And the Third World of Warships Tree is…


through the history, Great Britain was perhaps the most influential navy in the world. From their island country, the British forged an unparalelled empire through the might of their navy and therefore, it’s only fitting that the British line would be the third one (since the first two were American and IJN).

Like that? Logical, no? Looking forward to sail with the HMS Hood? Well, fuck you then, because the third line will be Russian.

Yep, instead of possibly the mightiest navy in human history, we’ll have the Russians, whose naval achievements include losing to the Japanese at Tsushima and that’s pretty much it. The reason for this decision is purely economic one, since there are simply many, many Russian players and they have a “sense of national pride”, as one developer puts it. Don’t believe me? Check this out, here’s the original post:


The Stalin dev butthurt made me chuckle. But seriously though, this part is important:

Russian and British ship models are being developed in parallel and while we originally planned to release the Royal Navy first, we’ve since changed that decisions for business reasons. We are currently planning to bring in the Russian Navy as the first nation after release, followed by the Royal Navy.

To be honest, I believe that if we manage to create an immersive and fun game, fans of British ships will play it anyway. If they don’t like it and, as a result, don’t stay in the game then introducing those (or any other) ships won’t change that. The oldest Alpha Testers are painfully aware that I am quite passionate about the ‘gameplay vs. history’ line of argumentation. However, we do have a very large Russian community, who have a very strong sense of national pride, which in essence means that they like to play Russian tanks, planes or ships. Therefore, we see no compelling business reason why the Royal Navy must be the third nation.

You know, it’s logical. The Russian tree is probably the same thing as the Chinese tree in World of Tanks. Noone really wanted it apart from that respective nation, the machines in it are neither attractive nor historically important, but it just has to be there to cater to that certain large playerbase (Chinese tree is very popular on Chinese server and I would not be surprised, if Wargaming agreement with Kongzhong actually involved a part, where Wargaming is obligated to release new Chinese tanks in 2015).

I actually get it, it’s a pure business decision and that’s how it’s honestly presented by the developer above. I can live with that, because after the WoWp fuckup, the pressure is on and the game really should be a commercial success, otherwise – who knows? Luckily, the game will not have much competition in that specific format I think (Gaijin already posted somewhere they are putting their development of ships on hold), so it’s not like in WoWp case, when a (better) game was already developed and WG people had to compete hard from the start.

What DOES piss me off is the inconsistency of Wargaming rhetoric. On one hand they admit openly they want to cater to large playerbase. Cool. On the other hand, you have two out of three largest player groups on EU server being repeatedly told they can’t get their own branches of tanks, because they would be full of clones (lie – and oh look, here’s another T-54 clone for the Germans, enjoy!) or fake tanks (another lie, plus – how do you like your “historical” WT E-100? What, you don’t like fakes? Okay, here’s the T28 Concept, TOTALLY historical *snicker*).

It’s this hypocrisy and inability to stick to their own line that annoys me. Make up your mind, Wargaming. Either business interests decide (gief EU tree), or historical importance decides (kick the stalinboats out). Otherwise it makes you look like twats.

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  1. Ah… Wargaming’s Russian bias at its finest… I’m starting to question whether or not I still want WoWs beta so badly.

    • I don’t mind soviet ships as long as I can destroy them normally like other ships.

      In WoT players somehow manage to get low winrate with, for example, IS7 and it receives a buff after another even though it’s one of the stronkerest tanks and you can pretty much reverse it to enemy base like the rest of the stalin tanks…

      I fear they will make soviet ships to perform a lot better than they really would do.

      • typical tomato:
        -doesnt own is-7
        -thinks one of the worst tanks is op because “he killed me in last game and noone can kill ME”
        - talks about buffs that never existed (When was Is-7 last buffed?)

        • IS 7 was buffed last patch when it was made HD and wider, the turret got a side armor buff!

          • Being made wider is not particularly a buff (esp since it means the LFP is larger now), the turret buff was to a small portion of the frontal armour going from 240 –> 270. Barely a reputeable buff when it was already a good hulldown tank, so nothing has changed here.

            • They also removed the right hand side coupla it was small but it was 100% possible to hit and pen.

                • My E50m disagrees with you I could reliably hit and pen that coupla no problem. It was the only way to hit and pen a hull down IS7 now when a IS7 goes hull down yeah good luck if he has support its not a good situation.

                • My Maus would also like to disagree with you. That cupola was quite hit table and most certainly pennable as I did it numerous times before they removed it.

        • Wrong, typical tomato usually owns IS-7 and E-100. Which probably means you are such tomato who can’t use his IS-7 the right way and thinks it’s the worst tank because “he killed me in last game and noone can kill ME”.

        • Are you serious? Really? One of the worst tanks? Tell me, please, what is so bad about IS-7? Maybe it is a little bit sluggish, but that is all. It has above average gun (490 alfa, acceptable pene, long aimtime( it is 130mm after all) a little bit longer reload, accuracy of 0.4 is totally sufficient) and excelent armor.

        • Stop living under a rock. They buffed the IS7′s angled armor and they will buff it again in 9.4 by giving it gun depression and buffing the already OP turret.

      • Funny, I see just the opposite. Rus Navy is third released Nation? Im impressed.

        Surprised they didn’t do the British/ Germans first, followed by Rus, followed by IJN.

        I just hope your working on a more accurate Player rating system then the current one.

        It really causes a lot grief and animosity when the majority of your player base is considered “poor quality or below average”

        The Majority of your player base should be the average, then work from there?

        So, take the template you already have, and slide the parameter back. Or forward, or whatever. Happy players are paying Players Serby……..

        • Why German? Their ship design got gutted after Versailles and they never made a good ship after that.

      • Uh-huh. The IS-7 is #19 out of 32 tier 10 tanks (not including the 2 clan-wars tanks). Thats not even in the top half. If its not winning well, and it isnt, then it is, by definition, NOT overpowered, and you’re a pillock.

  2. I honestly don’t mind Imperial Russian Navy ships, seeing as they have a very rich history. The Soviets however…

    • Top of the Tree will be the Mighty Tarantul class corvette, with their missile’s guided from Stalin himself to destroy all those pesky little Capitallist Pigs xaxaxaxaxa

    • Imperial Russian Naval ships – built by and often led by Scots, former members of the Royal Navy or from the ship yards that built them.

    • ROFLMAO, good one. And yeah. They may feel free to go fuck themselves, if they use “National Pride” as a reason for anything, because…

      A) …”[...] the cheapest form of pride is national pride; for the man affected therewith betrays a want of individual qualities of which he might be proud, since he would not otherwise resort to that which he shares with so many millions.” GOt nothing to be proud of yourself? Be proud of your nation, for which you did nothing, do nothing and are worth nothing.
      B) …most of the more “modern” (read interwar and WWII.era) ships of the soviet navy were… BLUEPRINTS ONLY or SHIPS SCRAPPED BEFORE COMPLETION and thus next to no reallife performance can be modeled on historicity. The result of this when mixed with “National Pride”, is obvious.

    • I was trying to think of any engagements the Soviet Navy participated in during WW2. Now, it’s true I’m not an expert in Soviet naval matters by any stretch, but I couldn’t think of a single one. The only action I could come up with was the fighting near Sevastapol when Soviet destroyers and cruisers ferried marines to an amphibious landing, and I’m not sure where I heard that.

      Did they even escort any of the convoys to Murmansk?

  3. The belarussians love to lick russian ass..Whats so new about that?..And I understand why they put a russian line first..Im sure you would to if you owned this company and you have bills to pay. Best thing to do is to secure a reliable finance before moving on. Thats why they “never” add stuff into WoWP..They simply dont get the money back for it.

  4. Well I understand its a business decision so can’t get to mad at the Devs. Probably was an order sent from WG that the wows team had to do.

  5. Have u ever thought about that although u seem to be very butthurt about having to wait for eu tree theres a big economical difference between whole russian community and ” two out of three largest player groups on EU server” (the WHOLE Eu server in wot is 1/8 of ru and then only 2 out of 3 larges groupes…).
    Did u ever thought about that although they are 2 out of 3 largest on EU server, their global importance is so small, that, by introducing other tanks, they can easily make more money (by pleasing the global market) than by those tanks noone else cares about (harsh thought for u I know)

    • Yeah I find SS often shows his buthurt toward Russians…I think we could see by now that he doesnt like them…

      • I ve been reading SS for along time now and I have never gotten the impression that he “doesn’t like them”. He has a very good relationship with WG imo, positive and constructive, for all parties concerned.

        Now, Natzis, that’s whole nutha can to kick around.

        Were lucky we have this Blog. I feel fortunate to have it.

      • “It’s this hypocrisy and inability to stick to their own line that annoys me.”
        Hmm funny considering the whole russia butthurt yet bashing people who defend it.
        (bashing russia is no better than the guys in the chat bashing poland which however,get into hall of shame because nobody must bash poor post soviet states!) please get over your national butthurt and let the past rest ffs,here in germany nobody simply hates russians because they are russians because the people here arent coservative crybabies sitting in a corner and whining about things that happened 70 years ago

  6. After the 1904 war with Tsushima disaster Rusia navy was a minor power… even France was more powerfull… specially in WWII and Germany had more modern ships to (no ships from WWI period).

    Lets see but could be interesting see here the rusian tree reduced to a few models… released more like chinese tree in WOT to hit a market.

    The EU tree in WOT is more frustrating because they simple are delaying a lot of lines because they cant made them open top tiers… see France tree for example, they can have today released a lot of low tier lines but they want release all in a single patch to force people use free xp to jump to top tier… if WG work more to improve game and less to search ways to milk players euros…

    • Until the early 20th, and Germany’s retarded attempt to rival the UK as a naval power, France had the second navy in the world. It still was the third one at the eve of WWII, behind the Brits and Japan.

      Despite losing constantly to the Brits (which was mostly a training and doctrine issue), the french fleet was, several times, made of better ships than the British Empire’s. That was the case under Louis XIV, and during the the ironclad era. The defeat of 1870 (which cost more to France than the 1919 Versailles treaty did to Germany) forced her to lay low for a while, as Ironclads were replaced by Dreadnoughts and the likes.

      Meanwhile, the Russian navy was a complete and utter fail, whose record is plagued by disasters and catastrophes. That goes both for the Imperial Navy and for the Soviet one.

      TDLR. France and Germany deserve a spot in WoWs much much more than Russia. But history can’t beat economy, and I could hardly get mad at WG for their choice. I would have done the same one. UK will be added eventually, Germany probably at some point, and maybe even France. So it’s all good. Let’s just hope that les fromages will get a better treatement in WoP and WoWs than they do in WoT.

      • France’s fast destroyers of the 1930s of the contra-torpeilleurs are in particular of great interest. Also their fast battleships like the Richelieu-class.

        • FFS Italy should be before the RU in terms of WWII naval power.
          6 modern battleships
          21 cruisers
          52 Destroyers and 60 large torpedo boats.
          106 subs

          More than enough in quantity terms to populate a tree while they did have one aircraft carrier and another under construction but none operational.

      • This isnt a book or a documentary. Which nation deserves to be in wows depends entirely on playerbase demand and developer will. Funny how some think a nation has a historical right to be in a computer game. Maybe sue WG?

        • It’s not about historical right, but about historical sense.
          What you’re saying that if enough people demand it, one of the first nations in WoWS should be Austria.

        • WIth that reasoning, there’ll be a chinese ship tree in WoWs right before the russian one. On the plus side, it will be just as historical as the russian one.

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  8. So much whining because WG does what every western company has been doing. Suck it up. These anti-russian rants are getting boring. And btw Im not Chinese and i wanted a Chinese tech tree.

    Get used to your new place in the world.

      • He probably means the same stuff you can see in any western game, albeit it’s not so noticeable for us.

        The most visible example for me is the “patriotic” CoD feeling – everyone else is enemy, proud Americans always prevail. Sometimes they have to overcome inner sabotage, but those are surely implemented by evil Arabs/Russians/pick-your-own-enemy.

      • @skacekachna

        I think Mr. a.k.a Dongfeng puts much importance in BRICS. :-) Sensible since the BRICS countries complement each other pretty good, Russia -> Energy resources and some Technology/Science, China -> Massive production possibilities/growing internal market , India -> IT and growing internal market. Brasil -> Massive agricultural output possibilities. South Africa -> 5-th wheel on the carriage XD.

        Still, BRICS have one major weak link that might brake this othewise promising cooperation. RF. RF position in this deal is to fill the energy and scientific gap. While beeing more then capable of filling the energy gap they are short on technology and science. They are still playing catch up with the “west” in mostly civilian tech/science. Military science/tech is pretty OK but military tech will not create the industrial and economical long term boost that RF so badly needs. Neither will it provide it for the BRICS members. RF will never catch up here when most of their sci/tech budget goes into augmenting their military. All of them will still be looking to the US/EU for technologies to steal/copy/buy.

    • Oh? Name another western company with similar or nearly the playerbase of WG that openly states how much they care about “historical accuracy” and then repeatedly disregarded their own claim?

  9. “The Russian tree is probably the same thing as the Chinese tree in World of Tanks. Noone really wanted it apart from that respective nation, the machines in it are neither attractive nor historically important, but it just has to be there to cater to that certain large playerbase”

    The Royal Navy should be the FIRST navy introduced, period.
    I can understand that a Rusky company wants to cater its Rusky audience, but be reasonable.
    For example, as much as the Japanese navy needs to be in the game, why does it come before the Royal Navy? The Japanese had RN as their “idols”!
    The only reason I can think of is that they didn’t want to have their first promos showing RN fighting with the US navy (a long time since 1815 and all that).

    I wonder what will be the Soviet navy’s equivalent of stronk KV-1S (that survived the nerf-hammer for years) though? :P

    • Well it is obvious that with the US navy they had to put in the counterpart. Japan navy fits for it better then the Germans tbh. Iconic Battleships and Aircraft carriers in the IJN.

      • Many of Japans fighting ships in the 30′s and WW2 were British designed. The IJN was modelled on the Royal Navy.

        • That is incorrect. The last Japanese warship to be designed by Britain was the Kongo, which was designed in 1910. Pretty much all similarities between the two navies ended around that time period.

      • Its even more obvious why Japan and USA come first this time – buisness reasons. Those are the areas where WG failed to get their products in. While they have a very strong position in the RF and a strong one in Europe, North America and Japan are a lagging behind big time. At the same time these markets offer great potential.

        Though what I m not so sure is the russian Navy thing – there it seems “russian” patriotism won over buisness interests. Lets be honnest – which potential japanese or american customer cares about some “russian sailing boats”, when he could sink the Prince of Wales or hunt the Bismark.

        Hopefully the game development wont be as half-hearted and they are able to keep marketings guys chained in their cubicles.

      • Simple math.

        Vast majority of money for WoT comes from Russia and US. China is likely a leader as well but not directly to Wargaming.

        EU on the other hand are a bunch of whiny freeloaders. They don’t pay for the game at all. Germany has their line and and so do British, and they are the only countries with money in Europe.

        Why build a whole line of Czech or Italian tanks if only a bunch of people give a shit about them (I personally don’t, although I support more tanks in the game at any time) and that bunch is so piss poor they will never recoup the cost?

        Say what you want, Wargaming is brilliant with money.

        Same for WoWs, Russia and US will pay to play the game. Brits will too but it will be peanuts compared to the other countries. They are 1) can’t afford gaming I guess? 2) Too cheap to spend on something.

        TL;DR: Fuck EU freeloaders.

        • Care to show some kind of evidence that EU players are “freeloaders”?

          Yes, I’ve heard this claim too, numerous times, that we EU players don’t spend money on the game like the RU playerbase (which is LARGER), but I have yet to see sources for these claims. As for NA server…is it really so profitable?
          Unfounded claims.

          Assumptions assumptions.

        • So why not just put the Soviet Navy and the RN as starting nations? Everyone will be happy…

        • From a FtR post 28th of May 2013:

          “The 2012 reported revenue for Wargaming was broken down in the following way in their Annual
          Report. (Was in Euros, changed it to U.S funds and made it simple to read)

          Overall Revenue 281 million, Broken down into..

          168.9 million – Russian Server
          70.0 million – European server
          39.7 million – U.S Server
          2.4 million – Sea Server

          Now compare that to active players closer to the time of the report (Pulled Dec 01, 2012)

          3,034,756 – Russian Server
          845,528 – European server
          195,340 – U.S Server
          62,225 – Sea Server

          That means that that for the average active player they made roughly the following per month..
          $4.64 – Russian Server
          $6.90 – European server
          $16.94 – U.S Server
          $3.21 – Sea Server

          So it supports them saying American’s spend more, which it clearly shows per active user, just the American server has 1/15th of the active users they have on the Russian server. The bulk of the revenue is still the Russian servers due to the extremely high active user count.”

          EU freeloaders do not think so. Majority of money form Russia followed by EU then US.

    • The japanese fleet alone saw more factual action (large engagements) as the british, german and french navies combined during World War II. Brits were mostly occupied with anti-subarmine warfare, not actual surface to surface fighting.

  10. I can’t wait to play all those Russian Aircraft Carriers… Oh wait. And the huge range of Battleships… Oh…. Err Cruisers and Destroyers then….

    • >Err Cruisers and Destroyers then….

      soviet navy 1941 (without subs)
      3 aged battleships,
      7 cruisers
      59 destroyer-leaders

      muh stronk navy

    • I guess you’re the kind of guy who says “why are you fighting X law in congress/parliament, it’s not even passed yet!”

      The whole goddam point of the argument is to stop the policy from being implemented in the first place.

  11. Well I am also dissapointed with having the Russian Navy as the third tech tree nation in WoWs instead of the Royal Navy because of business -_- .At least with the extra money they may will get from the Russian Navy tech tree,they can use it to develop the game further.They should put at least one British premium ships either during the first patch or second patch to compensate for the Royal Navy fans.

    • that’s what i think too, those ships will sink and stay that way, just like the planes that were grounded! i even deleted wowp!

    • It’s a boring crap that will attract a few tomatoes wondering around in the waters. Oh and the people playing it so they can get WoT free gold and premium. Like they with WoWP token for premium and some contest for gold.

    • My thought – nobody who playes WOT (and knows Wargaming) or tried WoWP will give a third game of Wargaming a chance.

    • I’ve been waiting for a decent naval warfare game for a long time. I know that it’s WG but if the game is at least half decent I can play WoWs for at least a year then stop, just like I did with WoT.

      As for this subject I don’t really care what nation they’ll implement next as long they don’t forget the starters trees.

  12. This is why I will *not* be playing this game. It probably won’t register, but this is me voting with my feet – and wallet.

    • Of cause. Little green men and masonic order are helping with that. It’s all part of russian conquest of the world. Special Bear Forces are ready to enforce europeans to play WoWs

    • [irony] No. The separatists. And they don’t have any connections with Putin at all! [/irony]

  13. Sorry but who gives a toss? The game will be fun (or not) no matter which navies are represented. If it succeeds then the RN will arrive eventually. If it fails, then why bother worrying about it. In the meantime they have chosen to open with the nations which fought the largest and most significant combined naval campaigns during WWII, followed by the nation which they believe will generate the most interest with the bulk of their existing playerbase.

    Very sensible.

    • Please enlighten us to the Battleship V Battleship actions that the US or Japan engaged in during WWII?

      • 2nd Guadalcanal, Operation Torch, Surigao Strait

        As long as we’re on stupid questions, please now name a single naval battle of any type involving surface forces of the Russians and another navy in WWII.

      • Please enlighten us to the carrier vs. carrier actions the Royal Navy got in? And no, the gun duel between the Glorious and the German twins doesn’t count.

        Unlike in warplanes, you’re championing a navy whose only claim to real excellence was ASuW, with top to bottom mediocrity in every other category. They barely even managed to persuade the USN they were worth dragging along in the Pacific and mostly hid behind the real ships while they did the real work.

  14. Really annoyed by this. British tree should have been in there before anything; even the Japanese/US we currently have in game. Hell, the Royal Navy had enough ships to make up two or three whole trees.

    I understand it from a business point of view but it still stinks.

    • Yes but…. The most spectacular and numerous naval engagements in the timeperiod that WoW is in where between the Japs and Yanks. Brits although having a strong navy where more or less sidelined and bound to protecting convoys ,chasing submarines and blockading ports. The most notorious naval engagement they had in WW2 was destroying the French navy…. So, of course they whent with US/Jap ships first. They are the most known. I would get into WoW just to get to play with “Yamato”.

        • Other than not knowing WWI is in the timeframe he’s not exactly wrong. The RN of WWII was a mediocre also-ran that was barely worth dragging across the Pacific.

        • Even more so, WWI; many Russian naval victories?
          What about the Japanese, taking over German colonies in the Pacific defended by light cruisers, if at all? :P

      • The naval battles in the Pacific Theatre were spectacular indeed.
        But I would guess the Mediterranean Theatre was pretty interesting as well.
        The battles there seemed much more even: think of Matapan or Spartivento.

  15. This game will be a FAIL. This is one indicator of that. They know not many will play this POS game. So they are counting one teh stronk Stalin national pride of russian players to help populate the game. They create these trees based on popularity you know? and i bet ATM interest from UK is 0 for this crap game.

    • Actually quite the oposite looking at the WoWs forums and so far I can tell that the British lads are not amused by this info. Well obviously anyway lol. The royal navy shaped and formed the ship industry since it start basically till the 2nd WW. Only during and mainly after the second WW due to the well known Pearl Harbor attack the boom in US ship building started. In the time between 1st and 2nd World War the Royal navy had significantly more warships then any nation. The main problem was tho that due to colonies around the world their fleets were scattered across the globe.

      • The USN and RN had an equal tonnage ratio by treat, the main difference is that the RN compromised on their cruiser designs to get more numbers and the US just wanted an excuse to not spend on ships. The RN was dying a slow death after WWI, it was in incredibly sorry shape before WWII. Their carrier aviation was awful.

  16. The connection between the Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy is a worthwhile thing to read about.

    A lot more interesting than the link between Russian and Chinese tanks, for sure…

    • There was a brief alliance between the British and the Japanese, until Churchill decided to throw it out in favour of the Yanks!

      Some say it was that that pushed them towards going berserk in SE Asia.

    • Amusingly the desire to bottle up the Russians was what caused the Anglo-Japanese alliance, since the Japanese islands form a nice cordon around Russian ports on the Pacific.

  17. Not really surprised by this.

    Dreams of Habbakuk it will have to be for the time being for this armchair captain.

  18. Maybe just me….really looking forward to this but in my mind have only thought of historical battles (or at least historic enemies)….eg US vs Japan or British vs Germany and not the free for all that exists in WoT’s….

    on the + side I can not imagine any soviet/russian warship matching the Missouri , Yamato etc so they will have only minor tiers or ships that appear in star wars?

      • Whut. The British navy was quite competent and had a wide variety of ships, including vast numbers of different destroyer classes, multiple different battleship classes of different statistics(That served entirely competently btw and won in every action where battleships were used – Hood isn’t a battleship, it is a battlecruiser), a large number of aircraft carrier classes, a variety of cruiser classes, large numbers of frigates and corvettes…

        You can claim a lot about the British but you can’t say they don’t have a wide variety of ships that can be added.

  19. Why should WG invest into EU tech tree while EU players play WoT anyway, shoveling their national pride into their asses while EU server is the most expensive one?

    Somehow I think that WoWS will be similar fail to WoWP, so WoT will be still the only WG milking cow.

    • I fully agree, but then again for how long can they milk it? While I like the ship details Iam absolutely not impressed by the gameplay shown.

  20. I dont know… I cant be the only one that isnt impressed by the gameplay shown to this date… I mean the details on ships are great, but the gameplay seems for me atleast very “cluncky” and “meh” at best tbh…

    And for fucks sake not inculding the Royal Navy even from the start is a spit in the face of every ship enthusiast.

    • Granted, it’s still in alpha, so I expect the play to be a little clunky. But the decision not to include the RN in favor of the Russian Navy, a navy that had to borrow ships from the RN, is somewhat mind boggling.

  21. Should have been US/Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia.

    But noooo.

    • Germany after Italy and France? :). Are you kidding me lol?

      Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Admiral Graf Spee, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Scheer and those are only Tier 10 material…

      • I think that germany too has enough to fill the tiers. Only their ships (except the top of the line) are less know due to lack of combat operations. They where mostly blockaded in their ports in WW1.

      • No, Tier 10 German BS (battleship or bullshit, I leave the decision to you) will be the H-44 paper project.

        And the Russians will surely get the amphibious version of Stalin’s Balls of Steel.

        • Except 2 of the H classes are already confirmed to be in the game at tiers 9 and 10, and you can make an argument for Prinz Eugen as a tier 10 due to surviving the war and serving for a short as a U.S. Ship

          • There is a difference between surviving the war and being viewed as appropriate game-material for high tier actions.

            Soviet WW1 destroyers survived the war too. Are they tier 10? A ship’s history will not effect their actual placement, their combat capabilities will.

            It didn’t serve as a US ship really either, we just looked over it, realized that like most German stuff from WW2 it was a failure compared to the US, then sunk it in a bomb test. Yes we commissioned it into the navy, but that was to keep it out of Soviet hands.

            • Except the Eugen influenced cruiser design in the US for the next 20 years, as did most German tech. Not to mention the PE was quite comparable in capabilities to the modern cruisers of the time. It was never a failure, it was used improperly by using naval tactics that became quickly outdated after 1941.

              • Explain how it influenced our design? We~

                Never adopted the same turret system
                Never adopted the same armor scheme
                Never adopted the same screw system
                Never adopted the same sensory system
                Never adopted the same computational systems
                Never adopted the same fire control systems
                Never adopted the same anti-aircraft systems
                Never gave our cruisers torpedoes

                We were either more advanced than the Germans or equal to them in almost all respects anyway, there were only a few area where they were ahead like rocketry.

                And we only built heavy cruisers for four more years, so it hardly influenced us for 20 years. All of our heavy cruiser were evolved from the Baltimore-class or our own independent missile programs. Unless if you want to claim that the PE was a guided missile cruiser it certainly gave us no assistance in such regards.

              • It influenced nothing in US service other than the sea floor. German technology with the sole exception of the large rocket, which the US didn’t fund during the war, was invariably behind comparable technology in the rest of the world. Nowhere was this as true as in naval design, where the Germans weren’t just behind the US, which had the best navy in the world, but literally every single other major navy. Compared to the Hipper class, the American Portlands, Japanese Takaos and Mogamis, British Counties (designed in the 1920s!), and especially the Italian Zaras and French Algeries were as good or better than the Hippers on 10,000 tons of displacement, while it took the hilariously backward Germans 15,000 tons for their warmed-over WWI mediocrity. Better yet, the Zaras and Algeries are close to 50% more heavily armored.

                By the end of WWII, the gold standard of heavy cruisers were the American Des Moines class, which literally had more than twice the anti-surface throw weight, over twice the AA throw weight (and that was proximity fuzed, which multiplied that 2 times to more like 10 times as much AA capability before I get into the theoretical capability for the main guns to serve as AA), and armor that was roughly twice as thick. They were a knot faster as well, and did that for less than 13% weight. So what exactly would the USN have to learn from the Germans? The Prinz Eugen wasn’t even worthwhile as a material lesson on how not to build a ship because the Americans had never been that bad at designing ships.

          • The Prinz Eugen is more like a tier eight at most. The US ten is the Des Moines class. If you think that somehow the Prinz Eugen is at all comparable you’re a fool. The Des Moines had nine 8″ rifles capable of 10 rounds per minute with high penetration superheavy shells to the Hippers’ eight 8″ rifles capable of 4-5 rounds per minute. The Des Moines had six inch belt armor and 3.5 inch deck armor, while the Hippers had ~3 inch belt armor and less than two inch deck armor. The Des Moines had better radar on the turrets than the Hippers had anywhere. The Des Moines had 12 5″/38 and 24 3″/50 guns, all of which were very fast firing heavy weapons with proximity fuzed shells with 12 20mm cannon for AA (and destroying light targets in the case of the 5″, which was the best dual purpose gun of the war). The Hippers had 12 4.1″, 12 1.5″, and 8 20mm guns for AA, which were not only considerably lighter guns but didn’t have the elaborate reloading setup or radar fire control of the Des Moines, making them much worse against surface or air targets.

            In return for all these massive advantages, the Hippers carried twelve torpedo tubes and weighed a paltry 2,000 tons less. If a Hipper squares off against a Des Moines, it’s going to get buried in a hail of shellfire before it can even close to effective range. It was a pathetically bad ship when it was designed and it aged badly. The only thing it was good for postwar was being blown up instead of a useful ship

      • You’re the one joking. That’s three classes, and none are close to tier 10 material. The Hippers are considerably worse ships than the prewar Italian Zaras and Algeries, and the Bismarcks weren’t significantly better in any regard than the Richelieus and Littorios. The Scharnhorsts were just small and weak, the Dunkerques were considerably more powerful ships. The funny thing is that except for the Scharnhorsts, which are going to be yet lower tiered, they’d all only be about tier eight material. None of those ships would last an hour against an Iowa/Montana or Des Moines.

        The French in particular had better and more interesting ships than any of the warmed over WWI designs the Germans had in WWII.

  22. Useless butthurt “news”.
    It’s clear
    1) they want money
    2) they don’t want to lose playerbase,
    so the answer, will always be different, dependent who’s asking.
    Clones will be always rationalised with stonk national pride feeling or similar.
    Rejection of other branches will always be justified by “we don’t want any more clones” or similar, because if you simply tell the player “go f**k yourself, we don’t want to implement this branch” you lose the playerbase.
    “It’s this hypocrisy” – yes
    “and inability to stick to their own line that annoys me.” – no
    It’s politics, you never get a clear answer.
    That’s all.

  23. I know not WW2 only but Russian fleet in 1941 comprised……

    3 aged battleships,
    7 cruisers (including 4 modern Kirov-class heavy cruisers),
    59 destroyer-leaders and squadron-destroyers (including 46 modern Type 7 and Type 7U destroyers),
    218 submarines,
    269 torpedo boats,
    22 patrol vessels,
    88 minesweepers,
    77 submarine-hunters,
    and a range of other smaller vessels.

    • Those are at best tier 8 material in case of the Kirov-class cruisers and the rest barely tier 7. Except 3 battleships for WW2 already absolutely outclassed by the other nations. If there were submarines then the story would be different, but ship wise it was very bad.

  24. Will the Russian line incorporate mutinous bolsjevik sailors that murder their officers?

  25. I love Chinese tanks for some weird reason. But i’m affraid WG will somehow manage to give Russia very though ships eventhough historically their navy was crap. I imagine ‘WTE100-like’ projects for Russia now…

    • You will be pleased then, to see, that on the “known” tree of Russia (as compiled on the forums), the top four tiers of Russian BBs are all Projects. Sovietsky Soyuz is the only one that was laid down, pretty much everything else above tier 5 is going to be WTE100 style.

  26. If I would be a dev in ruskie land I would do the same. Just think, which nation you would release first? the most importent – us navy, then you have to add opposite side not allies, so it would be japs. ruskie boats for money and then the rest. they dont care bout history, all tree’s will be equal in balance because game needs to be 50% balance to be popular..

    • Well seems obvious, but tbh Royal Navy > US navy (at that time period), but doing the US and as counterpart the Japanese is ofc understandable. It was very noticable when the Pearl Harbor attack happened. Almost the whole Pacific fleet got destroyed in the harbor. And IF the Japanese were able to finish their super submarine project which could transport 3 attack planes then the whole Pacific coast would be basically defenseless due to the Atlantic fleet being on the other side of the planet. After that the big boom in ship building started. The rest is history with Hiroshima and Nagasaki as we all know.

      • Look up how hard the UK had to work to justify to the USN that they were even worth letting tag along latewar. The RN simply wasn’t able to stay on station or project power to US standards, in fact they were a charity case. Incidentally, the Pacific Fleet you’re talking about doesn’t include the carriers, which eliminated the Japanese carrier force as a unit capable of modern warfare by the end of 1943. To compare them to a navy which lost a carrier to gunfire and needed half their ships to chase down a single badly designed battleship in WWII, and managed to take half again the ships to a naval engagement and trade badly for numbers at the height of their naval power is a joke. Let alone the armored carriers, which were a sick joke incapable of generating enough sorties to do their job and hid behind the real carriers while they did the bulk of the fighting.

  27. So what is the problem here SS, WG is not in the busines of historical accuracy which we have seen in WOT many times, they are in business of making money and if Russian line is good for their business its their decision what line will they introduce first. If you were in their postion what would you do, something that is good for your business and generate you more income or something that most of your customers would like but wouldnt influence your income…there are no place for emotions in business today…Anyway who cares what line come first…

    • Correction. Most of WG costumers would prefer Russian/Soviet navy than British. Just as by far the most prefer Chinese tech tree in wot than UK one.

      All this whine is from people who are stuck in the past. And people who rant about historical accuracy in a computer game made for fun. 99.99% of playerbase doesnt care about historical accuracy and those who do pretend they are majority.

      • If that were the case, the 3rd line would have German, not Russian or British, Because of the Bismarck and Tirpitz alone.

        But that’s ok, I’ll be making plenty of fun of the Russians, especially every time I see one of them in the Petropavlovsk. I’ll definitely make sure to ask them why they are driving the Lützow and don’t they have any national pride….

        • Bismarck and Turpitz alone make it more important? German’s should have come in 4th along with the Italians. The Italian surface fleet did more than the German surface fleet during the war.

  28. WOW! Amazing news!
    until now i didn’t know that the Russian had any navy in WWII. now i’ll learn about how the Russian Navy Dominated the seas in the great war/

    thanks Stupid Russians you made my day.

    WG, Never go full Retard, Never!

    • How did they go full retard? Go play the Americans and Japanese if you are so butthurt about the Russians coming in next. I am personally going to play the Americans a lot.

  29. Russia shall rewrite WWII Naval history with Russian greatness, 1 ship at a time. So, when will we get to see the mighty Akula?

    • Considering how so many people get their history lessons from either Youtube, or in games, this is yet more of a gross distortion of history. We already see in WoT, and Warthunder, a clear bias towards Soviet machines, most of which were utter crap, poor technology, poorly trained, badly manufactured, which is why their losses were so appalling. Now we will have WoWs, another propaganda game. Yet they say that the Russian have great national pride and want to play Russian ships? Well let them, and let them have ships that are utter shite, with drunken crews, and guided by the political officers to defeat. As that was the reality of it. Must change my log in name, as much as I admire the lines of the project 971 submarine, I’m getting pretty feed up with Russian crap.

  30. This is dumb WOWP style decision #1. Yes, let’s add in a country who’s navy had to borrow and buy ships from two countries that are not in the game yet and built their own navies from the ground up.

    Seems legit.

  31. I dont know a damn thing about ships but judging from WoT experience, I’d say that having less existing ships to fill up tiers with, is actually an advantage. Existing ships will as tanks in WoT be somewhat constrained by their recorded performance and historical specs meanwhile “Serb’s construction bureau” can go wild and dream up stronk soviet ships with all the parameters through the roof because “balance” or “thats how this paper project would perform”. And thats the better case, beware of stalinstronk-class 100% madeup aircraft carrier that is going to shit on stuff tiers above it :D

  32. WG, licking Russian balls.

    Russian tech tree. So what we can expect from them.

    For one surely we’ll see pre-9.3 KV-1S style ships. Like like light Cruisers armed with 18.1 inch guns or battleships armed with more torpedo than Japanese cruisers. Oh and Aircraft carrier that flies MiG jets.

    • It’s funny you say this because a light cruiser armed with 18 inch guns was built… by the Britons, it was the “large light cruiser” HMS Furious. And apparently jet fighters are supposed to be implemented for all countries, so yeah, Russia could get navalised MiGs.
      Maybe you should do some research before screaming against WG?

  33. The only, and ONLY WWII-era historically popular Russian vessel is Verniy and it’s not even originally Russian to begin with. Fucking WoWS.

  34. “Losing at Tsushima”
    You forgot the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff refugee ship, the greatest maritimal loss of life in human history.
    Baltic Fleet stronk.

      • Because his post defended German bombings in so many ways…

        Djeezez you otakus are so unreasonable! ;-P

        The Soviet Baltic fleet got mauled by the Finns!

  35. well all those russian ships still couldnt find the Red October and the guys on that boat where the noisest mothers alive, singing national anthems and all that crap……russian navy so bad the had to have a scottish keptin and kiwi first officer!!

  36. > we’ll have the Russians, whose naval achievements include losing to the Japanese at Tsushima
    >Japanese at Tsushima
    >The Stalin dev butthurt
    >Battle of Tsushima

    You know your history, SS. As usual, I see.

    • Let me correct you mister, Czech tanks were at the forefront of tank civilization, and it is an outrage, Good Sir, that they still aren’t in the game.

  37. Also,

    >first couple of tech trees are Japanase and American
    >Russian BIAS

    Are you even serious?

    • look at the avg. wot players performance in a point and click game… there u got ur answer.

    • As you can see, SS made an article about that.
      And i believe that French and Chinese tech trees in WoT before British, – stronk Russian bias, LOL

  38. I must be different from all of you. I don’t care which navy is implemented when, as long as it is.

    I’ll just keep waiting for english, german and italian navy just like before.
    You know how WG operates by now, you should just get used to it, take a chill pill and enjoy the game (well, WoWS is not out yet but you got the point) for what it offers.

    I am sure you can survive without your navy long enough for it to actually arrive. If you can’t, you have issues that are beyond the game.

  39. Just don’t play it, install it, or provide funds to these people. Vote with your wallets!

  40. Was there a line from WG that “The Royal Navy didn’t contriibute much to the history and development of Naval Warfare” or something???

    Like they said with tanks..??


  41. So what he’s saying is basically that British players are mature enough to play a good game even when it’s without their navy. While Russian players are not and will refuse to play WoWS without the Russian navy no matter how good the game is.

    He basically insulted his largest customer base. Good job

    But then again, I guess most people are too stupid to even understand this insult.

    • Exactly. We can be expected to play without British ships anyway, yet the Russians cannot be expected to play without Russian ships.

      I think both camps get insulted here.

  42. Yeahhhhh… so, I’m Canadian, but I’ve identified a lot with the Brits when reading naval history.

    The British not being in WoT for a long time was pretty justified. In WoWS?

    Well I’m not going to deny WG their need to be able to make some money. But I sure as hell am not playing WoWS until the Brits are in.

    • Yeah, a game about tanks in WW2 that didn’t feature any tanks from the only nation that was in from day 1 till the end was a justified move right? I guess the US was fighting Operation Crusader?

  43. Pesky commie bastards go to CW with T57 heavy tanks in WoT and drink Pepsi while driving them.

    Where’s the national pride in this, huh?

  44. I’m British and this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Their main fanbase is Russian and they’re a business. What do you expect? The RN, despite being extremely STRONK, does not have a God-given right to be the third tree.

    Also, some Russian naval history is really pretty interesting.

  45. LOL is it even a discussion ?! of course it’s gonna be Russian navy! WG is a Russian based company so first come the Russians if WG was a British company then British people would come first…..isn’t that obvious ??!

  46. the russian fleet is a joke, at least since communists had to scrap their world conquest plan.
    However I understand and fully support wg decision.
    Eat apples.

  47. Doesn’t bother me, considering the important thing is that the US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy actually GOT in first.

    Business is good for this game because more fans equals more support which equals more money which equals better game (knowing Wargaming’s track record) which equals more fun which equals British navy which equals Kreigsmarine which equals Half Life 3 confirmed!

  48. WoWS is still a long way from release. Recall that WoWP added the British line just before release.

    If the WoWS dev takes a while it’s likely the Russian and British lines will both be in the game before it lands live.

  49. I’t becoming a common thing for WG to leaving out British as a second class nation. Many might think I’m a hater or just stupid but if you look at things as a whole there are signs that point to this. French tree getting release before British, because auto guns = versatile tank. British tech tree some with not one but two test bed tanks for tier 10. HESH mechanics. British sound pack wasn’t recorded along with others (I think the excuse was that they couldn’t find voice actors). Churchill never getting it’s ‘stonk hill climbing’ despite the physics engine been updated. So we are now left with this next example.

  50. So much ignorance.

    I challenge any of you to make full RN branches that can match either USN or IJN, paper plans included. See if that is easy.

    • Daigensui,
      Sorry but your comment is just as silly as some others.

      Someone posted a possible Russian tech tree in the WoWS forums, it had about 4 real ships in it (no higher than t4) and dozens of paper “project” ships.

      So how on earth are WG going to introduce a RU tech tree that is not 90% completely made up, with all the possibilities of bias inherent in doing so.
      ie “we must make these made up RU ships competetive and as no one has actual stats we can make them as OP as our RU customers want”

      That is not an ignorant comment, just whats likely to happen.
      And if it does I, for one, will not touch another unbalanced WG game.

      ps I am also somewhat puzzled as to how RU players can possibly get excited about and actually want to play completely made up ships that never ever existed or fought in any battle.

      • Exactly the kind of retarded comment I was expecting.

        For starters, “no actual stats so they can be made OP”? What, you mean like the almost completely “no actual stats” paper AT line of UK? Are you as moronic believer of Soviet Bias?

        More importantly, you have not, and cannot, take up on my challenge. Your complete ignorance of anything except “RN was powerful” blinds you to the fact that RN does not have even paper plans to for things up to Tier X unless we put Tier VII~VIII class ships up there with stupidly OP soft stats to cover the abominable hard stats.

        This is reality. Either you overcome it by research, or you accept it.

        • Daigensui
          So, being called out obviously upsets you quite a bit that your only response is pathetic insults.
          1. What has a WoT line got anything to do with my post? For your info I would have prefered that ALL made up tanks were never introduced into WoT and that it was kept to historical tanks only, and balanced that way, regardless of gaps in the tiers.
          2. “moronic believer of soviet bias” yeah, alrright, my post is SO anti russian isn’t it. Clearly just stating that introducing made up stuff gives you licence to make things OP is anti russian (yeah like WG have NEVER introduced OP made up shit in WoT have they)
          3. Some else has kindly posted a link to a possible British line all the way up to tier 10.
          That is Reality.
          Deal with it.
          Idiot soviet fan boi.

        • The fact that there’s so many T-54 clones and that they’re adding the Russian/Soviet Navy before the British Royal Navy is proof of a Russian bias…just not of the kind that people tend to claim (usually it’s game balance, the chief example being how long it took WG to nerf the KV-1S, now the KV-85). The actual bias here is something called “creator provincialism”, or showing favoritism towards the home market and catering to their nationalism. This is ESPECIALLY prevalent in games made in Russia and Belarus given the current mentality among their populations (I’ll admit, quite a few US-made games have done this too, but they’ve for the most part toned it down a bit in recent years).

    • Tier I: The Mighty Kirov Vorosilov (KV) battleship

      Crew: 5
      Gun: 4x Mosin-Nagant
      Engine: 2x Oar (2hp)
      Armor: 500/500/500 (made from Stalin-rubber)

      Russian historians claimed that this battleship was the ship which sunked the Bismark. This type of battleship conquered the whole Baltic Sea

      Tier X: Mighty Iosef Stalin (IS) Dreadnought-class Battleship

      Crew: ???
      Gun: 3x Stalin Rocket Launcher
      Engine: It’s fueled by Russian Patriotism.
      Armor: Unknown, made from Stalinium/Putinium/SerBium (it’s just NATO tips).

      Some people claim this battleship is just legend. Not a ship survived the engage with this ship, to tell the truth.

    • This coming from the weeaboo who went “oh the Japanese totally had all these tank designs” most of which were near copy-pasta upgrades to outdated designs, or vague never made it past napkin sketches.

      Is now talking shit about THE nation that ruled the waves, set ship design trends (HMS Dreadnought being the most famous), and made loads of different ships/designs, as “not having ships”.

      Get out and never return weeaboo.

  51. To be fair Bristh Navy as it was at WW2 was pretty outdated. Like german one. So it isn’t that illogical.

  52. Honestly, I mind less than I expected. Everyone knows the most famous British ships. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the Russians, to see something new. If there were subs in this game I’d have said “Typhoon” class would probably be the Russki tier 10 there, but thankfully there are not so I basically know nothing about the Russian high tier possibilities. I expect at most 1 cruiser line and 1 battleship line a la WoT China.

    I also expect paper projects that out-class the Yamato in everything except practicability, but that’s not the point.

  53. Seriously, take a fucking look at wikipedia on russian warships of the ww1-ww2 era and tell me how many fucking ships classes there are.

    TWO battleship classes and one wasn’t even built.

    If I worked for WG, I think I’d respect the best frikking navy there ever was, hell the first ORGANISED navy. But fucking no, RUSSIA.

    I used to have the highest respect for Russia. Now I can’t think of a better place for them other than hell

  54. At the beginning of WWII there were 3 nations who possessed true Blue Water Navies: The British, the Americans and the Japanese.
    The German Navy did not have enough capital ships to be able to dominate and had no aircraft carriers. German High Command neither trusted its Navy nor had any real grasp of naval tactics. The Germans did develop the best submarines in WWII (in fact the best D/E boats are still German).
    The Soviet Navy was incapable of defending its own coastline never mind be used to project force.
    French Navy was bottled up because the Germans did not want them to defect to the Allies and the French had no taste for battle. After Taranto the French Navy ceased to be a fleet worth worrying about. If the French Navy was that good, how come one fleet action by the RN was able to knock them out?
    The Italian ships of the time were, contrary to current opinion, technically far better than history suggests. The biggest problem they had, in common with the Germans, was a lack of leadership and tight control by the Germans (again).
    If I were to produce a timetable for the Nations in WoWs the Soviet (it was never the Russian) Navy would never even feature because they never had a navy worth speaking of at that period in history and certainly not until Ghorkov forced the complete rethink of Soviet Naval Strategy in the 1960′s did the Soviet Navy ever become close to being a power on the high seas. Even then the Soviets never had operational carriers like the RN and the USN.

    RN, US Navy, IJN should be the 3 lines to bring out first.
    German, Italian and French as the next line to be released.

    If WG think that by having the Soviet Navy as the third line then they are going to have to have higher tier ships akin to the WTF Tracktor from tier 7 up. That doesn’t make sense historically and certainly not from a business point of view.

    The RU player contingent may be the largest player base (as well as being the worst) but I don’t see how such a player base, who according to WG cannot afford PCs powerful enough to warrant a game optimised for even mediocre gaming rigs, can contribute such a large cash turnover as to warrant such a blatantly stupid decision as this one.

  55. I don’t see a problem.
    Yes Brits/Germans had real navies. Yes Russian/Soviet is mostly projects.
    But this is about MONEY and most their money comes from Russia.

    You want British to be 3rd? Get 200,000 Brits to play, or get some petition going that threatens WG with loss of profits if Brits will not be 3rd.

    Maybe they will just not release Russian/Soviet line on EU/USA server until after British

    • Seeing as the Soviet Navy has so little material it would be easy to do both.
      Unless WG are dreaming up lots of paper project ships similar to the WT E-100.
      I was awaiting WoWs with interest. This interest has pretty much died because of this decision. Yeah, I am British. Not having the RN being the 3 line to be released is not the issue I have.
      The issue I have is that at least 3 very good lines of ships are being delayed because of a shitlord decision to introduce the Soviet Navy in all its glory before them. It is bad enough that RU players are the sole influence on WoT. To have this happen to a game that doesn’t yet exist and whose players will almost certainly be, yet again, the worst contributors to the game in terms of revenue and player competence shows that WG don’t have as much business sense as they claim. Players will not turn up for WoWs because of this shit bias WG shows. WoT will suffer the same fate when a better game driven by more sane motivations than screaming Russian scrub players provide turns up.
      Bring on Armored Warfare.

      • Armoured Warfare – Developed by Americans, published by Russians – So expect M1 Abrams to be over powered despite being one of the most obsolete tanks in modern history.

        • Actually that may not be a case, considering the devs officially partnered up with Uralvagonazvod (aka the guys that make all of Russia’s tanks) to promote the game. Sure the M1 will probably be pretty good, but the corporate partnership means that the Russians are going to get at least something competitive.

  56. “Like that? Logical, no? Looking forward to sail with the HMS Hood? Well, fuck you then, because the third line will be Russian.”

    That paragraph made me lol IRL

  57. No British or German warships?
    I really hope WoWs will suffer the same humiliating fate as WoWp.
    Another slap in WG’s face would be sooo satisfying.

  58. The level of creator provincialism in this is off the scale. Seriously, the Russian/Soviet Navy coming before the British Royal Navy? The same navy that’s best known for losing to the Japanese at Tsushima, and whose most famous ship, Potemkin, is best known for mutinying against their own government?

    Okay, that does it. This along with a lack of any submarines at all is why I’ll never even LOOK at WoWS.

  59. What about the part where all new American tanks are all clan reward only. Meanwhile Russians get all their one-offs in the tree (even single branching tier 10s!) or as premiums.

    • Considering the NA players spend more per capita than any other server, giving away American tanks for clan rewards = big revenue losses. Even WG admitted that they made a bad mistake not releasing the M60 as a premium tank. You’d think they would learn from their mistakes/revenue losses.

  60. The only butthurt in this article is from Silent Stalker. The devs post was sensible of course they are biased they want to make money . Also for all we know the Royal Navy will follow closely if they are being developed in parallel. So lots of fuss about nothing . Your anti Russian butthurt SS is really clouding your judgement recently. Grow up .

    • He even admits that he’s being stupid and they’re developing the RN line at the same time, but of course he has to grandstand and rage at those eebil russians.

  61. To be honest I don’t really mind. If bringing some (there are not many anyway) Russian ships in first makes the game be a success and lets them do British/German ships properly I am all for it tbh. Better that than the game be canned as a commercial failure with one half baked line of underdone British ships.

  62. I would love to see a reality show between SS and the devs who decided the Russian tech tree. Popcorn please!

  63. Sigh….
    When talking about WWII classic matchups,
    You have the Wehrmacht vs the Red Army, USA and the Commonwealth on the ground
    The RAF vs the luftwaffe, and USAAF vs Japan (I’ll count naval aviation) in the air
    The USN vs IJN and the RN vs Kriegsmarine on the sea.

    Everything else can wait a bit to be implemented, those are the big nations we want to play, to recreate WWII.
    We want to see the HMS Prince of Wales go toe to toe with the Bismark, while his buddy USS Iowa fights off Zeroes.
    Not wait because WG wants to make an entire line of unknown and pointless H(is)M(ustachioed)S(talin’s) “Shitpickle McRusty” class destroyers.

    • I think you mean the RN vs the Hochseeflotte in WWI, because the RN vs the Kriegsmarine wasn’t much of a fight. Other than some mediocre battleships getting lucky, the Germans really only had success with their submarines.

      • The HMS Hood might have to disagree with you…
        It wasn’t as big as the Pacific, but it had its moments, and given the importance of navies and ships, massive bombing raids on ports and docks, stealth missions to sabotage ships, and trying to get allied navies to scuttle their own ships before the enemy gets to them….

        It wasn’t the key factor in the war, I’ll grant you that (the Germans really did suck), but it has such cultural importance, that not considering it equal in terms of significance today with the Pacific is, in my opinion, a mistake.
        Especially for a majoritarly European (politically and geographically) demographic.

  64. Can’t recall any notable Russian navy’s achievments in the XX century except for its spectacular failure at Tsusima.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  65. Ah yes the amazing British Navy that flew biplanes off their aircraft carriers, had their battleships blown up in one hit (Bismarck vs HMS Hood) and got chased out of the Pacific within the first months of the war sending in their battleships unsupported to be instakilled by Japanese planes (HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales) . All the British Navy were famous for in WWII was ASW, and submarines aren’t in the game.

    The British Tier 10 would probably be a flower-class corvette lol if the game was historic and reflected the main role of the British Navy in WWII: [url][/url]
    I don’t think anyone would bother grinding for that.

    • Much butthurt in you.

      This whole thing is about developed tech trees for the game, you mental inbreed, not what actions they undertook.
      Try thinking with your brain and farting out your ass, not the other way around.

    • Instead of demonstrating your lack of historical knowledge why not tell us what, exactly, is so good about the Soviet Navy between the 1920′s and the 1970′s that warrants it even having its own ship line?

      HMS Hood was not a Battleship, it was a Battlecruiser:
      Due to poor ship design it was not suited for engaging ships of the calibre of the Bismarck. It was an extremely lucky shot that caused its destruction, aided by a design that sacrificed protection from plunging fire in order to keep the tonnage down.
      The IJN turned the Pacific into their own pond for the first months of the war, not even the USN ventured into the western pacific until the later stages of 1942.
      The PoW and Repulse were sunk as much by Japanese planes as by the rank stupidity of the Admiralty that issued their orders.
      The Swordfish torpedo bomber caused the demise of the Bismark, one of the most advanced capital ships at the outbreak of WWII. Please note that they flew from Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy. Soviet Aircraft Carriers?

      The British Navy provided convoy escort in the Atlantic as well as on the North Cape route to the Soviet Union. Without that the Soviet Union would not have had the help it so desperately needed.
      The British Navy single handedly kept the German, French and Italian Navies in check in the Atlantic, North and Mediterranean Seas. In addition they provided Capital ships, Aircraft Carriers and various other fleet components to aid the Americans in the Pacific Oceans.

      Where was the Soviet Fleet during this time? Only existed on paper.

  66. I give WG credit for an honest answer. Who really cares which nations go first if(a big if) they score on the gameplay I am all for it. I look forward to trying it out. I also wish they would dig the WOWp grave already

  67. I dont care if what kind of ship they will put it in-game. even its a ALIEN battleship. all I want is to play WoWs for Yamato and those Japanese temple battleships!

  68. what’s wrong with national pride?
    also, ‘mightiest navy in human history’
    doesn’t america have just about the only fleet worth a damn left in the world?

  69. dun relly caaaaare. want Yamato. will blow all oppozhition to hell.
    *insert aggro asian face*

    (DISCLAIMER: no you can’t claim racist vs me. im asian. a very aggro one.)