Straight Outta Supertest: Current Batch of Vehicles

Hello everyone,

according to a comment in VK Wotleaks community, the following premium/reward vehicles are currently scheduled for supertest:

- Object 260 tier 10 Soviet heavy tank (scheduled as a clanwars reward, basically an IS-7 variant with different turret)
- T28 Concept (based on the wooden mockup as a tier 7 US TD
- East-German T-55A medium tank (because, you know, there are not enough T-54 clones in the game) tier 9 tank (likely an event/CW reward)
- tier 6 premium M4A3E8 variant (“Fury”, apparently)

Expect screenshots and statistics soon.

65 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Current Batch of Vehicles

          • well u see no reason why same armor as t95 + better speed wouldnt work as a tier8 predecessor ?

          • I really hope they will fix the T28 to be historical when it is modelled into HD.
            They should just nerf the speed and traverse a bit for adding the historical armor.

            But i really want them to get rid of that stupid fake frontal part of that tank.

        • 252mm armor is behind the matlet , the rest of the front is around 200mm.

          Srsly, that’s enough for a TD that’s this tiny and has excellent gun handling.

          You guys just whine because you don’t get this tank.

          or perhaps you expect to win 75% of matches with it ?

          • My only problem with the T28 is the unrealistic transmission part in the front, if it didn’t excist and it had the T95 styled front, it would be alot better with the current armor thicknesses.

          • have you EVER played on t28 omg ? Fucket Tiger 1 on autaim rapes t28 so easy . T28 need armor like t95

            • In fact I did and I had no problems with it. You either whine or just need more practice, T28 is NOT a frontline TD like T95 nor a peek-a-boo devil like T28 proto.

    • like, you know the part below the mantlet is fake, it should look like in t95

    • The_Chieftain says they’re satisfied with the T28 Prototype

      What they’re looking into is digging up info on an obscure 203mm armored T28 design to replace the mutant vehicle current occupying the space after the T25 AT

    • Here is the deciding question on the “wooden mockup” :

      Will they
      a) Make the obvious weak-spots (the MG “ears”) not part of the hitbox (ala T29′s top turret.
      b) Give the MGs ridiculous armor.
      c) Give them normal (made up by WG) armor.

      The way I see it, with guns as accurate as they are, especially from other TDs, all the hull armor in the world will not help you with those “shoot me here” MG turrets on the tank.

  1. “The FV4005 is just another 183mm gun, it’s not different from the FV215b, don’t put in the game, it’s too similar and uninteresting!” (Despite being a completely different tank who shares only a gun)

    “The Vickers MBT Mk3 is too similar to a Centurion, don’t put it in the game!” (Despite being a completely different tank who shares only a gun)



    • well, most likely there are different rules for premiumtanks (You know cheap to create copy paste tank is better(in cheaper and less whine from ppl who dont get it) for them than a new tank they would need massive research on)

  2. Why not a whole little NVA line, just like the Bundeswehr line starting from Tier 8. Possibly also starting from the VK3002 like the Indien-Panzer, because i don’t think there’s much relationship between those two either. But I think this won’t happen because after the T-54, T-54A, T-55 and T-55A it starts with gunfire control systems, etc… and I don’t think the DDR had any plans to build their own designed tanks (so there’s not even a possibility to use paper/concept tanks).

    • That’s not the 260 from the blueprint above. Cupola is on the wrong side and other small details are wrong.
      And the turret itself just looks like a larger IS-6 turret.

      • No it is fun made skin for the on 260 turret skin so don’t want it to be historical accurate but it lets us imagine how it will look

  3. T-55A was quite similar to the Type 59, so i have my doubts about being a tier 9. It might be a german tier 8 premium as it was hinted some months ago, most probably without the special MM.

    • What?
      German tier 8 prem MT is Panther with 8.8 L/71. This is pretty much rock solid.
      This one should have D-10T2S for a gun.
      Tell me, do you really believe WG is stupid enough to make a premium tier 8 vehicle with 330 gold pen?

    • well softstats and gunstats can make a big difference, so no problem with this becomming tier 9.

  4. (because, you know, there are not enough T-54 clones in the game)


  5. Of all the real tanks they could be putting in this game…

    AMR-35 and or it’s ZT-2 variant
    Canon D’Assuat Lorraine
    S35/S40 (as a French tank)
    Archer Tank destroyer
    A30 Challenger (and no, it’s not the exact same as Avenger, different turret and superstructure)

    ….screw it. I don’t feel like putting 30 or 40 tank names right now. But yeah WG, wooden ****up, er…mockup, two Russian clone tanks and one American tank you think you can sell because it will be in a move.

      • Maybe they should have been in the game already. Though unfortunately for us WG has funny ideas of what tanks should and shouldn’t be (never prioritizing production vehicles that saw combat) and Yuri Pasholok is to military historians what the Swedish Chef is to the culinary arts (and if you don’t know who the Swedish Chef it, he’s got some videos on Youtube).

        • I have a feeling we’ll see some of those next year.
          But yeah, it sucks that we have WTE100 and other unnecessary things and not the ones that actually are a part of the tanks history.

          • Rhe funny part about this: before wt were introduced everyone was crying about how wg promised sec. german tds and that we need em NOW.
            Then everyone cried about em introducing to many tanks. Now u guys complain that it takes to long :P

            • Nobody asked for WTE100. Nashorn and others? Yes.
              Line could have easily ended with Sturer Emil. It was based on VK30.01H, so it could be merged with the Tiger line to avoid dead ends.

  6. Dafq?? more CW reward tanks? why? im a 55% WR player. Im not statpadding, ve never been in a clan noir i want to ever be in a clan. I just play WoT for fun. What’s my reward? a big middle finger from WG i guess. Oh fck off with this exclusivity sht!!

    • Join a decent clan and stop being butthurt?

      Shouldnt be a problem if you are good – unless you arent, only then you have a problem.

      • And what about those of us who work third shift, and thus, are incapable of participating in CW because we (unlike a whole host of whiny retards) actually have a job?

        • Good point Zevyn. I really hate WG for their “special events” where if you play non-stop for a full month you get a free IS-6 or other prem tank. How the hell is a REAL PERSON supposed to do that ??? WG promotes kids and unemployed people, not the working class.

          • I’d like to see them do long term missions as opposed to the short term, “Super Grind Events” that they do now. They would have to have much harsher requirements to complete them, but with no time limit you could take your time with them, and it could be a way for them to give tier X reward tanks to those of us who just can’t do CW, but who still put a lot of time into the game.

            That sort of thing would have to have limits or something on it though, otherwise all those people who can play WoT like a job, because they don’t have a job, would just super grind it the way the do everything else.

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