Hello everyone,

player Sunny sent me a screenie from the World of Tanks assistant, where the LTTB is designated as R107 LTB.


Now, you might think, it’s an obvious typo, right? Plus, that R107 (which appears on KV-85 as well as R106) is some kind of internal WG designation, showing the nation (R) and the internal number of the tank (106-107). Well, it’s not that simple. You see, for some reason, at one point, before it was introduced, LTTB was actually really called “LTB” in the game files (it was around the time the project was first mentioned as Russian light tank candidate, back then it was still intended as tier 8 LT). There’s no real reason for it – the project in real life really was called “LTTB” (literally it means “light tank with heavy armor”), so I guess somebody made a typo before the tank was even modelledand the old “LTB” designation stayed in the files.

Yea, it’s a small thing, but an interesting one I think.

16 thoughts on “LTB or LTTB?

  1. World of Tanks Assistant is a complete fail… every single patch totally bugged the app, unreadable tank names is an obvious problem, long time not solved.

  2. “Light Tank with Heavy Armor”

    Because just calling it a medium tank is for capitalist pigs, comrade! :P

    • That’s true for soviet medium tanks, but if you take Lepoard 1 than it’s “Light tank with absolutely no armor” :)

  3. Well. it seems that these numbers show the “vehicle order” in list, like kv85 was 106th and t54 light should be 108th. But there are only cca 80 tanks in USSR branch.. maybe there where some scrapped projects that didn’t make it into the game..

    • Not all of them are scrapped.
      I mean, Marder 38t is G39, Nashorin is G40 and Sturer Emil is G43. G42 is Maus, G44 is Jagdtiger. Yet they olny added glass cannons a year or so ago. Except for Dicker Max, which is G41 and was probably planned as a T6/T7 vehicle in the branch, but then things went wrong and it appeared as a premium vehicle much earlier.
      Some of them are pretty much scrapped though, number refers to the model and texture files, and some things aren’t gonna appear.

  4. Question is real name VS game necesities… think in the light T-54… i dont know why they dont short his name as LT-54 and not use the ridiculous long name… but well WG can fail on this like do with “Saint” Emil… St Emil.. no coments.

  5. R107_LTB is the tank index reference used in the game files, such as in /res/packages.

    It is just a program label, not meant as a proper name. For instance, the M36 Jackson is labeled A31_M36_Slagger, a typo/ mis-translation from the original Slugger.

    WoT Asst probably used the label as a placeholder during pre-release and it got out the door with the error.