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      • Is not shit, is BIG PILE OF SHIT!!!

        The armor is very inefective, like in LTTB, even BP with 170mm pen can pen angled hull or turret… the firepower is ridiculous low and you cant hull down… well at least is better here than LTTB.

        For me M41 is superior to LT-54, sad that a scout tier 7 do better the job than a tier 8 scout.

        LT-54 is not a good scout and is not a good med… simple is in the middle of both classes and fails doing any of the jobs.

        • remind me, whitch tier 8 medium is unpenetrable from the front with 170 pen? i think it´s none… maybe Type 59 is coming close to that, but not everyone has that tank… i think LT-54 is not light, it is medium with agvantage of great camo values, and is supposed to be played as such. And it is the only t8 LT that can go against 13 90 to 1v1 fight (except another 13 90 of course), since it is capable of bouncing some 170mm pen shells and ram extremely well with its 31 tons… looking forward to get it :-)

    • Well its nothing special (So noone will rush for it with free exp). Still a nice and solid med/light hybrid.

      I’m more surprised that RU has the worse winrate by now. That thing is just awesome with its nice ~100mm HE pen (the TDs and heavys will love u when ur behind them. Also nice for killing Ary) + the speed (although slow acceleration) and viewrange/camo make it a very enjoyable tank.

      • It would be awesome with HESH if you actually had enough ammo capacity to be able to take with you more than few.

    • Actually my T-54 light has the best win rate of any of the new tanks for me, a full 10% above my account average of 53%, followed by the RU 251 at +7%. I like mine a lot, which is a bit wierd since my T-54 record is… poor… (47%). Granted its early days still for those 2 in terms of number of battles, but the initial results are promising. (Sadly the T-54 has over 300 battles to make up that 47%, so its, um, less promising… :P)

  1. OP lights, nerf to the ground!!

    But… yeah, we should watch these stats after, let’s say, 1-2 months AND with correlation to player winrates.

    • Lol Right? Right? Even now in the IS, I use the 100mm. Love the thing :)

      • KV85 with 100mm is vastly superior to the old KV1S with 122. I always said dont change the tank, dont add the 100mm, it will make it OP. But secretly i was hoping for the 100mm to p0wn noobs even more, and now Serb listened to my prayers. Thank you WG and thank you Serb for giving us an even more OP tank :)

        • 100mm is vastly superior if you have any idea waht you’re doing.
          The average WoT player doesn’t have any clue, so it’s perfectly fine.
          A tank isn’t OP if it vastly outperforms in the hands of good players but is absolute shit in the hand of the average tomatoe.

    • Only noobs using 122mm? I guess that several tier 8 HT that I killed with it (some of them frontally) would tell otherwise. According to the chat, they were quite pissed.

      Any noob in any tank would stay noob. A master in any tank can be very nasty – even in A-20 or M3 Lee. Yeah, I saw some of them and I was very surprised how well these utter shits (for me) can perform.

      • Indeed, tier 6 KV-1S win rate was never stellar, it had to go because it was too popular.

        Hope all those KV-85 battles are due to people trying it out.

        • Correction, it had to go for the same reason the VK2801 had to go. When you have Tier 6 tourneys/leagues where you can’t win a battle unless you have X number of KV-1Ss and X number of Hellcats, the tank needs a nerf. This was as much or more about E-Sports credibility than it was about balancing the tank for the masses.

    • I find more tier 6 heavies playing now but despite the reduced max speed and limited gun depression, the KV-85 100mm is still king of the tier 6 heavies in the hands of a good player.

  2. well the american lights are fun as hell, hthe german lt 8 well, i dont find it that great, it’s too fragile and gets his ass kicked by t7 autoloader lights! as for soviets just bought lttb i din’t had credits!

  3. Quite like the T37… played correctly it can really fook up the enemy…

    Only just got the Bulldog so can’t comment yet.. looks like it should be fun with that 10-shot autoloader.. trololol.!!

    Re-bought the MT25 to grind up the LTTB… since it looks good on paper.. 68kph, 170 pen gun and armour….?

    • T37 god damn borderline OP. IF used correctly.
      Bulldog has way more DPM and versatility with normal gun. First battle – 2.2k dmg :D And even feels faster than T37.
      Never look at tanks from paper. BIG MISTAKE!

      • T37 Borderline?? GTFO.. it’s beyond borderline…… (*edit* not selling it)
        Bulldog… probably.. I just like the idea of a 2s 10-shot autoloader that fully reloads in 34s…. there MUST be some arty raping potential there… :)
        LTTB.. I know.. but I’m still going for it…

        • It’s not. It has hardly equal potential to deal damage compared to tier 8 mediums. It has better potential to deal damage where needed if you manage to survive long enough and it seems that it can influence tier 8 battles much more (in positive way) than mediums. Just look at fair fights, join them and make them unfair for enemy. I think that it has very high skill ceiling, but average players will just have fun failing in it or continue to t49 and unicums will return to tier IX/X meds.

          • Scout is playstyle, not category.

            And warning that you should freeXP low tier tank, that has worse MM and gun stats, view range much inferior to TDs tier higher (su-85, t40, t67, hellcats says, hi, you’re dead, but you don’t know it yet), useless camo without proper crew training, cause you are probably expected to enjoy it for 400 battles without sixth sense.

      • Thing is T37 gets into T6 stronkhold matches, where it dominates with DPM, camo bonus for LT, viewrange, mobility etc. and Bulldog is a T7 and isn’t used in T8.

  4. KV-85
    vehicles amount 3446
    played 3230807

    something wrong?
    every player played 67 battles per day (937 for two weeks)?

      • As someone says below, it’s the number of accounts which played that tank and didn’t have it (or in the case of KV-85, didn’t have the old KV-1S) before.

        That’s why the M37 is so high, all Chaffee owners had it unlocked straight away.

  5. I always wonder how accurate this data is. Do not get me wrong, it is nice to have a point of refference (better than none), and I myself kep an eye on the net incomes, or winrates of particular tanks, however it would be nice to know how big the sample here is as in if he is extrapolating (or whatever the English word is) using statistics, or is it a hard data.
    Anyway, good job.

  6. One question gents:

    WTF does the vehilce amount mean?
    I’m sure it’s not the totall amount of those tanks in players garages.

    This looks like the amount of new vehicles in the specific time period (so how many were purchased in the last 2 weeks), can anybody confirm?

    Ok i got this confirmed. It’s the amount of purchased vehicles by players, in the selected time period. This =/= total amount of such tanks on the server.

    • Isnt it more like amount of vehicles used in that time period (Like amount of vehicles with 1+ battle in that time period)

      • Nope its not. Just as i wrote, its the amount of purchased vehicles.

        Just check the VK7201 stats for last two weeks:
        Vehicles amount: 2
        Totall played: 15154

        Same story is for M60 and other rare tanks, that are not availalbe via officiall channels.

  7. T-54L isnt as stronk as some may believe (not CHINA power like Type 62).

    People fail to adapt to KV-1S in tier 5 (lulz), the idea of T-50-2 is overpowered.

  8. Nothing surprising here. The new tanks have high WR because mostly good player bought them right away, while KV-1S and KV-85 don’t because they are already in the hands of those who owned them before.

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  10. I really don’t understand how there are so many stupid people who think win rate in a 15 vs 15 game is a good indicator of whether a tank is good or not.

    Usually when a tank is very good it is also played by the most horrible players. There are much more bad players than good players and they bring the win rates down.

    Instead of win rate it makes much more sense to judge a tanks strength based on statistics such as the amount of damage negated by armor, the frequency of non-penetrations against tanks armor, the number of penetrations vs non-penetrations and hits vs non-hits at different ranges, damage per game.

    It seems so idiotic to me that only win rate is being displayed here, yet so many people are drinking the coolaid or can’t seem to think in a rational manner.

    • When you compare the win rates of one tank against another then the effect of noobs playing them should be pretty much equal.

      Unless one tank becomes a noob magnet.