WG EU “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit Today

Hello everyone,

apparently, Wargaming EU will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” session today from 19:30 to 21:00 CEST (GMT +2) on the Reddit subforum. So, if you are interested in this kind of thing, go ahead.

The bad news is, unlike last time when we had Evilly, there is nobody from WG RU represented there, so the replies will likely be… limited. Personally, I wouldn’t really even know what to ask, but I would suggest – instead of asking “when” and “if”, trying to ask “why”.

20 thoughts on “WG EU “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit Today

  1. It’s actually Ask Me Almost Anything, as they want the questions to mainly be about the 9.3 update.

  2. A good question would be how people in WG EU prefer their coffee/tea. That shouldn’t be above their knowledge.

  3. Most important question: “When will WG EU start banning bots?”
    Also a good one:”When will you(WG EU) stop failing on every opportunity”

  4. When will we have new low Tier prems? :P
    And do all the LT have an improved terrain passability similar to the M51? :D (new ones climb it VERY easily)

  5. Why most tanks are nerfed and already OP russian (medium) tanks are buffed even more? Can’t be online myself, so if anyone can answer this question hh.

    • Can you name five OP russian (medium) tanks?
      I believe there are more OP/unbalanced tanks in other branches as
      SSSR: SU85 (tier 4), KV1S, SU-122-44, T54 perhaps
      US: T18, T40, M8A1, T49, Hellcat, T29 little bit, T57. Many tanks above average
      GER: RhmB, WtfE100, Tiger perhaps, E25 perhaps (more annoying than OP)
      China: none, few good tanks
      France: none, good autoloaders
      UK: FV215b/183 perhaps, good mediums
      Jap: none, many tanks below average, few good

      • wow, STB, WZ111, 110 all very strong tanks and 50100, 50B and Batchat all OP.

        Most Japanese tanks sucked in real life so they should also suck in the game too!

  6. Please ask why WG keeps players in DARK!!!! Why not give estimate when 9.3 might be released? Why not post on forum each micro-patch and when its down? Why not annouce weekend specials a couple days ahead of time? Why rush out a buggy patch? Will 9.3 test server be up Friday and this weekend?


  7. Someone ask if the the T95E2 is planned for the end of the 2nd American Med tree or will they replace it with a different version of the T95 version E(x)… IDC if they cant say what version just PLEASE no T95E2, its all that matters cause that opens the door for better versions FAR better!

  8. Is there a way to ask questions to real devs (you know, those who decide but don’t give a shit about what EU asks)?
    And in English, if possible.. :/ If not, Google trad.

  9. Who gives a fuck about those incompetent EU faggots and their answers. They’ll probably fail at this too.

  10. please, someone ask, or answer me here..
    “What happens when you track someone and this guy is tracked again by another person, do you still have the damage upon tracking? Do you both get damage upon tracking? Do you share? Or just the last guy who tracks get the damage upon tracking?”