- Q: “New 9.3 hangar interface was made for premium hangar, that’s obvious” A: “Thanks, funny.”
- the punishment system for suiciders will be disabled for now. Wargaming did not manage to make it working correctly in cases such as this:

- HD models of T-34 and T-34/85 tanks were made by different people, Storm states that the hulls are not historically identical anyway
- Storm states that when it comes to modelling WoT tanks, there are practically no parts, that would be identical on more than one tank – such is only the case of such parts as roadwheels, boxes and fuel tanks
- there is no plan to allow players set the level of “rust” of their tanks, as it is in War Thunder
- IS-7 will remain as rusty as it is in 9.3 test
- there is currently a bug in 9.3 test where the thickness of the KV-85 100mm and 122mm barrels is the same. It will be fixed.

71 thoughts on “10.9.2014

  1. good think, cause it would have ruined the fun, stuff like jumping on an enemy tank!

    plus already pissed off, of what fucking moron teams i get, and lose like 8 times to double 2 tanks!

    • - the punishment system for suiciders will be disabled for now. Wargaming did not manage to make it working correctly in cases such as this:


      • imho this whole punishing suicide thingy is BS….
        in the gif above, he did some damage… cool, what if he missed and just die ? Is that suicide ? He tried…

        It happens to me sometimes,.. mostly when on low life that I just die when trying to run over some bump etc. drowning when trying to cross river and suddenly got tracked or just slow enough to drown.. not drowning on purpose…

        punishing leavers and afkers… good… but you cannot tell what is suicide and what is accident… I like a bit risky/action paced gameplay… not camping around each corner and slowly approaching every enemy…

        • if you are tracked you are killed not suicide … if you bump on a cliff, well , drive carefully … SUICIDE players should be punished … learn the fucking maps , learn to shoot , learn to save your HP and you will be great … don’t drive in water because you thing your tank is a boat , dont jump of cliffs thinking that your tank will fly like a plane…. PLAY SMART

          • I suicide in about 40 – 50% of games and am banned fairly regularly, presumably based on player reports. So, there is actually a fairly effective system in place already.

            • Nope. Far from being effective. People like you, who goes suicide 40-50% of the battles ( i wonder what kind of vehicles could those be… or right, who am i kidding. we all know ) should be simply perma-banned. End of story.

              • ” wonder what kind of vehicles could those be… or right, who am i kidding. we all know”

                I don’t play skycancer.

            • In many cases they are. Also, they get less exp and credits, if that matters. What don’t you understand?

          • So You telling me how should I play ? Please tell me more how should I spend my free time, having fun and what else should entertain me.

            I like action-paced gameplay. I dont want to be careful and slowly approaching enemy, camping 10 minutes or what because thats how YOU told me to play… for me, fun is to rush into enemy base, make a chaos and ram-kill arty. In certain tanks ofc… not doing it all the time.

            • Wow you are an easily pleased goldfish aren’t you.
              Perhaps try to play like a normal person and play properly?

              • And you are the supreme judge of what is ‘normal and proper’. Lol.

                Ultimately, the only ‘proper’ that matters, is the proper payment of regular cash to WG.

                • Is that so bad? If you instill too many “Rules” On a game it becomes stiff and boring quick. at least this way, stiff players can follow rules, crazy ones can do what-the-heck-ever and WG gets their money. we all win, we’re all happy. (For the most part)

            • Yes, we WILL tell you how and what to do in WoT, because WoT (unfortunately) is a TEAM-based game.

              Either learn to play properly or GET THE FUCK OUT and go act like a 5-year old in a Single Player game, where you won’t ruin 14 other player’s match due to your “ipley4fun” retarded & autistic mentality.

              Get good or GET OUT!

  2. Oh C’mon, srsly ? Such situations aren’t that common to disable the system!

    This is a very good system, I crave for its implementation!

    • I hate the fucking players (specially artys) that remain alone as the last tank and they jump in water / shoot with he in the wall and suicide to not been killed in a fair battle…. i hate the stupid players who jump in water to see if they get on other side and they die … i want to see PLAYERS THAT DO 7000 OR SO DAMAGE IN BATTLE AND BECAUSE THEY REMAIN THE LAST TANK THEY SUICIDE to remain with no XP or CREDITS for that BATTLE

  3. So arty drivers get a reprieve still as long as the AFK part is still working that’s all the that matters

  4. The problem is not the occasional suicide. The problem is the people who do it repeatedly. There should be some allowance for a rare suicide when surrounded by good play. Punish the people who are suiciding frequently.

      • You don’t play light tanks a lot, do you? Well AMX 13 90 Does tend to do at least it’s health pool in one clip, if gets two, double the health, if it’s a lucky AMX, it does triple or more.. and that’s pretty common

        For scouts with auloading systems, it’s pretty much the same story..

      • Agreed…due to some rather…let’s say unfortunate accidents, I’ve managed to kill my MT-25 by…sliding into a lake, jumping over a steep cliff, and powersliding straight into oblivion… not necessarily in that order.

    • They should incorporate the same mechanism for suicide that they do for team damage. You hit someone for a lot of damage, you don’t always turn blue or get banned. You do it repeatedly, and you do. I’m not sure why this is so hard for them to figure out and implement.

        • Just suggest this idea to everyone. Suiciders could turn yellow. then you’d know who was a yellowbelly or not.

          Actually considering that platoonmates are orange…. no. make them pink. then they can run like girls(sorry to the brave girls out there)

  5. They just succumbed to all the whining and disabled the system and this gif above is simply a poor excuse.

    • No one should ever be punished for accidently killing themselves. If they “accidently” kill themselves every so many games, then they should be punished. What WG needs to figure out is how many battles make up the grace period.

      • I’m pretty sure situation as on gif doesn’t happen as often to get someone banned for suiciding and as you said they just need to figure out how many battles it is and not disable the whole goddamn system. It’s just WG’s poor way of dealing with problems. If i can’t fix it i’ll just ignore it.

  6. suicider is SUICIDER …. players will now learn how to drive the GOD damned tank …. SO WG PLEASE LET THE PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ON-LINE

    • Expect you suffer a team where you are pushed to water and receive as gift a ban lol.

      The true is that anti AFK-suicider system has to many blackholes that finish in a non motivate ban…

      This system remember me a lot the HB situation… good on the paper horrible in the game.

      • The TK system has been able to recognize if an ally pushes you off a cliff or into the water for a while now. I’m pretty sure the suicide system can do that too.

    • In one game, I slipped into a lake and couldn’t get back up.

      The next, while trying to do damage, I slipped from a cliff , barreled down the cliffside and dug a hole into the ground. I almost rammed an enemy, but didn’t.

      Hey, two accidents, and there, you are on a list ready to be punished the next time you so much as go near water. Cool!
      Because no one ever had a bad day in their life, right?
      The last thing you need is the game to tell you you suck at life and get nothing.

      Face it, it’s too complex of a system to analyze properly, without resorting to dedicated calculators analyzing replays to the minute detail.

      • ^^ THIS

        and yes, there is plenty of “terrain bugs” where you can simply get stuck for the rest of the game…

      • Yea if you do those 2 accidents in 50 games you definitely deserve to be on that list. Try to be aware of your surroundings and don’t do such obviously dangerous stuff.

        • I am perfectly aware of my surroundings.

          In both cases, it was hug the terrain and not die, or go to more terrain and get blown up by snipers.
          Once on malinovka, doing the base scouting, once on Cliff, on the lighthouse.

          So what should I have done? Died pointlessly, or have taken the normally calculated risk?
          Try not to judge too fast, you arrogant jerk.

    • I suppose you consider it a suicide when someone has a car accident? Or when someone does something a little risky and fails? Or when someone goes surfing in Australia and gets killed by a shark? Please open a dictionary and have a look at what suicide actually means. e4gl3twat

      • Car accident? Killed by a shark? Wow, what horrible examples to use when trying to discredit an idea.

        Both those things involve another person/animal which is not analogous to the “suicide” being targeted by this system. The system did have leeway to players that just made a random mistake, it was only when it was repeated that a red flag would be raised. A dictionary wouldn’t be needed for you, improving your critical thinking skills would be more appropriate.

        • Since when does a car accident have to involve more than one person? Regardless of how shit my shark analogy was, my reply has nothing to do with the system they put in place, it was in response to e4gl3m4n’s opinion that everyone who dies by doing something silly or risky is a suicider who deserves to be punished. Which is a sack of balls.

          • If a person has so many accidents that they would be punished by this system, they should have their license revoked as being a danger to themselves and others.

            • sigh… it’s a game. players should not be punished for playing a game and having silly fun. this system is flawed and I can’t see any way to make it work properly that won’t harm a lot of players.

    • Nothing to worry about, it’s just because phase 1 of the 9.3 test server is finished, don’t know when phase 2 will show up though, probably soon

      • You 2 show that dont know what is LTTB… if he stop he cant hit the Ferdi because the gun depresion on LTTB is 0 and apart this if you dont notice it he sacrifice to save the IS-6 that is doomed if ferdi is nto killed… well you are 2 good examples of binary players… or you camp all the time or you suicide for nothing… out of this adapt to diferent situations or play in a team is not for you.

        You need drive more lights and notice that is not the same drive a non armored vehicle that suffer A LOT of criticals than drive your easy heavies… in a light you need a lot of times do dangerous things to prevent a bigger problem (i prefer crash, lose half of my life but avoid a FV183 direct hit).

        • I think you might just want to read what you wrote and consider how plausible it is.
          Well if you can read what you just wrote that is…

    • He did something risky/stupid but killing himself wasn’t the aim. He was going for the kill before the IS-6 got it. Wasn’t trying to screw over his team, wasn’t trying to screw over the enemy team. So what’s the problem? Threw away his life in a silly way for a kill? Who cares? Maybe you want to start banning people for not playing up to your standards too? “Oh mah gawd! You got one shot by tier 10 arty! Reported for not being arty safe! Hurr durrr it’s basically suicide!”

  7. “- IS-7 will remain as rusty as it is in 9.3 test”

    I just want it’s god damn machine gun back where it was…it looks fucking retarded without it…

  8. so they make a huge announcement on every wot regional site about suiciding and then they scrap it? gee this was some stronk planning ahead

  9. - the punishment system for suiciders will be disabled for now. Wargaming did not manage to make it working correctly in cases such as this:

    de ja wu – similar was happening with the anti-TK system, it was too strong and was disabled until WG optimized it.

  10. what a poor excuse of an example why the suicide punishment did not make it… that dude jumping down is a fucking retard and deserves the same punishment like a actual suicide douchebag… HE DIDNT NEED TO JUMP DOWN FOR THE KILL FFS!!!!

  11. “- the punishment system for suiciders will be disabled for now.”

    I’m surprised that WG didn’t take that into account the first time with this system, but that being said that still doesn’t address the major flaw that I could see griefers abusing: pushing their teammates into water and drowning them.

  12. YES the suicide prevention system is Way to restrictive. I did something pretty much the same in the leopard 1. and got in trouble for it.

    To be honest the system is not necessary who cares if people suicide in their artys if they think their going to die

    • People just hate arty. :/ I don’t suicide. and I groan when people do. But I don’t hate it enough to completely mess everything up for myself and others.

  13. Look at all these shitlords, happy about there not being an anti-AFK system to punish them for expecting to be carried.
    Worthless shits.

  14. “- the punishment system for suiciders will be disabled for now. Wargaming did not manage to make it working correctly in cases such as this:”

    I fucking called it, WG can’t program for shit and this system would have fucked people over.

    Hopefully it will STAY gone.

  15. Wouldn’t it be better if we had a fair MM system instead of all this flawed pounishments? After 10 or more battles in a row, where in two minutes half of my team is dead in a suicide run,and the rest of the team is apparently going to do the same, why should I waste my time and nerves?