WoT Blitz Interview with Knopka

Hello everyone,

here’s a World of Tanks Blitz interview with Darya “Knopka” Klimchuk (community manager) from Igromir 2014. The sound quality is really bad, I didn’t understand some things.




- 1.3 brings two new maps: “Lost Temple” (Asian themed) and Black Goldville (US themed)
- it also brings Soviet heavy tank line (T-150 to IS-4)
- WoT Blitz currently has 3 trees (US, RU, German)
- arty won’t be added
- 1.3 brought extended post-battle statistics (scouting damage etc.)
- developers are working on new graphic effects, specifically new fog
- for high-end mobile devices, developers want to add a grass render
- currently, Android version is in closed testing phase (performance is being tested), currently there’s no ETA
- Windows Phone version is not planned

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  1. Note the rolling personal score numbers in the end of game results — what a fucking waste of time — WG just give me the numbers FFS. This sort of indulgent for show shit will lead to animations of the score being cast in metal on a monumental scale. Being lifted by enormous crane up to the roof of the national parliament under a vast national flag and unveiled to the acclaiming masses with search lights and fireworks.

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    • I’d say more stereotypical than racist. Black gold=oil and we all know how much Murica loves exlploiting oil whether it’s their own or someone else’s. And usually with their oil rigs comes freedom.