New Stronghold Medals

Hello everyone,

thanks to LegendarySpecies from ASIA forums for noticing this :) Basically, in your player profile, you have two new medals, both for a feature, that is not yet in the game: attacks on enemy clan strongholds (in Stronghold mode).


First medal – Retaliation


Second medal – Fortress Crusher


You can check these medals on your player profile as well, amongst the unfinished achievements. Someone got probably too fast with putting these on the portal when the Stronghold attack mode was delayed.

9 thoughts on “New Stronghold Medals

  1. I hate these new medal rushes….. Now a completely utterly bad player, can get 3-6 medals for doing almost nothing… See no point whatsoever… there should be medals for ACHIEVMENTS, not for merely showing up in the game….

  2. This is news? I browsed through the medals a week ago or so, and noticed them, and thought “well since these battles are getting released later, they already put the medals into the game”, nothing special.

  3. I wonder why karl is on the 2nd medal (i thought the A.I arty support was to be the sturmtiger. this would be a little overkill). a “realistic” Karl Gerat, that is.