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Hello everyone,

around the time of Gamescom and E3, where World of Warships was presented to public for the first time, you might have seen a lot of praising articles about the game. What does that mean for the yet to be released game now that the entire gaming journalism is put on trial (see “Gamergate”) is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure. Not all the reviews are entirely positive, such as the one by, one of the most important German gaming portals.

The review is not a complete hatchet job, but it’s definitely critical (the title itself is ironic: “Racing boat armor on high seas”). It came out on 31.8.2014 based on the Gamescom experience. The review (written by Christian Weigel), apart from the general overview of the game play (WoT-style with ships, different classes, the “garage” etc.) notes following things about the game:

- the caliber of the guns cannot be increased, it is tied to the ship class according to developers
- the spotting system: the smaller the ship, the later it is “spotted”
- ships have onboard recon aircraft to spot the enemy
- the performance (mobility) of all ships was increased unrealistically to a speedboat level in order not to make the battles too long
- developers promised 100x100km maps, but the test map is just 30x30km, which means that you are constantly within the reach of enemy guns and all pre-battle positioning is pointless.
- the gameplay is reduced to sailing quickly in zig-zag pattern not to be hit while trying to get as many shots as shots possible off in enemy direction
- ships exchanging fire is a “terrifying experience” – the shell guns look visually great, but are unrealistic (they leave a white smoke trace). Counterfire works well and is easy to pull off.
- the fire targetting works like in WoT (automatic elevation), but you can select the elevation manually to a limited degree in order to decide, whether you want to fire into the hull or below the waterline
- the shells are either of HE type (against unarmored targets such as destroyers) or AP (against battleships)
- AP penetrates the armor and damages the modules of the ship, but it doesn’t cause spectacular explosions (these can be caused by aiming at “ammo rack” (powder hold) below the turrets)
- apparently, submarines are still completely not out of question

As stated above, the article is not written in the cheerful and positive tone we usually expect, when it comes to articles about Wargaming products. I guess that’s good. We’ll just have to see, whether the game will satisfy the masses as World of Tanks did. Personally, I have serious doubts about that (especially seeing the politics behind the branch selection), but who knows? After all, the preview and leaked footage looked great. But then, so did World of Warplanes – in the beginning.

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  1. Well, Im not a brit, but I love UK military technology (in WoT, WoWp) and Im waiting only for british navy. I guess Ill start playing WoB only if they introduce british branch.

    • The fact that why won’t add the Royal navy in WoWs (for it’s time the largest and most powerful navy ever) basically removes respect I had left for Wargaming.
      They cater too much to pleasing the Russian crowd, boosting their egos about the Russian military instead of staying neutral as a gaming company should.

      The Russian navy during the time of WoWs was pathetic to be frank. 3 aging battleships, 0 aircraft carriers, their fleet mostly made up of submarines, and little else. What ships they did have most of them where lend lease from the British or the Americans. How many Naval battles have you heard of the Russians being in. Myself it’s pretty much 0.

      An impartial unbias company would of simply looked at the size and historical battle achievements of the navies in history and added them according to that. They wouldn’t need to please the stupid Russians who want to rub one out over seeing a Russian ship in the game. I hope WoWs is as massive failure as WoWp.

      • now with the bias on spotting…. I have problems with my dream on using a Yamato….

  2. You want to play good game with warships? Play battlestation series (specially pacific)

  3. “After all, the preview and leaked footage looked great. But then, so did World of Warplanes – in the beginning.”

    World of Warplanes is great. It’s just that most people saw Jingles’ video (oh no! I’m bad at controlling at airplanes, I can’t get any airkills and the game doesn’t run at 120 fps! This game sucks!) and treated it as gospel. Seriously go watch his video…

    WoWP is much more balanced than War Thunder, has more accurate flight models with more in depth stats shown (e.g. optimal altitude) and you can learn more about dogfighting strategies in it than War Thunder “arcade: zerg everywhere, just spray bullets and pilot will fall unconscious within one second no strategy required / realistic: spend 10 minutes climbing in a 5 v 5 game padded with bots and with 20 minute queue time, meanwhile plane is uncontrollable and wobbles everywhere”

    • WoWp has HP system – which, IMHO, is wrong in planes’ game.
      Also last time I flew – planes handle so bad and unresponsive.

      • Having over 1.7k battles in beta and still playing it from time to time I have to say just one thing for WoW: the game is total fail! It started pretty good in the beta stage, than they constantly ruined every single element in it. More over: most of the players after the beta had absolutely no control over the planes (such tomato players one can’t see even in WoT) which made the game totally unplayable. Now they even implemented bots….no words to express my feelings.

        • I played WoW long time – it was hell of an adventure.
          Dont know about planes – I think Cata had plane battles or something but I played on private server so you know – missing scripts, bugs and others didnt allow me too :)

        • I rather like WoWp as a bit more relaxing even if faster paced then WoT but last patch made changes to accuracy and control schemes that I just can’t get used to.

          However – WoWs gampelay video looked great? For whom?

          The only thing I noticed from those videos is tha this game is looking like world of tanks with artillery only (much better armored, but still arty)

          practically no obstacles to hide, everyone is in range and can just shoot at each other – basically the same conclusions as this german guy review

    • I flew WoWp from Alpha testing and to all your points I say???????
      What flight model?

      The planes in war thunder wobble because there is an instructor assistance to stop the flat spins you keep putting yourself in. This wobble is caused by a lack of ability in the area between seat and keyboard.

      WoWp could have a spaceship rather than a plane and the physics would make as much sense.

      Are you hating on war thunder because you have no idea how a plane works?

    • world of flying tanks was a faliure, but it was even when it was closed, since most players just left to wt after playing it for a while.

      maybe the realistic model isnt suited for tanks, but planes were the way to go, since they are agile enough to dodge enemy players, and the average players logged in wt and wowp is just the proof.

      but since wg will give massive discounts in wot for the rigged joystick it will be crowned as the best mmo who nobody plays.

    • Who the hell plays arcade battles in WT anyway? Baddies from WOT with 45% taking a break from tanks? Lol.

      WT = realistic or simulator or GTFO o/

    • Why is there always the comparison between WoWP and WT?

      Warthunder has a complete different approach, tends more to be a real flightsim with more or less realistic flight – and damagemodels.
      WoWP is tank game in the air – not interesting at all for all flight sim enthusiasts. On the other hand, people wanna drive tanks don’t want to fly them.

      • War Thunder is only more realistic in RB and HB battles, while Arcade is a completely unbalanced mess.

  4. - the fire targetting works like in WoT (automatic elevation), but you can select the elevation manually to a limited degree in order to decide, whether you want to fire into the hull or below the waterline

    Dont shells shatter when they hit water at such angle? Or slow enough to not to pen hull underwater?

    • They are made of metal and the AP ones are particular hardened to do their job so shattering in water no. Traveling through water will slow them down a little but not enough to stop them doing their job — they have a hell of a lot of kinetic energy.

      • As you can guess – I saw Mythbusters with those .50cal into a water shots :D
        Seems like this is not the case.

        • There is a tiny bit of a difference between in the mass and inertia of a 0.50cal bullet and a 16in shell – the latter weights over a ton!

            • Bottom line, in real life ships often did get wrecked by shells hitting below the waterline.

              Also, the Mythbuster video mentions something like “you are safe from 0.50cal bullets when you are behind 14 feet of water”. The bullets did not shatter upon impact, their copper casing got sheared off when travelling in water.
              There is doubtless a certain “safe distance” for 16in shells as well. It is just much bigger.
              I would also guess that, unlike the 0.50cal bullets, the naval gun shells were manufactured with the possibility of underwater travel and impact in mind.

            • Navy Brat/Geek here. While firing AP shells below the waterline DOES work, the effective range is determined by the gun caliber. A Destroyer for instance with 5-inch guns has to be suicidally close in order for the rounds to penetrate the hull underwater, and if you’re that close, why not target the bridge or turret control center? The easier, and primary target, was the enemy ship’s decking. Typically at this time, the decks on ships were wooden or much, much thinner than anywhere else. And so naval gun warfare consisted primarily of plunging fire, ie, arcing the round so it came down as close to vertical as possible to penetrate the deck and explode deep in the bowels of the ship, much like the bombs from a dive-bomber. Damage below the waterline was primarily the job of the torpedo, which, with as few as one well-placed shot can sink a battleship or carrier by breaking the keel, typically accomplished by arming the torpedo’s proximity fuse and, using data from the TDC, setting it to run so that rather than impacting the torpedo bulge, it passes just beneath the ship, where in theory the typically magnetic proximity fuse would detonate it, forcing that part of the ship up out of the water and then crashing back down, snapping the keel and breaking the ship into two or more pieces. In practice the proximity fuse had about a 15-35% success rate in WWII, and didn’t vastly improve until the 1980s.

            • Drag is proportional to 2nd power (crossection) while energy to 3rd power (volume), so the higher caliber the better it scales.

    • by the time they hit the target, the shells will have way different angles of descent and their speed is greatly decreased making them less prone to shatter on water contact
      also keep in mind the water surface near the ship is disturbed

      • Also of course you don’t actually have to hit below the water line to cause a hole below the water line. The surface of the ocean moves and the ships move on it and through it.

    • The Japanese Type 91 AP round was designed for underwater penetrations among other things- it did its designed task so well that the shells just passed thru on direct hits with lighter ships.

  5. Also you can’t trust German websites to give fair reviews. Germans as well as Czechs and other willing collaborators (Skoda) are still extremely butthurt about losing WWII to the Russians. So they try to do everything to badmouth Russian games and block Russian devs. For instance the new RU251 tank : the German museum refused to give Wargaming access to the tank to measure its armor / model it, one of the few museums to throw a tantrum at the company. Meanwhile other museums like Bovington are very happy to partner with Wargaming to promote history.

    • With the name Stalin_manofsteel I would expect no less from you.
      I believe that there was an article on here concerning the museum and they explained themselves, not to everyone’s satisfaction, but they did.
      Not something your hero Stalin bothered doing at any time.

    • It is not all negative. Most of the points are simply observations given bluntly. It’s just not gushy enough for the fan boys.

      “the caliber of the guns cannot be increased, it is tied to the ship class according to developers” — fair enough, the whole philosophy was to build a platform for the biggest gun that would be able to defeat the enemy battleship and survive. All other classes below battleship needed the biggest guns they were able to carry. Consider all the infrastructure that served the guns from the magazine through to the elevators and rammers were designed around a specific shell size. The aiming computers (analogue), optics and so forth were all built around the main guns. So to up the guns was to build new or at least massively refit an existing ship.

      However there are upgrades such as adding additional guns to some turrets and radar gun laying to improve accuracy.

      • From the 1920s onwards the gun caliber was pretty much determined by the Washington and later London treaties: anything beyond 8 inch guns was a battleship, while the battleships were limited to 14 inch guns (with certain exceptions).
        Of course, certain countries played fast and loose with the limits, but otherwise it was pretty much set.

    • my god you are a German-hating idiot.

      But hey, you can’t even read the article, so you must know it’s bad, right?

      • If anyone wants to insult me because they think I am German please rephrase your insult to attack the Irish because I am actually Irish. I must also warn you that the insult will have no effect because:

        a/ I am all grown up now.

        b/ Insults say more about the person doing the insulting that the person targeted.

        Knock yourself out.

    • The only people that still give a shit about who won or lost are the Russians. Because their leaders find nationalism a nice distraction for the population so they barely realise their country has gone to shit and their currency worthless. I like Russians I really do but wake the fuck up already.

      • Strange how russians like to remind everyone that they won WW2. If you compare their losses to Germanys losses they look more like losers than winers…

    • No, you’re just dumb. No one is butthurt about Russians winning WWII alongside the other allied nations or do you really think that the German people of nowadays would’ve prefered if Hitler won?

      And that RU251 case had nothing to do with Russia or WG being a Belorussian company highly related to the Russian market. No one was given access to that tank and “no one” includes big gaming companies.

    • Thats great to hear from a guy with the username “stalin_manofsteel” :D

      Do you have any sources for that?

    • Well, than let me answer as “neutral” swiss :)

      Stalin was the biggest mass murder of the 20th century with the luck to fight and win against the NAZI-Regime.

      But many people forget, that in the beginning of the 2nd WW Stalin was the same asshole as Hitler was. Stalin and Hitler had a good collaboration in the beginning, one half of Poland for each of them. Finland for Russia and so on.
      If Hitler would have not been that greedy and start the attack to Russia, Stalin and Russia would be in the exact same position in world history.

      It’s a fact, that red army did an huge effort to fight the NAZI’s and without the red army fighting the germans in the east it’s doubtful the allies would have won against germany. But on the other hand, without the western allies all the russians had to fight was snow in the winter and mud the rest of the year.

    • I have played it and the only thing i worry about is that people who get tight trousers when they see the slightest news will get very disappointed with it.
      Just take it as it is and you will be fine.
      Not a simulation, just a fun way to spend 10 minutes.

      • WoWs should be to the ships what WoT is to the tanks. Actually, I don’t see anyone spent months to unlock a tier 10 ships in a game that is worse than a lot of better funny flash games actually availlable.

        The worst thing is WG actually spent a lot of money to developp two fails (WoWp and WoWs) when this money can be used to hire moddeler for tanks for exemple and give us HD tanks.

    • its all but definitely not brainless, the game require much more team work that would one even dream about. Here i am not really sure if its actually part of pros or cons… :-)

      considering its still in alfa, the devs did awesome work so far with ships

      • WoWS needs more team work than WOT? Than WoWS is quicker dead than you can say “SerB” :)

        Come on, 80% of WOT player base is brain dead people. Given the fact, that Wargaming is implementing the russian “navy” before the british is a hint, that 99% of the russian player base is brain dead. How can you only think about, team play will happen in that game if it doesn’t happen in WOT or WoWP?

  6. Granted its still alpha testing, but from what I saw I wasnt impressed by the slightest apart from the ship models. It is exactly as in the review. Iam afraid of a WoWp fail. While the planes look great (in game and trailers), the gameplay with its HP bars is terrible. I played all beta stages btw.

    “the gameplay is reduced to sailing quickly in zig-zag pattern not to be hit while trying to get as many shots as shots possible off in enemy direction”

    In other words fast cruisers win imo. Decent guns able to hurt even Battleships while having some torpedos and decent handling with speed. So something like a med in WoT.

    I trully hope that the gun fire effects gonna get improved bcoz atm there are no shockwaves after the gun fire visible on the water for example.

    • In other words, thay took out all of the WW2 naval warfare features in order to make those 15 minutes battles for daddies real. It will end as WoWP.

      And no, cruiser guns weren’t able to truly hurt battleships.

  7. Well, the problem with naval games is that they need to be realistic or they become instant flat and silly arcades, which get boring very fast.

    I knew from the beginning that a naval game does not fit wargaming’s idea for online game (quick battles, availability to daddies, etc.). However back in the days they seemed to acknowledged that, saying that battles in WoWs wiil take up to an hour and will be fought on 100x100km maps. So there was hope, but apparently Wg rejected the initial idea and decided to bring it on with 15 min battles. Well, guess what, it won’t work. Just as their planes didn’t.

    Btw, there is only one WW2 naval sim in 3D (not counting old 2D Great Naval Battles series): Fighting Steel:

    Great sim, still playing it :)

  8. “the gameplay is reduced to sailing quickly in zig-zag pattern not to be hit while trying to get as many shots as shots possible off in enemy direction”
    That’s crap, if i want to play this style i play Sid Meyer’s Pirates.

    • Any journalist that claims that zig-zagging makes the game bad maybe should try to research and understand fleet engagements during WWII. Zig-zigging was necessary to become more difficult to hit so that’s entirely historical.

      • LOL – no, sorry- ROFL.

        Zig-Zag driving was only then if you expected a submarine attack or whilst you get attacked by planes or last but not least, if you have to run away :)
        But usually you be as fast as possible to avoid becoming a target for submarines.

        But you missed the point at all, as the maps are that tiny you are in a combat situation from the very beginning. And as you don’t have a teamplay, you are 1 out of 15 fighting for its own life – and this ends in a boring arcade game play.

  9. As german is my mother tongue I cannot help thinking that the author Christian Weigel has rather an ironic or even critical view on World of Warships. As you stated the whole article is not written in the usual positive attitude that an alpha preview normally always gets from authors of a technical magazine. It’s not what you say but the way how you say it, and this is noticeable coloured in “sceptical”.

  10. So to the general gamer this isn’t very apparent but it’s fairly commonplace for publisher PR and Marketing types to write what is called ‘advertorials’. These are fairly common in some publications, Eurogamer for instance, would feature reviews which were written or partially written by the PR people themselves in some instances. I know this because I’ve worked at several games publishers/developers and at one fairly large publisher I saw this practice taking place.

    It comes as no surprise that Wargaming would write it’s own previews which magazines would then publish. It’s no surprise because this is fairly common, usually as part of a deal for advertising. It’s not only in games where this happens but it’s a general PR thing.

    It’s possible has no relationship with Wargaming, doesn’t really want to strike one up or doesn’t rely on advertising revenue from publishers to keep itself in business or has some kind of journalistic ethics which have started to reappear in the last few years (in gaming journalism). It’s also worth bearing in mind that Publishers will not grant interviews or closed door access to publications which routinely give them poor reviews. Why is this important? The first sites to get reviews out are the most read which means hits, which means ad revenue. If you’re site which has paid for staff, being denied this kind of access can hurt your bottom line.

  11. Wow so much negativity here, the game isnt out and the People here are saying it is a WoWp 2.0 (normaly people only say that about CoD and BF) . I mean come on guys I know how you fell about the british and everything but like always dont have too high expectation but have high hopes. To the article of gamestar, people have written that they think the Autor just thougt it was a Simulation and not arcade, to the speedboat Point I can say that real ships are very fast (Yamato 50 kp/h) one guy in the comments mean that the ships fell realistic engough .And its still in Alpha. Still for everyone it will be a diffrent experience some will like it others dont. And for everyone out there who is still mad about it dont always look at the negativ side.

    P.S. : Sorry for my bad grammer.

    • It’s not all about the game.
      Many of us playing WOT for a longer time and now Wargaming as fail company, making promises and breaking them again, again and again.

      Then we saw what happened to WOT, started as very tactical tank game it’s now an arcade shooter.
      What happened to WoWP, it was fucked up from the beginning and WG decided to make it even worse. They changed it to an arcade shooter much faster they did with WOT.

      And now the third game: If somebody starts this game, spend a lot of time and maybe some money there are two reasons why he does so:
      - He does not know Wargaming
      - He’s a masochist

      • First why do you think just because they made one not so good game. doesnt mean they cant make good games many companys have redeemed themself
        Second: and you saying anyone who Plays their new game is eighter someone who doesnt know about WG or baseicly stupid. And you know that WG is such a fail Company, maybe you are wrong. WG is far from being the best Company but its still decent. And they have proven that they can make a good game maybe you shoud just let it go and look Forward maybe it will be a game for you or maybe not, time will tell just dont be so Close minded.
        And last :Some promises have to be broken if they are a Problem in the making you cant have it all

      • First why do you think just because they made one not so good game. doesnt mean they cant make good games many companys have redeemed themself
        Second: and you saying anyone who Plays their new game is eighter someone who doesnt know about WG or baseicly stupid. And you know that WG is such a fail Company, maybe you are wrong. WG is far from being the best Company but its still decent. And they have proven that they can make a good game maybe you shoud just let it go and look Forward maybe it will be a game for you or maybe not, time will tell, just dont be so close minded.
        And last :Some promises have to be broken if they are a Problem in the making you cant have it all. I hated to when they do this to but you have to see the whole picture like that they have already the biggest WW2 navys in the game. And as always it Looks like the grass is greener on the other side ( other side = promises, hopes ) but you never realise how good the grass on this side is if you never played it or if its gone.

  12. Judging the successfulness of a product based on a preview with bots, well done. I can’t say much as I’m bound by NDA but this game has potential for naval fans. Everyone’s talking about simulation and historical accuracy and such, but do we really want to have that? 100x100km maps might work when there’s enough players, which is not the case right now (closed alpha, obviously) and a lot of things have to be tested, not necessarily travelling 100km to the other side of the map even in a fast ship doing 35 knots (that’s 64km/h – 1.5h to get to the other side of the map). Keep in mind that there are other factors that allow balancing around map size (like gun/torpedo range). Also consider the advantage CVs would get in such a big map. Then there’s zig-zagging – ‘it’s boring but historical’ – now do you get the point? I’m fine with historical accuracy as long as ships are ok, gameplay wise I prefer arcade because otherwise this game would be for nuts not casuals.

    This is not going to be a realistic simulator, it will be an arcade game as both WoT and WoWp are, I’m sorry. What differs is that IMHO WoWs requires much more teamwork in later tiers and that’s something that may actually kill it unless things get balanced. Anyway, still in alpha, lots to do.

    • “Anyway, still in alpha, lots to do.” – and what the hell makes you believe, that WG will do anything? Except the fact that only fanboys proved there uncritical behavior against Wargaming become Alpha-Testers

      • I’ve been to the closed beta of WoT and I see where WoT is today – that’s what makes me thing WG will do whatever is needed to do. I’m also curious, if you hate WG games so much, why do you keep playing them? If they’re that broken, try something else maybe? If you’re not playing WoT/WoWp and just post such thing to troll, then please accept my apologies…
        I don’t consider myself a fanboy either, I also don’t think I’m uncritical about WG, and yet I’ve made it to the alpha. I can’t say much because NDA, just let me tell you that some points in that review are invalid at the moment.

    • and that is why it’s going to be a fail, “arcade” has NO FUCKING PLACE on the high seas.
      the fuckers started the (very premature) announcement and early game with promises that they have already broken. There wasnt goping to be an ” global HP” system and each compartment was supposed to have a separate “HP” pool to prevent your ship to be sinked by repeatedly shooting at a mast -_-, but nope, they added that “flotability” bar which is pure bullshit

      ships won’t even list!, are you fucking shitting me?!?!?!

      and don’t get me started that the sea state won’t affect the ships gunnery(rough seas, your ships is pitching like mad, forget about shooting at anything with any accuracy, yet magi-warshitting wont have that)

      “Everyone’s talking about simulation and historical accuracy and such, but do we really want to have that?”—> YES WE FUCKING WANT THAT, we want 100% fucking true realistic gunnery and simulation of the ships.

      doesn’t helps that the game is incredifucking delayed/late, it was announced very poorly waaaay before it should’ve been(from announcement, game should’ve been in CBT in less than 6 months yet more than a year has passed), or don’t announce and just release it “apple style”

  13. Who cares anyway, written reviews are becoming less and less relevant in an environment where one can go to Youtube, get a review and additionally see the person play a significant amount of the game right in front of one’s eyes.

    Not to mention that I personally trust an under paid gaming magazine journalist about as far as I can throw a Tiger tank…

    • i trsut anything that WG does less than an underpaid gaming journalist.

      And also, WG has that stupid NDA GAG so we can’t see any actual gameplay video(funny considering the beta should be less than 3 month away)

  14. I swear my IQ went down 5 points just from reading some of these comments. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and no matter how much they claim it doesn’t, they all stink.

  15. Gamestar never writes something good about any game, except its an EA or Activision game. Seriously most Gamestar autors are straight away assholes, like a not EA game has a bug “Mimimi this game is bullshit”, but then Battlefield 4 gets released unfinished “Hoihoihoi its nothing a few patches cant fix”.

  16. The only thing I read that sounded remotely interesting was “Submarines are not completely out of the question”

    Good… bring em. Let me do 4 knots underwater while your Corvette class speed boats zip past and depth charge me (or try to).

    I don’t have a lot of hope for warships seeing how tanks is slowly degenerating and planes never “took off” (they should just combine the two already).

    • ” tanks is slowly degenerating ” aren’t you kind of late to the party?, WoT started degenerating when they broke their cardinal rule and added T10 meds, it’s all downhill from there and now it’s hit rock bottom with the fantasytraggers and the boatload of retarded clone tanks, not to mention the powercreep that T10 meds started, completely out of hand but it’s so much part of the game they can’t fix it without deleting at least 50 tanks the game does not need to have

  17. I’m just sick of all the idiots trying to draw conclusions of what the game will look like at release from an alpha PvE demo. I want to tell stories of how the game has changed in the short time I’ve played, but NDA.

    • i sense a hater…

      PS: WOWp was awesome in EU beta. then they implemented the anti-get-rekt-from-top system in global open. makes planes dive harder, climb harder (WG claims it makes climbing “easier”. easier my ass).

      would still play it since it has better noob-afk spotting system since unlike tanks, planes KEEP moving.

      reason why WoT players hate it : planes play like a rapier with sponge armor.the bigger your stick/rapier, and the more spongy your sponge is, the better. very nice for LT players and ppl with agility-centered skills, not so nice to tankers. Heavy or med players (like me) seem to fit into the med/gunboat category better, which are slow as hell.

      my advice? go nuts. like, literally raving mad. i run a RNG in my head, helps in making stuff happens when it’s not supposed to. helps me in beta, not so much in open (fuck you agility nerf)

  18. If talk about Ru vs EU in WoWp – EU got lesser work and better reward for it.

    Latest samples
    EU – 3 x 30 victories (for every class of airplanes) in top 10 in month –

    They got Unique craft and 3 x 500000 modules.

    RU server

    3 x 20 victories at top-10 – at 4!!!!! days
    reward 3 x 150000 silver + 1 day prem and 1 empty slot.
    Isnt it funny?

    P.S. H137 fjr Ru claster was separated task one week –
    100 ground objects.
    and in 5 days during a week got 3 victories at top10 in a row.