69 thoughts on “9.3 Test Updating

  1. Thank you, if it werent for you we would have probalby had to wait for a few hours till it was put on the official sites

  2. Downloading… ummm i dont notice a incredible increase in download speed after uncheck allow torrents in launcher but maybe download faster, a bit.

  3. Well, depend a lot of seeders… i download fast some things with very few seeds… and oposite.

    Even with the amount of players downloading WOT patches using torrent speed is not specially high and i think part is a servers problem, the WOT bottleneck.

  4. Does anyone have a link to a guid on how to copy current client and apply test server updates so i dont need to download the whole thing aain, my internet is archaeic and would take days to download.

    thanks in advance

    • The only solution i find was have 2 WOT installed, regular WOT and the test WOT, i know what you want but i think is no more possible do this.

  5. Already played in test . T49 is shit . M41 is regular chaffe . LTTB is very cool . t54 light is … well just regular tank . RU251 can’t speed up to 70 km/h WG fail omg .

  6. Before the whole patchnote is here: the M6A2E1 “buff” is that it no longer plays in tier X.

    • Not bad… maybe i can take it out someday… after move the crew to T57 i dont touch it in over a year.

    • Finally!
      - Maximum battle tier for the M6A2E1 reduced by 1.
      Tier 10 battle is a pain in the ass with it.

      But playing it in stronghold mode could be fun since lot of ppl don’t know where are the weak spots. Once an AMX 50 100 gave up shooting me after 3 bounces and attacked my teammate instead :)

  7. Someone go test the T49′s 90mm and tell me how shit it is with the 102 pen hesh ammo being what’s available for credits

  8. Looks interesting this patch. Extra light tanks, KV-1s Rebalance and improvements to create a better environment in WoT

    And its going to come out with the next WT patch.

    Lets see who does it better. At least the WoT Community doesn’t try to kill Wargaming for what they don’t do in every Patch like the WT community.

        • Easy!
          It’s a department full of people asking themselves: “what is our biggest market? How can we milk them the hardest? Breaking the game is of no consequence!”

          And now, the game is full of guns that simply cannot hurt enemies, while the ones on the (massively undertiered) milk-the-playerbase-dry planes are ridiculously good.

          WT way be beautiful, but Gaijin blows so many goats at once, they’re dragging it down.

    • Its so insane.

      I have 20ish-30ish ms but the lag indicator is red and i have at least 5-10 lag every time i press a key.

  9. better wait till 2moz, maybe it will download faster than sanic…or maybe it will stay at 3mbps, in that case….fak it.

  10. Well i was wrong

    KV-1s as tier 5 is elite for KV-1s owners, curious thing is linked with KV-1

  11. Really RU is SHIT, every hit is a critical… and to have gun depresion you need aim your flank… a little disapointed with RU-251.

    T49… stock gun is … ok if you aim to unarmored targets or very weakspots, VS armore targets… and top gun is … well, a derp with all his good and bad things.

      • In a scout can hide and shot in cover is very important more if every hit is a critical if you need turn flank to enemy to shot in cover…. in static combat RU remember me MT-25 but at least is much better than LTTB here… m41 is the best of all very adaptive tank can do all you want or need

  12. no T-34-3 buff?!?!

    and come on LTTB? 180 effective hull. Super P needs a buff T.T

    T-54 light…..

    ok i know we were supposed to make lights appealing….but wargaming could have done it WITHOUT MURDERING the already dying tier 8 medium premiums

  13. My overall thoughts on a few lights

    - RU-251 decently nice. Love shooting HE with it at the low armored tomatoes.
    - T-54 light. It’s alright. Could use a better rof IMO.
    - LTTP . Awesome!
    - Walker Bulldog….oh boy! i smell nerf. This thing ROCKS!!
    - T49 what a pile of steaming shit.

    This is more of a scout only, shoot if you really have to. It’s a scout (and a slow one compared to the rest of them) that cannot hit shit with the 155mm gun. And playing with the stock gun is worthless. Might aswell play with T71, smaller, faster, better camo, drum.

    If you want to hit something with the 155mm gun you need to stop and wait forever for the aim to close in. And then pray you hit something. The only good thing about the 155mm gun is the shell velocity, which pretty much sums up WG LOGIC. Give 268 trash shell travel, while T49 155 gets Jagdtiger like shell speed. LOL!

  14. T49′s tacks are bugged like hell, they look freakishly stupid at high speeds, just look at how bad they made it (all those curves and curls because the spline passes through fixed points on the wheels and rollers):


  15. Not played a match yet but first observations in the garage:

    1. Marks of Excellence percentages still showing as 65%/85%/95% when they were meant to be reduced by 7% each
    2. My old T49 (now called the T67) has the same garage icon as the old T49 eventhough the main picture has changed. Top turret on the tank now seems to be open top and not enclosed.
    3. Premium T-34-85M is missing

  16. I’ve noticed low fps the first few seconds of every game. Later it returns to the normal fps that i’m getting on the live server.

    If you press the Stronghold button the game stays on “connecting” .
    How about you guys?

  17. trash test cause of lags, wg can’t do shit right. such fun game and high potential ip in the hands of the worst devs ever. reminds me you of EA but worse

  18. Great!

    Error joining the battle: you have already joined the team.


    I can’t play. Always this ****.

  19. Is there a full installer (what is it, 8 gigs?) because I can use my superfast connection at work to get that, rather than my slower one at home

        • If you can install it to a work computer then just install it and copy it off. I am not sure if you can just copy out the “updates” and run the installer.. Shame you cant just copy an existing build and patch it.

  20. hi I’m gonna direct link , please help , i need download for IDM Speed Better My Net Not good.