Chaffee Race Video

Hello everyone,

Wargaming just published the Chaffee race video. We of course knew about it earlier from the leaks, but it’s nice to see they were correct :) The event will apparently start on 29.9.2014


18 thoughts on “Chaffee Race Video

  1. Whis might be the best thing added to WoT since physics ;)
    I would love the same thing done with ELC and one more with VK 2801 to match parameters of that Chaffe and allow mixed races. If only this is fun enough, people might get drawn to this just as much as they are to regular battles.

  2. I dont think they reworked the complete map just for this.
    So will port come back with a rework like this?
    (except from the race barriers of course)

    • Why would it come back when whole map is reworked for racing. Remove all the racing parts and it would look retarded.

  3. This is terrible! How dare they turn my favorite map into a raceway?! Otherwise, cool looking mode.

  4. To bad we couldnt pick between all the scouts……Would be awesome to have some slower, but fire faster or some handle better etc.

    Also, at least they found a way to use this map.