WG Social Mod

Hello everyone,

WG ASIA released a “social mod“, which allows you to share your battle results and player statistics over Facebook.


I haven’t seen this posted for EU portal and I have no idea whether the ASIA mod works for the EU or US client, but feel free to try it out. I am really not that keen on sharing FB details with Wargaming (I suspect this is the reason behind this mod, some sort of social network survey) – the last part of the article actually made me somewhat chuckle.

Note: The WG Social mod was commissioned by Wargaming and conforms to generally accepted safety standards. Wargaming ensures that the WG Social mod does not store user data and only sends them to the social network authenticated by the user. The company cannot guarantee that other modifications that are not certified by Wargaming are safe. All data and processes of the mod will not be used illegally.

Damn, I sure am glad to read that! Because telling us that nothing will be used illegally will TOTALLY prevent anyone from using it illegally.

40 thoughts on “WG Social Mod

  1. Why would I want to share my WoT gaming experience if most of my FB friends aren’t even gamers? O.o

  2. WoT Blitz has that already. I can imagine that there are certian clans who have private facebook groups to keep in touch, sharing there directly from the game would be quite okay i guess.

  3. there is a thing called wotreplays.com …
    but well now everything has to be on facebook -.-

  4. Actually I suspect WG simply wants to increase how many ppl are playing WoT and hope that allowing players basically to advertise the game on Facebook for them will help.

  5. Wot players need a social network to troll each other not “like” and fucking friend. Kiss-my-arse-book is more like it. WG see social media as a feedback mechanism to lock in players. Ask yourself if you were running WG what would you do to make all the self absorbed youffs play (and even sometimes pay) more.

  6. Just waiting for the twitter mod, it automatically tweets the battle results for you… :P

  7. Oh, i got an Ace tank in my tanks. I better publish it on my FB page where none of my friends will know what the fuck does that even mean.

  8. Unless the mod allows me to post specifically to the WoT groups I am part of, I will not use it. If they add Twitter to it I still won’t use it.

    Fuck it I will just not use it.