Straight Outta Supertest: Panther mit 8,8 L/71

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

this is the upcoming tier 8 German premium tank. Basically, it’s exactly what the name suggests – Panther with Schmalturm and 88mm L/71. The description reads:

The work on modifying the “Panther” in order to carry the new turret type (“Schmalturm”) began already in Spring 1944. In order to differentiate it from the previous model, it recieved the Panther Ausf.F designation. On 23.1.1945, colonel Holzhauer reported on the development of the installation of the 88mm King Tiger gun in the modified version of that turret. Even though a significant number of the hulls was produced, the turret remained in the wooden mock-up stage.





Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price is 11,5k gold.

Tier: 8 Premium
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 46,5 tons
Engine power: 600 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t
Maximum speed: 46/20 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,822
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: 573,6

Armor – hull: 80/50/?
Armor – turret: 120/60/?

Gun: 88mm L/71
Penetration: 203
Damage: 240
DPM: 2115
Reload time: 6,808s
ROF: 8,813
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -2 (!) in the front, -7 on the sides (this is odd, historically the design had -8/+15)
Turret traverse rate: 29,2 deg/s

137 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Panther mit 8,8 L/71

    • looked fun and interesting until I saw that. If they fixed that and gave it premium MM, I’d become interested.

      • No amount of limited MM will fix the broken gun depression. The Panther is a fairly huge vehicle and as a result, the gun is mounted very high. The chinese medium tanks have -3 depression and a, by comparison, low mounted gun and you more than often can not hit anything in front of you even on flat ground (slightest bump on the terrain will make you shoot clouds) and those are veciles that can actually take the beating they inevitably get because of your need to overexpose yourself, unlike a Panther.

    • So … why have this in game?
      1500HP – same as non-premium Panther II
      Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t (12.98 – about the same)
      Maximum speed: 46/20 km/h (55/20 – worse than the Panther II)
      Soft stats: 0,767/0,959/1,822 (0,767/0,959/2,014 – same on hard/medium, better on soft terrain)
      Hull traverse: 36 deg/s (same)
      Turret traverse rate: 29,2 deg/s (31 – worse)
      Viewrange: 390 (same)
      Radiorange: 573,6 (740,4 – worse than the Panther II)
      Armor – hull: 80/50/? (100/60/40 -worse)
      Armor – turret: 120/60/? (120/60/60 -same)
      Gun: 88mm L/71(same)
      DPM: 2115 (2057 – better)
      Accuracy: 0,307 (0,326 – better)
      Aimtime: 2,4s (2,59 – better)
      Depression: -2 (!) in the front, -7 on the sides (-8 – much worse)

      thou not bad for a premium, considering the terms for prem tanks

          • well that was with keeping the side depression in mind, which is only 1 degree worse on the premium Panther88 … which wouldn’t be a bad thing, you know, premium tanks have to be worse than regular ones of the same tier/class/nation, but the -2 is the real killer … shooting on the move? hah, forget it, not to the front… slightest bump and your aim is miles off

            I bet quite a lot of low profile tanks could be able to deal with the Panther88 if they just parked in front of it, (like with the E-25vKV-85 thingy) punching the lower plate, damaging the engine (even without a fire, it would mean that the Panther would be screwd) …. E-25, ELC .. .hell, even anything with remotely good turret armor (200+EAT) could 1v1 it since the Panther88 wouldn’t be able to aim down at the enemy’s hull.
            Very challenging tank without support

      • Its as fast as a Panther with a 88mm gun and will almost assuridly be limited MM and yet you all bitch?

        Panther is amazing right now minus the 85 DMG alpha everyone alway saays it woulbe great qwith more alphs.

        So now we get a solid alpha, a faster tank better camo and HUGE crerw and cred grinding anf you still bitch?’

  1. If that gets the standard MM then good luck :>

    Only halfway usable in T9 max MM and even then… Shit imo.

    • Well, it’s almost identical to Panther 2, with only forward gun depression being significantly worse.

      Now, I’m not saying Panther 2 is overly enjoyable tank to play, but it’s serviceable at least, even if it meets tier 10 tanks from time to time. So I’m not holding my breath to see prem Panther with preferential MM.

      But then, I wouldn’t go back to Panther 2, even if it made great profit and never saw tier 10. There are other, better German crew training meds, and there are way more enjoyable money making tanks out there.

      Basically, the only thing that would make me consider getting one if it had MM only up to it’s own tier, making it top tier every time. But it never gonna happen.

  2. I really hope that this will be like the Pz4, and the schmalturm will be replaced with a production turret, and the proposed (but not implemented) turret will now only be on the premium one tier up.

    I’d like the tier 7 panther to look historic in elite form.

  3. [*] RIP interesting German premiums… MOAR copypasta!

    This tank has reason to exist as separate premium only if they remove F turret from normal Panther… Only, this will be money grab similar to Pz4S split. Why can’t they use sth. interesting instead…?

      • Prototype der Arbeitsgruppe B anyone? I think it was already mentioned as a candidate.
        And You have to admit it’s a bit meh. Plus if that depression will stay, good luck with selling it.

      • This one has no right to exist as premium – it was more real life than many paper regulars and that config had already been ingame as regular.
        It just doesn’t fulfill basic requirements for a premium.

        As for alternative: there were some proposed already, but we can try and find sth. better.

          • Oh, Daigensui is not happy. :-)

            Give me a plain, historical looking Panther D at t7 with limited mm instead of this abomination, throw an unique camo pattern on it maybe and I’ll buy it happily for 10k gold, thank you.

            (Flushing Panther mit 8,8 L/71 down the toilet)

          • We would, but the rest of us plebs don’t have an entire national tree to research and present to Wargaming in order to get the e-fame enough to be deluded enough to think you are as authoritative as you’re trying to be.

          • How about trying to not be a jerk, might do you some good. WG can do whatever it wants, it chooses to make turds for Germany.

  4. Do something about the gun depression and it looks damn fine.

    The track friction is actually very good, so the mobility should be workable.

      • I aced this shit in the first match and average 1k exp in it, just because I think it’s shit doesn’t mean I can’t play :P

    • But what if that shittier panther II could shit money and not get thrown into tier 10 battles?

      • not worth it. panther 2 has 8 degrees gun depression

        this has 2.

        aka less than T-34-3. and its a bigger tank which means aiming down is even harder.

        FCM 50t is better in every way

          • Yeah sure that makes that thing so much better.
            Com: Why arent you shooting that enemy tanker, gunner?
            Gunner: I cant gun wont depress we must turn our tank sideways.
            Com: Right i forget another stupid lamp blocks the gun.

          • Thats not muh usefull bcoz there is a huge difference in exposing your upper plate in an angle and presenting a huge chuck of the side. So not only you are exposing a very weak part of the tank, but also the Engine, ammorack and the whole crew department.

        • Apparently the -2 gun depression is really only for when the gun is colliding when a periscope [...which I don't actually see modeled].

  5. 600hp engine??? -2 degrees gun-depression??? This premium Panther is very big dissapointment for me…

      • Because the Chi-Ri shows what awesomeness a T9 max tank with a “fast” autoloading 7.5cm/L70 could be. [Chi-Ri's gun is just lacking the good platform, IMHO]

        Seriously I would buy such a Panther Premium in an instant…

  6. Another useless and uninteresting german premium tank, good job WG, or maybe time to fire the incompetent drunkards at the market research department…

  7. well….WG hates mediums

    11.5k gold huh

    Lowe has similar mobility(HP/t wise in performance) better gun better armor better hp

    FCM 50T has better EVERYTHING than this PoS.

    wargaming. WTF

      • That’s like saying that prem Panther’s turret armour could actually count for something …. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • It has for sure a tougher turret then the FCM50t, but keep in mind that its flat and 120 pen is even under the lowest roll for AP ammo on most T7 tanks. For crew training purposes is way better T-25 and alot cheaper.

        There is literally NOTHING that makes this tank apealing… Maybe if they would significantly buff the gun. Lowering the aimtime to 2.0 seconds, accuracy to 0.29 and reload to 6.5 seconds. With crew skills, vents, rammer going under 6 seconds. Then maybe it would be worth a shot.

      • T34-3 has at least some strengths….. Think how badly a T34-3 could wreck this stupid-Panther….. park in front of it, fire away.

        • Man, i have it and it is just useless, you cant really fight any other meds, that panther shoots twice as fast and T34-3 has horrible gun, you cant fire on the move, not even at close distances. You just aim at enemy and hope.
          Edit: It would take me 36seconds (48 if i am unlucky enough) to destroy that panther, if i count the fist shot as already loaded. And to top it off, every shot would have to be a penetration. That is almost impossible.

          • I can’t understand why everybody is so against t34-3 I really enjoy playing it (of course It needs you to learn completely new tactics) when you will learn where to stay to be able to aim down and when to shoot to have possibility to reloed safely it’s really fun tank

            • It is a medium tank, right? It is certainly not a sniper, not a brawler, not a flanker… this med is kind of “Frankenstein” amongst the medium tanks… it has a lot of different features, but together- they dont work. i used to kill T34-3 with my comet… he missed one shot and he did not stand a chance.
              Edit: If you put such a gun on medium tank, you have to change it slightly, you cant just take heavy tanks gun and put it on med, with reduced aimtime or reload time or increased accuracy, this tank could work, but not in the state it is now. I have 60% winrate and pretty good dmg per game, so i like this tank, but it is useless, carrying bad team is much harder than in other meds, if i could decide to buy it again, i would not, it was waste of money.

              • With reduced aimtime or reload time or increased accuracy, this tank would be a better Type 59. So nope.

  8. Looks a lot worse than I was imagining. Not worth 2k gold, let alone 11.5K, unless it get preferentill MM and only sees tier 8 matches….but it won’t. Good luck fighting tier X all the time in that.

  9. Meh… Why would anyone spend credits on this tank when there’re better and more original alternatives?

    A better idea would have been to replace the Indien Pz with the new tier 8 LT (RU numbers) and have the Indien as premium.

  10. Jesus christ that thing sounds awful. Panther 1 chassis, 12.nn hp/ton, 2 degrees depression? It’s like a ghetto panther 2.. I mean, I assume special MM, but even then, what a mediocre looking tank.

  11. So where is a depressionless, huge, slow tank supposed to snipe all game from in the new world of alleys?

  12. Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t
    holy shit.. its a heavy.. a really sluggish one..

    what a pity it got the “ugly” turret :( The stock one on panther is much better IMHO.. mostly due to trolling mantlet

    btw it looks exactly like Panther II … Or am I missing something ?

  13. Here’s the stats compared to the Panther II in parentheses:

    Tier: 8 Premium
    Hitpoints: 1500 (1500)
    Weight: 46,5 tons (53.922 tons)
    Engine power: 600 hp (700 hp)
    Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t (12.98 hp/t)
    Maximum speed: 46/20 km/h (55/20 km/h)
    Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,822 (0.80/1.00/2.10)
    Hull traverse: 36 deg/s (36 deg/s)
    Viewrange: 390 (390)
    Radiorange: 573,6 (710)

    Armor – hull: 80/50/? (100/60/40)
    Armor – turret: 120/60/? (120/60/60)

    Gun: 88mm L/71
    Penetration: 203 (203)
    Damage: 240 (240)
    DPM: 2115 (1972.8)
    Reload time: 6,808s (7.30s)
    ROF: 8,813 (8.22)
    Accuracy: 0,307 (0.34)
    Aimtime: 2,4s (2.70s)
    Depression: -2 (!) in the front, -7 on the sides (+8/-20) (this is odd, historically the design had -8/+15)
    Turret traverse rate: 29,2 deg/s (30 deg/s)”

    So it pretty much looks less armored and slower, but with better gun stats than the Panther II.

      • Lower top speed = slower.

        Now it is more maneuverable than the Panther II, with better terrain resistance and same traverse and accel.

        Speed and maneuverability are different.

  14. Uhh….guys, could you all please at least compare the stats in detail before you say it’s garbage? SS, you really should post the stats of Panther II alongside these.

    Well, I’ll do a comparison first,
    Panther mit 88 vs (Panther II)
    Armor:80/50/? (100/60/40)
    Weight: 46,5t (53,9t)
    HP: 1500 (1400)
    Hull Traverse: 36 (36)
    Engine Power: 600hp (700hp)
    View Range: 390m
    Pen: 203/237/44 (203/237/44)
    Damage: 240 (240)
    Rate of Fire: 8.813 (8.22)
    DPM: 2115 (1972)
    Accuracy: 0.307 (0.34)
    Aim Time: 2.4s (2.7s)

    Therefore, Panther mit 88 is a weak-armored Panther II with a faster & more accurate 88. Looks legit. You guys please don’t buy it, I’m gonna be the only one driving it.

      • Also have fun driving giant box tank with no effective armour, mobility nor camo, with only strength being it’s gun, but only for as long as it has not been spotted. Also enjoy all the corridor maps where you WILL be spotted and forced to fight at distances where the accuracy will be irrelevant.

      • Lack of gun depression is nothing new for German medium drivers. Sure, German tanks get better depression than the Chinese, but there’s nothing spectacular about their gun depression either, so I’m sure it won’t be too hard to adapt.

  15. I would rather wait for T-54 Soviet Premium one.
    as for training German MT crew purposes, Pz IV Schmalturm still decent..

  16. The 88/L56 had a big enough kick that reportedly Tiger crews were forbidden to shoot the cannon if the muzzle brake was damaged. This here has a longer barrel, less spacious turret, and no muzzle brake in sight. Because WG.

    Please tell me I’m not the one set off by that…

    • “This here has a longer barrel, less spacious turret, and no muzzle brake in sight. Because WG.”
      Not Because WG. Because Daimler-Benz

  17. Meh. Already got my Panther M10 for crew training and other premiums for credit making. It’s hard to be excited about a new premium when it’s so much like something that’s already in game.

    • I didnt buy chinese premium and Su122-44 because Im simply tired of D25 gun. Too much tanks use it already. And yes – I have M10 in hangar + Pz4/5 – (and there is pz4 shmalturm and E-25 in game) It will be 5 or 6 German prem medium.

      And – I need 30000 exp to get Lorraine40t – and I simply didnt have crew for it. NO ONE french medium. No one. So Tier9 tank got perkless crew. Looks so strange for me.

      but – WG is rich enough to made TV commercials – may be there better know for what tanks peoples ready to pay – but I will not buy just another Panther. What for?

      Wait for French prem tanks, and USA prem GMC.

  18. So Germany gets another paper tank and US can’t get tanks that were actually built, let alone tanks that were actually produced and SERVE with US forces.

    Still waiting for that T42 or M47, Wargaming.

    • It’s not a paper tank at all. The only part of it that’s “paper” is the modification of the Schmallturm to mount the 88 mm KwK 43 L/70.

      • The combination of schmalturm, 88mm L/71 and Panther was never even prototyped. Therefore, it’s a paper tank.

        • This is not true at all, germans have 2 interesting plans for the future of Panther F (yep, the Panther hull + schmalturm turret is called Panther F) one is replace the L70 by the L71 and 2nd improvement was remove loader to mount an autoloader version of L71.

          In the end this premium is WHAT needs be Panther in tier 7 with L71 as 2nd gun option.

          Is not a great prem but with reduced MM could be usable as trainer and creditmaker.

          • “This is not true at all, germans have 2 interesting plans for the future of Panther F (yep, the Panther hull + schmalturm turret is called Panther F) one is replace the L70 by the L71 and 2nd improvement was remove loader to mount an autoloader version of L71.”

            Did they ever prototype this weapon in this turret on this tank?


            Therefore, it is a paper tank. It was something someone dreamed up and sketched down on a napkin, but it never actually got built.

            German tree. Napkinwaffle galore.

  19. I’m buying this as soon as it comes out.

    I have 10 mediums in the garage and 1 crew. With the new premium XP returns this will help my quest to get the crew to have 100% on every skill and perk.

    • First post I noticed that mentioned the upcoming bonus. This tank will be fine as long as the credit profitability is on the higher end and people play it correctly. Not everyone will be able to since 95% of the playerbase can’t handle tonks with bad depression.

  20. My T-34-1 and 34-2 laugh at this things pathetic gun depression :p, I’ve played enough games in the Chinese to know this is gonna be bad…

  21. So, 50 real bucks for a premium tank with the usual (expected) worse than credit tank stats but with horribad depression.

    Come on WG – give us some decently priced premiums like you used to when tier 8s were 7500 gold, not this overpriced BS

  22. Would only buy if price was nerfed to sub-5K gold, I already have all the other German prem mediums, don’t need this to train crews. Even the PM10 is more serviceable than this heap of shit.

  23. I like my T-25, Pz IVs and I’m going to buy the M10 panther but no way in hell I’m buying this. How about some US tanks bundeswehr used after war, with properly nerfed soft stats to fit in T8?

  24. I’ve been wondering why is that hard to make a good T8 prem med tank? They do this for money, right? Wouldn’t they sell a lot more of these tanks if they were any good? All I want is a normal medium tank that acts like medium which means low profile, decent fast firing gun, decent speed and mobility. Armor doesn’t matter much since everyone is using gold now but it would be nice if it wouldn’t suffer from criticals that much. Instead we get too expensive big, slow tank without depression?! What’s up with that? I don’t want to buy SP because that’s not med tank. If I want to play with boring tanks I’ll remove dust from god awful T34. Now I get another SP but the size of T34? No, thank you… What’s left is that I can hope they won’t fu*k up FV too much when it turns to T8 prem but WG is unseen butcher! On the other hand, why don’t they release T59 again? No one is playing it anymore anyway?!

  25. So KV-1S had -2° historical gun depression and it took them several years to finally nerf it at least to -3°(not -2° for the sake of balance) from fucking -8° and yet Panther had historically -8° and they just decided to give it -2° because fuck your fascist box tank, this is Soviet Belarusia. They disgust me with their patriotism. Btw GL with selling that turd for 11,5k goldz.

  26. It doesnt matter How good the gun depression are….. The only thing I need is that 8.8 CM L/71 gun and have speed like panther M10…… As long as it have that gun and have speed like panther M10, Doesnt matter how bad the stats are, it will become Badass tank in My hand. And I will buy it Nyahahahahahahahaha

    • I see what your saying I personally love the panther 2 but -2 is almost unplayable yes you have -7 to the sides and I would probably use a similar tactic to the e50/e50m as it has -8 to the sides.

    • M10 has more horsepower. With 2 degrees depression, you will fail, and be a waste of a spot on your team.

  27. -2 gun depression? Hahahahaha, really! The T-34-3 is fucking unplayable with -3 and this is even worse. I mean, can it even hit the lfp on even grounds without showing it’s sides? Who the hell wants that gun on a tank with the size of panter II… You’ll get ammorack/module dmg every single game.

    How fucking hard can it be to make a proper medium with decent speed & agility AND SIZE, gun dep and okish penetration? No we are not asking for a slow medium that plays like a heavy, a heavy that’s more like a medium, a medium with a terrible gun, tank destroyers or more bloody heavys.

    Nor do we want op armor, op turret, op pen, op gun dep, op cammo, speed nor agility, we just want an ok medium tank to grind credits with.