Buff my Conqueror!

Hello everyone,

today, we are going to be talking about the Conqueror. Listy made an interesting historical article about what he found in the archives and it’s quite interesting. With it, the British line could be changed somewhat.

There are two potentially useful things he found.

First is the 14mm “Burster” applique armor plate, added to the hull of the vehicle to detonate HESH and HEAT shells. Pretty useful little thing, but nothing that was unknown before (there is even a report on that online) and quite frankly, in the game, the Conqueror is more like a sniper, it doesn’t need to be covered with troll spaced armor.

Second is much more interesting. A lot of people are sort of… not happy with the fact that stock Conqueror in the game uses a Centurion turret. Listy found an alternative: a “paper” turret, proposed for the Conqueror.


The armor of this turret is (in milimeters) 342/177,8/? (presumably 70), with an improved commader’s cupola armor. This could of course be a serious upgrade to the Conqueror, allowing the “elite” turret to be moved to “stock” position. Of course, tradeoffs would have to be made for this insane frontal thickness. These tradeoffs could include:

- reduction of upper front plate from 130mm to 125mm (per another document, found by Listy)
- reduction of the rear current elite turret armor from 70mm to 63.5 (source is the same document)
- possible reduction of gun depression from -7 to -5,5 (the peculiar fire control system did not allow the gunner to fire the gun below 5,5 degrees of depression)
- other soft stats nerfs

Obviously, additional research would be required, but it could be an interesting change to the Conqueror.

48 thoughts on “Buff my Conqueror!

  1. yeahno, I’m not willing to give up the awesome gun handling for turret armor.

    Hell, even now, it bounces quite often.

      • When’s the last time the elite turret had worse gun handling than the stock one?

        Although, I guess they can do it Sherman Jumbo style and have the new turret be stock and have worse gun handling…. I’d like that.

  2. Well, if WG really did this, i will be happy with that. The Conqueror is the only tank that got a really weak turret armor.(inside the British Heavy Tank)

      • It doesn’t…have any armor, that is. 80mm very flat isn’t armor, it’s a target.

        As for the current conq. turret, I find it quite bouncy from far far away where you should be if you don’t wanna be filled with holes :).

    • A lot of people confuse the Conqueror for an actual heavy tank.
      It was designed to be a heavy support tank, and it plays like one. Not as far out as TDs, but far enough to quickly duck behind cover.
      That’s exactly what the excellent aim time should be used for: minimizing exposure.

  3. Tough one… giving up great gun handling for a better turret? Mh, I think I’d prefer a better turret for a slightly worse gun. Currently everyone and their grandmother is able to shoot through that turret like its made of paper… you are really tanking with your health in that thing and being a priority target for arty doesn’t help either…

    • tbh Im not sure about that.
      I don have conqueror yet, 60k xp more and its mine.. but I’ve tried it on a test server…
      I was like “OMG !!!” sure armor is rubbish, but that gun is awesome!
      I wasnt impressed by its stats… medicore damage, and pen. for a heavy.
      But man the shell velocity, aiming and precision… that gun “feels” awesome.

      I wouldnt trade armor for the gun handling.. there is plenty of well armored heavy tanks … why changing conqueror to just another one them?

  4. Most tanks don’t even have 342 armor at Tier X. I liked the Conqueror as it was, anyway.
    Putting this as an alternate Conqueror tank would be kind of cool, but would never happen.

  5. That sounds a lot like the tough-as-nails FV215 turret, doesn’t it? Basically this would turn the Conqueror into a FV215 without the rear mounted turret.

    A bit less gun depression for excellent hull down ability (behind rubble and wrecks, not hill slopes)…i’d take it.

  6. Conq is the worst tier 9 HTs. I have absolutely no pleasure driving it. Everybody penetrates it almost everywhere, even tier 7 mediums.. The turret has too many weak points, the frontal armor of 130mm is penetrated say by 50 100, and I got 2 times one-shotted by tier 8 arty with HE.
    Overall this tank has no armor and WG compensated with good gun. The gun is really good, but this is heavy tank for god sake, it heeds armor.
    however, I enjoy FV215 – I think 1:1 it can defeat every tier 10.

    • Haha, funny you should mention t7 mediums. Im also playing conq right now and I find it quite hilarious that t43 ammoracked me twice (two different games in a row) frontally. I also understand that conq has no armor and should be on the second line but try to explain that to an amx 50 100 who thinks because im one of the 5 top tier heavies, I should be tanking ST-I. Let just say my game was also short because of a friendly 6 round “encouragement” from the amx…
      So basically conq is the shittiest t9 Ive played and I have played almost all of them.

    • Horribads always blame others. After all, EVERY tank should cater to your play style and you should never have to adjust, right?

      Quite frankly, you’re an idiot if you don’t hide your lower frontal plate, and if people are penetrating the turret, you’re exposing yourself like a retard.

      Just one favor… keep up the shitty play so that WG won’t nerf this monster.

  7. Conq isn’t really in need of a buff.

    It’s got really high firepower for a tier 9 tank; dpm and firecontrol of medium, and standard 120mm gun’s 400alpha…of course this isn’t useful if people brainlessly trade shots 1 for 1 as if they are driving kv-1s.

    Give it more armour would make it op. Especialyl when turning it into something at fv215b and is-7 level.

    Want more turret armour? Get M103.

    • Agree, except that M103 part. It’s turret is total garbage. If you want good turret with good (8°, more then Conq, same as M103) gun depression at tier 9, E-75 or ST-1 are way to go.

    • Aaand do what when you get the M103? Cry again cuz it’s turret is even shittier?

      Amen, want turret armor(actually armor of all kinds) and gun depression? ST-1 and E75

  8. Seems OK to me, if they keep their hands of the gun accuracy and aiming time, it’ll be Ok. A very small reload nerf would be OK if this buff would happen (making the reload 0,2 to 0,5 seconds slower or so).

    • Here is my suggestion:

      Put that idea of yours on tier 10 and turn the Tier 9 Conqueror into something completely different:

      Same turrets will remain, but the 120 mm L1A1 will be removed.

      The ROF of the 20 pdr guns will be buffed and a new gun will be added: the 105 mm L7A1.
      Why this gun?

      Well, this gun because the stock turret is a Centurion turret and the Centurion got that gun too. If you add this 105 mm gun and give it a better ROF than the one on the Centurion 7/1, it will be OK.

      The gun would become more accurate, would have better aiming time and would shoot faster, giving it more DPM than on the Cent 7/1.

      While on tier 10, you would get the Conqueror with historical stats as abovementioned. But that turret that you described and the better engine. But the aplique armor should balance it out…

  9. excellent argument, (if old) to make a tier 10 conqueror. Various interesting upgrades to conq were proposed and trialled during its lifetime.

    Chieftain would become part of a unique chiefty line t8-t10 branching off from cent1/caernarvon with demi-chieftain fv4202 at t8, proto at tier 9 and mk 2/3 at 10.

    common sense, but then that appeals neither to fanboys nor WG marketing.

  10. It does need a buff, the M103 is better in almost every regard and still has amazing gun handling for a heavy. The Cent 7/1 is probably even got better hull down ability as well as being faster and smaller target….

    • Sorry mate, can’t find M103 better in any regard. Oh maybe the mobility and an extra degree of gun depression but compared to the Conqueror, the M103 has a shittier turret, is more prone to multiple module failure and it’s gun handling, while decent, is so far under the Conqueror, it doesn’t even bear mentioning. Not to mention that Conqueror fires faster and it’s got an extra ace up it’s sleeve, the HESH ammo instead of HE(105 pen) which really hurts.

      Nothing brings a more sinister grin on my mug than snapshooting a wt form 400m away for over 500 dmg and multiple module damage

      • M103 turret is better.
        Mobility is a tie. Maybe Conq is better.
        Firepower is for the conqueror.
        Hul armor is a tie. Conq can angle and bait easier. M103 is a bitch at long distances.

  11. Conq is soft but if you stay out of trouble you can troll through most enemies with the current weapon system :-)

    • Agreed, while the turret armor is meh, I’d rather have proper frontal armor instead, and that is without a nerf to the gun. It’s not like the tank overpreforming as it is.

    • People keep talking about this applique armor. For God’s sake, it would be totally useless. The Conq’s armor is practically non-existant because of the extremely weak LFP, and the also extremely weak sides. And where is this extra armor applied? Exactly, on the UFP, and the turret.

  12. Wow a lot of you suck with the conqueror. Its one of the best T9 heavy tanks its not a frontline heavy. You need to use it as a second line support/sniper heavy tank. use it with the pro’s not the cons. wet ammoracks/safe stowage to fix the ammorack problem (its in the front). the tank can even sidescrape pretty well with the thick tracks it has. And the tank can destroy anything already when its on the highground or in hill terrain.

    • Also one extra plate is hardly covering in troll armour, with the UFP reduction the effective armour increase would be minimal (but welcome) and the opportunity to troll heat spam noobs would be priceless :)

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  14. I doubt this will make it to the game. Somehow i think Conqueror is one of those tanks put at T9 for monetization reasons. As WG admitted themselves regarding some tanks horrid grind.

    But it will be great if they decide to implement this instead of that crap Caern turret.

  15. Losing gun depression on the Conqueror would hurt her a lot. Remember, her hull armor is pretty weak all around. If she loses gun depression, the increased protection in the turret is going to be offset by forcing her to expose more of her turret more often. I’m not sure I’d take that trade off as the current turret is surprisingly bouncy.

  16. I really think this should work as Tier 10 actually.
    Additional HEAT protection on front hull + nearly unpenetrable turret would make it a nice Tier 10, also with the advantage of being a serially produced tank (well maybe not in this very modification, but still much better than FV215-120). I somehow don’t really appreciate the idea of having Conqueror line ending up in the completely different Chieftain tank….

  17. -7 depression for -5.5? Heeeeell naw. No way no how.
    With such a thickly armoured turret you might be able to make it work, but conq really ain’t a brawler. I’d still like to see some buff to it though. Just boosting the turret cheeks so they aren’t autopen to freakin scouts would be enough.

    Was hull down against one in my T-54 the other day, brawling him at like 20m. he’s bouncing off my turret with the 120mm and I’m penning those cheeks every time. Rushed out and got behind him, the guy just gave up after I set his engine on fire.

    Also applique armour might be cool. Anyone got any image sources for that burster plate? Love stuff like this.

  18. Listy’s article mentions the potential development of a new infantry tank with 350 to 400mm of armour. Any more details/names/tea beyond that known of this project?

  19. Hell Chief had them scan a document that shows the M6A2E1 turret had 9 inches frontal armor and they won’t use that as it does not “Show exactly where the armor is located on the front”

    Wonder how detailed the armor layout is for this turret armor? or does it only just say “13.5 inches frontal”

    Double standard if they go ahead and use that then.