Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

welcome, to yet another Hall of Shame. It’s been a while since the last one and there is a reason for it. The reason was that a couple of Russian mod makers were developing a mod specifically for this “occasion”. What this mod does is it takes lists of names from Hall of Shame and – if the user of the mod enters a battle and a HoS player is present – it immediately reports them automatically for “unsportsmanlike behavior” or for “insults/provocation”.

If many people use this mod, many reports will accumulate and it’s completely possible to have the Hall of Shame members banned and/or chatbanned (even repeatedly and/or permanently). A prototype of the mod is already functional, but there are bugs still and its development was delayed by summer vacations – once the bugs get removed, the mod will be released to public with everyone who ever appeared in the Hall of Shame listed. I do believe this solution is more elegant than any teamkilling or anything like that. Mod will work for both US and EU server (possibly for ASIA, that was not yet tested).

With that being said, let’s get to it :) Be warned, below this line there is some of the worst scum WoT has to offer.

Let’s start with something light. A blend of Polish and anti-semitic hate, with a little bit of nazi loving added.


That Jennisery guy is very repetitive, isn’t he? And of course, here we have some nice well-wishers…


And back to anti-semites…


And of course, what would be a Hall of Shame without EFE?


I wonder how they come up with such nice wishes…


Being killed by arty really brings out the best in people…


And back to Polish hate/antisemitism…

Bad apple

And some well wishes, for a change…


Invoking Hitler… that’s new. Not.


Ah, CosmicSquirrel, his appearances in Hall of Shame are frequent :)


And, back to the “usual” assortment of vile cretins.


And here we have a little self-entitled prick… this one is special :)


And some German rage…


Inventing new report reasons…


And of course, some more well-wishers, this time with AIDS…


….and leukemia…


…and of course, cancer.


And death threats, much serious, such scared!


This guy’s mad!


This guy has some seriously strange associations…


Another bunch of “special” people


This Mustazzolum guy – an admitted nazi, nice…


And another very special guy, johnabc


This guy is also very special. I assume the language is Hungarian, I don’t know what he’s saying but other parts are well recognizable…


And to close it off, various morons.


263 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

        • thats true, i never really seen such encounters on WT

          however, dont blaim Putin (i kind of hate him) on the RU server, you will get 3 ‘friendly’ fighters on ur ass :P

      • I’ve play many tank battles in WT and even more air battles in the past and I can count like 2 times someone said “fuck” in the chat… WT community is not toxic, its only being ignored by the devs :/

        • You know why? because playing in WT is similar to playing with bots. 90 % of ppl just camp and do nothing else, 0 tactics 0 plan 0 brain. I played a lot in WT tanks in past (arcade and simu) but I quit i never seen so many brainless campers, and non-cooperative players in 1 game. There is no racism because there is no active ingame chat community. I am dead because someone push me? who cares, and jump to another tank and go back to my lovely spot.

        • “You had less than a 10 second delay between messages OBVIOUSLY A CHAT SPAMMER ALSO WE ACCUSE YOU OF SPAMMING SQUAD CHAT BECAUSE REASONS”

    • nobody cares about WT enough to even rage at it, the 12 people that play have better things to do probably

    • Its so amusing how those people thing everyone are jewish ;D Wonder how they know all of that ;D

    • I don’t think, that WOT community is SO bad. In my entire 17000+ battles, I have seen such a stupid rage and “well-wishing” maybe 2 or 3 times. That’s nothing to cry about, and all those usual f**k or s**t swearing noobs are to be perceived as clowns and nothing more.

    • Because people don’t get banned here, see CosmicSquirrel.

      It’s funny, say fuck ten times on the forum and it’s a permaban. And this here is A-ok with wargaming.

    • War Thunder community is much smaller. That is the reason.

      WOT was not nearly as toxic back in closed beta.

      Though, I have to admit, the War Thunder community is full of baseless elitists and nation fanboys…

      Still, both are better then CoD’s community, which is smaller then the WoT community, but more toxic… or the LOL community…

      • what community are you talking about ? those AI you see in the singleplayer compaign ? in WoT you cant avoid the community , i CoD you can easily do it .

        • What?! Since when did chat disable stop working?!
          Oh it is working. You’re just bullshitting.

      • You wanna see the best community? look ip istaria. its been out for ten years and no one even uses the word bitch one time lol.its ammuseing that players rage over a game. like apes. dont get there way they rage. >> anyway heres the link to im serious a mature and 99.9% curse free community i ever known. nothings ever 100% lol but thats to me. http://www.istaria.com

      • I’d add that WT’s in game chat system is rather clunky, and it’s difficult to screencap in game chat without reverting to third party software.

        The replays don’t even record chat IIRC.

    • I am replying to this comment simply because it is the 1st.

      SS, I would strongly advise you to consult with an attorney regarding associating yourself with this mod.
      You will most definitely be exposing yourself to legal action by the racist shmucks that will lose their accounts for which they most likely paid real money on.

      A classic method for them to take you to court would be a class action lawsuit. (as in all the banned racists group up and lawyer up) I don’t know what your financial situation is, nor is it my business. But I do know that NOBODY in their right mind would want to be taken to court in a class action lawsuit.

        • I can’t really see players going down the path of ‘I was banned from this game becuase I was a racist’…….

          • yeah, I somehow doubt EU courts have much tolerance for this sort of hate speech… besides SS isn’t doing any banning, WG is(nt) for breach of EULA.

            Oh and that E50 LMFAO, makes my 2 year olds tantrums look sedate!

      • Da_Zohan: Rubbish – WG does ban players. And WG says, the system cannot be abused as every ban will be checked before of an employee.

        Well, we all know, that is a lie and that only nobrainer work for WG and therefore the system is actively abused already know.
        But in a legal case, what counts is the official statement from WG – and this is: the system is safe, abuse is not possible.

        So what you are saying is: I do not believe what WG tells.

    • In WT you can simply leave battle without paying bills for untouched vehicles in your lineup and your vehicles aren’t locked until battle ends. So every time your team is full of brainless, blind monkeys playing with their feet (I call them as I see them, I don’t use racial/ethnic slurs or wish death on them and their families), you can just leave and jump into another battle. That’s one of the biggest advantages of WT.

    • You didn’t play WT enough.

      I already saw a russian guy kill a teammate who was ukrainian (the russian guy asked first to get confirmation) and then called his victim a nazi.

  1. Great mod.
    Direct ban should disgust them of playing.
    (Of course, mod is created coz WG does nothing.

    • I have mixed feelings about it. Sure 95% of this guys truly deserve to be eradicated from the community, but some of that screens suggest that there was a impulsive discussion before. I guess it would not be difficult to provoke someone and make him call me e.g fuckin polish idiot. I would then make a screenshot and it would appear in Hall of Shame. If mod works correctly it would make his gamelife siginificantly harder, just because he was once provoked. I simply wonder wether it can be abused relatively easily….

      • By provoking someone you are also risking reports and a ban.

        Seriously the quotes made me feel sick. As for EFE clan why WG doesn’t penalise them I have no idea. They should be banned from and CW told to purge the nazis before being allowed back.

        If this is the sort of behaviour that WG accepts then I guess I should leave.
        I’m certainly not buying any premium, gold etc until these morons are punished by a minimum of 1 month ban.

        • this is all funny, but i dont see why they would deserve more then a chatban, 1 month ban for calling someone a couple of names is way to extreme

        • Whole HoS article is useless and way below Your level SS (I really like Your historical articles – S tank, Black brigade for example…) because any sane person wouldn´t take any serious offense from such an ass, just laugh at it.

      • If it works the same way the bothunter mod does, then a namechange will do diddly squat, because the player ID number is logged and not the name. ;)

        • In that case sure, was confused by the “takes list of names.” Tbh, I have no knowledge how the ID system works in WoT, but then again it won’t be much different than the steam ID is, imo.
          Still I’m quite torn about this, since I don’t really care if someone is invoking dictators from the past, lacks knowledge about the “Operation Reinhard” or whatever. I’ve been on the internet long enough to just filter these out in my head. And must I am still more grateful for rude guy from EFE, who can get the job done, than supernice “tomato” in my team. Sigh

          • Congratulations you are able to easily ignore shit you see on the internet. Surely everybody else can do the same easily, no?
            Not everybody can easily ignore shit on the internet. A lot of people get emotionally heated up when they see idiots like these spam irrational blabber. This is for the majority who hate seeing idiots insult them and others flooding the ingame chat.

        • Yea i got to say that i was somehow fearing to end up here too … Im not calling people jews or tell stupid stuff about concentration camps but if some full retard (yes they are in the game, no one can tell me 43%wr at 14k battles is ok) teamdamages/suicides/flames me in chat i get angry too. Mostly resulting in a simple “F*** you” but if the person tries to argue that he didnt do anything wrong i go into the discussion. The more stupid arguments he brings the more insulting i get. Worst im goin to say is sth like “Die in pain you fucking retard”. I know its wrong but i cant help it. If someone insults me with his retarded arguments e.g. He teamdamaged me because i was in his way (while not moving for a minute..) i loose control. I either start discussing flaming or simply quit if im already dead.

          • Stop trying to justify yourself for being overemotional over the internet. Ignore the fools and move onto your next tank and play another game. Forgetting shit will make the game much more enjoyable for you.

  2. This is why I stopped playing on weekends. The rage and getting spotlighted on a website is just not worth it.

  3. I agree that many of these players should be at least chatbanned, but if someone write something only once, he appers here and the mod will reporting him over and over again for years? Really? This mod is really usefull and fair. Should be banned.

      • And in russian server all time players calls your mom whore , and says to t: ” go suck dick ” , so EU is not that bad

          • So some dude wish you cancer and ? Don’t be little kid and don’t pay attention to it . Or you can be smart and troll that person . Say to him something like “kid in rage” or ”first give me cookies”

        • Yeah… My first game on the test server (full of Russians): I said ‘At last I got on :)’ . Then our FV215b says ‘Welcome’ and 2 second later he calls me a whore. SO glad I’m EU.

  4. ss was i ever in the hall of shame? my name is Deano95 on the EU server and when i first started out i assumed that all these racists scumbags were just screwing around so when someone wrote “for stalin” in chat i used to write (depending on the tanks nation) the main leader so i wrote things like “for the fuhrer” and things along those lines. i since realised that those things are not smart to write in chat.

    i will say though this was over 3.5 years ago now and i havent written anything like that in over 3 years. i will say though i have never wished cancer or any kind of disease on anyone like these spoiled kids do. i meant no offense to anyone when i was writing what i did because i assumed people were joking and that they werent serious but i was wrong.

  5. SS RLY ? What bad is in Heil hitler or please hitler help my team . It is trolling nothing more . I my self regular call my team idiots , faggots , noobs , cocksuckers and some calling moneky crap ( I like Rock’s trolling ) . + arty for me are in all battles skycancer . I am so evil .

      • I know and becouse I am grammar nazi , anther buthurt kids regularly call me stupid polak/russian . Lol

      • Idiot like me have much bigger skill then like 90% in EU server so I don’t fail in battle . II rage/troll only when my team sucks or enemy shot only gold .

      • Like did I say in my anther comment . I don’t see that big problem about all those epic comments because in RU server it is all time verbal attacks from kids and angry dady’s . Most common verbal attacks in RU server are : “пошел нахуй” – go fuck your self , “сосать” – go suck cock , “я ебал твою мать” – I did fuck your mom . In RU server in 1 day are more verbal attacks then in EU server in the entire month . It is just russian national characteristic . So most normal players do not pay attention to it . Bad that in EU server people are pay attention to every little detail .

        • Reading this make me sad, how can someone be so short sighted. it’s not because someone somewhere did it that you can do it, plz just learn to not be an ahole. ”oh, back in the time they raped people, i should be allowed to rape people too” sigh

        • It’s a common thing for Russians to firmly believe it’s OK to be an asshole and even laugh at other countries for not rising up to their asshole-ness levels

      • Oki when I will see you I WOT , I will call you bag of moneky crap and will have possibility to blame for that my parents lol .

    • You sad person. I pity you. Well fortunately people like you stay in the dumps.
      You really are quite ironic. Have you even realized that by raging in chat and by “well-wishing” others you are actually being far more emotionally unstable than those who actually posting this up. Not to mention you are being extremely immature and very stupid.

  6. Yo SS! Garbad is butthurt again. His brain thinks you started a vendetta against him xD what vendetta? the guy is nuts lol!

    On topic : interesting mod! cant wait for it!

      • Check the EU forums. He started a thread because he’s in the news because of FTR lol!

        Quote : The reason I made this thread is simple — SS made my name public, so I publicly responded.

        The guy IS nuts lol!

          • If a world class doctor tells you he is one of the best is it ego or just the facts? Likewise Garbad is one of the best players in this game, so its not ego its just the reality. As for his arguments against arty, game mechanics, etc, he has backed up everything he has said with details and facts, but no one can argue against it with their own points, instead they just like to accuse him, with fake crap like ‘jew’, which he never said.

            Besides he only does the ego trip to tweak people as a joke, but most take it seriously and get butthurt and it works so well; look at that thread so many fools who want to prove how much they don’t care about him…by posting essays to tell him how much they don’t care :) What is it at now I didn’t check today, but 15,16 pages already? for someone they don’t care about ;)

            Also not sure if it was really you posting in that thread, but if so your replies make it seem like you are bitter about unicums being better players and so have an axe to grind with them. Maybe not your intent but that is how it comes across.

            Anyway that said I still think you do good work with FTR and appreciate your effort.

            • who cares if he is the best player or whatnot. If he is a sad racist douchebag than he is a sad racist douchebag. Just because he is good at a game (which is a useless skill) does not mean that his racist comments should go unnoticed.
              SS has not gone against unicums at all here. You are being delusional.

              • That’s the point, he never made those comments, he is NOT a racist, that is a false report.

                As for SS go read the comments in the above thread, if it is really SS, I don’t know, anyone can take a forum name and the same avatar picture.

            • lol going by that logic, i am one of the best players on na since i used to be part of aod during it’s golden days on NA server.

              the guy might be the amazing player but his ego is huge.

        • >Pony in an avatar

          This guy…. this fucking guy… He’s a brony, go medieval on his ass SS, make him accountable for every god damn slur his vile mouth spews.

          Absolutely disgusting person.

  7. Hey SS , about the mod , wouldnt it be a bit too harsh ? alot of people rage , even i rage ( once in a melinuim though ) and i wouldnt like to see my name here / get chatbanned because i’m having a rough day . Making this mod work for like ” once ” is enough, BUT EVERYTIME ? its exageration .

    • Yes, I would appreciate more if the mod worked like “bot detector” mentioned here on FTR long time ago, just showing people who appeared here on Hall of Shame and giving a player decision whether to report or not. Otherwise it can hurt some people who once happened to have a day where everything went wrong and worse and couldn’t resist to vent their rage.

      SS, if you could contact this mod’s makers and tell them that this is not the exactly best idea to automatically report, I think a few people would appreciate a second chance. Just an opinion.

  8. Sadly worst communities (most hate) are German UK and Czech. Also noobs usally take equall % in every nationality. Plus i only know (played 30k battles) 2 israeli guys (and they are awesome) so the jew hate is silly.

    • Being israeli clearly doesnt mean being a jew , and the hate is just directed towards anything that breaths . so dont expect the WoT pubbies to have reasonable insults xD

  9. I wonder why “jew” and “polish” are to go to insults.
    Like, in their minds, if you are a Jewish Pole, are you their equivalent to our Hitler?

    As always, unoriginal drivel, save for a few comical bastards that had me laughing :’D

    • “Jewish Pole” is technically wrong…The reason why Poland had so many Jews was because they all ran away from Germany as it wasn’t safe for them, but Poland was safe, and it was close (but not safe for long…bla bla bla history bla bla bla)

      • Hmm….what?
        Why would events from 70 years ago stop Poles from converting to the Jewish faith, or people of Jewish faith take the Polish nationality?

      • Question: I’m from north Africa, and I don”t understand why all the hate for polish people. I can somehow find a reason why they hate Jewish (hating an entire race is not even logical) but why the Polish

  10. So SS, what happens when this mods starts being used not just in the context of your hall of shame (as dangerous as the entire idea of a HoS can be) but also to get some selected players banned just because somebody in the loop don’t like them?
    There’s a reason the modern world adopted actual procedures that have to be followed to the letter, however clunky and inept they may appear, before somebody can be punished you know.

    • Oh, that’s one part that takes long to develop – protection from abuse. The list will be possibly server-side. Our server to be specific. It’s quite complicated. Of course, a dedicated mod maker will be able to decompile it, but without mass means of distribution, there is no way of making it work. And – obviously – I have the means in FTR.

      Also, if regular punishment mechanism worked, there would be no repeated Hall of Shame appearances.

      • At best, you are really going to piss off WG.

        They are now going to be flooded with reports on individual players because of this mod. They will have to undertake far more work in checking which reports are legitimate, and which are false. Also, players that are legitimately banned for “unsportsmanlike conduct”, can write to support, saying that the ban was false, based on this mod, which means more work for WG in checking reports.

        • No. That is the worst option. At best, WG is completely aware of these assholes, hates them, wants to get rid of them and will use mass number of reports to ban them.

          • Which assholes?

            Some of the comments above are relatively innocuous. No Juden, no gas chamber etc, just general insults,, for which you are not seeing the full conversation (ie. context) and yet you lump them all in together. You are acting as judge, jury and executioner, without the full information.

            • Well, for starters I have the original screenshots, but the entire point is… some things there is no excuse for, even if you get teamkilled or blocked or whatever. Cancer wishes, invoking Hitler, holocaust, calling people “jews” (or rather, using the word as an insult, that’s what’s bad about it), real life death threats (those are rare, thanks god) – there is no excuse.

              • Remember, pictures can be easily edited. You should at least have access to a replay, before “sentencing” anyone

          • Pretty sure WG does not like these guys at all. Toxic behaviour is bad for business. However, they are between a rock and a hard place. With thousands upon thousands of players, the number of incidents is likely to be so great it is financially unviable to hire enough people to deal with them all. So they get an automated system, which necessarily cannot function without a certain number of reports. The main problem is not WG here, it is the fact people do not report. if everybody in every game would report these scumbags, they would get banned. Fast.

      • I understand some thought has gone into this, however nothing guarantees somebody with access to your server wont abuse it. What guarantee is there that you or somebody with sensitive access to the list won’t start taking bribes to add people, who did nothing wrong but happen to have some enemies with too much money? Clan wars and other competitive modes have the potential to be very lucrative if you play it right, you can see already how some people would have an interest in hampering the ability of some players or even entire clans. And people spend fortunes to reroll just to have better stats, epeen has a huge influence in this community, and things can even get pretty ugly when officials get involved (remember the LUK4S affair). Certainly you can swear you or your team would never accept bribes, but the bottom line is unless there is some external body whose task it is to make sure it wouldn’t be a brilliant idea for you to do so, all we have is your word.
        And think of what WG would do if people started getting banned because of something sordid like this. There would be lawsuits, there would be loss of revenue, and all of that because of a mod used in a very abusive manner (and again I must point out, there is absolutely nothing that can stop it from happening). We know WG would have no way of stopping this particular mod from being used, so there would only be two options for them: removing the complaints system and/or just straight remove the ability to legally mod the game.
        I certainly don’t feel like the risks justify being able to beat internet bullies at their own game.

        And if we don’t want to involve any malice on your part, there is still the issue that (and that applies to the HoS already, but atm the consequences for appearing in the HoS are pretty much non-existent), since the replay system’s structure is pretty well know now, it wouldn’t be hard to alter a replay, change the players names list and/or the in-game chat and then send you the replay or just a screenshot of the altered replay. There you go, getting rid of your CW enemies for free.

        • I fully agree, you are starting a dangerous precedence.
          Basically, you are starting to blame people for who they are and not what they did in this specific battle. This abuses the report system. As much as I support the idea, think the other way.

          Let’s say trolls or your general opposition starts using a similar way of reporting you or any wot celebrities (even without the mod).
          You start getting 30+ reports every time you play and the ban hammer strikes you.

          You did nothing wrong, they abused the report system. The only way of WG resolving the issue is therefore to fix the report system and punish reporters.

          I think this is good intention turned the wrong way.

  11. *sigh* it seems the WoT community really does not like us “kurwas” tbh the reason why WG don’t do anything about it cuse there all a bunch of ass fucking communist loving ruseks and white ruseks and don’t care as long as it doesn’t happen on their precious servers…

  12. I’m glad that someone calls these people on their nonsense and does the name & shame, but it’s really too much for me to actually read. My brain hurts after the first few.

  13. I’m wondering, Does that Mod take into account when you got into the the hall of Shame?

    Im not entirely happy to get myself banned for the rage I did Half a year ago. In the meanwhile I took a long break and Im just starting to get back playing this week. I’m taking full responsibility for that because none in a a game or anywhere else should suffer for my personal Situation at that time.

    So i’m suggesting that the System Removes someones name from that mod list after 3 months or so. This way People that improved their altitude don’t get their asses banned after being away for such a long time.

    Whenever that name gets on the list for a second time in the meantime this counter gets reset ofc. (But date of the insult has to be checked two.)

  14. 12 of the people listed in this HoF are Dutch. Atleast. I apoligize for the sheer retardism of my ”fellow countrymen”

  15. Lol where does all the jew hate come from in EU servers? Its not like they are a visible minority over here and how is labeling someone a jew an insult? Sure I dont like being called religious but other than that, calling me something that from what I saw is usually associated with intelligence, wealth and professionalism… dunno, doesnt seem too offensive to me :)

      • Well I know couple of “hebrew gentlemen” :) and been to Israel, I work in IT and I spoke with people there working in IT and checked how many companies are set up there to do research. Also the number of nobel prize winners they have says something. Also considering how few of them is there they put a lot of much bigger countries to shame and they didn’t achieve it by happening to be in place that has sh*tton of valuable raw resources. And IDF gives the impression of being professional compared to a lot of other militaries.

        Sure, they drive like maniacs and yell more than I’m used to but that seems to be generally middle-eastern thing, regardless of which fairy-tale’s overenthusiastic fans are we talking about :)

        Buuut I can sense where this is going so I’d rather leave it at that Its rather silly to label other people ‘jews’ or not a good taste if you like.

        • It shouldnt be taken as an insult anyway , popular belief sais jews are greedy , and being greedy isnt that much of a thing to be butthurt about . Like who isnt greedy ? xD

  16. SS, I have followed your blog, and forum posts before the blog, for as long as you have done them. I respect all your efforts, but on this, you are very WRONG. You are acting as judge, jury and executioner, when you are absolutely not in possession of all the facts. Some of the HoS entries above are really bad (Juden, Aushwitz etc), but some are merely offensive, and you do not have the full picture,. You are seeing only what you are sent and don’t know the full context.

    • When I do not like my team’s play I type “my team is totally blind”, “IS3 reported for botting” or “you can cap – my team ignores base” or similar.
      Compare that to sentences SS provided.

  17. I was playing Löwe and killed some guy in T69. He then told me that my father is homosexual and he fucked another man in the ass and I was born from the shit and sperm so that means I’m allegedly under-human and should be eradicated together with the rest of the slavic people that were bred by the same way as I was. Then he wished me death by ebola for owning a Löwe.

    Fuck, I mean I didn’t even bought that Löwe, I got it as a birthday gift :D

    • take it as a compliment

      I would print it out and hang it on my wall (perhaps not in the living room…)

  18. Im surprised i never showed up in Hall of Shame, always when people speak german to me i tell them “fuck off nazi” “the third reich fell you know, we speak english now” and so on. Its so rude to insist others speak a minority language in an international gathering. Always start with ENGLISH people, even if you for some stupid reason think that the person you wish to converse with speaks your local language.

  19. “What this mod does is it takes lists of names from Hall of Shame and – if the user of the mod enters a battle and a HoS player is present – it immediately reports them automatically for “unsportsmanlike behavior” or for “insults/provocation”.”

    That is retarded vigilantismlaw in my opinion…

  20. As much as I would like to see toxic scum like this to get banned I see multiple problems with mod like that.
    1) WG probably won’t be exactly thrilled by a mod that keeps spamming unjustified (if the person doesn’t say/do anything during the battle/chat they get reported in it’s unjustified report as far as WG cares) reports. In worse case this can lead to bans for those who use the mod, as it technically counts as harassment.
    2) There’s nothing stopping the author of the mod from slipping in few names of players they happen to dislike for some reason in hopes that they will get banned.

  21. You know what is a funny thing? Most of this (uni)scums hating players using arty, insulting them calling jews, polisch fucks etc. but some of this fucks was using arty ib4 like that jelly shit The_legend_of_Koala. So what’s your problem violet stupid cunt after account reset, when do you playing arty it’s ok, but when someone hurts you then it’s badly? Fucking selfish asshole.

  22. SS i hope you realise that this mod is a very very dangerous (and in my opinion incredibly bad) idea.
    I personally never rage chat. I see no point in using battle chat for more than attack coordination. Thats why i find it really easy to report raging kids – i only get reported for alleged gold ammo use (e.g. in my Type 59 in which i don’t even carry gold ammo :D).
    So from my perspective it would be quite easy to claim the moral high-ground as i very rarely misbehave.
    BUT there are some large issues with this mod.
    The most important one: you play god. You decide who gets on the list and who doesn’t. Apart from the fact that i wouldn’t dare trying to judge all those people based on replays/screenshots (which can be faked quite easily) – this simply is as far from a just system as it gets. Maybe those guys deserve it, but the ends don’t justify the means. If you want to be a better person than those guys, you shouldn’t take such measures.
    The next big issue is quite complex: The mod will not lead to bans. Why? Well i said its complex.
    - You only have 10 reports. The mod can’t change that. So the total number of reports might increase slightly (i report maybe 1 player per hour for cancer whishing and such, 3-4 a day, some clanmates need all 10 reports already), but the increase is mediocre at best.
    - The report quality (reporting them when they really did something wrong) will decrease. This extends the “you only have 10 reports” issue: when the mod has used up your 10 reports on games where these players did nothing wrong you can’t use it in severe cases, so you used 10 reports on nothing and no report on real insults – report quality = 0.
    - The intention is to make WG ban the HoS players – this won’t happen. WG will have more reports to check and find less offenses. The only thing that happens is breaking the report system. HoS appearing players get hundreds of reports for nothing, really bad players get max. 30 reports for the worst rant in a match – which means they have far lower priority.
    - The result of such events will be: WG blacklists report mods, bans players using it. WG removes report system (as its broken). Both logical, both hurt the initial cause.

    TL;DR: HUGE technical issues that lead to results far different from what you intend and morally just as wrong as the guys in HoS.

  23. I must say, the guy in the Hellcat at least was creative with his insults… _tZ_ was the name on that one. Its hilarious that he was that coherent and used such good grammar too LOL

  24. To be honest, this kind of post made me sick…
    How can someone be like that? I mean… I’ve seen people be the same in game…. But didn’t though there’s such a big collection of utterly racist people…

    How can someone be so antisocial? I get it that a lot of antisocial people play MMO’s mostly because they have to much free time.. But I’m antisocial myself.. And I would probably never do such a thing.. maybe rage a bit.. swear a bit, but never insult someone… would never address an insult to someone…

    I wish that the community managers would do something about those guys and not go like “Oh, but they payed for the game so they must stay”

    • check this out
      player medjed spg-s battles 1804 including one tier 10 arty
      mediums battles 2562.so stop blaming arty players coz you are one of them.

      • “player medjed spg-s battles 1804 including one tier 10 arty”

        Just because you play something doesn’t mean you don’t know it is broken crap, actually it would be stupid to claim something is broken without even playing it. Even Garbad has played challenges in arty just to prove how stupidly easy it was to do, and he did prove it too.

        I too have played arty but I still say its broken trash to let bad players have something they can do in the game and feel good about themselves, because they suck at playing everything else.
        And yes I do blame arty players cause I sold all my arty and will not touch it, because I refuse to ruin the game for others using WG’s broken crap, so those who continue to use it are willfully spoiling the game..

        • dude so if someone play arty or td-s because he likes he must play a light tink because you say so?if i like to to eat ice cream i cant because you dont like it?get real dude is a free to play game and everybody play what he wants .

          • Find me one player that haven’t rerolled that never played arty(it’s possible to find, but really hard) you stupid fuck. And what happened to “if you think arty is that easy to play why don’t you try it yourself” argument? You clicking fucktards like to use arguments only when they suits you. For your information i’ve played arty last time in 8.5 before it got rebalanced in 8.6. Also back then i wasn’t as good player as i am today and knowing game mechanics better helps you understand why is something broken. Implying that i’m an arty player would mean that i’m still playing arty which i don’t and i actually sold every arty piece i had just as 8.6 hit the live server you dumb piece of shit. If you can’t think of any better argument than pointing out how many battles i have in each class then shut the fuck up you dumb cocksucker.

            • listen dude.first thing first i didnt insulted you like you did.that shows you dont have common sense.second.why dafuq you dont make your own private sever and manage it like u want?
              why for example a football player play football instead boxing?because he likes it.period.

  25. If someone dont insult anyone in match – why you report him?
    And if he is – rly? you are so fcn lazy and get so fat hands you cannot report him by own activity? I dont get it…

    Sry SS but you and some moders are not WOT-JudgeDredd to pick somebody to stone to death by some kind of mod. If you ask ppl to report some idiot without reason you are not better then him.

  26. What’s amazing is that most of these guy were destroyed by these “sub-human” players! That would make the haters “sub-sub-human”? They must have no skill then. What are their winrates?

  27. I know these are harsh , unethical … even inhuman things to say, but I can’t report someone who didn’t anything to me YET!!! it’s not Minority Report.
    the problem is that most players don’t even make the effort to report (like: hope I never see this player again).
    Personally I want to report player who’ve done things to ME not consuming ten reports on people who’ve done nothing to me.
    once I was in a Matilda (top battle tier) and a platoon surrounded me right after the start of the battle and the three of them reported ME for unfair play while the team was passing right near me and not helping nor eporting (I was pressing F7 repeatedly).

    • Some battles are lost at start due to some platoons or single trolls, but you should not act like it is end of world. Next battle will be without them. And spamming just angers other players who have nothing to with it.

  28. I generally don`t use ingame chat, because every red tomato thinks he’s a PRO, just don`t understand english or are playing on laptops touchpad. I can only wish “get cancer and die!” :) In fact, devs could just leave autocommands, like Help! Defend base! etc.

  29. I propose to put 3 names there

    1.Jingles – he calls arty scumbags, and it insult me when i drown in my arty.
    2.QuickyBaby – he calls players muppets etc. and he insult my beloved tv program.
    3.SirCircon, and his little pathetic minion SirFoch – first had beard and play FV304 to mutch, and second use to mutch bad language at streams.

    I can gave you some more ppl to your gestapo list if you want. Your ego carry you to far this time.

  30. If you put big “PL” letters at the end of your nickname and then play artillery you sort of ask for it.

  31. This mod shows much promise. I just hope it won’t be too agressive. All cencor, aids, death… wishing assholls should be banned immiditly. And those who keep spamming insults. I dunno about just calling someone a jew. Banning ppl for saying hail hitler / stalin might be a bit much. Maybe they just don’t realize how much weight is in that statment. A 14 year old who heard about WW2 on TV. People can say noninsulting nonsense without thinking about it… Hell, “Mighty Jingles” walked around in German uniform in tank feast(?), which made many people uneasy, myself included.
    It should require multiple reports backed up by screenshots / replays, not just 1 offense where he might just got home allready enraged from work and went on a 6 game loosing streak, while being shot at by arty.
    I personly just ignore all the pricks. One every dozen or more games isn’t much.

  32. Mostly uneducated raging racist 12 year olds who are getting bullied in real life, just ignore them and have a laugh. Thanks for sharing this, made me laugh because of the fact there are still neonazi’s playing this game.

  33. As much as I despise the donkeys that spam vile language and moronic insults, making this vigilante moblike auto-report mod is even more toxic, abuse-friendly and I’m pretty sure it violates WarGaming’s WoT EULA. I hope WG will intervene with a cease and desist before this goes out of hand.

    I’m not sure why you tend to fall into your melodrama queen attitude so often, SS, it’s pure shame. :/

      • Some might not give a shit, but would still consider the person an illiterate twat.

        Obviously English isn’t one of their stronk suits, but their grammar and spelling does not help reduce their image as a retard when combined with such flowery talk.

  34. iI like your blog and check it every hour for more news and leaks. I share in many of your opinions and think that same of the people in the HoS need to be banned, or at least be warned

    But, I am very sorry to say. In my opinion this mod is a very bad idea. It will sent an automated report even when the player in question is behaving himself and just is playing to have fun. Yes. He might misbehaved in the past, and in some cases even really badly. But he has/needs the chance to redeem his self and change his behaviour. This mod will condemn everybody on the list for eternity and not give them the chance to change.

    The biggest problem is, Who gets to decide which people get on the list? will this person be all powerful(God) in getting players banned just because he doesn’t like them or because he was playing bad and screwed up his(our!) game. Will he be able to put players on the list without undisputed evidence? Will he Be “judge dredd”?

    When we look at our worlds history, we know it’s never a good idea to put so much power in the hands of just one individual(dictator if you will) or even a small group of people. Do we really want to go back to the time so called witches got burned or droned, just because someone sad shy was a witch? Or hack of libs of so called thief’s? or better yet. Do we want to be the same as those idiotic people who thing the Sharia, Islamic law (ISIS) is the way to go?

    WG is working on similar systems and in my opinion they, and only they should have the power to Ban players.

    Please stop this nonsense!

  35. I noticed that a lot of abuse on the Poles came from players from countries in this part of Europe (for ex. Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia). It is very strange for me because we have a similar hstory in the last 25 years, so we should be better tolerated. Intolerance comes from ignorance.

    It’s Sad…

    • True, but i can’t understand why are Poles so obsessed with the PL in their nicknames. Do you really need to point that out that obviously and then whine when someone uses it against you to trash talk about Polish players. Same goes for Czech people. PL and CZ are most common in nicknames. It’s like you’re asking for it.

      • I really don’t see anything bad on this thing…
        Maybe my country man can better recognize me…

  36. What about a mod that detect SilentStalker in-game and report him for every kind of stuff? Guess OldSkool can fix this.

    • Sure, but considering that

      - I play very little
      - I have an alt you guys don’t know about (noone does)
      - it would have to be mass-distributed (you don’t have means, forums will immediately ban such a mod)
      - it would have to be mass used and good luck nazis and other scum getting enough support to ban a normal player

      I really don’t see that happening. Oh and Oldskool is of course going to be one of the first people added for his vile rants.

      • Actually, he makes a good point. There are plenty of people with the ability to create similar mods (or alter this one). There are loads of sources fto download mods beyond WG’s ability to police. Whats to stop people creating a mod that , for instance, auto reports anyone with PL in their nickname, or anyone from a specific clan, or any specific players?

        Your response SS, (that ‘I’m OK,because I use an alt’), does not really stack up. At best it’s selfish.

        • I’m thinking a modification to this mod to add arty players to the names list, I’m sure a lot of people will download that, maybe even more so than to ban these racists :)

          Easy enough to make available in this day of cheap file storage.

      • Rants about nazis – uses gestapo mod to ban them from a game.

        You got issues.

        Is it a bird? No, is it a plane? No it’s SilentStalkerman to save us from the baddies!!!

        What gives you the right Mr. supercop?

        You are no better than them.

        • Indeed, it’s interesting how SS will bash anything connected to nazis but will readily adopt their methods. Double standards much?

  37. Especially long post today.

    Now, I know they’re all bad comments and what not, but Silentstalker would you mind making an analogy for those of us who don’t speak Polish or don’t understand some of the slang hate words?

  38. Looks like S3AL is fast becoming the new EFE; thanks largely to CosmicScumbag.

    Can’t wait for the release of this mod. Will laugh my a** off when all the gold spamming stat padders start crying on the forum about being banned.

    • when all the gold spamming stat padders
      y so butthurt….just because people are using available game mechanics doesn’t mean they are statpadders and just because you’re too shit at the game that you can’t afford yourself to spend credits on premium ammo doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You might as well call any other player statpadder because he’s using his tanks to play. Both gold ammo and tanks are available game mechanics so both could be considered as statpadding, baddie. Stop denying. Unicums existed way before gold ammo era, but shitlords like you will always stay shitlords who are bad at the game because they are too retarded to learn as simple game as WoT is to play.

      • just because people are using available game mechanics doesn’t mean they are statpadders[...]

        Please add in: “Or skycancers”. Thank You.

    • someone’s mad cause bad :)

      How does someone else ‘statpadding’ or shooting gold stop YOU from being good at the game? lel.

  39. ‘Dat E-50 was on fire, baby! :))

    But why you want to add this mod?…my everlasting dream was to get myself into this HoS…now I can’t if I don’t want myself banned…

    Jokes aside…interesting idea…hope WG will be fine with it.

  40. As long as theres morons in the game, who rams others or shoots them for no reason, or has sub 50% win-rates and almost no win8/win7 stats@ they never do shit to win, then there’s plenty of reason to rage out, and tell them a lot of bad things, i am not proud of the things i say to people in this game, but then again, they really shouldn’t be playing if they are sub 30fps or simply bad at this game. They put to much hazzle on people who know what they are doing and try to win the games. Its frustrating as fuck, that you cant even carry potato teams by doing 3-5k+ damage in your tier 7-8 tank, while your tier10s are on bottom of list with sub 1k death. UNTIL they grow brain-cells, there will be many many mad words towards them, and i fully understand EFE and all the other good clans and how they react to the bads.

  41. Interesting, everyone says that tomatoes destroy this game, well look how Good players(some of them mentioned here, not all ofc) do on public, they are the ones that should be removed!

    When my team loses i say: oh well… you could do better but nevermind

    When i get killed by arty i say: clicker…

    When they call me jew i say: aaand what u gonna do ? (Bcoz i knpw they are not going to do anything to me, they cant!

  42. Just had a game today with that guy from EFE – DJBasil. He was in platoon with some other EFE member, both had VK 7201. Enemy player was crying about them using HEAT.
    His response : go holocaust. I think there was also something about zyklon in chat, would have to watch replay. Such a nice guy…

    • Sind’s the last HoS was mostly about EFE players. I have been watching out for them. Every day I got in a game with an EFE member, but have seen no bad behaviour of them. They have a bad reputation, but it does not mean there all bad.

    • Shitlord crying about T10 shooting HEAT, specially if it’s E-100/VK72 that has shitty AP pen deserved all the insults. They should however stick to more common insults and not go full nazi with holocaust etc.

  43. SS, another point (unless I missed it), is that if this mod is popular, you are going to have to spend a fuckload of extra time vetting HoS entries. Do you really want to spend all your free time doing this? It will only take one major misreport/faked entry etc, for you to lose a lot (or all) of your goodwill with WG Minsk and playerbase.

  44. It is about time that there is a real tool, one that will work to fight hate attacks.

    Let them cry as they get banned. Because haters, racists and anti Semites thought that on the Internet that they could can hide their real identity behind screen names. About time they got/get a real punishment.

    A golden moment for all people who value humanity and justice.

  45. I got a nice warning message for swearing a while ago in WT which didn’t surprise me as I can get a bit potty mouthed but nothing like some of the stuff the human excrement on WoT come out with, Gaijin is a company that at least tries to do something about the haters unlike WG but as mentioned earlier they don’t listen to the players much (unlike WG that listens to the Russian players at the expense of the rest of the playerbase).

    • btw. the Hungarian guy was saying the same as he did in english

      sadly there are only the same insults every time, ‘j*w holo*aust go camping ca*cer get dead’ etc…. nothing creative :(

      (the insults alarmed the moderation system :D )

  46. Well, from the way quite a few people play and live real lives, human race can use some selective culling. As far as the game goes. If I am sniping and someone keeps ramming me because he wants to get a shot in, or pushes my Cromwell out onto the open with his IS3 so he can see if any enemy around (by them shooting me)- yes, that speaks volumes about his character. If someone starts trolling about how great Obama is, yes, he will get response about our Der Schwartze Fuhrer, our Muslim Chump/Chimp in Chief. I am very much would like to know how do people know if other players are jews or not. There are no Merkava or Super Sherman in the game. Yes, you can guess poles and germans, by nicknames, you can figure out Russians pretty quick. I think the insult Untermensch is great, it covers lowlifes of any and all ethnicities that play WOT:-). How do you react when someone, in chat starts talking about his privates itching and about how much he wants to get laid. I react simple: “Into the Gazenwagen, untermensch”. Covers everything. I am not in the game to listen to some people talking about their privates and whom did they slept with in their minds, I am not in the game to deal with morons who happen to be on my team. I play to relax and blow off steam. If someone interferes with my R&R – they are gonna hear about it. If I get 3 days ban from chatting – I do not care.

    • By not punishing you has only embolden you and others to act in the same shameful manor as you do.

      For too long this type of behavior has gone unchecked because you and others believed that you could act with impunity. Like the cowards you are, you hide unanimously behind a user name while spewing your garbage rants.

      I as well as many others in the WoT community will enjoy seeing the chat cleaned up from your “blowing off steam”.

      Hopefully sooner as opposed to later the fear of a ban or an account deletion will force you to take your filth and channel it to your own home.

  47. A Mod automatically reports guys? You should mark them with a Star. It worked well in the 3 Reich.

  48. SS, this is very wrong IMO. Exposing these people in your blog, taking the piss out of them; those are all good. Getting a mod created that reports players of a list, whether they actually do anything or not? And I wonder how badly that could be abused, if someone manages to change the list to, let’s say a clan he doesn’t like. Again, this is not a good move, and I hope this is just a piss-take.

  49. Player hate? Bad.
    Hate from WG devs? Not a problem.
    The double standards…. Oh my God the double standards.

  50. I’m worried about this mod despite the good intentions behind it, as WG may see an increase number of reports from a player that used 10 reports per day as long as the mod is active(let’s say he/she meets multiple HoS players on multiple occasion every day), that WG would simply ignore it and just fed up and treat the report as just spam reporting. Same with guilty HoS player receiving multiple reports a day that they will treat it as spam, that may also affect other reports on other players and they will just ignore more and more reports because of this. Maybe on players that are really notorious could be on the list, but be careful on some occasional/or just rage on one particular game player that could get reported over and over.

  51. most polish/czech players are douches and tomatoes but this is too much. but the community is no where near bad as lol one.

    in lol even tomatoes are extremely toxic

  52. Human life is so worthless these days…one day, I’ll pick my gun and prove that this statement is correct.

    Ow, me being brutal XD

  53. Really moronic idea. Hall of shame? for whic etihc. Everbody think their ethics is universall.
    But if we look taliban rule. All already must die… You cant punish people as long as game have option diasable game chat. I always blame tomato teams. I dont care your idiotic hall of shame ideas. Becasue they dont care us. Yes this is game but this is online game if you dont care your team mate. go and play tetris no body force you. Disable chat If you dontwant to see. Assholes @ everwhere in world. You cant clear. As long you cant clear @ same time. This will not be justice. This will be only a revenge whic cause more asshole. I hate tomato players… What can i do for them? i cant disable them……

    • You can blame tomato team without using “cancer” or “gas shower” in what you write. The disabling chat feature doesn’t exempt you from having a brain and being correct on chat. Always the same problem: I’m on internet, I’m the king of the world. No.

      The traffic on this site after a Hall of Shame article is always ridiculous. I do not agree with the naming and shaming behind the concept of Hall of shame. Already said it in comments and in a poll, but seriously when I see the amount of crying sissies that come here to whine and that don’t assume the consequences of their trash talking sessions… That mod is still a bad idea for me because of the possible abuse, but seriously if it is realeased one day, those people will have earned it…

  54. Great MOD I will sure download it :)

    In german section of WOT forum the people who will be affected already is going mad :)
    I like this and will sure download it :)
    And hell yes, there can not be an abuse of that – WOT says there system is perfect and all bans are checked by WG staff before. So either the fanboys are wrong and WG Staff is a bunch of lying retards – then the system will be abused and sooner or later this will have a bad impact on the business of WG or the fanboys are right and nothing will happen :)
    So let’s see what is going on :)

  55. You guys are lucky you do not have the player RAGER1 who’s on the US server. He is literally the biggest asshole in the game bar none. He tks all the time and trolls training rooms with his nazi tanks(only uses German). Word is he has a friend high up in WG that keeps his account from getting banned…..