trashed down upon…

        Smells like justice. Or fairness,,, Couldn’t have that now could we? Besides your tomato problems would be alleviated, that you always complain about.

        • One thing people always forget is that the “colors” are based on relative ability, not absolute numbers.
          So, tomatoes with no skill will always be tomatoes, and purples will always be purples.

      • Yeah but would you really want to have to wait 20 minutes in the cue for a game if you’re one of the top 1% of players in WoT?

      • Since when is match balance about making better players?

        Hey, dude, first man landed on Mars!
        Wow, really?! And I ate a muffin!!!

        That’s the level of connection between skill mm and your argument against it.

        I’m not against or for skill MM but a better argument against it, is, indeed, the waiting time. How many unicums are there? a few thousand? Now imagine that they have to wait to get in a match only against purple unicums… and a year passed and the match still didn’t start. The tomatoes would have no problem, considering they’re the majority.

        • The idea is that multiple unicum platoons can be fairly divided versus one team all tomatoes and the other with multiple unicum players. xvm chances would be much accurate to boot.

    • Exactly. Everyone demanding a true skill-based mm is stupid. You already have something like this in TB, TC, CW. I have no problem with carrying tomatoes and facing unicums in RB. The only problem is that the skill oftentimes is appallingly unevenly distributed on the teams. So let there be tomatoes and purples in one team, but distribute the amount of them evenly on both teams!

  5. Why the hell would there be an E-25 nerf, ever? It is mid pack consistently, well behind the 122-44. But it is German, so I can see it happening. Douches at WG and all.

    • The camo. That’s the only reason anyone might say it’s OP.

      Noobmeter shows the SU-122-44 is also similarly OP. Thankfully, WG isn’t looking at it!!

        • It’s based on a light tank chassis and has a gun that’s barely adequate for its tier, so the camo and speed are explained by simple design aspects, while the ROF is for balance.

  6. - if you have current KV-1S in the game, you will not have the tier 5 KV-1S unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it yourself

    Erhm, WAT?

      • WG idiot logic… you know they think they are the only tank game… really expect WT improve more and AW made WG wake up with anal pain when lose the valuable 25% premium guys.

        Add to this the Chaffee logic to… yea, WG, we like made friends.

    • You unlocked the 1S from the KV1. It would make no sense to also unlock the 1S as it will become a parallel to the KV1 which you already have. The KV-85 will also be ready-unlocked if you have already done so with the 1S.

      Not sure why you’d assume otherwise given the Stug IIIB precedent.

      • Lets me do some history here.

        PRE 2014:

        When they move a tank to a lower tier and leave a “new” as sustitute WG give the moved tank down elite for free in garage with free slot, free 100% crew and all top modules mounted for free

        In 2014 WG start the “greedy” movement with PzIV and Stug split… they remove all “for free” content, only give the tank elite, nothing more

        Now in late 2014 move a step forward and give NOTHING.

        Well, is their company their decisions but now with WT out and SPECIALLY with AW incoming FUCK your player base whit this things (add the Chaffee FUCK YOU GUYS movement) made people want find something new where devs dont insult players… specially premium players or people who waste money and is fucked by WG (alo, KV-220 exclusivetankyouneverseeagain???)

        I really dont understand this movements from WG… well, i find 1 thing that could explain this… maybe with the Ukranian “party” in Rusia putiniars think in block non rusian games… you know, maybe WG is so SCARED of AW that they prefer sacrifice EU and NA markets to save their captive RU market… asia is another worls, even today are competitions of old games with modern version.

    • since last time there was a split and the tier 5 heavy german was given away free and with extra garage slot…im afraid WG is slowly opening a backdoor to avoid giving out premium fv4202… now this with kv1s… logic goes owners get kv85 but kv1s that gets nerfed and moved to t5 and will have to be unlocked again? with t28? what the fuck is that.

      • KV1S is currently T6, therefore you are getting the “replacement” T6 version of what the tanks are split into, and have to open the “new” T5 tank…

        There would be much more crying if they dropped the KV1S to T5 and left you with that and the grind to open the “new” T6…

        • of course.. i dont doubt that.. but from what i read t5 kv1s isnt even unlocked.
          actually last time it was vk medium going to t5 as heavy and bonus panther prototype t6 was given free with garage slot.

  7. “the garage UI was changed in 9.3, because there was not enough space in the hangar”

    Any picture of the new garage UI surfaced so far?

    LE: Silly me, I should have watched the RU movie until the end :D

  8. “- not only German tanks will benefit from the transmission split in 9.3″

    9.3?! is it a mistype or do we actually get separate transmission in 9.3?

  9. - A (Storm): “Interesting”

    A comment like that leaves me more hopeful for change than any numbers of “soon”s and “likely”s

  10. hello silentstalker,please can you answer to my question :)
    do you maybe know what type of nerf will be on HELCAT ? maybe cammo factor reduxce,speed or something like that? if you dont know,gues maybe :D
    thank you in advance

    • - stock tracks accuracy on the move and when turning nerfed by 60 percent
      - terrain resistance for stock tracks nerfed (soft/medium/hard) by 9/14/9 percent
      - elite tracks accuracy on the move and when turning nerfed by 57 percent
      - terrain resistance for elite tracks nerfed (soft/medium/hard) by 10/17/10 percent
      - maxium reverse speed nerfed from 20 to 12 km/h
      - 76mm M1A2 AT accuracy loss from turning the turret nerfed by 12 percent
      - 90mm M3 reload time nerfed from 8s to 8,5s, accuracy loss from turning the turret nerfed by 25 percent

      • In other words another complete fuck-fest…

        They would have been better buffing back up to its original state (fast, mobile, camo, gun, no armour) and raising its tier by 1…

          • I’d like to see all the american TDs buffed (if necessary cf. T18 and perhaps T40) , put one tier higher (that would fix the T18 problem) and get a new tier II TD to replace the T18.

    • Who need japan crap, i play since now t3-t6 meds and its painfull. Better will be EU tree…

      • well, t3-t5 japanese meds are bullshit, i agree.
        but i want to see japanese heavies. T10 that is bigger than maus. TOG in tier 10? yes pls

        • The Japanese line as a whole is not half bad. The pain in the ass part is the tier 6 and 7 because the mobility is sub par and the camo values aren’t the greatest but they are workable

    • Who needs Japanese heavies when Chi-Ri is slower and bigger than most heavies in the game. It’s pretty much heavy tank experience …. only without armor or firepower.

  11. In this you mention the t 49 being renamed to the t 67. Well last night the chieftain was livestreaming and he said a little more about that. He said that in addition to being renamed they are going to make it historically accurate which supposedly means that they are going to give it an open topped turret for the upgrade and he also said something about changes to the engine though he didnt elaborate. While we are at it he also said that the t18 will be changed into an spg while the t 57 arty will get redesignated and replace it as the td. No timetable on either though I would guess the t18 is coming soon

      • Yes, which is something that The_Cheiftain has been pushing for pretty much since they were added to the game, as historically, the T57 was a tank destroyer and the T18 was an artillery piece.

        The only thing that worries me is that…well…the armor* and speed of the T18 already give people enough reasons to hate it, so would it REALLY be a good idea to give it INDIRECT-FIRE CAPABILITY on top of all that? That thing would be an absolute game-breaker! They’d need to nerf its armor and/or the accuracy and aim time of the gun HARD for it to be even remotely balanced.

        *= yes, I know about the weakspots, but let’s be honest, how many tier 1 and 2 tanks the accuracy, penetration, and alpha/rof to be able to kill T18s consistently before it simply derps you in the face and kills you with one hit with the 75 mm howitzer unless RNG’s feeling merciful and he misses a shot or two? Not many.

        • It would not be a game breaker. As Arty its HP would get nerfed, as well as its soft stats for tracks will get decreased. Tier 2 arties are all garbage anyway.

          • Yes they switch places according to him. I have the same problem with the armor but it may work as an arty sitting at the back of the map and not being engaged or they could nerf the armor

        • “how many tier 1 and 2 tanks the accuracy, penetration, and alpha/rof to be able to kill T18s consistently before it simply derps you in the face and kills you with one hit with the 75 mm howitzer unless RNG’s feeling merciful and he misses a shot or two?”

          More importantly, tier I and II being filled by new players, how many of them know that you actually have to aim for weakspots on better-armored tanks?

          Worse, the T18, when you look at it for the first time doesn’t seem that well armored. A new player would probably expect a well armored tank to be a heavy tank, or perhaps a medium since most low tier tanks are light tanks, but most medium tanks at low tier actually have bad armor (I’m looking at you T2 medium and Vickers medium mk. I/II/III…). While the T18 is a TD and doesn’t seem that big and bad.

          Until it kills you in one freaking shot while the few shots you managed to shoot until that harmlessly bounced.

  12. “- if you have current KV-1S in the game, you will not have the tier 5 KV-1S unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it yourself” The tank won`t even be researched, not to mention another tank for free and a garage slot. Since when WG became so greedy?

    • 2014, this year was horrible… curious but now when there are competitors WG become a band of greedy suckers… well, when they receive hits in their incoming maybe they return to pre 2014 situation.

      • Yes, because they should regularly be handing out free stuff.

        There’s a reason some of us aren’t in business. Stick to your day job.

        • its not free stuff, it is virtual product.
          its not hard to keep your customers happy with a virtual product as it cost nothing, but buys customer happiness and loyalty . its not like they are giving away real money.
          happy customers pay more to you than pissed off customers.
          I am still pissed off about losing my PzIV turret and gun, so people can and will hold a grudge for a long time.

        • Lets see your MBA.

          Better yet, lets see your future. Do you fancy yourself playing on the RU/EU down the road playing your tanks? At the rate of success level with the server population that should just about put them near starting population the way things are going.

          WG can promise the Moon, Stars, and above, but everytime the peddle meets the road they wind up scaling back, cancelling, shocking their player base with issues, and then expecting the players to take the brunt of fail decisions and shortcomings across the board.

          In the real business world that computes to “Failure.”

          I also see NA employees looking to Update their VISA’s in the future if they want to keep their day jobs…..

      • I don’t know if you noticed, but Gaijin is much, much greedier than WoT, and has an aggressive premium plane and tank campaign going on…
        Some premium planes and tanks are better than their regular counterpart, and the devs have absolutely no remorse breaking the flight/damage or MM model to boost their sales.

        Seriously, WG is bad, but don’t think for a second they are the worst.

        • I dont know how is in WT but if is like you say is another motive to mantein my euros out of his hands.

          But in the end if WG is bad find another worst doesnt made WG last decisions good.

          Maybe AW could crack something more than the “engine” and can hit WG pockets… if WT is like you say AW has a good chance to blow up both games with an agresive initial release to catch prem players… is not like AW needs wins full WOT player base, it only need catch a good portion of the 25% prem players… i dont know what is the WG money margin AFTER the WOWp fiasco… WOWs looks better but succes is not sure at all.

          Lets see but well, WG is taking a serious problematic way… that could be critical if AW take advantage from this.

          • Or maybe right when the torpedo’s are heading toward your ship in the water, you suddenly have another CTD Crash to desk Top moment. Now, wouldn’t that be fun to log back in and see your battleship on the sea Floor? :D

            Abandon ship? xD

  13. SturmTiger – former multi-year Vaporware champion has now been officially named the “Vaporware Champion Emeritus” – Nothing has been strung along this long since Duke Nukem Forever. This wins the “Emeritus” title simply because it was dropped – making it even more asinine than DNF.

  14. So WOT logic, tanks and TD like well Stug IV, Brummbar, SturmTiger, those tank (td) fought in WWII cant be in wot cuz ballance reason, Sturmtiger ok, BUT why no brummbar, su152 have 152 gun, why SERB cant give us Brummbar? Those TD, Assault guns was real, but better is WT =, blueprints tanks, not real one. Seriously. Only this stupid RNG, and damage system stop Sturmtiger line, and is WG false. Now NO Sturmtiger, no Brummbard, no second Mause turret, but E100 and Is4 can have more modules to unlock. This drunk bastard is most stupid person i read about. Too bad there is ONLY 12 HD tanks, again, one good think is frontal engine weakspot gone for a lot of tanks. Sorry for bad english :P Regards

    • I’m fighting hard to get the rest of the line in the game…
      IF I succeed we’ll get a mixed Sturmpanzer – Porsche line.

      • Thx for your hard working for this community Zarax. Could be fun to play brummbard, and some Sturmpanzer, too bad Sturmtiger wont be, but I can live if Wg cant add to game. Regards

  15. - not only German tanks will benefit from the transmission split in 9.3

    Did I miss anything? What transmission split o_O?

    EDIT: OK, didn’t read earlier post. Hoooray, less fires on my E-75…

    • My guess is the split effects all tanks – so any tanks with frontally mounted transmissions will suffer fewer engine fires. It is still probably just as bad to lose your transmission though.

  16. “the client will not be split into SD and HD”

    ??? Why? WoWp has it and i think its a great feature. Saves a lot of Disk Space.
    Why not for Wot.?

  17. - Storm (with rather colourful language) states that in 9.3, Murovanka doesn’t become a corridor map !!!!!
    I didn’t know that Murovanka was a CORRIDOR! map … thank you for the info Storm … i feel enlightened.

  18. Interesting…first I have heard of the transmission split. Figures, firefighting skill on Ger med is at 97%

    Booo no gas turbine Panther?

  19. I’m not seeing the problem with contentious. They surely have enough data to be reasonably accurate (plus contentious had several suggestions anyway), there’s already several completely made up tanks why’s a reasonable approximation a problem?

    The fuel tank was infront of the front plate. So? Either ignore the second plate or better just move the tank behind the second plate, they are that thin it doesn’t make that much difference.

  20. “- there will be no “league” system in random battles (SS: as in, skill MM)”

    What the serious f….

    Are they intentionally ignoring that when referring to “Skill MM” most people don’t want separate leagues, but just a balanced amount of goods and bads per side?

    /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk

  21. Does anyone else get a sinking feeling when they hear that a general accuracy Nerf is coming?

    SS, may I ask what exactly this would entail?

    • Yeah.
      ATM RNG is sending my every second FULLY FOCUSED shot near the edge of the aiming circle. After nerf I guess every shot will be flying near the edge.