Wargaming Teaming Up With Tamiya Korea

Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/7976-soglashenie-WargamingTamiya.html

Hello everyone,

it seems Italeri is not the only kit company Wargaming is teaming up with. Recently, it was reported that Korean branch of Tamiya signed a contract with Wargaming as well.


As a part of this agreement, marketing data will be shared and the game will be promoted by Tamiya. Plastic Tamiya kits will also have various coupons and “World of Tanks” stickers, the game will also be promoted using posters and videos on the Tamiya website. Tamiya will also become one of then main sponsors of cybersports events.

19 thoughts on “Wargaming Teaming Up With Tamiya Korea

  1. Can’t be good. Tamiya plastic models are too expensive even without Wgay shit and now with wgay shit the price will rise like 20€ for sure :(

    • But it’s good quality. And I hope they will be available in Belgium, not only through the Internet.

      • Tamiya stopped being top-notch ten years ago. Many cheaper chinese/eastern european brands make models that are about as good as Tamiya’s, for half the price. Plus, Tamiya has a tendancy to make always the same 20 tanks over and over again.

        • Tamiya still release many top notch models. The MK IV tank for example is beautiful. There have been lots of first rate new tool kits in the past ten years. I won’t bore you with a list :)

        • So very wrong, the BigT leads many areas, is equal in most others and innovates.
          They are by far the best combo for the new model maker as they are always easy to put together and have very good details/accuracy.

          Most of their recent stuff compared to others stand well or leads.

    • Well the Revell models in 2013 did not increase in price with WG stuff inside
      Italeri 1/35 chaffee is 28.59 euro on amazon.de
      the new WOT chaffee is 29.90 on the italeri site so basically the same price
      So why do you think Tamiya will increase price?

  2. Tamiya Korea?? Isn’t Tamiya a Japanese brand? o_O So I guess they’re only planning to sell the Tamiya kits on Korea.

    Well at least it’s better than teaming up with a “made in china” brand like Dragon… ~.~;)

    • You Sir are a modelling tomato noob :) Dragon produce some of the most detailed, accurate and beautifully engineered model kits there are. This is not a matter of opinion it is an obvious fact. Go play Barbie :)

  3. It sure is a good quality but who would pay 60€ only for a plastic model kit? Not me for sure.

    • Dragon kits can be had on eBay from £25. I have bought many for under £30. If you have built Dragon kits you know how good they are and worth every penny. Yes I am a Dragon fanboy :)

      • talking about tamiya, not dragon ;) But yes, Dragon is surely worth even 40€ but Tamiya, well…

  4. So this probably isn’t available in the US, just like the Revell and Italeri kits that had WoT codes.