Of World of Tanks Cheating – Aimbot

Hello everyone,

it is common knowledge, that there are no cheats for World of Tanks. Well, at least that’s what they would lead us to believe – and, for the most part, it’s actually true. The key element of the absence of cheats such as a wallhack is the fact that the game (thanks to its spotting system) does not transfer all the data to your client. Your client only knows the position of the tanks based on what the server calculates, so you can’t create a cheat for your client telling you where everyone is, simply because the server does not tell you the data you need for such a program.

There is another cheat however, plaguing especially the online shooters, that works in World of tanks – an aimbot.

What is an aimbot?

As the name suggests, an aimbot is a cheating program, that allows you – even without any knowledge of the tanks – to target tank weakspots. It works essentially as a normal auto-aim, only using different reference points for each tank. Basically, you can select to target specifical armor weakspots, such as commander’s cupola, or for example the driver’s hatch on frontal armor. Alternatively, you can make the aimbot target specific modules, such as ammo rack, engine, fuel tanks and such. This selection happens (or can happen) using a single button, that “cycles” the target modules/areas.

Why is it dangerous?

Well, for one, it’s an obvious cheat. With such a program (which is relatively easy to access and to install), even a total noob can achieve some great results, since he doesn’t have to care at all, where he is aiming: the program will do it even for him. In this sense, it’s even more dangerous than malicious mods (such as object destruction detector). Ever seen such things as an enemy targetting unerringly your pixel-sized weakspot all across the El-Halluf multiple times in a row? Well, could have been luck… or, it could have been an aimbot.

Second huge issue with an aimbot is that it is practically impossible to prove, unless you make a video, showcase it and scream LOOK THIS IS AN AIMBOT while using it. The use of an aimbot cannot be detected or proven by a regular third party and even IF you are stupid enough to actually make a video of you using an aimbot and post it online, it will still be inconclusive to most viewers.

Check this out. This gem I found on Czech forums. There were two videos by the same player (“asdfbrom”), called “Epic platoons”. Immediately after they were posted, accusations of aimbotting appeared. This caught my attention (thanks to whoever linked it to me, I practically never watch player videos myself), so I downloaded one of the videos from Youtube, just in case. After the accusations, the video thread of that guy was junked and in the night, the videos were removed from Youtube (the one I will post is a re-upload). Ignore the “80′s porn” music please (was present in original video).



Now, Asdfbrom is not an extremely good player, but some of the shots in the video were spectacular. Don’t mind the aim reticle sliding away, that’s simply a freecam effect (video was done from replay). Notice instead (you have to watch the video closely to catch it):

- several pretty great weak spoint snapshots
- notice the “cycling” between several weakspots, the reticle “sticks”

There was a second video, but unfortunately I didn’t get to download that one. I have shown both videos yesterday to several people active in WG e-sports, the results were as such: 4 think it’s an aimbot, 1 thinks it’s not an aimbot, 6 cannot decide (inconclusive). I am sorry I didn’t get the download the second video before it was pulled down, it was clearer.

The situation is made even more complicated by the fact that the aimbot is not something active all the time (like a bot for example), it’s more like a “press a button to help you aim” type of thing. In addition: a player, who uses an aimbot does not really evolve – he learns nothing of the tank weakspots, he simply just presses a button and the bot does everything for him. If he was to suddenly play without the aimbot, he’d be utterly hopeless.

Where do you get it? Will you get punished?

Well, obviously, that I am not going to tell you, but it’s easy. Personally, I know of two aimbots, one is for free and one is paid.

- I do believe the infamous Warpack cheat collection contains an aimbot. Warpack is not for free, but it has many users. Cheats are pretty good business.
- another one (for free) is Lportii’s aimbot. Yesterday, one player tested that particular one in a training room, it works.

Naturally, there is always a danger of getting malware from such shady things, but it seems it’s a risk players are willing to take.

Both come from RU server of course, so I assume they are more widespread there than on EU and US clusters. The exact extent of their use is unknown. The fact they are so hard to prove makes them difficult to track. And will you get punished for using it? No. I personally know one player who uses it for three months already, nothing happened. Hell, he was never even accused of cheating. By the way – his main account is around 50 percent winrate. His “cheat” account? Over 60. So much for “u need teh skillz to pwn”.

What can be done?

Nothing. Or rather – I have absolutely no idea. In fast-paced action games, aimbot is not that hard to prove, since it allows the player to make tiny split second shots, that can be pretty obvious. In WoT, where everything is slow-paced and the gun repositioning time is artificially limited by turret traverse and elevation per second rates, an aimbot will not stand out that much. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but perhaps we have a completely different plague on our hands – the aimbot menace – and we don’t even know it. Personally, I don’t think this is as widespread as botting, but sooner or later, WG will have to have a look at it.

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    • Nothing to do with it. Martial tank control is insignificant to map awareness and good transition between positions. Playing tanks really well will get you up to 53-55% at the most, but getting past that into the 60s is all about knowing the metagame and map-control.

        • As a recent deep purple, I recognize there are deep purples much much better than I myself, who have incredible map awareness, map control, foresight, and even knowledge on what the other flank must do in their current situation to win the flank.

          • My comander has ~~1200wn8 but he is the most skilled Person i habe ever Seen in wot he is not playing linke”omg i need to camp to do DMG for my own and shot gold to hold my stats” … He is playing like” shit this random guy is oneshot, better cover him with my tank to keep that gun he has alive” so wn is telling you a shit about the skill this guy in front of you has.

            • Sorry man but you dont know enough about WOT to say the 1200 wn8 guy is the most skilled.

              Is Wn8 metric 100% reliable? Not even close
              Does Wn8 have a base reliability? Absolutely.

              1200 Wn8 means he doesnt do his own HP in DMG….In fact it more than likely means he does 50% of his own DMG….That is no where close to great.

              Yes padding can happen and Wn8 can be wrong but its only wrong on the extreme ends.

              So say a guy does 2500 DMG a game but spots for 1500 a game and pushes the pace and keeps enemies lit. Of course he is better than the 3k DMG guy who is doing nothing but sniping.

              But to be 2500 DMG per game you are already a very very skilled player.

              As a rule a WN8 players in the middle can be 1/2 a color to 1 color off, but you can`t ever say a red is really a hidden gem and Wn8 is wrong.

              But at the extreme, like say 2500 wn8 player vs a 3300 wn8 player often times you cant tell.

              But a 1200 Wn8 player is no where near a 2500 wn8 players skill.

              • I mean he has 45k battles … and sry 1585 (wrote it wrong above sry ). recent last 7 days 2385
                so i think he is doing fine… and with 45k its hard to get up your wn.

    • First time I hear of such a thing… I used to play CS 1.6 extensively, and there I could tell after 2 rounds if the enemy player use wall hack/aimbot or other widespread cheats.
      In this game I can tell you if it is a bot or not… but this aimbot crap… come on people… what is the point?
      Players using cheats are simply just fooling themselves…

    • That explains a lot. I have guys hitting me for crits more then ever. That in its self is not alarming. What I find alarming is that it seems to me that my aim is worse?

      70pct shooter in 30k games, and I miss more now then ever….but the Aiming mechanisim hasn’t changed? right?……………..just the parameters have.

      So if I’m missing more, and a lot of people are just nailing me, REPEATEDLY, this explains ALOT.

      IM talking guys making instate snapshots that should not be possible.

      Its such BS.

    • but really? He wasted so many shots that would probably hit if he aimed himselfe there…

    • I just had an epiphany.

      At first I was like “Aimbots are terrible. Anyone who uses one should have their account banned forever. It’s a menace to those who actually try to play fair.”

      And then I realized something. WG already have mechanics in play in the game right now that are basically the same fucking thing. There is already a target lock for tanks, which I am totally fine with btw. And there is already something in game that gives people a way to just about auto pen everything they’ll come up against without having to aim: premium ammo.

      In essence, an aimbot is the same fucking thing. If WG does something about this but does nothing about premium ammo, like making it a hell of a lot more expensive to use, then they have no idea about what is actually “breaking” the game.

      • And one last thought. If WG does something about aimbots but not about gold its as if I went to the doctor, was diagnosed with lung cancer and a cold and all the doctor says is “Alright, here’s some anti-biotics! Have a nice day!”

        Me: “What about the cancer?”

        Doc: “Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s not that big of deal”

      • Not the same thing at all, the games auto aim system points to the same place on all tanks, and that is the models origin, often called the x,y,z axis. An aim-bot like this tracks and switches between weakspots as the relative position between the cheater and target change.

        Further, premium ammo is available to everyone, it is provided by the developers as part of the base game, aimbots are not.

        • aimbots are available to everyone, there just not in the game, just like mods are not in the game.
          In essence they’re pretty much the same since they allow people to pen tanks without having to actually think about where they’re aiming.
          My point is this; if they’re going to do something about a few aimboters, they should do something about the masses of people who autoload premium ammo in their tanks.

      • ikr, you think WG hacks are bad, WT are just unbelievable.

        Whats really sad is that a lot of those guys are disgruntled old WOTankers. You would think that they would remember what its like……but like most human beings, they only think about themselves.

    • And you think there are no such things in WT ? Oh come one, and Santa is real too, huh ?

      But seriously, that just confirms my feeling about some players who where able to pull off very weird shots. Im not a bad player, but sometimes i encounter the odd “super lucker” who pulls off shots i would have never thought possible.

      • Me too, but aimbot or not a shot across long distances or lucky snapshots are still luck based. Same RNG rule aplies to them as the legit players shots. It is as Woras said that in close to mid distances and with high accuracy guns it gives the user much more freedom to watch the minimap and tank movements.

    • Sorry men. I play in regular reading WT forum (didnt have time and money for two P2P game) – there was enough wine about player controlled tanks, that shoot at you even didnt turn their turret in close combat. And can shoot you through the obstacles from 1 – 1,5 km distance – because there is some Matrix style walls – as a spoon – You can see it in Your eyes, but AP fly through it.

  1. This does indeed help – it reduces your focus on weakspot shooting and adds somewhere else – tank positioning, watching enemies, minimap, etc.
    I wonder how WG even deals with Warpack mods.

    • Didn’t you know that the warpack is from an WG stuff guy ?
      The paypal account of the warpack goes to the same bank account as the WG gold, prem tanks money does.

    • Does aimbot leads the target? If so – boom, on the move every single hit.
      And yes – I had those games too – impossible shots.

      • You mean that pesky aimbot called auto-aim which is present in the game since the beginning?

        • Yeah. Especially utter scrubs with their auto-aim derps that not only hit you, but also the shot goes due to RNG infront of you so it actually hits you instead of piercing the dust behind your tank while you rush down a hill at 70 Kmh. We all very well know these situations and they piss me off more then any arty oneshots tbh.

          • This aim bot version in video is rather primitive . I hade many battles where enemy was used improved version of aimbot . So I play on T28 american TD . In like 100 m – 120m from me was amx 50 100 . SO and he begins to shoot me . And in less then 17 seconds I was dead . AMX 50 100 have long 3 seconds aim time and to shot with full aim it need 18 seconds . But this guy shoot all his 6 shells in less then 17 seconds , which leads me to believe that he didnt wait full aim even once . But most fucket unbelievable was fact that he shoot all 6 shells in 1 spot on my left hatch . I was moving to left and right but guy still did hit all shot 1 spot . If that is not aimbot then I will fucket unsital this game . +It is not only such case in my memory .

            • next retard believing you can hack the server and change rng.

              Your problem is called 8.6 and was a patch one year ago.

              • Got to agree. The 8.6 accuracy revision was a real game changer. No need to fully aim to hit. Previously the balance was that big gun Soviet tanks would take longer to aim, and still perhaps miss, but if they did hit, then big damage. Whilst your German/British vehicles had better accuracy, faster aim, more chance to hit, but less damage. There was balance. Not after 8.6. Now Soviet derp guns hit nearly all the time, even in a snap shot. I wonder how that came about? I don’t believe it was Soviet bias ;). I do believe that since the vast majority of players are <50%WR, and go for the Stronk tanks, it was to encourage the less abled amongst us…….and oh……… increase profits. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

                • Yea, and the so called “accurate guns of the west” miss more. Funny how this has worked out. If 8.6 was the accuracy patch, then by 8.8, it was gone.

                  That accuracy patch was nice. I remember that. Now its worse an worse every patch.

            • You’ve got math problem (skip the school or else…) if you have 6 shells than you need 15 sec to empty your clip after shooting first one ;)

            • Kid, i am sorry to burst your bubble, no matter how i hate hackers i hate ignorant fucktards even more. Why? Easy, 50 100 has 2.73 between shots which equals to a 13.65 time to unload drum, taking into account the aim time(INCLUDING 100% CREW AND BIA OR FOOD BUFF[Coffee]) that would be around 2.6-2.7 aim time (FOR THE FIRST SHOT ONLY), THAT WOULD MEAN A MAXIMUM OF 16.38 SECONDS(full aim). You people are so stupid you can’t even do the math yourselves and then QQ about it on forums ’cause people are cheating. I’m sure you would even come here and try to argue that i am wrong but you forgot that YOU ALREADY HAVE 1 SHELL LOADED SO THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SHOOT JUST 5 MORE WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE FULLY AIMED, because of crew skill.

              Think of what i am saying, maybe you will still have a chance to not be a retarded <50% player.

              • I have 51% win rate but stats for me mean nothing . Still I play better then most 60+ stats what have in top tanks like wt pz IV , old hellcat , t49 and anter OP tanks . My example was only one of many what I can tell . Like is3 3 times in row hits my t 34 in hatch from 300 m distance . Most fun that again all shots did land in same spot and he gun was moved same as my turret . He missed only one shoot when I did move my turret part with hatch behind house . And no that was not auto aim because auto aim can’t lock on specific part of your tank . Rly funny to hear from some players that WOT don’t have hacks , although we have thing like war pack . One thing is RNG anther is rly EPIC luck form out of nowhere for some players .

                • I have 51% win rate but stats for me mean nothing . Still I play better then most 60+ stats
                  Sure you do. And it’s “than” not then you illiterate fuck.

      • Yes, aim bots can easily be written to lead a a target all you need to know is the relative speed.

  2. They exist and are very present. Ive seen snapshots multiple times in a row from ppl in the average stats region, but couldnt it be that simply RNGesus was kind to him? It is impossible to prove. One particular video comes to my mind aswell which was made from Morgotz and his E50M replay on Siegfried line. Some snapshots were so unbelievable that it split the comunity in two. Ones that said it is clearly an aimbot and the ones that said it was skill. At first I was convinced that its a bot (he got even a ban for that), but his streams much later convinced me that he might indeed be not guilty. Good or not those shots were very suspicious to say the least. Then again it was a replay recording and it tends to mislead ALOT by the delays and shit and a picked game.

    This is the replay if someone is interested.


      • I didn’t think that it was an aimbot until the fight against the Object 263, the shot round 10:31 in the YT-Video is very very suspicious.

        • I fucking sucked against the 263. if it would have been an aimbot, I would have detracked it while it moved up the hill. It was my intention, but it didnt work

          • Wow, people are really retarded… calling that an Aim-bot just because they use trackpads instead of proper mouses. Pathetic.

            • It’s the main sign of denying shitlords. They are the ultimate tank aces and everyone better than them are cheater/hackers/aimboters.

              • Not all snapshots are aimbots, the targeting system was changed some time back altering the sigma used for calculating accuracy relative to the aim point. What this means is that far more shots land around he aimpoint than the outside of the aim circle, that has not always been the case, prior to the change, rounds had the same chance to land anywhere within the aim circle.

                GOOD players realised straight away that this makes snapshots far more viable now than they once were. Bad players simply didn’t understand how the change would affect accuracy and snapshots.

  3. Seems to me like just another case of bad players desperately trying to justify their badness by throwing around “hacker!!!” shouts around.

    Give me that youtube video as replay where you can see how it looked for the player, instead of freecam, and i might take it even halfseriously.

  4. so he has 10% of winrate difference? since its new account i guess most of it is done on lower tiers so getting 10 percent difference is quite normal if you are against people without any clue how to play….

  5. It’s not aimbot when you got sniped in cupola from 400m, as aimbot can’t do a shit versus RNG in game. It’s when the sniping tank has 44% and 450 WN8, then apart of shooting your cupola consistently he has also a high chance of setting you on fire and/or ammoracking you. Through cupola.

    That’s why I fear baddies the most…

    • Learn game mechanics first.

      Its about that bad tomatoes can snapshoot into your weakspot.
      Bad players drive out – aim – then shoot/bounce/miss.
      Not – drive -> Shoot -> direct hit – all in split second.

      • Learn game mechanics first.

        Im talking about WG mechanism helping those 44% wr baddies snapshot your ammorack from 450m in T30 while turning their turret and driving down from the hill on full speed.

        Best aimbot one can get. WG rng.

        • “…then apart of shooting your cupola consistently he has also a high chance of setting you on fire and/or ammoracking you. Through cupola.”

          Are you stupid…

    • When you play on RU servers, you experience a lot of events that make it very hard to believe that RNG is not being circumvented in some way, particularly by aimbots.

      An example is being hit in the cupola multiple times from across the valley in El Halluf. Millions-to-one chance of lucky RNG for each of sequential shots, from guns that maybe have 0.34 to 0.44 accuracy? OK, some will say that just a statistical event over many thousands of games. But when you the player experience that multiple times on that map alone?

        • Well, they are not accusing bots of altering RNG but WG itself so they make the game enjoyable for tomatos by giving them softer RNG, so they dont quit and pay… at least thats what I think this is about. Tinfoil hat stuff but its more likely just frustration coming from remembering only when the RNG works against you, not when you’re on a roll. We all know these moments where you have german acc tank, chocolate, bia, vents, snapshot+smoothride, vertstab and GLD, fully aim at center of a flat plate and the shot goes nope.avi and misses a stationary maus and then you have the case when a basic equipmentless 45%WR 122mm KV-1S is moving, turning both hull and turret, barely stops, doesnt spend any time aiming and you think.. ok his aiming circle is ALL over the screen, I have time to reverse… nope, lands a perfect shot over 300m critting something inside your tank. But it doesnt happen often :)

          Using aimbot will still leave you at mercy of RNG and tank parameters, you cant peek with a 0.44 acc / 3s aimtime tonk and do a snapshot no matter how fast the aimbot snaps crosshair on the target, the gun just wont aim fully and then into the hands of RNGesus we go… So if somebody is repeatedly hitting a weakspot that doesnt even render for him (driver’s visor) across El Halluf, he’s probably using aimbot, 0.3~ accuracy tank, letting the shots fully aim and RNGesus is with him.

        • I’m just pointing out that incidents that appear to be aim-botting seem to enjoy statistically very unlikely RNG.

          The published game mechanic does indeed seem to make RNG rigging impossible, because of the server-side calculation. However, most of the game mechanic remains secret – hence the endless debates about other aspects of the game.

          Perhaps the aim-bot programmers have simply found a way to exploit the data available to the client in a way that gives a small but consistent advantage that has the overall effect of minimising RNG effects. Maybe, for example, tank movement data is somehow trimmed, so that the server gun aiming calculations are accelerated, thus giving a higher accuracy score.

  6. wow now everyone will acuse each other in games for aimboting lol..i didn’t see it i have to admit..i use dynamic camera and u also have that felling that reticule ”sticks” better to target but if this is aimbot i think we are ok..for ffs he couldn’t hit that t44 for the life of it :)…but if this is out there WG should investigate and come up with solution to take it down.

    • Happened to me already, some dude decided that hitting his tier8 in a tier10 game 3-4 times through his weak turret was too mcuh and he accused me of using an aimbot. I will happen more and more. (E50M vs. VK 45.02A). How do you fight this ?

      • yea i was called cheater asswell for that..not that i use aim bot but cheater beacuse i hit his weakspot but i don’t worry about those donkeys and u are wright about that vk shit that shit is overbuffed now..i ussualy aim at his cupola cuz lower plate is just too much now..but that tank was already stronk i dont get why did they do this

  7. I hope anyone using a warpack or aimbot gets infested with malware, their backups fail and their drive crashes….

  8. Well I aim faster and better than this auto-aim.
    This program will shoot crappiest armour even when angled 45 degrees so gl.
    I would love this thing used against angled e75 XD.
    not a problem for me , I would better have crappy player use it to be bit better , than just slaughter him for free. Better player wouldn’t use this. Make auto-aim that can hit any moving target from any distance… well , that will be huge difference.

  9. Ech, next thing to kill the game. I remember what aimbot do in battlfield 2, 2142 etc. Now in WoT, if skill player start use aim bot others are dead. If normal get aim bot he be good or even more. If WG will not start battle with this the will geat a plague of aimbot.

    • for a good player an aimbot wouldnt make a difference as it doesnt change the rng-> he would still miss weakspots on distance and all the aimbot would do is aiming where he already aimed.

        • nope!
          First it would matter which data you client sends (as in :does he decide where u hit).
          But as u can easily see by reading a BW documentation. The client doesnt decide shit. Your client only tells the server “Hey I aimed at x/y/z” and the server says him” Well you hit a/b/c for hd dmg”. Of course you can try to tell him” NO i hit x/y/z” but all he will answer you is “Go f*** off”

    • Aiming at weakspots is one the basics to start becoming good at the game but it’s by no mean sufficient and will never get you above 52%-ish winrate alone. What good is an aimbot going to be when you have no clue about positioning and map knowledge and make bad decisions? And even when you know all of these…considering the slow paced nature of the game and the fact you are still affected by RNG (watch the video again and notice how he DOES miss and bounce despite his aimbot), you’re only going to be marginally more efficient at shooting than anybody with good knowledge of weakspots. The skill difference is still going to have a bigger influence most of the time.

  10. Oh, thx for telling me xD just kidding, this kinda thing takes away all the fun and sense of accomplishment. I remember using cheats on age of empires, big daddy it was called. Made no sense killing indians with a rocket car, never used cheats since…

  11. SS, you should have mentioned (and highlighted for all the retards screaming “Hax” when they get hit), that those aimbots DONT change RNG. The player will still not be able to hit tiny weakspot all across the map as for that he would have to hack the server. All the aimbot does is changing the input (he tricks the game to believe u are aiming at xy position).

    Of course that doesnt change the fact its a cheat and illegal but (thx wargaming for making one good decision with server side calculations) its not as big of a problem as in other games, where an aimbot can basically make u hit(and headshot an enemy) every single time.

    • Yeah, right. It’s pretty easy for every single WoT player to hit weakspots from distance more than 300m. 10 out of 10 times. Aimbot is one of the worst cheats in my opinion.

        • You also can’t change how a 52% pubbie thinks about how hacks are the only reason why hes not god in WoT.

        • U r the one being dumb. RNG is just 25%. Speaking in general that means that the AIMBOT will do 3/4 with penetration in a long run. Normal players will suffer getting 3/ out of 4 hits what comes to penetration. I still don’t understand why you refuse to mark this mod (aimbot) as dangerous for the game. Rather look at the “Epic platoon” or whatever it was called, that SS probided and stop talking BS about RNG. The guy is snapshot sniper in t69 with autoaim. Not that I haven’t played this tank and I don’t know what I am talking about ( 156 solo random games with 57% wr/ 88 team games with 88% WR).

          • Quote:
            “RNG is just 25%. Speaking in general that means that the AIMBOT will do 3/4 with penetration in a long run. ”

            That’s not correct.
            First off, accuracy RNG is not 25% but a bell curve with an unknown sigma value. 25% RNG is for penetration and damage values only.

            Also, even if it were 25% for the accuracy, then that does not mean that an aimbot will hit 75% of the shots, because those 25% simply don’t mean “you miss with 25% chance even in case of perfect aim”
            That’s just *not* how it works.

          • Well you, little trad, wrote “It’s pretty easy for every single WoT player to hit weakspots from distance more than 300m. 10 out of 10 times. ” what’s totally stupid and not possible with any aimbot as you cant change where you hit, only where you aim.
            Or have you found a way to hack the server and let you hit with every shot where you aim? (And aiming spread is part of RNG even if ur to dumb to realize that)

          • no matter if you use an aimbot or not, you will always have the same chance to hit where you aim(The aimbot doesnt hack the server). So saying “oh, he hit me at 300m in my weakspots, must be aimbot” is just stupid, as this isnt an aimbot but just luck with rng. (And thx to 8.6 easily doable)

            • Two things: first I suspect that your are one of these imbeciles that have put such thing (aimbot) in good use. 2cnd thing: “- smart modified autoaim, that can track a target behind obstacles and highlight its contour. Also, it doesn’t aim at the center of the vehicle, but at (preprogrammed) vulnerable spots. Oh, and it also calculates the speed of the target and aims in front of it to compensate (pre-aim)” http://warpack.net/en/index
              Tell me more shits about RNG u dumb ass. This thing literally aims and PENETRATES for players like you that have zero coordination between eyes, brain and arms.

              • GG u really are to dumb to read and understand. Theres no sense in discussing with u as u dont even understand basic english.

                The aimbot still DOESNT change the shell distribution in the aiming circle. I know i know, this is hard to understand for a red tomato, but if u try hard and ask ur teacher to help u, maybe u will get a rough idea what “that evil guy using those evil words” is trying to explain to you.

              • How does any of what you quoted change the fact that even at 300m the aimbot still can’t do what a good player can’t already do? Wargaming gave the guns an (in)accuracy value for this very reason: making aimbots close to useless, as no matter how perfect your aim is (and don’t tell me it’s hard to aim in WoT….), you’ll still be victim to the RNG.
                And please cut the “you don’t agree so you must be cheating too 11!!one” crap, certainly you went to school and learned how to use reason and logic without resorting to ad hominem when you were shown wrong?

      • RNG cant be influenced by any aimbot. Nothing client wise can. Only by hacking into the server and changing the scripts responsible for like a dozen of factors involved in shooting.

    • Damn, now it became clear for me how i got headshotted from long distances in a matter of a second after i showed up while playing CS. Darn, that was so annoying.

  12. I will say it straightway: MOST OF THE “BIG” CLANS IN EU USE CHEATS. Most of them use the mod that tells you when something is destroyed over the map ( trees, buildings etc.) and commanders are even obligated to use it in CW. OM, for example has such “hidden” mod, that has 50+ small mods in the package you can download for free. For the “extended version” you have to ask in their TS. Ofc that doesn’t means most of them aren’t just great in WoT. But you know, when you give such tools to someone, who actually CAN play the game on descent level ( or above) the situation is quite out of control…

      • Cool story bro. I’m a member of OM, i use our modpack, but i never heard of those hidden features. I’ll forward that post to our modpack support guys, they’ll have a good laugh.

        Seriously, do you think we would risk our reputation and even our accounts over such a petty thing? And then grant access to it to any random stranger that merely asks for it?

        Don’t be ridiculous. You may get better at the game, but the first step for that is to stop blaming others or blaming cheats and whatever. Instead man up and take responsibility for own mistakes, and then learn from them.

    • We played against OM today on stronghold and they shooted 2 of our tanks without being spotted, I mean our tanks so they not even moved or no sixth sense and their heavys staeted shoting 100% to the right direction. One of our spotter watched tehir spotted T32 and his gun was up to the air and turned his turret there and back again, like hi is zoomed out and watching the map where objects being destroyed or i dont know what he did, or what bot he used but after that he started shooting the AMX 13-90 without spotting him. We didnot know what kind of bot programs or hacks their clan using but they are a very disgusting one, that they use bot/ hack programms even in stronghold mode too. So Odem Mortis and other bot using clans are unfair and disgusting, and more disgusting that WG let them doing this without any punishment.

      • Before you accuse a whole clan of cheating, why not contact the questionable player and ask for a replay of said battle, or perhaps ask the clan commander if that person refuses?

        I’m a member of OM and did take part in some skirmishes yesterday, so perhaps even i can provide that replay if you just tell me which battle it was.

        I think you’re a bit quick to jump to the conclusion that a reputable clan uses illegal mods or bots or whatever just based on some turret movements that you found odd.

        Besides, no known mod, illegal or not, can detect unspotted tanks. Odds are that your AMX did get spotted and his commander killed before Sixth Sense could kick in, or he hid in a well known position and was hit by a blindshot.

        • Also, “object destruction” mods only mark the location on the minimap as far as i know, they don’t cause any turret movements in first instance either. And several heavies opening fire at once is a fair sign that you got spotted.

          There is no mod, illegal or not, that automatically does what you describe.

          But the offer stands: Tell me the time and map and clan name, preferably the name of some of our players in that battle (just look them up in your replay), and i’ll get the replay from “our” side for you.

  13. The best think of autoaim bot and reasone why to use it, is shooting on the move.
    I tried it and believe me when you runing at full speed, take enemy on autoaim and simple shoot 5/6 with pen hits…. its realy big advantage.

  14. Well, every onlineshooter is sooner or later plagued with aimbots. It´s only a question of time. Sucks like hell. To be honest, i have more respect for an bad player who at least try to get better that an numbnut who´s using bots for grinding or aiming. In my opinion that´s just poor and disrespectful bedsides the other legit players.

  15. There are a lot of crap players using this lately as well. Always makes me laugh when 46% players are suddenly hitting your tiny weakspots from the other end of maps when they can’t even drive a tank normally.

    WG need to get on top of this before it becomes the norm.

    • even unicums use it on meds and scouts when you need to shoot at tanks while moving at 50-70 km/h

    • Its already a norm. And WG wont do anything about it.

      So one has three options. Live with it, join and install the mods or leave the game.

  16. Waiting for a official ESL mod that is required to be installed while attending their tournaments. Mod that scan res_mods looking for forbidden mods.
    Funny is the way how some teams played extraordinarry in gold ligue and later in LAN finals they were not able to do a thing.

    Were they using forbidden mods in gold ligue?

    • Wont help, as those things (Warpack, aimbots) dont use the res_mods folder anymore. They evolved to “programs” that directly change how the wot.exe behaves.

      • Haven’t use them so I don’t know :)
        But I think there is for sure a way to install some anti cheat application that will detect these cheating software. If not by checking folders then by checking running apps.

        Recently on Polish 7v7 was a massive admin action that ended up with couple of bans for tree fall mod usage.

        • theres always a way. Problem for WG: if they start scanning for those cheats, the next article on Ftr would be: Evil russians spying on our PCs.

  17. You say RNG ? Do you know probability generator for RPG ? (yes you know !)
    This type of aimbot increase your “synchro-on”
    It’s “cheaty” not an assist…

  18. ESL had big problems some times ago when enemy team was moving towards where you fell down trees(warpack mode). Aimbot will still hold player at the same WR or 2% higher. Dont use autoaim at all and you might get at least 60% win rate when driving carry tank.
    Why should good player use aimbot??? They dont its usless.

    • Why? Try shooting weakspots driving amx1390 or wz132 at full speed circling around enemy tank.
      And as was already told. You just do autoaim certain module and focus only on position and global situation.

      • well I would say the use is in a minimum as, when u circle enemys with ur light u have to problems:
        a) the aiming circle is as big as the whole enemy tank making it even stupid to try to aim for the hatch or other small weakspots
        b) u r circling him, so you will see his side/back anyway.
        Therefore (thx to wg for changing the aimingbot for normal autoaim), you can just use the normal autoaim. It will aim for the hull(side+back) or lower front plate which are to most usefull weakspots anyway as every other spot would be close to unhitable while driving fullspeed.

        -> do normal autoaim and try to stay behind/at the enemy’s side. If your driving infront of him: you can risk bouncing on lfp or wait that 1s till you reach his side again.

        • amx 1390 vs is3 autoaim from side? ROFL
          try to aim weakspots ROFL

          When driving your aim cricle is so big that its RNG.
          If you want to circle you frist hit track and then circle around him then aim back of the tank and turret side/or back.

          • try it, it works pretty well since the change in the aimpoint.

            To your edit: And wheres the improvement an aimbot would give you in doing THAT?(or are you that retarded to believe you can hack the server and change rng?)

            • you mad it works autoaim amx on 1390?? You must be really good amx driver.
              You aim yourself when you want to be good amx driver

              • “you mad it works autoaim amx on 1390?? You must be really good amx driver.
                You aim yourself when you want to be good amx driver”

                You stronk english, very sentence much words.

                Your writing skills seem to be as good as you reading and comprehensive skills. If you would be able to understand the english language, you would have realized, that all I wanted to point out is, that while circling an enemy with full speed, you wont see a difference between an aimbot (that tries to hit the copula with a screen big aiming circle) and the normal autoaim aiming for normal side/back hull.

                Of course you would detrack the enemy and than drive behind him, but THAT wasnt the topic ppl where talking about here kid.

                • cry me a river
                  You commented on my post. Where i pointed out that good players dont use autoaim or botaim etc……. they aim themself .

                  Kids use autoaim specially on light tanks, and for them there is special game mod Chaffe rally.

                • Well i see my first comment commenting on a comment to your meaningless post. Therefore im not talking to you kid, but that guy that commented on your post (you know that what those funny looking black lines on the left side are for)

                  But I know, you wont understand something that complicated.

        • I see that you actually don’t know what you are talking about.
          For some cases new autoaim is good for some it is bad.

          1. t69 heat shells. Now new autoaim lowered the aim from the turret to the hull making the tracks soak the bullets like hell.
          2. is3 hull is full of spaced armor. it is better to shoot the side of the turret than track and above area.
          3. amx1390 wz132 are big 0 dmg tracks with new autoaim.

  19. I think, it’s fairly obvious, that in the video an aimbot is used.
    First – he never changes to free camera but the crosshair is jumping around and aiming at tanks like crazy – you cannot do that without mods.
    Second – that aiming even in sniper mode – when he aimed at the 110, aimbot calculated and couldn’t make up its mind, either to shoot peak nose or LFP.

    • That crosshair jumping without camera moving is because it’s a replay. It can happen, at least when viewing replays with different version than what it was recorded with. It could also be how the aimbot works, because the camera/viewport and aiming circle are separate, and can move independently if the aimbot is in between, altering aim data.

      I agree it’s an aimbot, but even if that active armor calculation is cool, it doesn’t help that much with sniping. Moving your aim very fast (when trying to find the weakspot) just makes it more inaccurate. Try enabling server crosshair and you’ll see that even if the client crosshair doesn’t react to small fast movements, it reduces accuracy on server side (and takes bit of time to recover). The best scenario for it is in fast paced, close range fights.

      But I also agree that it can improve stats for really bad players, but better player would have little to gain using this. At least to learn weakspots, though there are better ways to learn them (that doesn’t pose threat to your account).

  20. So basically this mod gives you the aiming skills of a 55%er.

    Im totally scared now.

    Really, i am.

    • I remember when I was a 55% er. Even getting there required a lot more than just good aiming.

  21. Sigh, you are getting trolled. He is using “free look” mode in the replay. You can see it clearly from the start.

    • And a lot of people realizing that aiming is only 10% of the game and that they still suck even with aimbot.

    • More like predicting tonight we will see a lot of 45% players screaming:”OMG you hit me at 50m. Cheater. Aimbotuser!!!!. H4x!!!11111″

  22. The Crosshair behavior was absolutely not normal, I suspected 2 players of using some kind of cheat, they were both from FAME ( different games) they were shooting my T28 prot modules from +400 metter without a single shot blocked by my armor.(I didn’t know aimbot exists before)
    of course they told me Learn 2 Play even from my team.

    • and the next retard to dumb to realize that you cant hack the server and change rng.

      What you encountered is called 8.6 and was a patch a year ago.

    • What modules did they hit then? And what tanks were they using? Modules can be knocked out pretty much anywhere because the shot may not land exactly where you aim. Also theres a perk increasing the chance of damage to modules and crews as well, I use it and I almost always make crew and module damage.

      And once again, module damage is not even related to aim bot for the first place because you cant change RNG.

      • they knocked my driver over and over again hitting the front right side. one was in a Borsing the other a t69. ( the t69 was a mystery he was hitting me using regular ammo without a fail) I tried to pen that same spot in a training room but failed a million times.

  23. Problem is any noob with bad aiming skills thinks its hacks when some one outplay them by superior aiming hitting their weakspots. Yesterday I penned a T34 in the cupola every time and he bounced me, and told me I used “armor hack”. Sigh, there are too many fucktard noobs in this game who play on toaster PCs that dont understand a shit.

    No matter how good you aim, there is always RNG and server lag/packet loss that will make you miss/bounce even the best aimed shots.

    I also do believe aimbot is bullshit, a good player benefit more by choosing where to aim manualy. It may be a track shot, it may be lower glacis or cupola or what ever depending on the situation. It may be tracking the enemy only so arty can blast him or let others flank. This decisions a aimbot cant decide.

    You cant win by only penning tanks, you have to be in the right areas and ideal situationsm as well as hitting the tanks in the right places (see above depending on situation).

  24. Fucking called it….

    I fucking called it the day multiple people were able to snapshot my cupola while I was moving, and it was the only thing visible.

    I don’t care how good or Asian you are, if you are moving on rough terrain but your gun is perfectly pointed and firing at the top of my turret while I’m moving too, at distances of over 100m away, I’m calling HUGE BULLSHIT.

    Plus it’s not like it’s hard to make an aimbot, WG practically made out for players to use.
    All the modders had to do was tweak it to aim at specific spots and tweak it to have lead using the speed and spatial coordinates of the target to calculate it properly. You don’t even need very complicated behavior predicting algorithms, just a basic instantaneous lead calculator. The limited tank reaction time and RNG makes it even easier for modders.

  25. “so you can’t create a cheat for your client telling you where everyone is,”

    That’s false, theres cheats out there that tells you where everyone is in map, and others not that extreme that only shows you who shoot you unspotted.

    So stop with the serverside bullshit, the game is full of cheats actually, maybe we dont have cheaters in quantity like other games but we have and WG mostly dont do anything about it more than “it’s imposible to cheat on WoT”.

  26. I see noob (sub 45%) teams shredding 50% plus teams in the chaff races……………….cough

    • I’m pretty sure any 45% tomato with good muscle coordination will beat my 58% ass with shaky hands and bad reflexes every time at the chaffee race even with the game’s default autoaim.

  27. his main account is around 50 percent winrate. His “cheat” account? Over 60. So much for “u need teh skillz to pwn”.

    Omg a second account has more winrate than the first account. Big news dude, big news.

  28. I think aimbot could be powerfull. The aim could be more smoth and avoid large dispersion. I read a lot of people saying it change nothing because of RNG. But if you play the game, you know than even with RNG, the shell goes throught the center of the aim circle most of the time. so, if you aim a WS instead a random point of the opponent tank, you have more chance to penetrate him (but maybe not to hit him). It can also help you to instant aim at the best spot on a close moving target when you used to miss his tracks usually.

    We all have exemple to be hit multiple times on the same spot. But when you hit a traget and penetrate it, why aim elsewhere? It don’t prove opponent use an aimbot (I’m already dead with my T28 with all shots in my copula).
    But sometimes, there is also bug that provoc a strange feeling about shots you receive. For exemple, Sunday, as I was hidden behind a huge rock. I was hit in my track. I say “OK, maybe I was bad hidden” and I wasn’t suprised to see shots hit the ground close to me. So I decided to go a bit back and be covered entierly (I mean, there is absolutely no way to hitting me from the opponent side, I was on WZ-111 on El Halouf map behind the rocks that is at left of the hill where there is a small village and before the S road to opponent flag) and I received a shot from front in my turret when I’m looking thought this rock. Not a wallhack, just a bug… maybe server trust I was 10 meters away and I looked there during 1 second I received this shot… I don’t know, that was just… very strange… I also already have killed driver after a hit in my botom right side, so I think everything can happen.

    Sometime, I aim a T26E4 an miss it because it moves. Sometimes I shot though him without aiming because it’s just a shot to fear… and I penetrate! RNG+luck can be powerfull, but replace luck by aimbot and perfect aiming and your chances to make damage growing.

  29. 1.33 screen ratio and below 20fps in heavy combat tells me that he coudn’t make all those snapshots because of the rig he plays on… He plays on really bad hardware.

  30. SS, you shouldn’t post this kind of stuff here..
    to me the whole article seems like “shhh guuys, try it, it can do this and that and you wont get ban” …

    how many readers does this blog have ?
    I’ve lost my faith in humanity long time ago, I know.

  31. Crest over the hill, first hit – ammo rack damaged. Fuck this, repair kit used. Second hit damaged ammo rack again. For fucks sake. Third hit did nothing. Fourth hit blew my turret up to the sky. Bad luck or bot?

  32. I don’t think anyone would complain that great players don’t know every weak spot that there is. I think the complaint is that they are able to instantly target those weak spots without hesitation.
    Look at this player for instance.
    He shot me 7 times, and 6 of them went through weakspots… This was while he was coming to and from a rock hiding spot on top of a hill… Now, while I agree that it could just be that the guy is lucky, or autoaim is doing him a favour, or that him burning gold ammo (he does) is winning. But my guess is that it’s a bit of BotAim+Gold..

    I have seen it before too where from across the map, a player is instantly dealing massive damage to modules, crew, or hitting thin spots every time. Yes it is possible, but it’s not possible to do it without taking a moment to at least turn your pointer to the tank.

    The above guy might not be cheating (his replays will not play for me) but as a player I have seen enough of these matches to know that sometimes it just doesn’t feel correct. As someone who is old enough to remember bots starting off in FPS games, I can tell you that even if a top player can make the shot, it doesn’t mean that it is okay to automate aiming.

  33. I experienced a team using aimbot in a skirmish once. Tier 8 skirmish battle, Karkov map. Out of all of our tanks all but 1 received ammo rack damage/destruction.

  34. Couldn’t Wargaming just add a sort of a scanner into the client to prevent any unwanted software from affecting the .exe or other files? I’m not a massive computer wiz but surely there has to be some way of preventing software like this?

    • They could. But then all the WG haters would be up in arms because Wargaming is spying on us.

    • Not easily no..
      Screen Readers, Cache parsers, and Mouse Macro’s are hard to detect, and even if you do detect them there’s nothing to say that they are actually doing anything to or with the game itself.
      Something that catches and modifies the game stream is easy to detect, those are proper high end scripts that do need to be watched for, but as long as the stream is encrypted then data cant be injected.

      So the simple answer is no.

  35. You say: “Ever seen such things as an enemy targetting unerringly your pixel-sized weakspot all across the El-Halluf multiple times in a row? Well, could have been luck… or, it could have been an aimbot.”

    Even with an aimbot you would need a hefty slice of luck.

    And thank SS now every noob will be crying aimbot when you land a lucky shot, I sometimes wonder if you ever play this game, you clearly have never met Mr average WoT player.

  36. As I read more and more comments, my brain hurts from the butthurt people who don’t even understand game mechanics.

    That guy may used a bot to help him aim, but still it does not make him play better. First of all, you cannot 100% coordinate your moving when you reticle is locked in place, in comparison, with you left arm and your right arm.

  37. So how is this different from manual aim for weakspots? Or are you going to tell me I am an aimbot? This may artificially inflate the skill of total noobs, but anybody remotely capable of using his brains should be able to aim for weakspots. As far as cheats go, I am not impressed.

  38. I don’t see any hacks here. First of all, that guy fires badly, he missed a lot of shots at relatively close range, secondly he didn’t aim for the most vulnerable points. Sorry, if you see a tank perfectly on the sides, you aim for the back of the tank to torch it.

    If this guy is considered a hacker then I should be considered a god, and guess what I’m not one.

  39. it was just question of time.
    no big feelings.
    just happy to know its real, as i was suspecting for quite long..

    Did play CS 1.3 -1.6 , before Google was invented,
    was able to tell about aimbot after 20s watching at guy :-)

    this is aimbot and yes, it is significant advantage.
    RNG/luck has nothing to do with it.

    Everything just pure statistic – if you are able to shot all your shots on module/crew/weakspot, it’s making everything different.

    You will do better – causing more primary (HP) or secondary (modules/crew) damage.

    i don’t use modes at all – since beginning i feel them like cheating..
    but I agree, if it is not forbidden, why not to use it?

    (i did install j1mbo crosshair, XVM, weakspots and zoom to my father, and his WN jumped +10% ..)

  40. I’ve pulled off some incredible shots with my WZ-131 in a snap-shot, but… that was pure luck. Using aim-bots wouldn’t improve mein gaming experience in any way. I prefer doing the dirty work myself than have a machine do it all ;)


  41. Different point. I am not the best player, but after nearly three years I have 28k games played. In that time there have been two occassions when I have been absolutely sure an enemy tank has reloaded much faster than he should have even taking into account things like BIA, food, rammer etc. Is there some kind of hack to do that, or is it all server side, and I was mistaken on those two occasssions?

    • Nope mistaken. ALl that is serverside.

      Hell this autoaim thing is crap also.

      It doesnt do anything about game mechanics like bloom. WHo cares if it aims at a hatch, otm you will miss that hatch 90% of the time or you could have aimed at center and hit 50%.

  42. There is already mechanism in place which minimizes usefulness of aimbots in wot – RNG. If your pixel-sized weakspot gets shot over the map few times in a row, it not aimbot, it’s bad luck.

  43. Wot is plagued with cheats and they have no real intentions of fixing the problem, first it begins with mods this is the first MM game I have ever played where they allow individual players to modify the game with mods from its original design. this alone says go ahead cheat we don’t care. If they banned all mods and ran scripts to detect them it would change the game play significantly. But a lot of the cheats being ran such as warpack and aimbot are actually ran from server side thats why they are so hard to detect. But you cant tell me they cant simply block the cheat server from running on wot servers. Warpack is run from a russian server and probably by the same people who own Wot, first they create the game then create the cheats its all about the money thats why they only ban or deal with individual players stupid enough to get caught.

      • LOl hi said most of his shots looks normal :D Man his crosshair jumping to the weakspots in less than a second, like 0,2-0,5 second to the weakspot , the very best players cant do this , dont say this is normal. Atfer this video I am 100% sure this guy in the video used some aim bot too.

  44. It’s rare where I have to say WTF? after being dominated, because I know when I’m just being a baddy. I’ve played in enough battles though, where in some games…you know something isn’t right about how accurate your opponent is. Aimbot explains much.

    • So does RNG, the burden of proof is on WG to prove it is an aimbot and not favorable RNG. I’ve had plenty of instances of tomatoes who would normally not be able to hit the broad side of barn but with great RNG can drive around snapshotting my weakspots without fully aiming.

      • But then you have those players that have a 80% hit rate, top 0.05% of damage dealers, and are so called “uni” status players… These bots are NOT going to be found on your <50% WR players.

    • No it doesnt.

      I know the actual aimbot code and it is nothing advanced.

      This is all just someone who doesnt understand game mechanics explaining a myth.

      Only thing Aimbot does super OP is autoshoot which will bea a human all the time to the trigger, but it is not accurate, esp if lag is up as the program is timed.

  45. SS this mod is not nearly as effective as you make it sound.

    Aim for hatches all you want, if the driver doesnt stop to shoot and wait, he will have the same chances anyone would, which is very low.

    The weakspots is not the issue. The autoshoot is.

    So lets say I amd peeking a coirner and popping out in between reloads of a enemy.
    I have to pop out aim and shoot and all my reactions take 2/10 of a second to do so.

    Or I lock my target turn autoshoot on and pop out and it instantly shoots so all I have to do is keep popping out and ONLY worry about driving.

    But you saying “It could be aimbot” is just gonna make every newb in game blame aimbot for any shot he is to stupid to understand

  46. First of all that video is shit and it doesn’t show anything, let alone aimbot. Second stop writing cancerous articles that will attract shitlords all over around the world raging against purple unicum hacking cheating jerks, even though if that “cheat” actually exists it’s used more by scrubs than good players because not one unicum will rely on retarded programmed “cheat” instead of his own hands and eyes.

    • +1 Thx Medjed

      I mean wtf a freecam replay?? srsly??

      getting sniped on el hallouf on a weakspot?? ye 500m shots.. no RNG at all, aimbot must have aimed that one…

      And in the next two weeks we can see crybabies who whine if you outplay them because you are obviously using the aimbot SS mentioned…

      • Dude I got acoused of using aimbot with my FV183 and not once. Aimbot from 600m on El Haluf with the accuracy of the FV!! :D

        Or bcoz i oneshot a T54 into the cupola while he was standing 10 meters away tracked. AIMBOT HAX!

        Its as old as online gaming itself. Scrubs that dont understand basic mechanics and get killed usually tend to acuse of hacking.

  47. I would just like to point out there is a quite easy way to detect aimbots.

    We, being humans, tend to move our mice past where we intend to due to momentum and the delay between seeing the cursor move and that information being processed by our brains so we can react to it and correct for this trait.

    Aimbots, being non human, don’t have to move a mouse physically so they tend to just move right to the area they’re intending to without moving past it. You can easily record mouse movements in a game client to detect these ultra precise movements and rule out a human being in control.

    You can also detect if mouse input is actually coming in over the USB or PS/2 ports, or not over either bus at all, as they both rely on sampling data at a fixed rate. The default for USB is 125 Mhz (a lot of gaming mice allow you to increase this up to 1000 Mhz in 125 Mhz steps) and 100 Mhz for PS/2. If the movement data is not coming over either bus you can safely assume it’s a macro input or an aimbot. If you’re still using a serial port mouse in this day and age you should be banned anyway just on principal.

  48. This discussion is retarded. You’re posting a youtube video with freecam as proof that he cheats – I’ve asked the uploader why the video was removed, and he has explained that all the comments recieved on it were giving him shit based on his nationality, the clan he was in and for “cheating”.

    Stop wielding the FTR community like you’re QB.

  49. I dunno, would it be considered a cheat? Or would it be considered fixing a known problem that everyone except WG itself knows all too painfully – the absolutely bullshit, utterly broken RNG. Fact is, when I fully aim in a T110E3 at a target inside 75M and the shot isnt even in the fucking dispersion, RNG IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Not me, not my supposed ‘tomato score’ (which, if you actually look at my overall hit rate, is over 65%; As well as my position in the Hall of fame being in the top 25% of the entire fucking NA server), Nono, the source of the fucking problem is the temperamental game itself. Fix RNG, and would people need this mod? I know i sure fucking wouldnt (not that I use it to begin with). While yes I get the difficulty of fixing MM; RNG is a VERY, VERY EASY FIX TO MAKE.

    Ya know, i really do get annoyed at the apologetics going on around this game as of late. Makes me wonder why in the hell I spend the coin i do on this; when the WG crew clearly doesnt give enough of a shit to fix what they broke to begin with.

  50. I personally find disturbing that SS’s post distinctly names one of the aimbot mods. It is just helping it spread faster in my opinion.

  51. There is no good Aimbot in existence.

    there are so many cheats for this game

    spotted enemys wallhack.
    Laserporinter for enemy guns so u know where they aiming and so on
    minimap infos where objects getting destroyed and many more.

    But this article is about Aimbot. There is no good one.
    A skilled player is tentimes better then every aimbot out there.

    In this video a tier 8 Tank fires at tier 6 Tanks. no need for weakspots.

  52. There will be a lot more aimbot users out there now the problem has been highlighted.