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        • Oh please…. You seriously can not sense the parody in ranzar of how Stalin is portrayed in RF media? :-)

          & what is do god damn political about this?
          & you got tired of the nazi war machine beeing portrayed as evil?

          You ppl truly have narrow vision and are are wrongfully accusing hom of stuff you make up in your minds just because he is russian and beeing quite succesfull. Get lost with your political BS from a good cartoon. Draw politics into things that are political…

          • Beeing dumb is a inability to draw right conclusions from a simple set of true facts. Ignorance is the inability to draw the right conclusions due to havin a set of wrong facts. Big difference.

            Bravery is victory over fear, taking a risk knowing the possible bad consequences. Stupidity (in this context) is lack of imagination thus fearless because one does not understand the risk. Big difference.

  1. Ranzar started as a really nice idea, it was about mocking “annoying” game features and so on, but now it just turned into some Stalin-glorifying political BS.

    Russians will never change. The problem is that they still think they are the “winners” and “nazi-defeaters”, which may be true, but… look at where Russia is today and where Germany for example is today. This whole Stalin thing is the very only thing that makes them feel… relevant. And that is why they are a very proud-ass country, shoving all their patriotism up our western a**es – just like you eastern european countries do as well. Why don’t just just re-unite again and be a big happy f*cking family?

    Call me Nazi, I’m german. And really proud of it.

    • Sh*t, don’t mind me. I just feel like writing these posts when I get sick of this russian bullsh*t, so sorry for that.

    • “I’m german. And really proud of it.”

      Wow… congratulations. I bet you put a lot of effort into being a German. Very impressive. Certainly something to be proud of.

    • Whilst I agree with some of what you said I disagree we all do that (Bulgarian here).

      And fuck reuniting under that fucking regime.

      Anyways, Eastern Europe is PC Gaming country. And we do make some damn fine games, IMHO superior to Western and Japanese console shit :P.

        • I can. They SOMETIMES make some great games. Never technologically ambitious (like 4A Games or STALKER) and mostly console games…

          I also read manga (SELECTED shit only) and enjoy reading literature from there. But… damn… they lost their way with gaming.

          Damn console peasants :P

          • I cant give a shit about consoles – already cracked Xbox Live 4 times.
            Tired of changing IP.
            But for Coop – nothing can beat it :D

          • As a huge STALKER and Metro 2033 series fan, I have to agree with you. These “eastern” games have a really intense atmosphere and story.

            Call me butthurt, I ain’t affected. I just stated my opinion here, and if you disagree with it, fine, I wasn’t expecting anything else anyway.

            Of course. There are many, many things to love about you “eastern” folks (I am really in lack of a better word for you here). Your nature is just amazing, there is comparatively low population contrary to sh*tty over-populated Germany here, you are hard workers (speaking of my personal experiences) and very simple-minded (which isn’t a bad thing at all, we’ve got some drama queens over here, *sigh*). All in all very respectable people.
            Especially Alex Yordanov here proved himself to be a very open-minded fellow, as he did only partially (!) agree with me instead of just blindly go full hate on me. As a bulgarian.

            It’s just your overly patriotic attitude to the World War. Millions of people died, your people died and majority of them were either directly or indirectly killed by Stalin, which many of you still glorify – but secretly you hate him, or what? Nobody likes hypocrits. Really.

            Try to understand me. I have got nothing against you people. I just don’t like that patriotic side of you.

            • Patriotism is unfortunately dying here in Bulgaria. Or should I say, TRUE patriotism, not the extremist hate or complete apathy or even hate towards our own culture some people have here.

              As for the World War, I dont know. Most people here see it as a turning point for history and what got us under the communist regime. Same for WW1. 500 years of Ottoman rule, 200 of Bizantine rule… we got out of those fine. 24 years after the fall of communism and we still are in the deep shit…

              I am yet to see a person that thinks positively of Stalin though. I even remember how our history class on the USSR during WW2 started… basically a monster that build an incredible empire… on the bodies of his own people.
              So at least here, such an opinion would be quite unique.

              • Well, I do not know what you think about Stalin, I can’t look into your heads, it’s just that many russians (and I am talking about russians, not bulgarians, polish or whatever) seem to glorify Stalin, I can tell that because of many comments by russians I’ve already seen. As an example, look at the second reply to “Partha MakOthna”s comment under the video if you watch it on YouTube.

                “Stalin is our history , and he was Soviet leader, so this is best man, who can be in this vid. (and IS – ИС – Иосиф Сталин/, Joseph Stalin.) So what fucking wrong wth u?
                Sry 4 my bad english.”

                That’s the comment that triggered my rageful post here.

            • Germany is shitty and over-populated 0_0 WTF!?
              I wonder what you think about Britain. Over here we are raging over how successful your systems are. Of course not publicly.
              Also patriotism is stupid. what does the great (or horrible) deeds of a country have to do with the people who have nothing to do with it? Yea I live in a country which has tortured many people, invaded other countries, caused civil wars and did some of the most horrific crimes there is. Am I supposed to be a piece of immoral shit because of some crap that happened in the past that has absolutely NOTHING to do with me? No.

    • Offs. Stalin is the only thing that makes them feel relevant? Get a proper education you ignorant. Let us start with these things.

      1. Periodic tabel
      2. Rocketry
      3. Tolstoj

      • Should I name some of our german inventions?

        Do you really want to let this become a competition of achievements made by our countries?

        Maybe I generalized too much, and I am indeed sorry for that, but you still can’t deny that there are more people glorifying Stalin in Russia than people glorifying Hitler here in Germany, while they actually were both the most evil persons to ever walk on this earth.

        • You think i am not aware of the positive contribution that germans have made to human kind?

          Yes, my point was to your generalization. I hate it, i despise it. Generalizations of entire nations makes me furious. It is the root and prime cause of genocide and war all over the world.

          You have had over 50 years of democracy (at least the western part) and acces to relatively good education (history in this context) and acces to relatively free information. Russians do not have this.
          The warsaw pact countries and former soviet union countries are still struggling with getting rid of the USSR propaganda and misinformation in their history.

          • Yes, I guess that is true. Your people really need to get all this WWII stuff out of their minds.

        • He didn´t make a competition at all. He told about things Russians could be proud of instead of Stalin (of course it makes no sense of being proud of something someone else with the same passport has done, also there is no cause to be ashamed for something someone else has done…)

          If you really dont know “who or what” Tolstoj is, your arguments are irrelevant anyway…
          However, dont forget that Germany only exists since 1871, so even US are older, lol.

          • I think you could count either the Holy Roman Empire or German confederation as the start of Germany? Once you get technical about it, it is really hard to say. But saying Germany is younger then the USA is a bit of an overstatement unless you only take the Bundesrepublic or Weimar as a start.

            • Im not talking about Weimarer Republik, but of the Foundation of the German Empire 1871 in Versailler.

              However, the german people was there before, i use this 1871 thing only to allure certain people out of their caves…(obviously you are not one of them).

          • Too bad that I get hated on because I don’t know Tolstoj. It makes me sad that people nowadays are so judgemental…

            And you believe you know me well enough to think I’m completely retarded and get Hartz because I have no job? Heck, you don’t even know my real life nor my age or ANYTHING else about me, but you still think you can judge about me?
            Makes you look terrible man. You should stop this behaviour to get respected in return.

            Yes, I am butthurt, and as I stated before, call me butthurt, I’m not affected, I don’t care. I’m just a complete tomato retard, at least in your opinion I am. Because you apparently know so much about me.

            God, how I hate internet arguments…

  2. Well I had a good laugh with super Stalin, most of the humor came from knowing how much you guys complained about Ranzar’s “politikal propaganda and communism!” videos, then he posts this! I was already imagining soiled handkerchiefs, sore butts and tight panties from the comment section. Then it was just a dream. Still a good laugh.

    • I agree. Knew the “Russians always good, Germans bad” thing would be coming. No harm in a little bit of trolling. But if you don’t like it, why watch?

      • “But if you don’t like it, why watch? ”
        Mostly because its available within a click’s reach.

        Ranzar is Russian, he lived in Russia, knows Russian neighbors, has Russian friends, probably likes his culture, country and country men. As would many average people from other countries.

        The “gentlemen” here complain about how he makes the Russians as the Good guys, and the Germans as the bad guys.
        Why should he vilify his own country and country men? This game features tanks from historical sides that fought in this conflict. As an artist he explores different themes for his cartoons, so he decided to make a short cartoon parodying the war (which included Russian defenders and German offenders).

        People here seem to be fine with when its brave Americans fighting the heinous German Nazis.

        As a similar argument gets made here about SS’s posts, its HIS videos, and HIS channel, don’t like it? don’t watch it. (as you have mentioned).

        The issue is simply Russiophobia and racism.

  3. Im loving the butthurt Ranzar inflicts on silly westerners with his videos.

    Excellent use of Stalin XD

    • As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t call it butthurt, but rather boredom and dejection.

      Most notably because señor Stalin, notorious mass-murderer, made his only contribution to the Grrrrreat Patriotic War by sitting behind a fucking desk and, when he wasn’t busy eliminating political opponents, signing more-or-less retarded orders, to the effect that tens of millions of Russians, as well as the nation’s wealth, were destroyed in the fight against Germany.

      So yeah, the Germans were beaten. But it was the Russian people who achieved that, not Iosif Fucking Stalin. If I were Russian, I would be ashamed of Stalin, just as I would be of Hitler if I were German, of Bonaparte if I were French, of Churchill if I were British, and of FDR if I were ‘murican. Desk-wanking warmongerers the lot of them. May they rot in pieces.

      • I’m in no way offended, just it looks “cheap”. Do you really believe that Stalin ALONE won WW2 ? :D

      • 2 nitpicking points. The people of Russia/USSR achieved it. Russians are just one of nations within the borders of RF.
        It is not Russians that should be ashamed of Stalin, it is Georgians.

      • “to the effect that tens of millions of Russians, as well as the nation’s wealth, were destroyed in the fight against Germany.”

        Not forgetting his own son, who died in german POW camp cause Stalin refused to exchange him….

  4. Ranzar is like Wargaming, playing up to his biggest market/audience, Russia.
    WG has admitted it, as for Ranzar…its quite obvious isn’t it?

    I just hope he ends this series soon and gets back to what he started out with, because this “stronk history” vids are boring and frankly (kinda) cheap.

  5. This is the worst episode yet. Not even vaguely amusing apart from the ISU-152 at the end. The early episodes were really good but Ranzar seems to be having ‘difficult second album’ trouble.