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Hello everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff over the time I play World of Tanks, some of it in various RNG videos, but hell, this is extraordinary. So, you probably already tried the Chaffee racing. Let me ask you a question: how many times did you manage to set someone on fire? It’s certainly not common, given how the fuel tanks have 175 hitpoints and your gun does 50 module damage, while the engine only has 5 percent fire chance.

And yet, Kattovish (from KAZNA) managed to do that and not only that. Just… watch.


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      • You can torch someone just by dropping his fuel tank module hp to zero. Takes a few shots usually but you have 100% chance then :) – it’s an old and known trick.

        • Yes, and when the fire goes out the fuel tank remains in the damaged state, so it self repairs from 0 to in this case 87.5 hp. If you pen the fuel tank again before it repairs above 50 you will automatically set it on fire again, and even if you wait it will only need two pens. The chance of burning someone who has already been on fire is much higher than the initial ignition, unless they repair the fuel tank damage with a repair kit. Since the gun fires so fast you have a pretty good chance of setting someone on fire that has already burned up in these chaffee races, the real trick is getting the initial fire, since you would need 4 penetrations of the fuel tank within a reasonable time which is not easy in this game mode considering targetting can be hard and it has a 45% saving throw.

          • Agreed, I don’t see anything outstanding, even that long range shot. Anyone who has played knows the guns are more accurate on the move than anything in the regular game. Missing is a rarity.

            As for setting on fire, seen it a few times in the Chaffee race, it’s not that outstanding. A lot of the time you get 3 tanks shooting at the same one, all using autoaim so all hitting pretty much the same spot.

  1. Hm, I did it once also. So not that rare :) Also, one of my platoon member teammates has also done it. But managing to set on fire someone during a jump, now thats pure luck. ;)

  2. I’ve torched enemies in the race two times already … maybe not in one battle, but that is clearly possible and I do not find that any way surprising. Maybe the second fire was a bit of lucky shot, but the first one is 1 in 20 (5%), so if You do 50 races (event) and in every single one You manage to hit Your enemy at least once in the engine (and You hit enemies a LOT), You should torch opponents at least twice during the event only, but since You do not win ALL races, that makes it maybe about 100 races to get 50 wins, so You should be able to torch them at least 4 to 5 times before You end racing.

    • I think that the biggest and most random RNG if the year woyld be tracking an enemy on the last straight that would cause him to turn and fall into the port bay (the one with tanker trucks just before You get on the cap). Tracking enemies is possible, but even more uncommon than torching them, and tracking them just as they run next to that concrete pit of death is an extremely rare thing.

    • You know, its not that simple. First you have to hit the engine or fuel tanks, which are very small target in tank. Then you have to roll high roll to overcome saving throw, as there is only 45% chance you can damage engine/fuel tanks EVEN IF YOU HIT them. And if you happen to damage them, you still remember your gun deals only 50 module damage? With 175 hp and 50 damage gun you should be able to figure out how many hits it needs to take to reduce fuel tank hitpoints to zero to torch them. Then apply the saving throw, then the fact that you need to hit the fuel tanks in first place to get to former calculations. Yeah, I’ll make it simple for you, its pretty uncommon to light them up once, let alone multiple times.

  3. SS my chafe get on fire 2 times in row(1 get off by fire extinguisher and the shot to me and next fire on), that was bad rng for me :P but i manage put on fire someone 2 time.

  4. Only managed air-air shots and air-land.
    Also insta-stop bug from bridge denied epic ram to enemy who spin landed to my lane :D

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  6. Wow…that last shot was just epic. The two fires were sweet & all, but that massive range shot while jumping at full speed? Holy RNGeezus!

  7. I still believe the RNG is not properly seeded, and/or has a bad variation. This would explain most of the matches which are perceived as rigged (with loaded dice).

    • They do seed the RNG off clusters on the server. They mentioned that it’s because of that that you get one day the same 5 maps.

  8. Managed it myself this morning. Our WJDE/TDU toon was up against 3 guys from KA-SB (I think that’s right) with between 57 – 61% win ratio. It was a tight fight and I thought setting this guy on fire and killing him would just swing it for us but we lost anyway.

    For even more RNG-ness, the guy I set on fire was hiding behind the tower base on the left as you approach the circle with just his rear peeking out a little. I fired from about 100m away, no auto-lock or anything. Pure skill! Erm… Maybe not.

  9. was going first, moving to the cap by road near truck and after second I’m in water pod drowning. RNG lags.nice

  10. I need to bring the fire extinguisher;-)
    I have not seen any Chaffee set on fire but I still have to win 30 matches and with the rate of wins I had last night … it is going to be painful

  11. I see he uses food consumable … this lad is mad, he is losing money by playing this mode, even in the case he bought the food on sale. Mad

    • Overkill if you ask me but a small price to pay for a crew with the first skill trained.

      You sound like the guy who was raging at me for using premium ammo, at a whopping 400 credits a pop.

  12. I have 20 gold rounds and high octane fuel (bought for half price ages ago) loaded every match. If you win you only lose a few K credits, if you win in a platoon and do 750 damage (most games) you make a few K. Having played about 50 games, I’m down about 20K so far. Worth it for the extra pen and speed.

    I don’t shoot gold every round, just if I’m up against tough opposition or the game is tight and I could do with taking out an enemy to help swing things for us.

    • Actually,fuel is totally useless,’cause with 100 HP/t,10HP/t more don’t make the difference. And the maximum speed remains 90 km/h
      But if you enjoy throwing in the bin 20k credits each game you’re welcome

    • you are misinformed. I’ve seen many unicums use it on twitch streams.
      only a fool refuses a powerful weapon.

      • Now I understand why many LTs trying to prowl me crash into rocks,houses,fall into rivers…

        • Oh and because some “Unicums” use it, makes it better? ;)

          Mods, Autoaim etc. If someone can only be Unicum with such help, I pity the fool. I’d rather stay my Level, which isn’t too bad I guess, without such things and feel great about not being an Unicum :)

          • try to use it for a few battles nonetheless. It is a good feature to look a round you while reloading and not loosing your target meanwhile. Dont forget to turn it off once reloaded tho…

  13. In my first Chaffee battle, I was set on fire, so I know it’s possible. For this guy to do it twice, and then hit from that far away, that is some powerful RNG working in his favor.

  14. In 70-80 matches, I’ve seen one tank on fire. I have seen TONS of mid-air shots connect for damage. The two fires is much more impressive than the final shot.

  15. Got a question:

    He is not aiming.

    He is in “right click mode”

    But the auto target is on the ennemy back… On the engine?


  16. I have 149 wins with the bonus (around 10 without) and I have set someone on fire once for sure so it’s pretty rare. I have shot other players in the air many, MANY, times. My crew is up to 84% on the second skill, I am up around 1.5 million creds and I have converted around 75K of free XP so I like tank rally!, LOL.

    I am going for 1000 wins with the bonus. I don’t have the box checked right now so I am accruing free XP. At 1000 XP a win, can a smart person, LOL, compute where my crew will be, what skill level and percentage after 1000 wins or 850 from here? What about if I check the box?

    I am surprised how quickly the crew are gaining skill even without having the box checked, but I know it will slow to a snails pace once I get deep into the 90′s. I will probably check the box when I hit 90 and uncheck it again when I hit level 3.