Sturmtiger Spotted…. Again.

Hello everyone,

those of you with keen eyes (there were several of you, thanks for the screenies – this one is from Kyle D.) spotted the Sturmtiger again in the recent Developer Diaries video.


So, what is it? Are the developers teasing us again, or perhaps they are showing us what will come in the future?

Sadly, no. According to most recent Storm’s statement (two days ago), the line was scrapped. Sturmtiger will not appear in the game as a playable vehicle (most likely anyway), what could happen however – it could appear as a top tier artillery support consumable in Stronghold mode. We’ll just have to see. Luckily, other vehicles from the branch (SIG33, Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär”) do fit the game, so it’s possible we will see a limited “minibranch” of those, ending with a merge to regular branch at tier 7.

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  1. I don’t get it, what would be the problem to implement it balanced (lower damage)? HP damage isn’t something “real” anyway…

    • It does have a 125 kilogram HE charge. By comparison the D-25 122mm guns on Russian tanks has…. 4 kilograms. Yes you could throw out realism, but it would be even more unrealistic than other elements of artillery.

  2. ok its already in the game, inplemented, done, its gona be a premium, OK??!
    but please just stop posting abut it, it s a shitty thing, not even a tank, just got tracks and a howitzer on it, ok its a tank :D but shitty
    its gonna be a t8 prem, about 20 post written about it already ffs

  3. It could be in the game with proper balance. Who cares if it can shoot 1 per min? Who cares if it has only 2000 damage with 10 meter splash? Its still a sturmtiger!

    So wg get back your asses on the supertest server and give us the sturmtiger, or else… Or else I dont know.

    • You clearly don’t understand that you can’t possible balance something like the Sturmtiger. Until you actually know what the term balance is, Your opinion is worthless.

      I for one am Glad it’s not going to be playable ingame.

      • You “can’t” balance it? It’s a game, with tanks with HP, to balance you could just give it low damage, how is that not possible

        • Balance isn’t just about something being overpowered. it’s also about something being under powered. more than likely the problem is that in order to make it not overpowered it would have to be nerfed to the point where it’s underpowered. The line between OP, and UP is in some cases extremely Thin. In this case the line is probably as thin as a piece of paper.

          The Dev’s probably realize this and decided instead of trying to balance this thing, they will instead scrape it. which in this situation is probably the smartest move. Sometimes it’s better to remove/Not add something than it is to try to balance it, the Sturmtiger fit’s this to a T.

          • Tell me how putting a skin of a Sturmtiger on an already balanced arty would make it unbalanced.
            This is a game, what the tanks looks like is just a cosmetic factor.

            • becuese it isn’t an arty.

              it’s an assault Gun which Mean’s it’s a Tank destroyer in World of tank’s. if it was an SPG then balancing it would be simple. you have a gun that has the highest shell caliber in the game, on a TD. which means Sniper mode says High.

              How do you balance something with 30ish% higher shell caliber than the CGC/T92? in world of tank’s generally shell caliber=Means alpha. so the Alpha would probably be around 3000 Per shot.

              then how do you Deal with Shell types? Looking at the wikipidea article on The Sturmtiger(which I usually try to avoid Wikipidea becuese I would rather go off of a source that has some reliability)
              It could fire a 125 KG HE shell. or a shaped charge that could penetrate 2.5M of concrete now obviously it’s pen against actual armor was lower(probably significantly lower)

              So it has 2 Forms of shells so far, one with less pen, and one with more. this is looking like the 183 on steroids. which it is.

              then we come to the ROF now it needed I believe the entire crew just to reload, however if we go off of the T92 I would expect a reload of around 1 shell per minute. the problem is that the 183 Showed was that you can have as slow of a ROF as you wan’t if 1 shot a enemy tank they will not charge at you the Fear factor alone makes it so that the Reload for most of the time won’t be an issue.

              As I said before you can’t balance the SturmTiger. it will either be broken beyond all belief(and we defiantly don’t need another WaffleCancerE-100 Fiasco again), or it will be worthless and ton’s of Wehraboo’s will complain.

              • I didn’t say it’s obvious how to balance it keeping it completely historical, I just said it’s not impossible to balance it, somehow.
                Now, I’m not so sure about this, but aren’t T29, T32, T34 and T30 the same tank with just a different gun? And somehow they are balanced for their tier, from VII to IX, and this is because it’s a game, they can tweak things as they want, another example is VK 45.02 Ausf.B, it would be very similar to the Ausf. A if I understood that properly, but it’s tweaked to be a tier IX.
                It’s not impossible, probably just not good enough for the amount of realism recently WG seems to have set as standard.

                • The T32 is completely different from the T34/T30/T29.

                  AS for those three most would argue that the T30 is UP, and doesn’t fit as a tier 9. and last time I checked neither of these tank’s had a gun over 300MM.

                  What you fail to understand is that you can only tweak so much, certain aspects are designed from the ground up for the game, Gun caliber (90% of the time)= Damage. you can’t get around this. Pen is more or less biased on historical parameter’s.(unless it conflicts with balance, in which case balance takes precedence). and historical the Sturmtiger could go thru 2.5M of concrete. which is roughly 2,500MM, however as anyone with a single brain cell would know Steel is stronger than concrete. ingame pen would probably be around 200ish. and then the Usual HE shell.

                  The only real balancing parameters WG can change is the aim time and accuracy. and if they change them to much it becomes unusable.

                  So yes it is impossible to balance becuese Balance is keeping a tank from being overpowered, and under powered. something which just isn’t possible for the SturmTiger.
                  IF you asked storm why the Sturm Tiger was scrapped I’m 99.9999% sure the reason is that it was impossible to balance.

                • What… do you even know how games or programming works? They can do whatever they want, even put 1 damage per shell on a Sturmtiger, they “can’t” can only mean they “don’t want” to, because it would be conterintuitive or highly unrealistical, but not because they “can’t”.

              • Jeez guys, think about this silly concept that “caliber=alpha” for just a few more seconds. I believe the reason this correlation comes about is because the game information displays both caliber and alpha, rather then shell weight and damage. The shape of a standard HE round is pretty consistent for pretty much all cannons despite their varying caliber, so it stands reason to believe that there is a nice relationship between caliber and high explosive the round carry’s. The problem is that the Sturmtiger does not have a 380mm cannon! The 38 cm SK L/45 “Max” is a 380mm cannon, and yeah that looks like it could one-shot most tanks (really, just look it up on wikipedia and ask yourself if you think the sturmtiger is as destructive as that) For its size the Sturmtiger’s HE round carry’s far less explosives then a similarly sized cannon would (as the rocket propellent takes up a lot of the rounds volume). This means to figure out how much in game alpha this should deal, it would have to be proportional to the weight of the high explosives. So if a T92′s HE round has about 160 kg of high explosives (I know that’s the round’s weight, but for the life of me I can’t actually find the weight of the explosives) and the Sturmtigers round only packed kg of high explosives. So we can approximate that the Sturmtiger’s round would only deal about (2250/160)x125=1758 damage. If we also assume its not penetrating it is going to be dealing less then 800 damage….. With these numbers it could easily be balanced, so please stop perpetuating this “zomygodoneshotseverything” rumor. It is that rumor that has probably barred this historic vehicle from entering the game (as I think the developers have fallen victim to it).

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  5. You can “balance” the WTE100 and the FV215-183, but you can’t balance the Sturmtiger? WTF?

    • The WTF E100 is fake so balancing it is very easy. The FV 215B 183 only had a 183mm gun, as compared to the Sturmtiger’s 380mm rocket launcher.

  6. Ummm but more interesting, WTF is that USA tank on batchat left??? long hull, turret on back..and i think i see a X in tier… maybe the new tier 10 med after split of actual frankenline in 2 new lines??? secondary med and secondary light lines.

    Maybe i am wrong and is a sherman.

    • The only good thing in this copy game is they use bigger HP pool for tanks. i never understand why WG doesnt increase HP in tank between 25%-50%, increase tank survive made shot fights better.

    • This game is incredibly unbalanced. while I love the idea of the Sturmtiger, and the SU-152 taran and obj 279 look amazing, the Devs have to make these decisions. and I’m sure glad they’re not stupid enough to have a 12 second reload sturmtiger ingame…. goodness me….

      I do however support a lower damage higher splash 40-50 sec reload sturmtiger.

  7. Does anyone recognize what the tank in the first slot on the left is? I don’t think I recognize it.

  8. They ALL fit… the argument is total b/s.

    SturmTiger – Vaporware Champion Emeritus even fits.

    Sure, it can 1 shot nearly anything – but WG’s fear-mongering and paranoia aren’t taking into account several huge factors here…

    1. SturmTiger was severely overloaded frontal weight on a Tiger chassis = slow traverse, crap acceleration
    2. The mortar launcher tube has the “fresh out of the pool look” (aka ultra-short barrel) – meaning it could/should/would have VERY poor accuracy
    3. The shell would need to travel a certain distance away from the vehicle, otherwise the explosion would damage not only the target, but itself. (i.e. point-blank shooting would be suicidal)
    4. 14 rounds – divide it into 15 minutes making it take 1 minute and 4.5 seconds per reload = 1 minute and 4.5 seconds of absolute vulnerability to a flanking, juking, fast light, medium, hell maybe even a heavy tank
    5. Just give it a wide RNG damage sweep to keep the possible max-damage roll a rarity
    6. The armor, at tier 10 can be penned by everything
    7. Huge artillery target
    8. Massive “Dogpile” target – see the threat, eliminate the threat

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