IT-45 and SU-76BM again…

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on some Russian portals (FTA, Wotleaks), an information came up, that Wargaming is preparing two new lowtier Soviet tank destroyers – the SU-76BM and the IT-45. The names might sound familiar to you? Yup, that’s very, very old stuff. The information about IT-45 and SU-76BM came out first in May 2013 – they were supposed to be a part of a Soviet lowtier alternative tank destroyer minibranch.

The whole line was effectively scrapped ages ago, but the vehicles themselves remained on the supertest server (within the client) along with other various relics. WG doesn’t simply throw these tanks out, but there is no need to make any conclusion about their occasional appearance in WG videos.

9 thoughts on “IT-45 and SU-76BM again…

  1. They would be implemented as regular TDs in a low tier Russian alternative TD line I would presume? Like they looked like they planned a while ago but now they’re thinking about them at the current time?

  2. Historical or Unhistorical? WG confuses me with consistency. Do they want a historically accurate arcade game or an unhistorical arcade game? I am bloody confused to hell.

    • Unhistorical.. you know, all they stuff is for “Balance” that not real balance issues.
      I’m done trusting in WG long ago.

    • Whenever WG uses the word historical, simply attach an “a” as a prefix to the word historical and then everything will make prefect sense.

      Definition of AHISTORICAL: not concerned with or related to history, historical development, or tradition ; also: historically inaccurate or ignorant

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