Panther with 88mm L/71 Supertest Changes

Source: VK FTA community

Hello everyone,

on supertest, the Panther 88mm (original stats) was changed as such:

- terrain passability buffed from 0,767/0,959/1,822 to 0,575/0,767/1,438
- hull traverse buffed from 36 to 38 deg/s
- DPM increased from 2115 to 2176,4
- reload time buffed from 6,808 to 6,616
- ROF buffed from 8,813 to 9,068
- depression buffed from -2 to -5
- turret traverse buffed from 29,2 to 33,4

So, in total:

Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price is 11,5k gold.

Tier: 8 Premium
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 46,5 tons
Engine power: 600 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t
Maximum speed: 46/20 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,575/0,767/1,438
Hull traverse: 38 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: 573,6

Armor – hull: 80/50/40
Armor – turret: 120/60/60

Gun: 88mm L/71
Penetration: 203
Damage: 240
DPM: 2176,4
Reload time: 6,616s
ROF: 9,068
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -5 in the front, -7 on the sides
Turret traverse rate: 33,4 deg/s

82 thoughts on “Panther with 88mm L/71 Supertest Changes

  1. Just finished 160k grind of Panther II in last 3 days , decent tank , but wouldnt wanna go thru that again, thus being said , prem Panther G for this much gold , not worth it.

    5/10 , slightly better than Scorpion ( 4/10 )

  2. Why it’s engine so weak? Why 600 hp? It isn’t have Maybach HL230 P30 with 700 hp with 50km/h max speed? That’s not historical right?

    • I don’t get it… even M10 Panther has a 700 HP engine…
      What the hell do they want with 600 HP?
      What would be the hp/t ratio? Is it better than a Tiger II’s?

      Still no info about that will it get limited MM?

            • Barely, more like it will hover over flat ground like a Russian medium and struggle up hills like a vehicle with 13hp per ton(13 hp per ton is alright though, you will be quite mobile on flat ground due to the terrain resistance)

              • lol what you talking about, terrain resistance >hp/ton ratios.

                stb-1 has much better hp/ton ratio then russian meds, yet russian meds do circles around it.

              • You get actual hp/t by dividing nominal hp/t by ground resistance on each type of ground. That simple.

    • when people question about why the panther has 600hp, a super pershing walked pass….

      “Guys i’ve only got a 500hp engine pushing 50 tonnes of crap armour and 90 mm”

    • there is t7 one… and since the xp gain is buffed from now on… its not that big of a difference…

    • “Since there is no Prem German t8 med , people will by this by the Dozen”

      Absolutely. I have the gold in the account just waiting ….

  3. Err… does anyone else notice how insane the terrain resistance is now? The lack of engine power doesn’t seem to be a problem…

    • for this panther true. its got enough hp/t to make the terrain resistance work.

      but dont think terrain resistance is all. there was a tank they buffed the terrain resistance on. whose hp/t was so low that it didn’t make a noticable difference to the tank at all.

      *points to Super P*

  4. so how is this thing different from Panther again?
    Having L71 ? thats it ?
    okay then, what about Panther II then ?

    still those 12,9hp/t is rather stupid… Tiger I has 12.15 …

    • The ground resistance more than makes up for it however. On hard terrain, the tank will have, in effect, 1043 HP. On medium, 782 HP. That means it will have a power to weight of 22.43hp/t on hard terrain, and 16.81hp/t on soft terrain. It will accelerate faster than the pather II

      • I see you’ve came up with pretty specific numbers … I roughly know that the lower ground resistance the better mobility … but how did you calculate specific hp/t ratio based on resistance? Or is there a calculator somewhere out there?

        • Effective power is pretty much

          (Engine Power)/(Terrain Resistance).

          So when driving over hard terrain (such as paved roads), your power would be

          When you start going over medium terrain (most other surfaces such as fields)

          On soft terrains (such as swamps) it would be

          • Oh, right. Thank you very much :)

            Now I can do some match when comparing certain tanks and take a look at their effective power rather than raw stats :)

  5. It still would have made a LOT more sense to just use the Panther II as the premium, and to introduce the Turbine Panther as the Tier 8 replacement.

  6. compared to the Panther II (elite) this premium Panther 88mm L/71 does have:

    - same amount of HP
    - same turret armor
    - almost the same power-to-weight ratio
    - much better ground resistance on all terrains
    - better Hull traverse
    - better Turret traverse
    - same view range
    - same penetration and alpha dmg
    - better accuracy
    - better aim time
    - better rate of fire, hence higher DPM
    - all benefits from being a premium tank (e.g. credit income etc.)

    The only drawbacks are:
    - lower weight – so ramming is not a viable tactic against most opponents anymore, but then again it compensates for the lack of engine power
    - lower top speed limit – but you will reach the top speed much quicker due to the better ground resistance and the Panther II isn’t a particular fast tank either
    - lower radio range – an issue, but not much of a problem
    - weaker hull armor – but the Panther II can’t rely on hull armor either
    - weaker gun depression – Panther II has -8 deg all around, so that’s going to be a problem on the front, but not so much on the sides

    All in all: what’s the point in driving a Panther II then?

    • Panther L/71 will profit from splitting engine module from transmission , when and IF it happens , othet than that , only HC Panzer drivers will purchase him for crew training on 50M.

    • Panther used to be tier 8 with 88/L71 as top gun. It was never considered weak and only down tiered to allow the Panther II to be down tiered.

      Anyone know the stats of the old tier 8 Panther because if this is anywhere close it will be a great premium, even with regular matchmaking.

  7. A piece of shit will be a piece of shit no matter how much u buff it… I WANT MY TURBO PANTHER >:o

  8. How about re-balancing the current fucking premiums instead of adding more filthy money-grab tanks.

    • Personally I nominate Sexton I. Since it’s by far the worse premium and needs buff. And then T2 Light Tank. Give it normal MM, it’s useless even in tier3 games.

      But overall premiums are OK, they dont need major rebalancing. I’m all for more tanks.

      • You really have no idea how to play a light tank, do you? T2 LT is awesome. You won’t survive by rushing, but if you’d be able to think before you act.. Excelent crew trainer nowdays.

        • T2LT deserves its MM. In T2, you shred everything in ninja mode and even in Tier3, you are a thread.
          But only if you know how to play it.

  9. Still, NO.

    1. Boring as…

    2. Not valid for a premium, should come back as regular.

    3. If it was autoloaded… Or at least turbopanther… For now, find a different tank!

  10. Depression: -5 in the front, -7 on the sides

    hm…*looks at E50*

    actually -5 gun depression sounds pretty good.

    little sad about the hp/t being low still. but i’ve lived with the Super P so i can make use with this.

    price wise…11.5k gold…sure. i’ll take it =)

    well…as long as it has prem MM..if it has normal MM then no (FCM 50t being the focus)

    • little sad about the hp/t being low still. but i’ve lived with the Super P so i can make use with this.

      You divide hp/t by terrain resistance to get the actual hp/t

      In other words, it’s Magic Trax(TM) make it quite mobile, despite saying a little below 13

    • FCM is a heavy though. For a heavy, it has low alpha, mediocre pen gun. And so it has pref MM.

      Panther 88 will is a medium. L/71 is quite decent for a med on it’s tier. It might end up with regular MM I’m afraid :(

        • In the same way SP is a medium I suppose, which is none. But I guess the designation counts apparently, as FCM does get special MM despite being as good medium substitute as “true” mediums from other nations.

        • It gets heavy weighting in mm, so the other team will get a proper heavy in it’s place, or some other compensation like one less bottom tier tank.

        • No, I am not new. And I am fully aware what FCM is and what it is not. There’s no need to patronise me.

  11. Okay, (with some Ogopogo’s guidiance regarding effective power ratio) I’ve done some math for FCM and Panther 88 …

    Taking into consideration hp/t and terrain resistance FCM effectively has:
    17.64 hp/t on hard terrain
    16.02 hp/t on medium
    8.01 hp/t on soft

    Compared to Panther 88 that has:
    22.43 hp/t on hard
    16.81 hp/t on medium
    8.97 hp/t on soft


    FCM is very agile tank. And it looks like Panther 88, despite it’s poor engine, will be able to match it’s agility. While Panther 88 has a lot better power on hard terrain, it’s the medium terrain where people will drive the most. Unless you get Himmelsdorf :)

    FCM is still faster though, given enough distance to accelerate to full speed. It has better view range and better pen, especially with prem shells. Let’s not forget about additional -3 degrees of gun depression. It also has better armour (can actually bounce lower tiers when angled) and guaranteed prem MM (who knows what will Panther 88 have)

    So all in all, Panther 88 doesn’t look as bad, but it is still inferior to FCM in most aspects except accuracy, acceleration and DPM, where it beats it only by a little. It possibly might have better camo but on something as big as Panther the camo is irrelevant factor. We also don’t know aim dispersion values, where Panther 88 could actually excel (given the “quality” of the suspension and the initial accuracy of the gun). Knowing WG though Panther 88 will either have great soft gun stats and regular MM or it will get pref MM but soft gun stats will be so terrible that the need to stand still for few seconds to aim properly will overshadow any advantages it might have mobility wise.

  12. Thank you WG for comming to your sences, -2 is unplayable and -5 is still quite bad but adequate if it’s -7 to the sides. It’s expensive as fuck for a medium, but I’ll buy it since it’s the only proper medium aviable. That is if these stats dosnt change again.

  13. Well it isnt apealing by the slightest and if the price stays at 11k… Collectors tank that like to spend 40 Euros for a dust catcher. For crew training there is the T25 or M10 already since ages and credit beasts like Lowe or FCM 50t do the job already since two years more then well enough.

    Please give us some interesting prems like E25 not so long ago! Or the planned US TD with a layer of cotton as armor! Something different then the usual X_X

  14. Buffed Panther now actually sounds good but I still can’t get over that price! I mean 11,5K for med tank is plain “assholeness”…

    • If that is all you ever spend on the game then it’s not bad. If you think it is then you need to get out of the house, go to your nearest shopping centre and see what a full price game costs.

      • Not everyone’s parents are rich, you know… Btw, I’ve been playing this game since closed beta and I know how much effort WG has put to destroy all non-premium money makers, forcing you to buy either prem account or prem tanks and then they increased the price… For a game that calls itself “Free-to-play”, it really became hard to play it without the money invested!

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  16. Lower top speed, hp/t, hull armor and gun depression
    Better aiming time, better accuracy (than any other t8), terrain resistance (making lower hp/t irrelevant), better hull and turret traverse, outDPMing everything on tier 8 (beside TDs and obj 416) while having good penetration.

    So WG blatantly is wiping their asses with statement about premiums being worse than standard tanks. First FCM and SU-122-44, now this. I expect future premiums to also outperform tanks on their tiers.